BLACKPINK Play 'How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?' | Billboard

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Billboard cover stars BLACKPINK play "How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?," guessing which member is most likely to forget song lyrics, who the best dancer is, who takes the most selfies, and much more.
#BLACKPINK #Billboard #Kpop
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    Year ago

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    • Ellizel Aquino

      Ellizel Aquino

      5 hours ago

      Wow it's so very nice you like

    • Krishanu Deka

      Krishanu Deka

      12 hours ago

      why did you choose the worst band in the band you should have chossen bts or red velvet or super m not this group plus i disliked it as soon as i saw it

    • bia jee

      bia jee

      2 days ago

      Using beard recharge teacher

    • Princess khaye Catapang

      Princess khaye Catapang

      3 days ago

      My pevorite in black pink is lisa

    • artina ramaj

      artina ramaj

      5 days ago

      Hxbhxbxbxxbxbx bc :-/ egg n Dee jfhxhcb, bc jcbbcjcbcncjcjvhfnfcn

  2. Amanda Green

    Amanda Green

    8 minutes ago

    Great job lisa

  3. Amir Rushdi

    Amir Rushdi

    55 minutes ago

    Wow rose and jennie are very fluent in english.. Love roses voice

  4. Risna Ramadhani

    Risna Ramadhani

    Hour ago

    Jisoo ❤❤❤

  5. katrina mae

    katrina mae

    Hour ago


  6. spix x

    spix x

    5 hours ago


  7. Mariam Bezhanishvili

    Mariam Bezhanishvili

    6 hours ago

    I love all the members of BLAKPINK

  8. Sara Kulkarni

    Sara Kulkarni

    7 hours ago

    I actually discovered Blackpink in this video and now I'm a BLINK🖤

  9. Refanov Constantin

    Refanov Constantin

    8 hours ago

    I HATE YOU GUYS(BILLBOARD)...why u Crop out Jisoo at Cochella

  10. Niha Khan

    Niha Khan

    8 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue If you want jisoo to speak more English Make this blue ⬇️

  11. Twicepinkvelvet in your area

    Twicepinkvelvet in your area

    9 hours ago


  12. My Biodata

    My Biodata

    9 hours ago


  13. Ayesha Borhan

    Ayesha Borhan

    10 hours ago

    Lisa and Jennie look like angles.



    11 hours ago

    I love blackpink and blackpink members 1. Jisoo 2. Lisa 3. Jennie 4. Rose ❤❤❤❤

  15. Mivertais 9914

    Mivertais 9914

    12 hours ago

    Lisa photo is dump

  16. Puja Kumar

    Puja Kumar

    13 hours ago

    You are so cool

  17. Puja Kumar

    Puja Kumar

    13 hours ago


  18. fera afika natasya Hery

    fera afika natasya Hery

    14 hours ago

    Kak jiso hamil

  19. Jerushah Kamkam

    Jerushah Kamkam

    14 hours ago

    I'm not a blink of black pink fan honestly I I find jisoo really addicting she seems so genuine and I love that about her she's so cute awwwweee

  20. Lumila Tamrakar

    Lumila Tamrakar

    14 hours ago

    I think Lisa and rose is sister

  21. Aini Sahidatul

    Aini Sahidatul

    15 hours ago


  22. Rosa Moody

    Rosa Moody

    16 hours ago


  23. Rodel Adordionisio

    Rodel Adordionisio

    16 hours ago

    Jisoo Is So Beautiful

  24. isra san

    isra san

    21 hour ago

    Love you blackpink wow 😉😯😂

  25. King Takz

    King Takz

    Day ago

    Rose look like my ate and i really like jisoo she is so pretty and jennie and rose and lisa

  26. Amrita Kumari

    Amrita Kumari

    Day ago

    You guys might not know but I get the most entertained when they make jokes and play games like this.



    Day ago

    Like if can speak korean

  28. Laxmi Shrestha

    Laxmi Shrestha

    Day ago

    Cute voice of Rosé💛

  29. 46 Steevan Bothello

    46 Steevan Bothello

    Day ago

    Lisa is so cute she has a true beauty , talent , style , friendly and cutie pie 💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖

  30. Rhontsu Hmt

    Rhontsu Hmt

    Day ago

    Hi Lisa Iam ur biggest fan I hope u will come on Nagaland to met us miss u

  31. trasy blakpyng

    trasy blakpyng

    Day ago

    1 jennie roze 🥰🥰😘🤩🥰😍❤️💖

  32. Thess Mativo

    Thess Mativo

    Day ago

    Omg o my sister so cute

  33. Trimble Iawren

    Trimble Iawren

    Day ago

    Do you think that the black pink have a crush on BTS 😉😂😅

    • Jenchu Lichaeng

      Jenchu Lichaeng

      10 hours ago


    • you only live ONCE so think about it TWICE

      you only live ONCE so think about it TWICE

      Day ago

      absolutely no

  34. Kpop Back at it again

    Kpop Back at it again

    Day ago

    Most of the top comments seem to be about Jisoo! As a Jisoo fan I’m really happy to see she is getting the appreciation she deserves...It also seems to me that after the “How You Like That” Comeback. That Jisoo is getting a lot more recognition,and I also see that all the members are getting appreciated equally. Because it seems like the toxic solo stans have seem to go away a bit. So I’m just a happy blink seeing the girls getting all the love they deserve!

  35. Niccolo Isles

    Niccolo Isles

    Day ago

    Rosè sounds like wengie

  36. Chiziterem Njoku

    Chiziterem Njoku

    Day ago

    ‘Get them both’ if I was that rich

  37. TOGA!!!!!


    Day ago


  38. Ankita Paul

    Ankita Paul

    Day ago

    Jennie is soooo cute

  39. HAHA


    Day ago

    Who is best dancer? Everyone lisaa! Jisoo: coz she is lisaa.. 💧👄💧

  40. Hannahclaire Maligalig

    Hannahclaire Maligalig

    Day ago

    Wow twe lisa and twe jisso

  41. Margarita Roxette

    Margarita Roxette

    Day ago

    All I get from Jisso is flat out kind and sincere. Even though she doesn't talk much, you just know how genuinely kind she is. Ugggh, Miss Korea folks.

  42. Monteroyo Kysha

    Monteroyo Kysha

    Day ago

    I love rose

  43. Kelly Chen

    Kelly Chen

    Day ago

    They are perfect! I love each of them!

  44. sammywasok


    Day ago

    i just know they all bark at each other

  45. Elvira Erasmus

    Elvira Erasmus

    Day ago

    Jenny and Rose are just flawless

  46. Ms Ariana

    Ms Ariana

    2 days ago

    Fact !! jisoo beauty is a masterpiece !

  47. Henry Tandayu

    Henry Tandayu

    2 days ago

    Hello jisoo

  48. Ainin_ Iqbal

    Ainin_ Iqbal

    2 days ago

    Omg QUEENA LOVE YOU pls dont leave us QueENS💖

  49. Khushi Singh

    Khushi Singh

    2 days ago

    Heyaaa blinksss! I tried Black pink cover do let me know HOW DO YOU LIkE THAT 🥺💕🤭

  50. bernardino Kaezlyn

    bernardino Kaezlyn

    2 days ago

    And lisa

  51. bernardino Kaezlyn

    bernardino Kaezlyn

    2 days ago

    Jennie so cute

  52. Rini Marsela

    Rini Marsela

    2 days ago

    Jisoo hamil kah

  53. Laura Newton

    Laura Newton

    2 days ago

    ha how you like that

  54. Trisy Williams

    Trisy Williams

    2 days ago

    Same thing I cry wene a sad parts

  55. Fathima Sajid

    Fathima Sajid

    2 days ago

    Lisa and jisoo are my faverioute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  56. 294_army x blink

    294_army x blink

    2 days ago

    kings and queens came on billboard 🔥

  57. bia jee

    bia jee

    2 days ago

    A teacher

  58. Nazirite future

    Nazirite future

    2 days ago

    Rose literally has very nice English😍😍😍who is with me

  59. Sofia Verdes

    Sofia Verdes

    2 days ago

    I am taletend. I sing piano.

  60. Eufemia Agad

    Eufemia Agad

    2 days ago

    Jiso die in car crash so sad

    • blink rose

      blink rose

      2 days ago

      What do you want to say