I Sent ZHC Back to Art School!

I Sent ZHC Back to Art School! with Brianna ๐Ÿ‘Š
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  1. Brianna


    10 days ago

    Subscribe or I'll take your colors



      3 days ago

      I am 34..... I don't have colors

    • Alexis Visser

      Alexis Visser

      3 days ago


    • Siobhan Oconnor

      Siobhan Oconnor

      9 days ago


    • Nahida Afroz

      Nahida Afroz

      9 days ago


    • Naheed Nawaz

      Naheed Nawaz

      9 days ago

      No one take my colours ๐Ÿ˜‹

  2. Claudett LeBlanc

    Claudett LeBlanc

    2 hours ago

    Hi Brianna im a huge fan my name is abby and im 8 years old

  3. Mariska Rubemeyer

    Mariska Rubemeyer

    2 hours ago

    The 3-D sculpture was the best

  4. Tracy Tovar

    Tracy Tovar

    2 hours ago


  5. Jackie Jimenez

    Jackie Jimenez

    3 hours ago


  6. Rosaura Grullon

    Rosaura Grullon

    3 hours ago


  7. Scarlett and mommy

    Scarlett and mommy

    4 hours ago

    I am Subscribed

  8. Scarlett and mommy

    Scarlett and mommy

    4 hours ago

    I am a big fan

  9. nanou didi

    nanou didi

    5 hours ago

    Zak 1 frst

  10. Amanda gamez

    Amanda gamez

    7 hours ago

    Zack looks better

  11. Marinelda Cartaya

    Marinelda Cartaya

    8 hours ago

    ZHC IS Beter

  12. kevin heazlewood

    kevin heazlewood

    10 hours ago

    you maen jewlest

  13. Ayisha Nakahashi

    Ayisha Nakahashi

    11 hours ago

    i like your vids i am a fan

  14. Jesse Barnett

    Jesse Barnett

    11 hours ago


  15. Jozaphhp JOZAPHHP

    Jozaphhp JOZAPHHP

    11 hours ago

    Zhc was better with all

  16. Willyam Valtierra

    Willyam Valtierra

    11 hours ago

    Hay i se ther video

  17. steve costner

    steve costner

    11 hours ago

    Definitely Zack Won the first challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Itzkoala_ MIDJ

    Itzkoala_ MIDJ

    12 hours ago

    โ€œZach is blue, Michelle is pink, and you need one toโ€ -rhymed-

  19. Jan Ridley

    Jan Ridley

    13 hours ago


  20. dark_steel139 tv

    dark_steel139 tv

    14 hours ago

    Zhc won round 1

  21. John Goodwin

    John Goodwin

    14 hours ago

    Brianna :)

  22. Shashidhar RV

    Shashidhar RV

    15 hours ago

    That was funny

  23. Phoebe Calinisan

    Phoebe Calinisan

    15 hours ago

    the best is zack

  24. Rahul Malu

    Rahul Malu

    16 hours ago


  25. Jennie Miller

    Jennie Miller

    16 hours ago


  26. Lizzy_Wolfy 19

    Lizzy_Wolfy 19

    16 hours ago

    Brianna: take a picture of something beautiful Me: *takes picture of brianna* u.u

  27. Angelina Madrigal

    Angelina Madrigal

    16 hours ago

    I love your videos

  28. Wade Nadres Jalla

    Wade Nadres Jalla

    16 hours ago

    Zach is so calm and so serious

  29. Ana Williams

    Ana Williams

    16 hours ago

    Brianna you,re the best youtuber better then Presten

  30. Ana Williams

    Ana Williams

    17 hours ago

    I think Zach was better doing you

  31. Acrylic Kat

    Acrylic Kat

    17 hours ago

    zachs portrait of Brianna is amazing

  32. pete jacob Albarracin

    pete jacob Albarracin

    17 hours ago

    Zach is the winerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  33. Anthony Singh Kumam

    Anthony Singh Kumam

    17 hours ago


  34. Ellan Abendanio

    Ellan Abendanio

    17 hours ago


  35. Adrian Langridge

    Adrian Langridge

    18 hours ago

    Zach won

  36. Adrian Langridge

    Adrian Langridge

    18 hours ago


  37. stella lou

    stella lou

    19 hours ago


  38. Adeel fun gaming and vloging

    Adeel fun gaming and vloging

    19 hours ago


  39. Melly Utami

    Melly Utami

    19 hours ago

    Zach was serious in the class

  40. Baton Batoshka

    Baton Batoshka

    20 hours ago


  41. LenaPlayRoblox Lola

    LenaPlayRoblox Lola

    20 hours ago

    Brianna if you have roblox or you have it before but I'm just gonna tell my sister and my username Lena_lovesmermaid its my username and My sister username is Nasxtalia my sis have a real freind in a real life but I forgot their name!

  42. Mohd Ayaz Uddin

    Mohd Ayaz Uddin

    20 hours ago

    Brianna logic: there's no other grades than a and f

  43. LenaPlayRoblox Lola

    LenaPlayRoblox Lola

    20 hours ago

    Michelle Is my sister name lol its the same words siriusly its Brianna and some the Yt people's whatever

    • LenaPlayRoblox Lola

      LenaPlayRoblox Lola

      20 hours ago


    • LenaPlayRoblox Lola

      LenaPlayRoblox Lola

      20 hours ago


  44. XXS Odin

    XXS Odin

    21 hour ago

    Domestic shipping I will beat shipping domestic violence yep I'm twisted

  45. Loan Cao

    Loan Cao

    21 hour ago


  46. MaRiane JaimeYt

    MaRiane JaimeYt

    21 hour ago

    Zach 1

  47. Kiara Hornoz

    Kiara Hornoz

    21 hour ago

    I love zhc ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  48. Bri 19

    Bri 19

    22 hours ago

    Itโ€™s funny how my birthday is in August and I like summer and it would be a honor if you said happy birthday and Preston please

  49. christopher mendoza

    christopher mendoza

    22 hours ago

    Hi I have 3 cats ๐Ÿ˜ป

  50. christopher mendoza

    christopher mendoza

    22 hours ago

    I just want to see you and I like your videos!!!๐Ÿ˜บ

  51. I like trains ;D

    I like trains ;D

    22 hours ago

    Legit predicted bri when she said โ€œI think Michelle is summer and Johnny is fall and Zack is winterโ€ Like if u think I am a Psychic ( I liked :)

  52. Raul Rojas

    Raul Rojas

    Day ago

    Zach won

  53. Jennifer Holloway

    Jennifer Holloway

    Day ago


  54. None None

    None None

    Day ago

    Can you make a vid about pranking

  55. None None

    None None

    Day ago

    This is my first time watching your vids and I already like it

  56. sliser swords

    sliser swords

    Day ago

    In my openyin, Johnny's is the best in the 1st round of clay building!

  57. Hi Guys

    Hi Guys

    Day ago

    No branna i m sorry

  58. Alejandro Reza

    Alejandro Reza

    Day ago

    We. Love. I. Bri

  59. LaniD.


    Day ago

    I oooooooooo

  60. Milan MK Danchev

    Milan MK Danchev

    Day ago

    If this was real shool i wood have A++++++++++++