Mom Has Children Of Two Races, Her Life Story Will Shock You | Dhar Mann

I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. - Martin Luther King, Jr.
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  1. Dhar Mann

    Dhar Mann

    Month ago

    Hello #DharMannFam! Did you know I send daily inspirational text messages? Join my texting fam to get a new text from me each day. Text (213) 212-4550 or click this link to get started. Also, if you want to connect with others that are part of the fam and share your experiences check out our official Facebook group here:

    • Tuvshinzaya Dandar

      Tuvshinzaya Dandar

      2 days ago


    • Max Williams

      Max Williams

      3 days ago

      Your so nice and cool😇

    • Shelley Traa

      Shelley Traa

      7 days ago

      Can you do more story’s inspired by BLM?

    • Dream-Agar Io

      Dream-Agar Io

      8 days ago

      Knightgamer348 Y T )



      9 days ago

      Can you do about left handed people

  2. Nicole Daniels

    Nicole Daniels

    31 minute ago

    And please make this a better place just please 🙏😇💖☺️

  3. Nicole Daniels

    Nicole Daniels

    32 minutes ago

    I understand that black lives matter but what is the point of it because all lives matter and I don't care if your black or white or something else I don't care what you are I like you for who you are and how you act but please just please be a good person that's all I ask for is love and peace so can you please give it a try and think you very much for the likes but that's not what I'm commenting for.☺️💖🙏

  4. AlexBro123


    Hour ago

    Damn what a simp the security guard was

  5. samir amarkhil

    samir amarkhil

    3 hours ago


  6. Chris Garcia

    Chris Garcia

    7 hours ago

    All lives matter

  7. GoOdly ios

    GoOdly ios

    8 hours ago

    Black people do good things They are so good at dancing too

  8. Pig Fish

    Pig Fish

    10 hours ago

    Isn’t the security guy a darker skin tone too? Like wtf

  9. Not My gaming channel

    Not My gaming channel

    10 hours ago

    I noticed that the title says races isn't that a bit racist because both of their races are humans

  10. Gamer Studio

    Gamer Studio

    12 hours ago

    ☝🏻☝🏼☝🏽☝🏾☝🏿☝️ Never forget the asians

  11. Cringe Videos

    Cringe Videos

    12 hours ago

    Martin luther king jr stopped something, but people started it once again Im pretty sure he would be sad or dissapointed that the thing he stopped had to be brought back into the earth

  12. Adem King

    Adem King

    12 hours ago

    Right at the start the guy is already racist

  13. Abdulrahman Al Qaysi

    Abdulrahman Al Qaysi

    15 hours ago

    It's hard being treated badly just because ur a muslim. But quite apparently, it's harder and u get treated twice as badly because ur black😢

  14. Ngocchau Tra

    Ngocchau Tra

    16 hours ago

    Just like right now George Floyed was destroyed by the colour of his SKIN omgg

  15. Tiktok user

    Tiktok user

    17 hours ago

    No one: Dhar mann actors: SoO YoU sEe

  16. Rahul Sanjeev

    Rahul Sanjeev

    17 hours ago

    I love ur videos

  17. Chris Moye

    Chris Moye

    18 hours ago


  18. Waida P

    Waida P

    20 hours ago

    I, a 10 year old female, I have a best friend who is a male. I'm considered to be white while my best friend is considered to be of darker skin tone then me, or in other words, a different race then me. In school, though we are still kids, he always stood out as the weird kid in school. People would give him weird looks and stuff like that. There are near to be 3 or 4 kids that is the race of my guy friend. But he was treated differently due to him being, lets say different. Skin color and having a different personality then the kids at our school. When he gets older, he will probably have to deal with this sort of thing, just like his 2 brothers and sister will too. Never ever judge anyone because of their skin color. Me and my guy friend of different races have always been close and we have very few differences in personality. So please, listen to the video and make the right choices, you can never ever judge a person by how they look. Or by other words, you can never judge a book by its cover.

  19. xander Miranda

    xander Miranda

    21 hour ago

    That’s so sad me in my head: Alexa play Despacito

  20. bby_gurl_alondra


    22 hours ago

    People shouldn't go through this.

  21. Laila Garrison

    Laila Garrison

    23 hours ago

    This is not just a skit cuz this happens all the time everywhere it is sad that black people have to go through this

  22. ChompDead


    Day ago

    people that think black people are bad is the same thing about saying asian people must be smart

  23. Salwa Alqattan

    Salwa Alqattan

    Day ago

    Black lives always matter no matter what 👱🏾‍♀️👸🏾🙏🏾🤗

  24. Zobidh Zozo

    Zobidh Zozo

    Day ago

    Only tears 😭 from my eyes

  25. Krystal H

    Krystal H

    Day ago

    I hate the white woman's friend ..

  26. cartoon guy

    cartoon guy

    Day ago

    All lives matter (white, black, Indian, Asian) ALL LIVES



    Day ago


  28. Nezuko - chan

    Nezuko - chan

    Day ago

    Black Lives Matter

  29. Paris Par

    Paris Par

    Day ago


  30. S N

    S N

    Day ago

    ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿this is a great and beautiful message we need to treat everyone the same

  31. Ijlal Bilgrami

    Ijlal Bilgrami

    Day ago

    This is a great example of white privilege.

  32. Ileana Moreno

    Ileana Moreno

    Day ago

    My mom has 8 kids and they all mixed race 2 Mexican and the rest mixed u gonna interview her and she's single and her baby daddy has about 15 kids tell their story cuz I'm hurt by it

  33. tay more Crooks

    tay more Crooks

    Day ago


  34. Gamer Mir

    Gamer Mir

    Day ago

    The color of your skin should never matter

  35. Sofie Mango

    Sofie Mango

    Day ago

    If I was the white lady I would say “look at my Receipt if those are the rules for that man those are the rules for me” it’s only fair!

  36. Rhys McEvoy

    Rhys McEvoy

    Day ago


  37. Ethan and Emma

    Ethan and Emma

    Day ago

    Well I have like the moms friends skin tone so I don’t know what side I’m on but I think I’m on the white side (my skin is a Bit lighter then hers)

  38. Not aderm

    Not aderm

    2 days ago


  39. 2027 Daneen Shahbhai

    2027 Daneen Shahbhai

    2 days ago


  40. Letong Xu

    Letong Xu

    2 days ago

    When I finished this video I almost chocked at how true that was... I have too friends one named Emma she is ‘white’ and one named Alexis she is ‘black’ but I don’t put one over the other or compare them but Alexyss get’s sort of bullied some times like when she falls and her ear rings ripped a hole in her ear people said she faked it to get attention but she’s not that kind of person...

  41. Leland Phipps

    Leland Phipps

    2 days ago

    People who makes fun of people skins are racist

  42. Good Mythical Evening

    Good Mythical Evening

    2 days ago

    The guy who asked for the receipt was black as well.

    • Good Mythical Evening

      Good Mythical Evening

      2 days ago

      Karina Shirley well Keegan-Michael Key ain’t black but people say he his and he is the same colour that guy asking for the receipt is.

    • Karina Shirley

      Karina Shirley

      2 days ago

      No he wasn’t.

  43. Charissa Rucci

    Charissa Rucci

    2 days ago


  44. celine Delarue

    celine Delarue

    2 days ago

    I am one who agree

  45. Jackson Njoku

    Jackson Njoku

    2 days ago

    Important lesson and all but, these kids over here looking at sponges and mustard.

  46. Jack Plays 123

    Jack Plays 123

    2 days ago

    Literally that doesnt happen but ok

    • Karina Shirley

      Karina Shirley

      2 days ago

      Yes it does.



    2 days ago

    idk some people dislike this, its a good story and changing people's life

  48. Asia Morris

    Asia Morris

    2 days ago

    I like the video but the security gard looked at the black boy thinking he was finna steal mustard i mean who steals mustard😂😂

  49. Gucciboi _2

    Gucciboi _2

    2 days ago

    I try to feel bad, but the acting is so cringe and its the same thing bro I dunno

  50. Summer Mickey Shoes

    Summer Mickey Shoes

    2 days ago

    Hey Dhar Mann fam

  51. 4Dot_ kidd

    4Dot_ kidd

    2 days ago

    All life matters

  52. L1l Whip

    L1l Whip

    2 days ago

    Who would dislike this

  53. AirheadAngel


    2 days ago

    Is no one talking about how that police officer should have been fired?

  54. Sakina Jafar

    Sakina Jafar

    2 days ago

    We all are same humans beings made of same bone and skin.

  55. Tuvshinzaya Dandar

    Tuvshinzaya Dandar

    2 days ago


  56. Tuvshinzaya Dandar

    Tuvshinzaya Dandar

    2 days ago


  57. 【Kahtori】


    2 days ago

    You know it’s bout to get serious when they say “you see”

  58. Marblellous


    2 days ago

    God bless her

  59. Marblellous


    2 days ago

    This girl is always nice

  60. Melanie Betea

    Melanie Betea

    2 days ago

    my color my skin is lighter but i still builed by the way i look and talk so i am like him but a my skin is lighter but i don't about skin tones like the video i would love to be anyones friends pray to god that word peace will come and it will someday even if you takes years and years it will come