I am sorry.


  1. Cheese NyEheh

    Cheese NyEheh

    5 hours ago

    I’m Asian, this is just my opinion but I didn’t find the jokes hurtful. People make jokes like “White people can’t cook, there food is flavorless” And people think that’s funny, but this isn’t. I get that it does portray culture to its accents to food, but she owes up to it and made a sincere apology.

  2. Gorgonzola Lestrade

    Gorgonzola Lestrade

    5 hours ago

    As a Latina woman, I was never offended by the “Carlos” jokes that people have gotten hostile over. My father, a Mexican man who grew up in Mexico City, found them hilarious and watched them multiple times. He was never once offended by any of them. I recognize that his reaction may not be akin to those of other members of the Latino community, but those jokes never hurt him. People look for ways to stir up drama and “cancel culture” has gotten to the point where people who are actually doing unjust things go free and gain fame while others are being attacked for things that not only were created with no ill intent, but happened YEARS AGO. What I’m trying to say is that Liza, you are forgiven. Not that I or anyone I know was ever hurt in the first place. People can make jokes in their past that might seem socially acceptable for the time and then things change, people change, ideologies change, and suddenly people are hostile toward you because of something you did in the past. We understand, and we know that you never meant to hurt anyone. And you have our support. It is incredibly mature of you to just put out a simple speech, acknowledge your actions, and apologize without pinning the blame on others. It goes to show what a genuine and honest person you are, even if that wasn’t your intent. Best of luck to you and your future ❤️

  3. Holly Hobson

    Holly Hobson

    5 hours ago

    It's really sad that she blamed herself and said sorry to us for something that she had no part in. Really we all know that Liza is probably the most innocent person on the internet:(

  4. -Creeper-Heart- :3

    -Creeper-Heart- :3

    5 hours ago

    I'm Asian,Spanish,and much more but you can't tell that because of my parents but I took no offensive to it. It's humor not a hate crime.

  5. FrogPrincess


    6 hours ago

    I see people making fun of their own race all the time. If it isn't going to be ok the eyes of a community then the example needs to start with them. Eliza is the not racist in any way shape or form. She is kind and eager to make people laugh. It, unfortunately, happened to be posted during a racially charged time. I just wish people could sit back, suck it up and quit getting so offended. Take a joke as a joke sit back and laugh. LIZA IS AWESOME!

  6. cloudy Girls

    cloudy Girls

    6 hours ago

    She shouldn’t stop what she loves when people can’t understand sense of humour she has a reputation and people are getting money off her by leaving her to quite for society we should all stand and say our part and my part is that a man paid for a plane to fly by America and say white lives matter but he got sewed then I say the people that say black lives matter should get sewed to bc Liza came out with no hesitation and not being told to and said that she knows that it’s offensive but people didn’t do that bc they didn’t believe people had their back but I speak for a lot of us we support her and she knows it and she should bc she deserves everything

  7. Francesca Palermo

    Francesca Palermo

    7 hours ago

    It’s sad that you even had to post this, you did absolutely nothing wrong people are just snowflakes and love to find problems in anything and everything. I love you sm don’t be upset by people who take offense to everything that exists.

  8. Ignacia Pérez

    Ignacia Pérez

    7 hours ago

    I speak spanish soo i don’t understand what is happening!!!🥺😭🥰

  9. Kakyooinn


    7 hours ago

    Liza is very Mature and I can tell she’s a very genuine person. She’s all made us laugh. We are in a new Era now, where change is constantly happening for the better. She had apologized for those jokes, she is moving on to become a better person and take others feelings into accountability. She understands what she did was wrong. There is no need to be mad at her. We have all made mistakes. Her intention with those jokes was not to offend or hurt anyone. She just wanted to make people happy and to laugh. Though it hurt people in that community. But once again, she apologized, in a way that didn’t crave attention or views, a genuine apology. She definitely earned my forgiveness, so I hope she earned yours as well.

  10. Luna Sun Gacha

    Luna Sun Gacha

    7 hours ago

    She didn’t even show her face and it’s already the best apology video on US-state 👀 All jokes aside though, this was very genuine. She made a 2 MINUTE video with no ads and some paragraphs stating that she was sorry for the jokes she has made. She didn’t blame anyone or expect anything but either being forgiven or not. Liza didn’t even show fake tears. She truly is amazing. And she won’t see this- but- honey, you dropped this --> 👑

  11. DiorWallace


    7 hours ago

    Why did I get the notification 6 days later

  12. Daja Smith

    Daja Smith

    7 hours ago

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  13. Layla Ahmed

    Layla Ahmed

    8 hours ago

    Liza was not even being racist, she was having fun. This world has to stop being so sensitive.

  14. alorable


    8 hours ago

    As an asian, watching David say those things and Liza allowing those "jokes" to pass through did kind of bother me. But, I've now come to realize that people grow. And that's why cancel culture is very toxic because it's picky and selective and fails to acknowledge that some things are apart of the past. Thank you, Liza, for addressing this. It really means a lot. And I know you're the farthest from a racist. You're the sweetest person imaginable

  15. ____


    8 hours ago

    @Liza Koshy, I am very sorry that you got caught by your own politics. It is what happens. You have a lot to apologize, and forever. That is how it is. Now kneeling is something you have to do everyday like islam folks do. Start now.

  16. Areen Hashemi

    Areen Hashemi

    8 hours ago

    Liza is the type of person to write an essay for fun

  17. jeff sanders

    jeff sanders

    8 hours ago

    Her character Jet freaks me out!

  18. Emma B

    Emma B

    8 hours ago

    Ms. Koshy thank you for this, i was really slowly losing faith in you but this really dug you out of a hole. I hope this is enough for some people to realize people do stupid things sometimes, and the ARE NOT intentional.

  19. P0TAT0 CH1PS

    P0TAT0 CH1PS

    9 hours ago

    There's a fine line between being racist and humor Liza Koshy is THE funny little brown girl! This is outrageous. She's not even close to someone I'd call "racist."

  20. Ash Bare

    Ash Bare

    9 hours ago


  21. Ronny Bong

    Ronny Bong

    9 hours ago

    i love liza, what did she even do wrong people are saying that it was an apology to the asian community but then others are saying it is to the latin community?? chile lemme put my hand in the air in confusion cuz....

  22. I'm in love with Christina

    I'm in love with Christina

    9 hours ago

    I am from my phone...I can't exactly see what she wrote...does se leave US-state??? :(

  23. Elizibeth Smith

    Elizibeth Smith

    9 hours ago

    Wait what did she do? Why is she sorry? I’m sooo confused rn

  24. Elmo Puppet

    Elmo Puppet

    9 hours ago

    I came back to watch Lizas old videos and now I kinda feel bad for Liza.

  25. Dani R

    Dani R

    9 hours ago

    She's a comedian that's what they do. And as a black/Mexican I found her jokes to be hilarious. She did nothing wrong, people just need to stop taking jokes so seriously. 😑

  26. Manolis Kostakos

    Manolis Kostakos

    9 hours ago

    Liza we're here because we love what you do

  27. Jade Libby

    Jade Libby

    10 hours ago

    It’s like no one can enjoy them selfs anymore you can’t even laugh at a joke anymore without someone saying it’s wrong I miss 2016

  28. Nadia N.

    Nadia N.

    10 hours ago

    So you men none of y'all have never tried to impersonate a language based on what you hear. The past is the past and people are now finding it offensive. I-

  29. Vsᴄᴏ Kᴇʀᴍɪᴛ

    Vsᴄᴏ Kᴇʀᴍɪᴛ

    10 hours ago

    Could someone tell me what this means🥺🥺🥺

  30. Hannah Schafer

    Hannah Schafer

    10 hours ago

    bruh i feel so bad for humor creators because nothing used to be taken to heart and it genuinely was funny and didn’t hurt anyone. everyone was laughing together, and now everyone is so sensitive.

  31. Lilia Blair

    Lilia Blair

    10 hours ago

    The IMPACT outweighs INTENT really hit me.... with so many people having different opinions, what you mean to say can be taken so differently, thank you Liza

  32. yameili perez

    yameili perez

    10 hours ago

    I don't really understand what's going on here😲 (Can someone explain in the comments, i could barely read it the words where tiny for me)

  33. Sidney Oyebola

    Sidney Oyebola

    10 hours ago

    I truly believe she is sorry

  34. Ruby Lawes

    Ruby Lawes

    11 hours ago

    Liza would never be mean to everyone so it’s nice to know she is saying sorry if she afended people love you liza

  35. Hamsterz Rulez

    Hamsterz Rulez

    11 hours ago

    Tbh with you most the stuff she said wasn't as nearly as bad as some US-staters and they haven't come up with a apology.I didn't mind her humour,some people are just too damn sensitive smh

  36. Love Okpara

    Love Okpara

    11 hours ago

    No one f#ing we stil love.

  37. Ryan Reed

    Ryan Reed

    11 hours ago

    Who is this

  38. Mimi Zidan

    Mimi Zidan

    11 hours ago

    2020 hunnnnniiii CHILL take a chill pill

  39. G Duffy

    G Duffy

    11 hours ago

    I thought you were an adult when you posted that. The arrogance.

  40. layla Jones

    layla Jones

    11 hours ago

    If you can sit there and blame the Systom of society then you have a problem. I used to idol you and you do this. This was not comedy, this was blatant racism that you refused to attend to an apology for.

  41. Dr. Kimberly Wilson

    Dr. Kimberly Wilson

    12 hours ago

    For the two people who emailed me and questioned me for posting a comment here. I didn’t post any comment here. I don’t know what this video is about because I have not watched it. I have deleted the comment, although, I don’t know how it got on here in the first place. I assume my account has been hacked. If there are any otter comments under my name posted here please let me know so I can send them to US-state to add to their investigation. Thank you. And by the way for the person who commented “you are problematic af.” Show some respect and stop making assumptions about people you don’t even know. If you had taken any time to investigate me you would have found out that I developed and directed a program for minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at the university in which I worked. Clearly your not educated.

  42. Rebecca Lax

    Rebecca Lax

    12 hours ago

    What did she do??

  43. Teagan rice

    Teagan rice

    12 hours ago

    Honestly these people that are calling out a lot of US-staters for stuff that was a harmless joke are just looking for something to be mad about at this point. (It’s different if they were actually being racist or offensive and if it were recent) but you shouldn’t judge someone who’s completely different now for something they did like 10 years ago either. I’m sure These youtubers are constantly scared of a “scandal” because you can’t do ANYTHING without someone being offended by it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch their channel. It’s simple. I’m sure the same people that are calling them out have done plenty of things so similar to the things they’re calling youtubers out for. they’re being hypocrites by doing that. (This isn’t about Liza btw, it’s just in general about the people that didn’t do anything wrong but still get “cancelled” for it) please comment under this if you have a different perspective, I wanna hear it. Ima cry, this is frustrating. Liza did nottt deserve thisss 😭

  44. Consuelo Ulloa Hernández

    Consuelo Ulloa Hernández

    12 hours ago

    quien traduce? jaja

  45. Audrina P

    Audrina P

    12 hours ago


  46. j.christ


    12 hours ago

    the world is too sensitive nowadays.

  47. Niyah Seion

    Niyah Seion

    12 hours ago

    i love liza ❤️ this is why

  48. Yashu Pericherla

    Yashu Pericherla

    13 hours ago

    To everyone who was never offended and are “accepting” her apology and forgiving her, it’s not up to y’all to exempt her. Liza understands the role she had and is owning up to a part of her past that she doesn’t identify with anymore in her journey as a person. Kudos to her for stepping up and taking accountability, but to my fellow Asians or white people, it’s not up to us to forgive her or exempt her from criticism. We can stand with her in solidarity and continue to support her and hold her accountable (as we should with people in general) and all that, but we can’t dismiss the concerns of other marginalized people who rightly don’t feel comfortable when influencers portray stereotypical archetypes-whether or not they’re harmful portrayals or the intentions weren’t malicious or whatever.

  49. Katherine M

    Katherine M

    13 hours ago

    Sorry to say the fact that she can’t woman up and talk to the camera physically and apologize but hide behind a screen recorded note just kinda makes me lose the respect I had for her.

  50. Jalyn Lenore

    Jalyn Lenore

    13 hours ago

    Carlos was comedy. I LOVED CARLOS. Foh with the rest of these haters idc idc idc. You know what.. do Carlos to make them mad. DO HIM.

  51. ldhdhv jhdjdb

    ldhdhv jhdjdb

    13 hours ago

    I’m happy your apologizing because you shouldn’t mock people I’m disappointed in you but still love ya

  52. Cursed Tee

    Cursed Tee

    13 hours ago

    It’s okay I can’t lose u now

  53. Novaluna36


    13 hours ago

    She shouldn't have to apologize for something that happened years ago, she's amazing and a pretty cool Gal. I would give her hugs!

  54. Josh Phillips

    Josh Phillips

    13 hours ago

    Why is it that no one was overly offended by these jokes a couple years ago? People actually knew how to laugh at a damn joke. But now everyone is getting all soft now we have this apology train to cover asses so they don't end up in the "cancel culture" its toxic. If comedy dies then so does free speech. People need to not find everything so damn offensive and learn to laugh at the world. You will dig yourself a deep grave of hatred.

  55. anne helmer-larsen

    anne helmer-larsen

    13 hours ago

    I love you Liza, I can't say it's okay cus that's not my place, but I know that it's going to work out just Fine ❤️

  56. Ana Alejandra Cortazar

    Ana Alejandra Cortazar

    13 hours ago

    It takes work to become an anti-racist It’s a way to move forward and change our “normal” create a society of true equality and respect! It starts with you! Race and gender equality are the hardest most cemented obstacle to achieve because we are wired from birth and socialized to carry the function that discrimination, racism, and colorblindness was initially created for! Remember we are the 99% let’s break the wheel!

  57. Emily An

    Emily An

    13 hours ago

    laughed at blm. I never felted offended but I hope that every person that was offended sees this and maybe accepts this video.

  58. AvaBunni


    13 hours ago

    bruh in 3030 every celebrity will be canceled

    • Roy


      12 hours ago

      Ikr 😔

  59. hippo puppet gator puppet

    hippo puppet gator puppet

    14 hours ago

    We love dis lil brown girl so, i forgive her :)

  60. Evan SILVER

    Evan SILVER

    14 hours ago

    Liza we all love and we forgive ❤ you.

    • Emily An

      Emily An

      13 hours ago

      you are someone who actually believes people of color can’t be racist, then this post isn’t for you. I have white friends, and I would never hold them to a standard that I don’t

  61. Sara Martinez

    Sara Martinez

    14 hours ago

    Sincere, genuine apology. This is how it should be done. Didn’t blame anyone but herself, called herself out and apologized. Unproblematic. Honestly though, I didn’t take any of her characters as hurtful or anything. I’m glad she apologized though. Love you Liza.

  62. Amor Nails

    Amor Nails

    14 hours ago

    Waaaaait what happened?

  63. Kube


    14 hours ago

    Honestly people just need to grow up and stop taking literally everything as “racism”

  64. Cotten Bear

    Cotten Bear

    14 hours ago

    liza don’t be sorry, people take a wave as offence. it wasn’t even racist don’t care about these opinions because they are only saying it to make u look bad

  65. dragon martino

    dragon martino

    14 hours ago

    Umm am i the only one when i click it it says I'm sorry and super long like paper

  66. Amorita Duran

    Amorita Duran

    15 hours ago

    This apology is so backward because it seems like she’s going to own up to it and then she makes an excuse again so as someone who is Mexican (I do not speak for my whole race) I don’t accept her apology

  67. Emma Airton

    Emma Airton

    15 hours ago

    We miss u Liza come back we love u soo much 💖🙁🙁🙁🙁

  68. Kalizzyy C

    Kalizzyy C

    15 hours ago


  69. Dalton Hageman

    Dalton Hageman

    15 hours ago

    Ok mobrider

  70. swifie-emma -13

    swifie-emma -13

    15 hours ago

    wow is this really what hollywood has come to.... those videos were so funny and she’s trying to claim they are offensive?! what

  71. Mohamed Kamil

    Mohamed Kamil

    15 hours ago

    I'm an Asian and I've never felt offended by her jokes. Come on guys... She's such a free spirited, light n funny soul who has entertained us countless times with her humor. She deserves better. Y'all please stop making her feel bad. I understand that recent times have been so bad to us but We all are into this together.

  72. Noreen Maqsood

    Noreen Maqsood

    15 hours ago


  73. Addyson Mitchell

    Addyson Mitchell

    15 hours ago

    I don’t get why Liza needs to apologize, she did nothing wrong. If you are concerned about jokes she made YEARS ago, that is your problem, not hers. She is bringing positivity into this world. She is not racist. The things she said were meant in a humorous way, and everyone knows it. She has done so much for this world, but because you don’t like a joke that she made many many years ago, you are gonna hate in her? That makes no sense. I am truly upset that she is getting hate for jokes. ( whenever I say “you” I don’t mean the person reading this, I mean the person hating on her in general)

  74. puppy love

    puppy love

    15 hours ago

    I saw a picture on Facebook and a lady had a sign saying quarantine is slavery. I really felt hurt by it not just because I am black but her not truly understanding what slavery means and just being very disrespectful. This is why kids and adults should be educated about slavery. Also how can quarantine be slavery if you do nothing?

  75. justin


    16 hours ago

    Nah bruh. Use your platform smarter. People would come at your throats if it was racism towards other races. I’m tired of being roasted for being Asian and then telling me how I should feel about it.

  76. Destinee Stancil

    Destinee Stancil

    16 hours ago

    What I don’t understand, is how Liza just wanted to bring humor into the world when playing stereotypes but when white people do it, it’s racist? I’m black, and I honestly feel like it’s a double standard here. It’s the same thing with black people can say the N word but white people cant. That’s NOT equality. If the N word (igga or igger, I hate both) is a bad word, no one should say it. If acting as stereotypes is going to be considered racist then NO race can do it. Which means, people should be boycotting the movie White Chicks. If you are someone who actually believes people of color can’t be racist, then this post isn’t for you. I have white friends, and I would never hold them to a standard that I don’t uphold for myself. Equality means people of color have to follow the rules too. It just seems like a lot of people that preach equality these days, don’t actually want that, they want privilege in which they claim white people already have. You either want equality or privileges, you can’t have both.

  77. Aliyah Huntley

    Aliyah Huntley

    16 hours ago

    And this is where we need to stop cancel culture fr

  78. Kokichi Kinnie

    Kokichi Kinnie

    16 hours ago


  79. Eglantine Lonperia

    Eglantine Lonperia

    16 hours ago

    I really like this video because the message is intended to unite all of us and propel us to a better future. It also reflects so much accountability and growth.

  80. Geethaajith M

    Geethaajith M

    16 hours ago

    😭😭😭 ILY...