Tony Hawk Learns a Skate Trick from Zach King | Magic with Celebrities

I met up with Tony Hawk to learn how to skate. BUt I ended up teaching him a little skating trick of my own.
You can keep up with Tony Hawk here at Birdhouse - www.birdhouseskateboards.com/pages/tony-hawk
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  1. Zach King

    Zach King

    6 days ago

    In one week I will be picking a random subscriber to win the signed Skateboard. Be sure to be subscribed and leave a comment down below. I'll announce next Wednesday on my community page!

    • Dank Xoden

      Dank Xoden

      16 hours ago


    • Ducky Curry

      Ducky Curry

      16 hours ago

      Please give it to me!!

    • Connor Sniff

      Connor Sniff

      5 days ago

      I hope I get it and bye the way I love your vids😁😁😁😀😀😀😎

    • Ian Nale

      Ian Nale

      5 days ago

      Oh cool I want in on this

    • Alia Freake

      Alia Freake

      5 days ago


  2. Daniel Shively

    Daniel Shively

    17 minutes ago

    hiee... i want the skatboard so i can show my friends and do zach king magic with it

  3. Spleetje


    22 minutes ago

    Love your magic, Tony nr#1

  4. Choir Volleyball

    Choir Volleyball

    37 minutes ago


  5. BBD_Boyz! YouTube

    BBD_Boyz! YouTube

    50 minutes ago

    I found this channel because you commented on Dude Perfect's unpredictable trick shots video! I think you should make one of those. *Like the video so Zack sees this!*

  6. Ezekiel Gibbs

    Ezekiel Gibbs

    59 minutes ago

    Tiny Skateboard!!!! BuRp🥴

  7. Juan Jose Gonzalez

    Juan Jose Gonzalez

    Hour ago

    I haven't seen Tony in a while, nice video

  8. Mr Amazing

    Mr Amazing

    Hour ago

    Was up

  9. Daniel and Faith

    Daniel and Faith

    2 hours ago

    Hi Zach

  10. p o l i v e r

    p o l i v e r

    3 hours ago

    I want the signed skateboard

  11. Carlitos Macias

    Carlitos Macias

    3 hours ago

    Me I want the little state board please let me have it

    • Carlitos Macias

      Carlitos Macias

      3 hours ago


  12. Kaua Roberton

    Kaua Roberton

    3 hours ago

    I thought Zach was the one doing those tricks haha

  13. This is epic

    This is epic

    4 hours ago

    I want a tech deck I started skateboarding a couple weeks ago

  14. Royal pro

    Royal pro

    4 hours ago

    hi Zach



    4 hours ago

    Can I have the skateboard

  16. Wild Wally

    Wild Wally

    4 hours ago

    I love skateboarding and Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse brand is that the best. ID LOVE TO HAVE TJE SIGNED BOARD! Sub to MJ-SK8.

  17. Lex Denysenko

    Lex Denysenko

    4 hours ago

    My 8yo can’t decide who is cooler: Zach or Tony!



    5 hours ago




    5 hours ago

    I subscribed

  20. Luke Russell

    Luke Russell

    5 hours ago

    I can ride better than you🙂

  21. Faceless Albie

    Faceless Albie

    6 hours ago

    Very good video

  22. Linus Karlsson

    Linus Karlsson

    6 hours ago

    Haha love the video! Been a big fan of TH since I was a kid, he changed my life! ✌️🙌

  23. 家慧張


    7 hours ago

    Meeeeee choose meeeeeee plez plez tanks hehe i sund so desprate

  24. Manu Jamba

    Manu Jamba

    7 hours ago

    Zach are you king

  25. Diana Osio

    Diana Osio

    7 hours ago


  26. Anthony Wu

    Anthony Wu

    7 hours ago

    Did Zach just learn skateboarding so fast? And wait he did magic

  27. My Cat Colony

    My Cat Colony

    8 hours ago


  28. Random


    8 hours ago

    Wow, I’d love a skateboard, so I can learn how to skate, too! Haha. Well good luck everyone.

  29. Luke Sumstine

    Luke Sumstine

    8 hours ago

    Zach King can you make a tutorial for the water glass cake video?

  30. Muhammad Haris

    Muhammad Haris

    8 hours ago

    May i pls have the skateboard mr. Zach king 🤴

  31. heavyscore vloger

    heavyscore vloger

    9 hours ago

    mememmeemmememeemmem me

  32. Cory Erb

    Cory Erb

    9 hours ago

    I love how Tony hawk still keeps on touch with fans through US-state!



    9 hours ago

    Wow awsome magic trick

  34. ciriah beauty mirror

    ciriah beauty mirror

    9 hours ago

    Who else came from that tik tok video when they saw Zack Kate at Chick-fil-A

  35. drsuvarna raut

    drsuvarna raut

    9 hours ago

    Zach! make more treasure hunt videos in which there were codes hidden in the video which we have decode like you have made one video earlier.

  36. Football cards rewiew XX

    Football cards rewiew XX

    10 hours ago

    I subbed but I don't have the facilities to skateboard even though I'm good at it like I don't have the arena to practice I have to do it in a small room 🙁 so practicing at fingerboard would be great

  37. drsuvarna raut

    drsuvarna raut

    10 hours ago

    Excited for tomorrow's winner.

  38. Aedan Martin

    Aedan Martin

    10 hours ago

    Do you know logan pual I love him and you are the best youtuber in history

  39. amhwebster


    10 hours ago

    I just saw you on the news

  40. Rob Frame

    Rob Frame

    10 hours ago

    Awesome job Zach, you're a pro!!!

  41. Abbu Ali

    Abbu Ali

    10 hours ago

    You are nice

  42. NinjaKrid 44

    NinjaKrid 44

    10 hours ago


  43. Aedan Martin

    Aedan Martin

    10 hours ago

    Zack I love you and your cat

  44. Charles Jordan

    Charles Jordan

    10 hours ago


  45. John Jr Tayone

    John Jr Tayone

    10 hours ago

    I thought he's gonna use his magic in his first stunt.

  46. Rhesi Lamadi

    Rhesi Lamadi

    10 hours ago


  47. A Carrillo

    A Carrillo

    11 hours ago

    Still remember Tony Hawks video game🙂👍🏻

  48. Veloci Player

    Veloci Player

    11 hours ago

    ill be really happy if i win the skate, because im a child and im not actually from america so... i dont know if im getting it

  49. Squidman


    11 hours ago


  50. alexandre frank

    alexandre frank

    12 hours ago

    I'm from Brazil

  51. alexandre frank

    alexandre frank

    12 hours ago

    I already left my comment (This is my comment)

  52. alexandre frank

    alexandre frank

    12 hours ago

    Answer me, please

  53. 김서준


    12 hours ago

    한국인 댓글

  54. Tonny Studsgaard Petersen

    Tonny Studsgaard Petersen

    12 hours ago


  55. Bhawana khanna

    Bhawana khanna

    12 hours ago

    Tony hawk should have taken a warm-up ,how can he start without it 😝

  56. Omer-Hussain-2t TCS

    Omer-Hussain-2t TCS

    12 hours ago

    me plz!

    • Omer-Hussain-2t TCS

      Omer-Hussain-2t TCS

      12 hours ago

      pick me i want that tiny skate board plz (btw im a huge fan :) )

  57. Xbox Rockstar

    Xbox Rockstar

    12 hours ago


  58. Bhawana khanna

    Bhawana khanna

    12 hours ago

    My friends dad is also magician He can turn 10 bottles of bear into domestic violence😂

  59. Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

    12 hours ago

    I hope I win I've been learning how to skateboard this year because tony how inspired me, the only trick I know is an ollie.

  60. Timothy Yila

    Timothy Yila

    13 hours ago

    can have it