Blueface - “Murder Rate” feat. Polo G (Official Music Video - WSHH Exclusive)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Murder Rate” by Blueface (ft. Polo G).
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  1. BrickTheKidd


    12 hours ago

    Other rappers: Girls, Money, Beating Guys tf up, Chains Blueface and Polo G: Its nerf of nothing

  2. Gilbert February

    Gilbert February

    12 hours ago

    Polo carried it💪no 🧢👋😂

  3. Cade Redding

    Cade Redding

    12 hours ago

    RIP people finna blast this on tik tok

  4. Keonis Hughes

    Keonis Hughes

    12 hours ago

    I didn't see one Clorox wipe😥

  5. Corbin Noble

    Corbin Noble

    12 hours ago

    I thought that was GHerbo

  6. Arlene moses

    Arlene moses

    12 hours ago

    Who wants a ticket for just liking this comment🤣🤣

  7. Arlene moses

    Arlene moses

    12 hours ago

    Oh ma gawdd VERY UNEXPECTED

  8. Sad Sonic

    Sad Sonic

    12 hours ago

    Tbh blueface ruined it

  9. BRICE.Whipcream


    12 hours ago

    Polo G went hard

  10. Elijah J

    Elijah J

    13 hours ago

    Blueface rapping on the beat actually goes hard ahahaha

  11. Guys use alt and f4 • 14 years ago

    Guys use alt and f4 • 14 years ago

    13 hours ago

    I thought pilot will do a ft with meek mill first than blue face

  12. Dion Brent

    Dion Brent

    14 hours ago


  13. Armani I

    Armani I

    14 hours ago

    This deadass a new York flow Nd beat

  14. calibertat


    14 hours ago


  15. Loic Amani

    Loic Amani

    15 hours ago

    This song goes hard no 🧢

  16. INSNE Dark

    INSNE Dark

    15 hours ago


  17. notbadd


    15 hours ago


  18. Ericnique Kelley

    Ericnique Kelley

    15 hours ago

    How this song 2 minutes but it feel so short

  19. Kirkland Hinds

    Kirkland Hinds

    16 hours ago

    the fact that they have nerf guns

  20. Tynetta Durden

    Tynetta Durden

    17 hours ago

    Nerf gun 😂😂

  21. SledgE


    18 hours ago

    Polo G carried it. No cap

  22. Tylei Thomas

    Tylei Thomas

    18 hours ago

    Dang polo g went hard

  23. Zee


    18 hours ago

    Blueface + Polo G = 🔥

  24. Lilzahzah


    19 hours ago

    You can tell this song was strictly business these niggas had exactly 45 second verses lmaooo

  25. Chris G

    Chris G

    19 hours ago


  26. 8lacc Sherm

    8lacc Sherm

    20 hours ago

    Neva cared polo back🔥🔥🔥



    20 hours ago

    this fire

  28. Fro White

    Fro White

    20 hours ago

    Keep it in case joe try to bud-den 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. RapLeakz


    20 hours ago

    I got unreleased music 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  30. rotyoto .masima

    rotyoto .masima

    20 hours ago

    Bighead fell off, used to make better beats

  31. CNC_ cj

    CNC_ cj

    20 hours ago

    Nigga had a fortnite p90

  32. Sadi


    21 hour ago

    world star has the worst cinematics

  33. Josh Infinity

    Josh Infinity

    21 hour ago

    They goats to me

  34. jose fourre

    jose fourre

    21 hour ago

    Just in case joe wanna budden💀💀💀

  35. DS_Colbster


    21 hour ago

    Every body gangsta till blue face dicks your pumpkin

  36. Dafne Mazza

    Dafne Mazza

    21 hour ago


  37. BlackOutBeatz414


    22 hours ago

    BlueFace can Rap on beat this sound crazy!!

  38. TYG63 TheYoungGoat

    TYG63 TheYoungGoat

    22 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥 blueface keep getting better

  39. shamar turner

    shamar turner

    22 hours ago

    Why blue face ride his second verse like that

  40. John Colio

    John Colio

    23 hours ago

    Bluetace got dat one

  41. Dane Beatz

    Dane Beatz

    23 hours ago

    Glocks and mac tens were getting it hot:

  42. Lazy Gaming

    Lazy Gaming

    Day ago

    blueface and polo g on a song together is actually good

  43. ryan davies

    ryan davies

    Day ago

    Blueface makes everyone off beat

  44. D4W Kaleko

    D4W Kaleko

    Day ago

  45. Backdoorin シ

    Backdoorin シ

    Day ago

    Blueface took a song serious ? No shit

  46. Ahmad Bakri

    Ahmad Bakri

    Day ago

    This song features blueface

  47. puo


    Day ago

    Polo carried blue

  48. Norris nut Fan

    Norris nut Fan

    Day ago

    Gangster:bring the straps Blueface:brings out nerf gun Gangster:bish the fu-

  49. luis.ochoaaa


    Day ago

    they making nerf guns look good. LOL

  50. Jeremy Martin II

    Jeremy Martin II

    Day ago

    Blueface: we don’t have any guns to flex Polo g: how bought your sons nerf guns

  51. Jeremy Martin II

    Jeremy Martin II

    Day ago

    I feel bad for the beat. Because they murdered it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. bandup. juu

    bandup. juu

    Day ago

    why polo g sound like that

  53. Kaiden Sneaks

    Kaiden Sneaks

    Day ago

    The whole vid was filmed in bluefaces new house

  54. Its Jaylenn-

    Its Jaylenn-

    Day ago

    Basically Polo G Song.!

  55. Tre Simons

    Tre Simons

    Day ago

    these nerf gun ads are getting weird

  56. Project X

    Project X

    Day ago

    Polo g is a positive rapper gotta love what he does

  57. Christian Moody

    Christian Moody

    Day ago

    Ran this shi🔥🔥

  58. aaron_ shadow

    aaron_ shadow

    Day ago


  59. Music Trending #freemelly

    Music Trending #freemelly

    Day ago

    Everybody bouts t start bumping Thotianna again 🤣 check my US-state out

    • Music Trending #freemelly

      Music Trending #freemelly

      Day ago

      Subscribe God bless

  60. francois richardson

    francois richardson

    Day ago

    We just gon act like blueface didn't surprise us have the harder verses

  61. Lilsavagetc


    Day ago

    Polo carried

  62. Samuel Sanchez

    Samuel Sanchez

    Day ago

    Was that a joe budden diss? 00:49

  63. Daniel Guzman

    Daniel Guzman

    Day ago

    Did y'all forget polo make it look easy

  64. Strip4Ace


    Day ago

    Lameee polo g get boring

    • Mario Chavez

      Mario Chavez

      Day ago

      Your an x fan

  65. 朱利安


    Day ago

    ohhh~ big head on the beat~

  66. Dominic Warren

    Dominic Warren

    Day ago

    Here strictly for that Polo G

  67. Lone OP

    Lone OP

    Day ago

    Polo carried

  68. Black Spider

    Black Spider

    Day ago

    This is more of a dababy type vid

  69. xD_Mango 0

    xD_Mango 0

    Day ago

    From imdontai

  70. YouTube Famous

    YouTube Famous

    Day ago

  71. Fortnight kid lol Jonesey

    Fortnight kid lol Jonesey

    Day ago

    Me too Blue face off Beat Polo G is a god

  72. Johnny Baseball

    Johnny Baseball

    Day ago

    On beat and off beat on the same song

  73. Rashad Williams

    Rashad Williams

    Day ago

    BlueFace Underated

  74. Boi Boi

    Boi Boi

    Day ago

    Polo g carried blue face

  75. JimmyTheTimmy18


    Day ago

    I can't take y'all asses serious with them damn nerf guns

  76. MrFrostyyFTW


    Day ago

    How this don’t have 10mil already this shit is fire asf

  77. Bands


    Day ago

    Blueface 🔥🔥

  78. Kaden Clay

    Kaden Clay

    Day ago

    All y’all bandwagons Ong bro this shi make me mad

    • Mario Chavez

      Mario Chavez

      Day ago


  79. Dylan anderson

    Dylan anderson

    Day ago

    i luv how he fuks with the nerf glizzy , thats actually way more gagnster than flashing the real Piece :X

  80. elena


    Day ago

    Now polo looks like bruh