Lin-Manuel Miranda on what NOT to do when watching Hamilton movie...Anthony Ramos might agree!

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The Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton shares tips on how to gear up for their Disney+ "Hamilton" film at home (and what Lin-Manuel Miranda says NOT to do while watching the movie). Emmy winner Tara Hitchcock (follow on IG: @taraontv) Zooms with the cast about everything from Beyonce to #BlackLivesMatter! Daveed Diggs (who STILL doesn't like watching himself on screen), Leslie Odom Jr. (apparently the key to scoring Beyonce tickets), Renee Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Anthony Ramos, Okieriete Onaodowan, Christopher Jackson, as well as director Thomas Kail, music maestro Alex Lacamoire and choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler. 'Hamilton' - the movie - streams exclusively on Disney+ starting July 3 (which ALSO happens to be Tara's birthday - something she milks in the interviews!)


  1. Molly Cushman

    Molly Cushman

    13 hours ago

    I watched Hamilton for the first time (the movie on disney +) while I ate dinner.......Also why is Jasmine only created as Peggy, but Anthoney is created as both Phillp and John Larens. Though....Peggy is much better then Maria...so I don't really care.

  2. Kodi Beyer

    Kodi Beyer

    16 hours ago

    Anthony Ramos: *"Watch it with people you love."* Me, watching it multiple times by myself: *sad theatre kid sounds*

  3. elvisburns


    Day ago

    Listening to Daveed is so heartwarming. He seems like such a lovely guy. Well they all do, but you know what I mean.

  4. Vick F. N.

    Vick F. N.

    Day ago

    Lin: don't take a shot everytime they say "My Shot" Me: what an interesting idea, Lin... 🤔

  5. Hannah Yatman

    Hannah Yatman

    Day ago

    Me watching this under my hamilton blanket

  6. Caitlyn Gallagher

    Caitlyn Gallagher

    Day ago

    Instead of a shot since it isn’t safe and I am underage I had a piece of popcorn and that was fun idk lol I am weird

  7. Elara Choudhuri

    Elara Choudhuri

    Day ago

    ok so hear me out.. for the what quote you would put on a sign question what if it's "We'll bleed and fight for you, we'll make it right for you!" from Dear Theodosia?

  8. Puna Koang

    Puna Koang

    3 days ago

    “Don’t take a shot every time they say my shot.” Christopher Jackson: “Bring a big glass of wine.”

  9. Jack Mehoff

    Jack Mehoff

    4 days ago

    This chick seems to think this show is one big anti racism statement, and it very much isn't. Every question had to do protest and blm. How about you let people enjoy it for the brilliant piece of art it is, with insanely talented people doing their thing. Rather than trying to make us believe it's a political statement.

  10. Jack Mehoff

    Jack Mehoff

    4 days ago

    This chick seems to think this show is one big anti racism statement, and it very much isn't. Every question had to do protest and blm. How about you let people enjoy it for the brilliant piece of art it is, rather than trying to make us believe it's a political statement.

  11. Bediebys Star

    Bediebys Star

    5 days ago

    Did you know?: July 3rd is her 50th birthday

  12. Josh's Bloodynose

    Josh's Bloodynose

    5 days ago

    Guys... I may be wrong but im pretty sure shes turning 50 on July 3rd

  13. Bryoona Tirop

    Bryoona Tirop

    6 days ago

    dOnT tAke A ShOt vEry TiMe ThEy SaY ShOt

  14. Sasha Shariff

    Sasha Shariff

    7 days ago

    we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and when i meet that racist cheeto (Trump) imma compel him to include women in the sequil

  15. Iissafaith


    7 days ago

    I’ve seen a lot of Zoom interviews with this cast, and I think yours is the best of those I’ve watched.

  16. random edits

    random edits

    7 days ago

    “I don’t have to say yes to everything” he can say no to this, he should take his mr brown role and teach a. ham a thing or 2

  17. Max S.

    Max S.

    8 days ago

    "Someone you want to share this with." If only I had anyone around who knows english.....

  18. bubbleteagrl


    8 days ago

    When daveed said he hates watching himself I felt that 💀 my mom when she records me in my chorus concerts and makes me watch it I’m like 😳

  19. MysticBlueGem


    8 days ago

    "nice shirt!" "well listen- NICE MUSICAL"

  20. grace bagwell

    grace bagwell

    9 days ago

    Lin: take a vacation Me: 🎶TAKE A BREAK🎶

  21. Krissy Peteara

    Krissy Peteara

    9 days ago

    1 minute into the video and “Alexander Hamilton” Me: *SEIZURE* BY THE WAY, is anyone else bothered by the bobby-pin sticking out of Lin’s hair through the ENTIRE SHOW 😂

    • Krissy Peteara

      Krissy Peteara

      7 days ago

      Ariann Kramer OK but even if it is, it kept distracting me. There has to be a better place to put it where I’m not going to be watching Lin sing and just think “oh look, a unicorn”

    • Ariann Kramer

      Ariann Kramer

      7 days ago

      Krissy Peteara ...It's a microphone. 🙄

  22. Kylo Ren

    Kylo Ren

    10 days ago

    Anthony: grab a snack and drink Me: *finds Anthony and makes him watch Hamilton*

  23. IssMJ


    11 days ago

    I've been singing Hamilton songs since July 3rd... 😂😌😌😌😌

  24. Judith Geater

    Judith Geater

    12 days ago

    Why does Oke's voice sound gruff and deep in the musical?

  25. Vanessa Billings

    Vanessa Billings

    12 days ago

    "Good ideas happen when you're not looking for them.." -Lin MM 2020 Me: like the Reynolds Pamphlet... oh wait the Reynolds Pamphlet was *NOT* a good idea.

  26. Sue Rheinheimer

    Sue Rheinheimer

    12 days ago

    DONT take a shot every time they say my shot, you will not make it to the second half. Lmfao but what if we alternate who takes the shot?

  27. Di Matlock

    Di Matlock

    12 days ago

    Kleenex. Definitely Kleenex. Or a hankie. Or your husband’s sleeve. Don’t use toilet paper - it may still be endangered.

  28. SquirrilahFish


    14 days ago

    I love Renee’s jacket. That’s dope

  29. roldan dolipas

    roldan dolipas

    14 days ago

    she's a really really great interviewer!

  30. Evie


    15 days ago

    Renee: Come as you are. Lin and Anthony: Talking about, well... adult drinks. My little cousin (8) watched it and decided to take a shot of Mountain Dew instead of alcohol.

  31. Heeii Du

    Heeii Du

    15 days ago

    This interviewer is so sweet and genuine! Absolutely love her

  32. Joany Zilke

    Joany Zilke

    15 days ago

    This company of actors is so amazing!! Each one brings a sort of passion that’s unsurpassed. Leslie Odom Jr & Chris Jackson have such gorgeous voices!!

  33. Sarah Savage

    Sarah Savage

    16 days ago

    I wanna be in the zoom where it happens

  34. Carsen Benge

    Carsen Benge

    16 days ago

    But seriously, right now, history ha sits eyes on us. Let’s make the next generation and our Founding Fathers proud! 😊💕

  35. Shawnee Eskridge

    Shawnee Eskridge

    16 days ago

    I feel her about the birthday thing! My birthday was July 7th and the musical was a whole birthday party for me!❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  36. justjoshin2


    17 days ago

    When I heard Farmer refuted I had the same thoughts Lin did! Amazing how it all fits today.

  37. Ivette Matos

    Ivette Matos

    17 days ago

    Daveed has the best wallpaper!

  38. Magda Miernik

    Magda Miernik

    20 days ago

    This is an excellent interview, great questions. Thank you!

  39. Sotero Mares

    Sotero Mares

    20 days ago

    I rewinded Daveed Diggs walking away during “The Room Where It Happened” so many times. He did it so smooth and with such swagger. 02:50

  40. olivia claire

    olivia claire

    20 days ago

    ah yes, july 3 2020. not a single day went past after that without hearing my 7 year old sister blasting hamilton songs from the basement

  41. Emma Irvin

    Emma Irvin

    20 days ago

    Daveed- “you can just pause intermission and come back to it..” Me- uHhHhH i Am PhYsIcAlLy InCaPabLe Of pAuSiNg HaMiLtOn

  42. Jeff Mays

    Jeff Mays

    21 day ago

    Disney corporate must have gotten word to the cast before this interview...They took off their usual political activist T-shirts for this show. The streaming interview piece was full of them. This is much better, focusing just on the show and talent.

  43. Emma Kosmo

    Emma Kosmo

    21 day ago

    Me: watches the movie on Hamilton US-state: let’s put 26 Hamilton videos in her recommendations so we can contribute to her Hamilton addiction

  44. Possoms Amazing

    Possoms Amazing

    21 day ago

    Normal people: alcohol Anthony Ramos: AdUlT bEvRaGeS

  45. Art Adicted : The Illiterate Artist

    Art Adicted : The Illiterate Artist

    21 day ago

    "All you need is a decent Internet connection" Will illegal websites Do?

  46. Michael Hinman

    Michael Hinman

    22 days ago

    OMG .. .we get it. It's your birthday. You mention in like six times in the first two minutes, as if birthdays are not an annual thing, and are reserved for the elite. (Happy birthday, however).

  47. silkrysal


    22 days ago

    I live so far away and so OUT of Broadway that I was literally starstruck when they announced it on Disney+. I was sitting in front of the tv and expecting something completely different ..and I was AMAZED from the very first moment. I am now watching every interview, all the extra cast - singing -moments, just to make that moment last longer. every time I watch it, it gives me something more. I am beyond grateful to whoever participated in it for making it so perfect, and to Disney+ for sharing this cultural moment worldwide.

  48. Jake Wood

    Jake Wood

    22 days ago

    my bday is july 3

  49. Brooklyn Anderson

    Brooklyn Anderson

    22 days ago

    Where is Jonathan Groff? 🥺

  50. []


    23 days ago

    my household responsible for at least 30% of all Disney+ viewings of Hamilton

  51. Joe Patricelli

    Joe Patricelli

    23 days ago

    this lady unironically looks like Dee in that episode of Always Sunny where they blast her with lights to make her look pretty

  52. Justina Tebano

    Justina Tebano

    24 days ago

    Ms. Renée, you are officially my spirit human.

  53. Anna Taylor

    Anna Taylor

    24 days ago

    My friend though Alex was having an affair with peggy......

  54. Mary Beaton

    Mary Beaton

    24 days ago

    Lin Manuel Miranda: "Watch it on the biggest screen you can muster" Me: *watches Hamilton on giant projector*

    • Purple Potato

      Purple Potato

      21 day ago

      Me: watches it on my phone

  55. Reaction Tingz

    Reaction Tingz

    25 days ago

    I love Hamilton I watched it on my tv and I blast the songs in my room all the time. Especially satisfied

  56. Devika Panicker

    Devika Panicker

    25 days ago

    Lin: The success of Hamilton has taught me, "Take vacations!" Me: "Take a break!"

  57. Chris


    25 days ago

    Anthony is the man, I want to be THAT cool.

  58. rayna _

    rayna _

    25 days ago

    omg phillapa soo is so pretty I love her

  59. Judy Newman

    Judy Newman

    25 days ago

    I feel personally insulted that 101 people disliked these interviews. Who ARE those people?!

  60. • Lydia •

    • Lydia •

    25 days ago

    Does the host remind anybody else of Kate McKinnon? Or is it just me?