A Message To Gabrielle Moses

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  1. Cambre Garcia

    Cambre Garcia

    20 minutes ago

    I’m not crying you’re crying 🥺

  2. zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsv

    37 minutes ago

    y’all are soulmates. you’ll find your way back to eachother

  3. mnekea 667

    mnekea 667

    Hour ago

    Please say this is a prankk🥺

  4. Izzy Prudden

    Izzy Prudden

    Hour ago

    “We’re not crying” yes we are Jack

  5. Peyton Schuster

    Peyton Schuster

    2 hours ago

    noooooo noooo

    • zuygj bnsv

      zuygj bnsv

      36 minutes ago

      Jack get your girl back

  6. Rc_bear07 Yt

    Rc_bear07 Yt

    2 hours ago

    I’m so confused did they break up 😐

  7. J McPhillips

    J McPhillips

    4 hours ago

    This randomly came up on my home page and so I decided to put it in my “watch later” to see what it was all about. I’m about 7 minutes in and I can already tell how incredible this guy is as a person. To be so young and have this much respect, knowledge, and love is insane. You are incredible man. Keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing and this world will reward you in many ways. Good luck, keep your head high, and keep pushin.

  8. Josephine Okuk

    Josephine Okuk

    4 hours ago

    Win her back bro

  9. BabyJee9


    4 hours ago

    I feel you. Ur not alone

  10. Larissa O'Brien

    Larissa O'Brien

    5 hours ago

    Okay but ..... who else saw this coming? ... US-staters always break up. I really thought these 2 would last but knew it would be too good to be true. Hope they are both okay though 🥺🥺

  11. Anagail Llaves

    Anagail Llaves

    5 hours ago

    Thank you for making this video 📹 we really appreciate it, we'll atleast I very much appreciate it! I hope you and Gabrielle get back up and are stronger and just feel better going through this tough time! I love you both very much❤!!!!!!

  12. Ellesha Stratful

    Ellesha Stratful

    5 hours ago

    why did you break up

  13. Ivana Violeta

    Ivana Violeta

    5 hours ago

    If you really love her...do something about it...

  14. Chloe Carlson

    Chloe Carlson

    6 hours ago

    why did you break up

  15. Maya Rosa

    Maya Rosa

    6 hours ago

    Damn I didn't see yall's channel for like 1 month and I just had a gut feeling to see the channel, and I come to this?!?! 😭 why!?!? I am sorry

  16. LegendaryRaptor


    6 hours ago

    my gf just cheated on me so i feel someone i can connect to in this..

  17. Aly And Kaitlyn

    Aly And Kaitlyn

    6 hours ago

    When he said I’m not crying rn now I swear I felt that and I was like don’t cry dont cry and then I found a tear drop on my face

  18. WhyBe OhFree

    WhyBe OhFree

    6 hours ago

    Okey so what is the messege?

  19. WhyBe OhFree

    WhyBe OhFree

    6 hours ago

    Bro get to the point

  20. Chasitee Brown

    Chasitee Brown

    6 hours ago

    Jack get your girl back

  21. Eric Klingebiel

    Eric Klingebiel

    8 hours ago

    Why'd they break up?

  22. _AndiPlays_


    8 hours ago

    We are all here for you Jack, we love you. ❤️

  23. Maya


    8 hours ago

    me seeing these videos after getting broken up with like o-o

  24. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    8 hours ago

    is meant to be with

  25. Foxystreaks


    8 hours ago

    "We can't change what's done, we can only move on." -A

  26. Joe Kesrouani

    Joe Kesrouani

    8 hours ago

    its not a message to gabrielle , its a message about gabrielle , you didn't talk to her directly

    • dutoiu hour

      dutoiu hour

      8 hours ago

      I legit thought that Gabrielle died of corona virus because the last video was that she was sick 😷 I hope that things get better 🥺🥺

  27. Kaylah Brown

    Kaylah Brown

    8 hours ago

    “If it wasn’t for gab I wouldn’t get through high school..” like if they should take a break then get back together...

  28. Kaylah Brown

    Kaylah Brown

    8 hours ago

    Gab completes him..

  29. ronan Federico

    ronan Federico

    8 hours ago

    What happened??

  30. Coffee Beane

    Coffee Beane

    8 hours ago

    I come back 3 months later to this channel and I see a video called a message to Gabrielle Moses like wtf I’m so sad right now it can’t be over it’s just a prank it has to be please be prank Jack is it tell us please It can’t be over 🤧

  31. Madilynn Lee

    Madilynn Lee

    8 hours ago

    Why did you guys break up

  32. Olivia Hall

    Olivia Hall

    9 hours ago

    Hold on: if they broke up why is the channel still called "Jack and Gab"?

  33. Vibe z

    Vibe z

    9 hours ago

    TvT I found someone like that and he left me

  34. gigi stefani

    gigi stefani

    9 hours ago

    the silence was so loud jack you can get through this I promise

  35. Pain Raven

    Pain Raven

    9 hours ago

    Where is the jack who liked to make jokes about poop and butts 🥺🥺🥺

  36. Kylee and Logan

    Kylee and Logan

    9 hours ago

    Does anyone realize how long they were together. It’s so sad I don’t want them to break up. I’m not crying you are 😭

  37. Mary Diaz

    Mary Diaz

    9 hours ago

    Why did they break up

  38. Kylee and Logan

    Kylee and Logan

    9 hours ago

    Who else is just watching through the videos balling there eyes out.

  39. milagros Deza

    milagros Deza

    9 hours ago

    I feel like u are mak8ng her feel worse because u did something wrong she is the one suffering but I get u

  40. Ecom Kid

    Ecom Kid

    10 hours ago

    bro i jus seen this on my recommended never heard of her or him but he seems chill

  41. Randi Bennett

    Randi Bennett

    10 hours ago

    This broke me

  42. IceQueen_16 MHA

    IceQueen_16 MHA

    10 hours ago

    I legit thought that Gabrielle died of corona virus because the last video was that she was sick 😷 I hope that things get better 🥺🥺

  43. Slxxzy


    10 hours ago

    Well now the girl no ya guy do go threw heart break so like can u get that threw y’all’s head we really do love y’all we don’t juss break up and dc nm like😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  44. Daisy Hood

    Daisy Hood

    10 hours ago

    did y'all break up?? whats happened

  45. casey shein

    casey shein

    11 hours ago

    this video made my heart melt :( i went through a terrible heartbreak about a year ago and it was simply awful - i struggle with anxiety and depression, so i get it (i just put it in email for ur book). my insta is @caseyshein if you need to it want to talk abt it :)

    • casey shein

      casey shein

      10 hours ago

      that’s legit not my insta it’s @caseylaurell i dmd you a pic of me crying cuz I FEEL SO BAD

  46. Shawn Lokey

    Shawn Lokey

    11 hours ago

    As part of the rubber ducky fam, I strongly support you in any positive decision you make in your life, and you ARE loved!! Just wanted you to know that 😊

  47. Swerly AJ

    Swerly AJ

    11 hours ago

    I remember watching them grow together and its truly heartbreaking to see them breakup after 5 years... Its incredible how he's able to talk so positive about her, all these sweet things. I loved jack and gab as a channel I *Love* jack and gab as a channel *we all love you jack. stay strong.*

  48. tommy bardon

    tommy bardon

    12 hours ago

    U know I feel you and it pains me that I would give anything just to get a hug from my ex but I will always cherish the memories

  49. Dan Sinton

    Dan Sinton

    12 hours ago

    I’ve been subbed to him for 2 years, and when I saw this video my heart stopped and jaw dropped.... same thing with the last one

  50. David Montoya

    David Montoya

    12 hours ago

    Waaaaaittt what happened bro? I haven’t watched your channel in a while!! Can someone fill me in??!

  51. VeRoNiCa HyAtT

    VeRoNiCa HyAtT

    12 hours ago

    “We’re not crying. Da**it “ I have been crying the whole time💙🥺HE IS SO WHOLESOME!

  52. Rio Schmidt

    Rio Schmidt

    12 hours ago

    keep your head up big man.let your feelings out through music, like imaging how good it would be if u made music.

  53. Sarah Sherrill

    Sarah Sherrill

    13 hours ago

    i have literally never watched your videos before and i am in tears oh my god dude i am so sorry

  54. Jillian Rain

    Jillian Rain

    13 hours ago

    I thought that 2020 was bad. And then I say these videos😭

  55. Emma Stover

    Emma Stover

    13 hours ago

    i hope so much that they work it out bc if not i will be crushed bc i need a boy like him and if she doesn’t marry him i will

  56. Lucy May7

    Lucy May7

    13 hours ago

    Aw seriously? I literally never thought break up could be an option for you both *sigh*

  57. Cody Silvers

    Cody Silvers

    13 hours ago

    Love you man YOU are gonna do big things brother take the time y’all had together as a positive and not a negative which is very easy to do. It’s hard always will but it’s not the end of the world I hope you have a great life bro.

  58. Madi F

    Madi F

    13 hours ago

    why did they break up?

  59. Javon.Taschuk


    13 hours ago

    Why did they break up

  60. Kobe Moose

    Kobe Moose

    13 hours ago

    Listen bro, why dont u just go back and say can we get back together, i dont care about the utube crap, but if u really want her just go back and ask her

    • Chris McDowell

      Chris McDowell

      12 hours ago

      Kobe Moose - Not as easy, as it seems. If Jack could get her back, he probably would. It appears that Gabrielle, who we think broke up the relationship, does not/cannot rekindle the relationship.

  61. Alan Martinez

    Alan Martinez

    13 hours ago

    Ok why did they break up??

  62. Aria Khushkhui

    Aria Khushkhui

    14 hours ago

    This whole channel is based on two people. And one relationship. Now that person broke up, so now what does this poor guy do? It's all too much man.

  63. Marlon Eric

    Marlon Eric

    14 hours ago

    These kids are legit like 12, talking like their in the Notebook. So melodramatic

  64. Vincent Cox Vlogs

    Vincent Cox Vlogs

    14 hours ago

    Did they break up... I am so confused

  65. Cheyenne Saunders

    Cheyenne Saunders

    14 hours ago

    i haven’t heard of him in like 3 years

  66. kristin lopez

    kristin lopez

    14 hours ago

    i have never watched this channel before but this made me tear up this was a beautiful way to talk about things

  67. Kaylee Lewis

    Kaylee Lewis

    15 hours ago

    @gabriellemoses please get back together

  68. K W

    K W

    15 hours ago

    Do you guys still talk?

  69. Esme Greenham

    Esme Greenham

    15 hours ago

    I don’t know who de heck this guy is but this is very cute

  70. hugosan24X


    15 hours ago

    _"You dont know how much something means until you lose It"_

  71. e


    15 hours ago

    i just knew another jack and gabriela that broke up

  72. neveah Neveah

    neveah Neveah

    15 hours ago

    This is actually sad like wha I didn’t even know y’all broke up 😩🥺🥺

  73. My penis is small, but

    My penis is small, but

    15 hours ago

    I thought they would last forever though...

  74. Joshua Woodbridge

    Joshua Woodbridge

    15 hours ago

    You know whats crazy. I'm going thru this exact thing with some i love. We were together for a considerable amount of time and she knew me inside out and in most cases better than I knew me. She calmed me, made me laugh, allowed me to experience things I wouldn't have experienced yet, see things I wouldn't have otherwise seen and it hurts when u see the person you love or rather the person you're in love with leave and they most likely aint coming back and it sucks so i get everything this dude said and props for having the confidence to speak infront of a camera to your subscribers.

  75. Joelle Haynes

    Joelle Haynes

    15 hours ago

    Did y'all break up

  76. The Professor

    The Professor

    15 hours ago


  77. Farmer Daithi

    Farmer Daithi

    16 hours ago

    Do you think they will get back together

  78. Cole Lambert

    Cole Lambert

    16 hours ago

    I know how you feel brother number 1 Is always the one that lingers in your heart. When me and my girlfriend broke up I was devastated. I even crashed my car in an attempt to kill myself. Shit gets better with time though. Now I'm just happy she found someone who treats her good and makes her happy.

  79. valeria baker

    valeria baker

    16 hours ago

    im soooo sorry

  80. misolou fout

    misolou fout

    16 hours ago

    Jack: We aren't crying right now we just aren't Me in my head: man is that sentence so relatable for me