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Has anyone told that you’re KILLIN the GAME today?? I love u!


  1. Sirina Ullah

    Sirina Ullah

    6 hours ago

    Can u and brent just date already I mean ava already has a boyfriend so

  2. The Gameplay Of Adamp0115

    The Gameplay Of Adamp0115

    6 hours ago

    That cat is the cutest thing ever my life is cats

  3. The Gameplay Of Adamp0115

    The Gameplay Of Adamp0115

    6 hours ago

    Witch one is real

  4. Bigbrain


    7 hours ago

    So tell me y NONE NADA 00 of the boys have shirts on smh 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

  5. KF Lee

    KF Lee

    7 hours ago

    I wish that i had friends like that

  6. Juliza Manriquez

    Juliza Manriquez

    7 hours ago


  7. jp gamer

    jp gamer

    8 hours ago

    LOL dom’s face when she laughed ☹️😕😐😟🙂😂

  8. Piper Shriber

    Piper Shriber

    8 hours ago


  9. Madeline Walker

    Madeline Walker

    9 hours ago

    Omg piersons acting thou!

  10. Avah 22

    Avah 22

    9 hours ago

    Dom is frickin adorable 💕😱🥵

  11. catalinalopezsanchez


    9 hours ago

    At 9:35 did anyone else see the pride sticker on the door? I've never been so proud lol

  12. XxfootballXx 41

    XxfootballXx 41

    10 hours ago


  13. XxfootballXx 41

    XxfootballXx 41

    10 hours ago


  14. Mahynour Ayman

    Mahynour Ayman

    10 hours ago

    Girl your videos are a-mazing but you need to work on your thumbnail

  15. Emy Lou Lou Loulou

    Emy Lou Lou Loulou

    10 hours ago

    Brent and Pierson brerson

  16. prancydancy dancer

    prancydancy dancer

    10 hours ago

    2:21 why do all the boys she facetimed all have there tops of

  17. Madelyn George

    Madelyn George

    10 hours ago

    Uhh I have never seen you on US-state but your great

  18. Iris Rodriguez

    Iris Rodriguez

    10 hours ago

    Ummmm u have not seen Eva and Brent together and now I am getting scarde

  19. kaliese williams

    kaliese williams

    11 hours ago


  20. Ivana Hristova

    Ivana Hristova

    11 hours ago

    Omg I thought Pierson said our boyfriends but she said guy friends 😳

  21. Alec Hofmeester

    Alec Hofmeester

    11 hours ago

    You know what was the best part?😏 when the kitten arrived😁

  22. Barthina Zakaria Mousa

    Barthina Zakaria Mousa

    11 hours ago

    Petite Mason with Petite muscles😂😂😂😂

  23. Jaleah Watson

    Jaleah Watson

    11 hours ago

    7:20 🤣💀💀💀

  24. Shaquille McDaniel

    Shaquille McDaniel

    12 hours ago

    Doesn't Pierson remind you of Liza Koshy

  25. Sophia Berty

    Sophia Berty

    12 hours ago

    K real question, HOW TALL ARE YOU GUYS ?? (U and the lexies)

  26. Tiffany Daniels

    Tiffany Daniels

    12 hours ago

    She has 2.1m views but only 755k like suhcribe now like in now now

  27. Lily Bock

    Lily Bock

    12 hours ago


  28. Stacie Stokes

    Stacie Stokes

    12 hours ago

    What killed me tho is she had her dad's motorcycle not even ridding it

  29. Lynn Mwangi

    Lynn Mwangi

    12 hours ago


  30. Kinga Sharma

    Kinga Sharma

    13 hours ago

    all the girls have a reason to hate brent but lei rivera s is he my brorther hahahha

  31. Eric Stoermer

    Eric Stoermer

    13 hours ago

    I love your vids with Brent I ship Bierson

  32. Sena Unlu

    Sena Unlu

    13 hours ago

    Did you get the keys back..?

  33. Alexia Nina

    Alexia Nina

    13 hours ago

    Oh Dom

  34. Shady


    13 hours ago

    high five

  35. Roger Santana

    Roger Santana

    13 hours ago


  36. Anand A P

    Anand A P

    13 hours ago

    I like breva more

  37. Gladis De la garza

    Gladis De la garza

    13 hours ago

    Have you guys noticed one of her neck tattoo is from naruto the eight trigrams

  38. Nazia Kauser

    Nazia Kauser

    14 hours ago

    Dom is so Nice !!

  39. Julia Toth

    Julia Toth

    14 hours ago


  40. Sydney Benton

    Sydney Benton

    14 hours ago

    The mask is so scary lexi was scared by her

  41. Monique Kromokario

    Monique Kromokario

    14 hours ago


  42. Adrian Beast

    Adrian Beast

    14 hours ago

    Pierson your mom looks like you pretty

  43. Julia Esser

    Julia Esser

    15 hours ago

    CUTE kitten!!!

  44. Alberto Chavez

    Alberto Chavez

    15 hours ago


  45. Priyanka Patwa

    Priyanka Patwa

    15 hours ago

    Did anyone noticed all the boys on facetime was shirt less 😂

  46. Alexander Tamayo

    Alexander Tamayo

    15 hours ago

    Lexi revera looks funny with the mask

  47. Khadija san

    Khadija san

    15 hours ago

    Did you see how many times did jermy fix his hair?😂

  48. Mehul Singhal

    Mehul Singhal

    15 hours ago

    I think Dom likes every girl in the squaf

  49. Ellen Flannery

    Ellen Flannery

    15 hours ago

    5:57 Brent sounded like a squeaky toy 😂😂

  50. Matthew Sander

    Matthew Sander

    15 hours ago

    Pierson shoots Brent (Brent yells what the F**k pierson god d**N)

  51. Iwonka Gasienica

    Iwonka Gasienica

    15 hours ago

    that cat is so cute I LOVE cats expecily kittens

  52. jilly bean

    jilly bean

    15 hours ago

    I didn’t know Mason cussed

  53. Falon William

    Falon William

    15 hours ago


  54. Fernanda Barrientos

    Fernanda Barrientos

    15 hours ago

    Awwww, Dom is sooo innocent. He believes every prank ❤️

  55. Maddog McGhee

    Maddog McGhee

    16 hours ago

    OMG that cat 🐈 is really cute

  56. celine ishimwe

    celine ishimwe

    16 hours ago

    if you get a real tatto you will go to hell

  57. Annika Cerejo

    Annika Cerejo

    16 hours ago

    you could throw darts on the balloons to pop them😂

  58. Karah Evan

    Karah Evan

    16 hours ago

    Lexi Rivera almost said it’s everyday bro😂😂

  59. Damian Talarczyk

    Damian Talarczyk

    16 hours ago

    is she actually alergc tho?

  60. Josy Aguilar

    Josy Aguilar

    16 hours ago

    The part where I laughed so hard when she yelled I can’t keep seeing Brett and Ava all over my freaking explore page

  61. Addison Maher

    Addison Maher

    17 hours ago


  62. Ameera


    17 hours ago

    hope your new furry friend brings you happiness

  63. Ameera


    17 hours ago

    omg never even think about leaving the squad!!!!!!

  64. Olivia Vlogs

    Olivia Vlogs

    17 hours ago

    Fans named Lexi: 👁💧👄💧👁

  65. Nina Heredia

    Nina Heredia

    17 hours ago

    Use A paintball gun to pop the balloons or something they can pop the

  66. Familie Rijnja

    Familie Rijnja

    17 hours ago


  67. Judith Hughes

    Judith Hughes

    17 hours ago

    Hi i love you so much can you please send me a shout out plz you are looking good 👍👍👍👍

  68. Margarita Salinas

    Margarita Salinas

    17 hours ago


  69. Diara Igaya

    Diara Igaya

    18 hours ago

    girl power!

  70. Precious o Olawunmi

    Precious o Olawunmi

    18 hours ago

    The cat is cute 🤗

  71. Minoko Tagashi

    Minoko Tagashi

    18 hours ago

    Lexi h and lexi r are like BFF

  72. Khadijah Ahmadyar

    Khadijah Ahmadyar

    18 hours ago

    ILYSM háa

  73. Living Layla's Life

    Living Layla's Life

    18 hours ago


  74. Sang Sanga

    Sang Sanga

    18 hours ago

    2:41 coolest Parents ever!!! 😂😂😂

  75. DaniBthegirl


    18 hours ago

    My favorite part is that the cat went in front of the of the camera

  76. Annie oopsy

    Annie oopsy

    18 hours ago

    This is like the unproblematic best friend group ever!

  77. 100k subscribers with no vids. challenge

    100k subscribers with no vids. challenge

    18 hours ago

    the cat at the end of the video was soooo cute! ps pls subscribe

  78. The one and only Juju k

    The one and only Juju k

    18 hours ago

    Ha ha

  79. Crazy Cookie

    Crazy Cookie

    19 hours ago

    The cat was so CUTE

  80. Ali Laughbaum

    Ali Laughbaum

    20 hours ago