Flinch w/ BTS & BLACKPINK (Crack)

I'm proud of this one.
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  1. Linsang Kandishjf

    Linsang Kandishjf

    2 hours ago


  2. Abdullah Al Rafat

    Abdullah Al Rafat

    3 hours ago

    Too must funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😘🤣

  3. John Cena

    John Cena

    7 hours ago


  4. Rara Rara

    Rara Rara

    11 hours ago

    Ygnontong 2020 like domzzz

  5. Ali Sher

    Ali Sher

    12 hours ago

    Wow Alisha

  6. aka sinunjang

    aka sinunjang

    14 hours ago

    Selan jut nya mana

  7. Hendry vivi

    Hendry vivi

    14 hours ago

    Ai love

  8. Chiew Too Toh

    Chiew Too Toh

    Day ago

    Joonie, it’s not nice to laugh at your husband like that. 3:17

  9. Juana Caldas

    Juana Caldas

    Day ago

    yo no apollo a blacpik

  10. Bodý Aballa

    Bodý Aballa

    Day ago

    الي معايا يحط لايك اله الي حط لايك يعيش اسعد عيشه يارب 😁😁

  11. Bodý Aballa

    Bodý Aballa

    Day ago

    علي فكره الفديو تركيب الان كل شويه يجيبو الكاميرا علي bts وبعدين الرجل وكان بلاك بينك ههما الي بحدفوا علي bts😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  12. Harseerat Kaur

    Harseerat Kaur

    Day ago

    BTS got scared the most

  13. marikit iyana

    marikit iyana

    Day ago

    V is look good 😂🤣

  14. Κατερίνα Κοντσουλα

    Κατερίνα Κοντσουλα

    2 days ago


  15. Arjanbhai Bhanderi

    Arjanbhai Bhanderi

    2 days ago

    In left side the Jeannie is standing in she scared and then comes v and junkook comes but why did v come on Jeannie place is is come to junkook not in Jeannie place

    • tenshi


      Day ago


  16. Dyna Jane Lopez

    Dyna Jane Lopez

    2 days ago


  17. Wendy Abogadie

    Wendy Abogadie

    2 days ago

    When he says The HOTTEST

  18. Dadang wanisir

    Dadang wanisir

    2 days ago

    Akusuk sbanet 😊😊😊😊☺☺☺☺😊☺😊☺👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕bts top

  19. ipul mahruffin

    ipul mahruffin

    2 days ago

    Iuydbu dkuhu dkuiu❤

  20. Ria Tata

    Ria Tata

    2 days ago

    Wow BTS dan blekpik hebat😀😀😀😀😀😍😍😍😍

  21. Yadira Perez

    Yadira Perez

    3 days ago


  22. taehyunggg KIm

    taehyunggg KIm

    3 days ago


  23. Malika Rayya Kimiko

    Malika Rayya Kimiko

    3 days ago

    blackpink black pink win

  24. xXx ANGELA CHAN xXx


    3 days ago

    Pls don't ship themmmm

  25. rinto sing

    rinto sing

    3 days ago

    Ini ngomong Mulu😑😑😑😑😑

  26. 狙击手Pubg 刚枪王

    狙击手Pubg 刚枪王

    3 days ago


  27. Roberto Santos

    Roberto Santos

    3 days ago

    jajajajajaja. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  28. AnaClaraMineGirl _YT

    AnaClaraMineGirl _YT

    3 days ago


  29. AnaClaraMineGirl _YT

    AnaClaraMineGirl _YT

    3 days ago

    BTS eu te amoooooo

  30. Gjj H

    Gjj H

    3 days ago


  31. padman kumar

    padman kumar

    4 days ago

    I think v like Lisa🤔🤔🤔

  32. Lorena Cabanit

    Lorena Cabanit

    4 days ago


  33. Lorena Cabanit

    Lorena Cabanit

    4 days ago

    Isee suga in his hand thers a ring in his ring finger but i am not sure he go to merried but sure isee in his hand

  34. Nur Hasanah

    Nur Hasanah

    4 days ago

    0:06 수치가 얼마나 재밌는가 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Syafira Haneem

    Syafira Haneem

    4 days ago

    I love black pink and BTW I love ✅❤❤💘

  36. paimirian reis

    paimirian reis

    4 days ago


  37. Алибек Мырзахмет

    Алибек Мырзахмет

    4 days ago

    Джису во было а Дженни ну боялась а розе норм лиса тоже боялась мне нравился розе джису

  38. Attos Alsabra

    Attos Alsabra

    5 days ago

    No Lisa 👈👎

  39. Amani Benlala

    Amani Benlala

    5 days ago

    Fjgjb dgnj😪😪😪😪😪😪😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Anuska Gurung

    Anuska Gurung

    5 days ago

    Taehyung 👍♥️🥰

  41. Jhecca Rey

    Jhecca Rey

    5 days ago


  42. Ketut Sutamahydi

    Ketut Sutamahydi

    5 days ago

    Aaaa rose

  43. Lulu_kpopfan2012


    5 days ago

    Taiso ship name of taehyung and jiscoo

  44. Асема Абдазова

    Асема Абдазова

    5 days ago

    Black pink 🖤♥️🖤 BTS💖💖💖

  45. Lilian Yeo

    Lilian Yeo

    5 days ago

    J HOPE

  46. Dhita anggraini

    Dhita anggraini

    5 days ago

    Jennie kai Rip

  47. Made putri

    Made putri

    5 days ago


  48. Weldah Wel

    Weldah Wel

    5 days ago

    Not blackpink in bts kiss

  49. Faraz Ahmed

    Faraz Ahmed

    5 days ago

    lol j hope

  50. shahed show

    shahed show

    5 days ago


  51. Noni Ratna sagita

    Noni Ratna sagita

    5 days ago


  52. حسين مهدي

    حسين مهدي

    6 days ago

    Friday night and the rest of the best. If the other hand, and the kids, but the only one that I can get the most important thing to remember to send a message. 😇😇😇😂😂😍😍😍

  53. MO1 D Chattogram3/MF/BRAC

    MO1 D Chattogram3/MF/BRAC

    6 days ago


  54. Zubaida Jahfari

    Zubaida Jahfari

    6 days ago

    Hate BTS😶😶😶 Love black pink😍😘😘😘😘😘

  55. Samsam Macalibog

    Samsam Macalibog

    6 days ago

    That's edited

  56. Lallianvunga Khiangte

    Lallianvunga Khiangte

    6 days ago

    Without blackpink its better only Bts bts is good

  57. Melissa Rosey

    Melissa Rosey

    6 days ago

    Jisoo and Taehyung be vibin King&Queen of not flinching

  58. Oxana Perian

    Oxana Perian

    6 days ago

    Jimin is the best I LOVE BTS SO MUCH

  59. Budi Regar

    Budi Regar

    6 days ago


  60. Jae Ha Jang 장재하

    Jae Ha Jang 장재하

    6 days ago

    Jennie's cute reaction . Poor Baby 😅😘