My Asian-American Identity Crisis

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  1. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    2 hours ago

    make jokes in another language, let's say Korean, try to react using Korean expressions its a good practice to start 👍

  2. lexis 0100

    lexis 0100

    2 hours ago

    Me: a hispanic good at dutch and french really bad at spanish my mom : can you begin to be better in spanish Me : me looks at my past Me: is no a answer ? Ps:im from belgium for ppl who are curious srry for my bad english

  3. Bluestryy_


    2 hours ago

    Wow Asian legit here lol I don't use English accent in our home we'll I do but I talk to my self in an English accent

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      2 hours ago

      by people my age that can actually speak Korean which makes me feel so much better about myself- Also the thing you’re meant to do at the start of each year for your

  4. Alice Draws

    Alice Draws

    2 hours ago

    Hey Emily! I'm Korean-American and I'm not too good at Korean as well because I lived in America for most of my life, I suggest you download "ONDEMANDKOREA" and watch "Learning Man" (but type that in Korean, 런닝맨) Also, try using Duolingo, it helped me a lot on my Japanese and I go to a Korean school. Now my Korean is better than English. I hope you understand I'm just trying to help out, not get attention (please don't, I'm introverted)

  5. M U

    M U

    2 hours ago

    I used to be good at languages but recently I started to get better at English while I got worse at the other 3 languages I spoke so now I speak to myself in those languages when I use the restroom because I stay there a long time. Oh yeah btw English is my 4th language so idk y I communicate the best while speaking in it.

  6. Mary Rose

    Mary Rose

    2 hours ago

    Me questioning how I learned Thai and English at a young age...😐

  7. k a y l a

    k a y l a

    2 hours ago


  8. softxy buns

    softxy buns

    3 hours ago

    my friends: you sound american-african ( dik what that means sorry-) random peeps on discord voice chat: ur asian ( they also say i sound like a reverse trap-) me: EXCUSE ME- DISCORD PEEPS KNOW ME BETTER * cries on the floor* emirichu's vid: come with me I understand your pain

  9. Contagious Gaming

    Contagious Gaming

    3 hours ago

    Your language problem reminds me of the time when your brother threatened to *erase* someone

  10. SKZ하늘


    3 hours ago

    "If you blast kpop in a classroom it will be a party" *me listening to kpop with my earbuds* *my classmates*: "eww are you listening to those bts boys again?? Arent you from Mexico why are you listening to that listen to despasito or something?" *me in my head*: YALL AMERICAN AND LISTEN TO SPANISH MUSIC AND THERES OTHER GROUPS I LISTEN TO LIKE SKZ, DAY6, AND MCND DI-

  11. KittyKat123 Lau

    KittyKat123 Lau

    3 hours ago

    I HATE the chinese language, The sound of it, the format, THE COMPLEXITY. Hate it. Honestly, I’m not even chinese, my great grandparents on both sides came from Fujian and Fuzhou. I’m a third generation Malaysian and moved to Australia when I was 4 so that ended up making me feel disconnected from my relatives. I couldn’t speak Chinese AND Malay. I couldn’t even speak to my grandma when my grandpa died without it being really awkward, so since then I’m trying to study it for her, idk how long she has left though. Hopefully y Chinese get better (without me saying 你好 and all the basic Chinese introductions)

    • * . ̊༄ jelly kiwi!

      * . ̊༄ jelly kiwi!

      3 hours ago

      :( i think mandarin sounds nice

  12. Contagious Gaming

    Contagious Gaming

    3 hours ago

    Yeah Grades are useless! I cried when i got 28/30 in 5th grade!(Computers) lowest i got was 41/100 (pe cause it sucks)

  13. Miss Duck

    Miss Duck

    3 hours ago

    The thing is I am Asian (Laos) But the most thing that I have been asked is (are you from CHINA) Or if I know how to speak Thai I don’t but I want to learn to speak to my sister well half

  14. 12 CHLOE LIM J1B

    12 CHLOE LIM J1B

    3 hours ago

    I just found out I'm not fully chinese Instead I'm *sino kadazan*

    • 12 CHLOE LIM J1B

      12 CHLOE LIM J1B

      3 hours ago

      Oh btw, ur good toh, imagine u need to master 3 languages in a time. But that dosent means I don't like my culture uwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwu, I've adapted

  15. That1lonelywhale 13

    That1lonelywhale 13

    3 hours ago

    As a 2nd generation half Mexican I grew up with my mom never really wanting to teach me Spanish because she thought it would make it harder for me to learn English like it was for her. I take after my dad appearance wise so I felt really uncomfortable trying to speak Spanish and making mistakes because I looked different from my family. If I tried to speak it around my tias they’d judge me harsher for mistakes and tell me I should stick to English where as my sister who looks very Hispanic gets told she should work harder on representing “her” culture. I grew up jealous of my sister because she never had to try and prove she was Hispanic everyone just accepted it meanwhile I worked to try and learn the language by watching novelas or listening to music but it seemed like no matter how hard I tried I never fit in with that side of my family. It’s that classic situation of you’re too white to me Hispanic but too Hispanic to be white. I could try and end this saying I proved my family wrong and I can speak Spanish and impress people with my culture. But in reality I haven’t. I know enough Spanish to understand what people are talking about but I can’t respond to them, I still feel like I don’t fit anywhere and I still hate having to explain myself and what I am to people. But it is what it is I guess. Maybe it will get better for me in the future but right now I just feel lost in my identity. :/

    • That1lonelywhale 13

      That1lonelywhale 13

      3 hours ago

      I’m sorry I write a LOT and this video really spoke to me

  16. Meggie Huang

    Meggie Huang

    3 hours ago

    I relate to this too much, i can’t speak mandarin at all .-. edit: and i wish i was Korean instead of Chinese honestly ...

  17. Peachy_b0i


    3 hours ago

    I don’t know if this counts but I am American and I don’t rly like America and am more interested in Japan and most times wish I was Japanese instead of American

  18. real__jmt


    3 hours ago

    This hit a nerve with me being Hispanic. Can’t speak Spanish at all, and I’m the youngest. Legit get the exact same. Cried a little with this vid. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Maida Sketches

    Maida Sketches

    3 hours ago


  20. lost soul

    lost soul

    3 hours ago

    Since I grew up with only hearing English (apart from my family) I learned to speak English, and then for whatever reason, I stopped speaking Korean. Now I’m stuck with the grand ability to only speak short phrases and to not be able to talk to any of my family that can’t speak English. Also, my grandparents do the exact same thing. I get that they’re trying to make me feel better about my lack of Korean-ness but it just feels like pity my goddd. I don’t really like or listen to kpop, but I like some songs. I’ve also been surrounded by people my age that can actually speak Korean which makes me feel so much better about myself- Also the thing you’re meant to do at the start of each year for your grandparents. NO. I hate it and I get worse at it every year lmao - I have no motivation to try and improve in my Korean, despite the nagging of my parents, but I hope I’ll be able to at least try when I’m less sensitive and more ready. And I know my parents are trying their hardest, and I really love them for that. Thanks for coming to my TED talk k bye

  21. Inok Byon

    Inok Byon

    3 hours ago

    Korean people-(says something in Korean ). Me-I DONT UNDERSTAND!!!

  22. Museful Bunny

    Museful Bunny

    3 hours ago

    A lot of people have assumed that I'm white just because of my skin color (I'm hispanic) this always frustrates me because I already feel distant from my own race since I never was around my own family growing up. Also for some reason these people wanted to argue with me about my own race. When I said that I was Hispanic they would retort and say "no, you're white". It just confuses me why someone wants to argue with someone else about that person's race like you would know😒

  23. Priz The Wizard

    Priz The Wizard

    3 hours ago

    I have the same problem sort of, I was born in South Korea have a Korean passport but my Father is a US citizen so I got to have an American nationality. Making me an American citizen with a American Passport with an korean background. So... that's great. I don't even know Korean and litterally only know three korean words. Sigh... Also I found this great website called it has a US-state channel of the same name and has a workbook bundle from workbook 1-8 on sale. If you actually find and respond to this comment that would mean a lot to me.

  24. Aubree Anez

    Aubree Anez

    3 hours ago

    When I was in 3rd grade in my after school program, a few people were talking about the Chinese middle finger. I ,for some reason, jumped into the conversation and then I stuck out my pinky finger. Then, a boy said,”Hey! You’re Chinese and you’re sticking out the Chinese middle finger!” Then I responded,”Uh, I’m not Chinese.” And then someone else said,”She’s Filipino not Chinese.” I was going to say that, but I’m glad someone had an open mind.

  25. Fernand0Oo


    3 hours ago

    Why was this recommend ta me im not half-asian im half-mexican

  26. yes


    3 hours ago

    im indonesian and fluent at it but i like english more but people at my school says that i didnt love my country

  27. Lost On The Moon

    Lost On The Moon

    3 hours ago

    both of my parents and all of their relatives are russian but I've always just been better at english. since I speak English at school and only speak russian at home. there have been a lot of times where I've felt like a failure because my cousins (who are all 5 or more years younger than me) speak fluent russian and Its hard for me to understand it sometimes. my 5 year old cousin reads russian at a higher level than I do, and it just makes me insecure sometimes. I also tend to worry about whether or not I'll remember the language when I move out and wont be talking russian at home anymore. sometimes I wish my parents were american. then I wouldnt get weird stares when I talked russian in front of my friends. but then again, being bilingual is cool and useful, right? sorry for kind of just rambling, it's just nice to know I'm not alone with this

  28. Fraidely


    4 hours ago

    holy shit dude...............same

  29. Hadesshadow gaming

    Hadesshadow gaming

    4 hours ago

    Maybe it sounds like I'm being ridiculous but I really enjoy ethnically diverse things and love ezploein other countries way of thing but because I'm white with no other ethnicity I always feel like I can't connect with other people or I can't seem to like things like people of other races can

  30. NightBl4ck


    4 hours ago

    Trust me i relate to this so hard, im originally from Nairobi (Kenya) and i dont understand nor do i speak it and its hard for me to speak with my cousins in it and etc and i live in Sweden and i only speak swedish and it has separated me alot from my native country

  31. Skyblue Thunder

    Skyblue Thunder

    4 hours ago

    Emily its fine I had to go through the same thing with being Irish

  32. Saul Lopez

    Saul Lopez

    4 hours ago

    I relate on the two languages conversations, my mom and I do the same thing. She speaks Spanish while I speak English and yet we still understand each other. I also struggle with the language barrier, especially when my family speaks in a dialect that I never learned.

  33. RelzShui OwO

    RelzShui OwO

    4 hours ago

    3:44 lol that what my parents did it never work and now they are regretting it

  34. Saggy Nips

    Saggy Nips

    4 hours ago

    Out of ALL the things, you CHOSE to like K-POP. * sigh *

  35. Guste Rutkauskas

    Guste Rutkauskas

    4 hours ago

    I’m so glad I have someone to relate to. My parents moved to America from Lithuania and as I got older I couldn’t speak Lithuanian as much but if my parents talked to me in Lithuanian I could understand and speak English back. I was also scared to speak to my grandparents and they knew I couldn’t speak as much.

  36. Jordan Nono

    Jordan Nono

    4 hours ago


  37. Jeane Shiwah

    Jeane Shiwah

    4 hours ago

    I live in an asian country my whole life and yet im also way too used to speaking english,, and i can barely talk to other students because,, i guess most of the time,, im just not used to speaking in my native language-

  38. inudigifan201


    4 hours ago

    Those Korean dresses are so cute! I have a cousin who’s half Korean (my uncle was white and his wife is Korean), idk if she can speak the language because her English is so good. My aunt and uncle lived with me and my parents for a bit and I wanted to learn Korean, but my aunt was very private and didn’t really come out of the guest room unless to yell at us for something. One time she got ahold of my report card and screamed at me in Korean, but I didn’t understand a word she was saying. I just knew she shouldn’t be yelling at me about my grades. My parents got super mad at her for that. To this day I still don’t know any Korean and after my uncle died my aunt went back to her homeland. My mom recently passed and I video chatted with my cousin and we talked about how her mom was doing. My aunt is out there in Korea somewhere, we just don’t know where.

  39. Johnny Nguyen

    Johnny Nguyen

    4 hours ago

    Daidus: How unoriginal

  40. Watermelon Draws

    Watermelon Draws

    4 hours ago

    When she said the lowest grade she ever got was a 88 I........................... My lowest grade was a...0 yay..

  41. Aiden Hudspeth

    Aiden Hudspeth

    4 hours ago

    Arirang hill at the end

  42. Yoyo 971 Bilba

    Yoyo 971 Bilba

    4 hours ago

    I'm actually experiencing the same with my Caribbean culture (I'm frensh in the west indies) and I'm still struggling with it

  43. DragonFire13


    5 hours ago

    I feel like a black sheep on my fathers side cause their all well- white and I’m mixed, everything is so different and I feel uncomfortable around them.



    5 hours ago

    I am expressing the same thing but with Hindi since almost my whole family specks it but not me and I feel left out and yeah.,.

  45. hobakman


    5 hours ago

    im korean and my childhood mostly took place in singapore and i went to a english school. but when i moved to korea, i didnt know how to speak korean & couldn't understand the culture. now im in middle school and my korean side had improved, but still comfortable in using english. i think its just the habits we catch in our childhood. idk

  46. ᅲᅳᅲ만두


    5 hours ago

    im a filipino korean and people think iogot eye surgery when its just my eyes are too big to be asian dzuh:^

  47. - unknown-

    - unknown-

    5 hours ago

    I am a Malaysian Chinese who like English and Japanese but is forced to study Chinese and Malay. Kinda pisses me off that I am forced to study something that I don't like just for my "future".

  48. 붉은꽃


    5 hours ago


  49. Yisha Tan

    Yisha Tan

    5 hours ago

    My both parents are Chinese, and I am constantly compared to my sister who was born in China

  50. Red Line

    Red Line

    5 hours ago

    Most of my life I looked more Hispanic , somehow now that I'm 24 I look more Asian (I'm Mongolian)

  51. Derpy Efalant

    Derpy Efalant

    5 hours ago

    I really like this. Hate to say it, but it was pretty relatable. :P I moved to America when I was 7, but I didn't have too much of a trouble with identifying with either Filipino or American nationality. As I was growing up, I would go through/be a part of some sort of Filipino event, whether it would be simply at a party, or as major as Sinulog. Over time, I've thought of myself as American (did help that there were people from the younger generation who were obsessed with acculturating Filipino in America. imo, I wasn't too fond of it), and it did happen that other older Filipinos suggest that I should learn VIsaya, etc. I still get these comments from my friends around my age, but we just get fun with this (wouldn't matter how old tbh). :) Anyways, the story was great! Thank You.

  52. Manax G

    Manax G

    5 hours ago

    I do the "parent speaks not English while I reply in English" thing sometimes too. Like as a kid I knew a lot more Maori (I'm from New Zealand btw) because that's what my mum would use to describe things, or use short phrases like greetings or simple instructions. But as I got older there were just more English language influences around me so I just didn't really hold so tightly to my ancestral language as much. I still know basics and can sometimes reply in Maori. But I also get my wires crossed and flip into another language learned in high school (Japanese) because they have very similar pronunciations and are both phonetic languages.

  53. Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns

    Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns

    5 hours ago

    Thank you so much for making this video! While I am not korean, I am Nigerian. I don't know that much yoruba but i'm trying to learn. I've grown up mostly in America so i've been sort of "white-washed" and my mom is just now teaching me our language. Hopefully i'll be fluent in a few years.

  54. Timelord 271

    Timelord 271

    6 hours ago

    This is me but instead of korean it is mexican

  55. Eunice


    6 hours ago

    When people ask you “CaN yOu SaY sOmEtHiNg In KoReAn?!” I honestly didn’t like that it’s not that I didn’t like talking in korean it’s just I didn’t really see the point of asking another person to say something in another language if you can’t even understand it-

  56. Bilen Binyam

    Bilen Binyam

    6 hours ago

    I might not be the only one but have u tried Duolingo

    • Bilen Binyam

      Bilen Binyam

      6 hours ago

      Just a thought 🤷🏽‍♀️

  57. ø_Øhht


    6 hours ago


  58. Emmy_ Trash Can

    Emmy_ Trash Can

    6 hours ago

    Emily:"But I don't have the balls to do that" Me:"GIRL you got no balls at all"

  59. S T

    S T

    6 hours ago


  60. Emmy_ Trash Can

    Emmy_ Trash Can

    6 hours ago

    Does Filipino count as Asian? 'Cause if it does than I'm half Asian and American. But it probably doesn't count because it's not in Asia ;-;". I told my Thai friend I was half Filipino and half White and he asked me where White people came from. I said England and America. (Btw I don't know if I'm right or wrong on this ;-;)

  61. Aster Cailey

    Aster Cailey

    6 hours ago

    Oh girl I can relate…………

  62. Hannah P

    Hannah P

    6 hours ago

    This has sparked something inside of me to try and do better at learning Vietnamese. thank you



    6 hours ago

    Also do video with Domics

  64. Bahaar sh lvr

    Bahaar sh lvr

    6 hours ago

    When your brother is Saitama...

  65. Superdawg -_-

    Superdawg -_-

    6 hours ago

    I wish i had annual trips to korea ive only gone twice in the last 5 years and havent been able to see my family much

  66. Azurea


    6 hours ago

    I feel really relatable on this XD, I live on indonesia which has many MANY cultures and their own language. my parents are Javanese that have their own language and i live on non-Javanesse city (that has their own language too). Similar to you, i can understand my parents talking Javanesse but i always responded with Indonesian national language (Bahasa) same thing with the locals which speaking a different language too (in my case Sundanesse, i born and grew up there) XD. I do feel the same insecurities like you that i can't speak with their language while my parents can speak their language just fine. So just so you know you're not alone 😂 For the people reading this far, thank you for reading and i'm sorry if i had any gramatical errors 😂

  67. UnZero


    6 hours ago

    i actually think asian girls are cute especially you and im not hitting up on u i just think you're cute

  68. Mike G.

    Mike G.

    6 hours ago

    Your video helped me a lot. My essay assignment in my college English class is talking about a similar topic, and ur video inspired me a lot and helped me overcome my writer's block. Thank you for indirectly helping me with my essay :D

  69. 41. Isaac

    41. Isaac

    6 hours ago

    First time?

  70. Obsessed little b Lol

    Obsessed little b Lol

    6 hours ago

    Bruh meee

  71. Soloman Grundy

    Soloman Grundy

    7 hours ago

    Sh#t man, i wish i at least knew my familial roots.

  72. BuccaneerKytt


    7 hours ago

    I have the exact same identity crisis, I'm a full blooded Mexican however I was born here in the US. My parents tried their best to keep me in touch with my roots, however when it came to verbal usage of our native language, I wasn't able to catch on to it so much. Hispanic's here in the US are extremely judgemental, they are extremely prideful of our heritage. Rightfully so, although that doesnt mean they should put down others for not having the same connection. Don't get me wrong, I am proud to be a Mexican/American. I am proud of the accomplishments of my parents and grandparents who immigrated here from Mexico. However, both my parents and I have experienced so much hatred because me and my siblings aren't fluent in Spanish. I remember we went into an authentic Mexican restaurant on Redondo Beach, once the waitress found out we didn't speak Spanish. She instantly changed her attitude towards us. She kept giving my parents a hard time, she tossed our plates on our table, she did everything in her power to avoid contact with us. I could HEAR her talking shit to her coworkers about us. Apparently she believed that just because we don't speak Spanish, we don't have the ability to understand the language. My other relatives are understanding though, although that doesn't stop them from teasing us about it.

  73. EeveeKat


    7 hours ago

    I- I'm scared of kpop.... ;~;

  74. Bárbara Sánchez Resa

    Bárbara Sánchez Resa

    7 hours ago

    6:17 I've been learning korean for awhile and could read that, I'm so Excited >///

  75. Lizardo


    7 hours ago

    Your like me I want to be normal since I'm half Mexican half American but it's so hard to y'know be normal so yeah I very much agree on how it feels wrong to try to be part of something that you don't feel like a part of it but it's....sad for me since I keep trying to be normal in front of others that are Mexican but I fail and get made fun of since I can't speak correctly and it hurts so much! Sorry if I rambled for a long time so yeah sorry for my little breakdown I got while typing this

  76. シャーリン


    7 hours ago

    im sorta going through the same thing but with my Hispanic family. It sucks.

  77. British Rick

    British Rick

    7 hours ago

    I'm not really anything. My mother's side of the family are a mixture of Saphardic and Ashkenazi Jews by way of Spain, Poland, Russia, Germany and some other places. All of it lost to the generations of course, the continent was not kind to their parentage. No languages have survived, no traditions, my grandmother would not even let us learn hebrew. My father was of Scottish descent but I never knew him. Overall I have tried to embrace just being British. It is the one culture I know and I generally fit in to what parts I can engage with. Racially it's a bit weirder; my mother as olive skinned as you can get with our heritage and that has pretty much defined her life. Both because of others and because of how she sees herself. On the other hand I am as pale as the day is long. I am generally considered just white and that's the lable I use even if I've been mistaken for everything from turkish to (and I'm not joking) an inuit. I look nothing like these people groups (in my eyes and in those of anyone with a lick of sense) the point I'm making is that I just don't look like other people. I don't have a place I can go where I can "fit in". Maybe some weird corner of Siberia where the admixture is just right for people not to do a double take at me, I don't know. When it come's identity I have had to come to terms with just being me.

  78. Miroslav Vujnovic

    Miroslav Vujnovic

    7 hours ago

    i remember once the same thing happened with my class when the TEACHER for some reason played japanese music. Also, even more inexplicably she got mad, and i mean MAD, that some kids were laughing (the teacher was 100% white.)

  79. Ayisha Ansar

    Ayisha Ansar

    7 hours ago

    Where I am from : south indian What my parents want me to learn : Kanada Witch language I use the most : English What language I am trying to learn : Korean Me : you know what I am done

  80. Kyokomia


    7 hours ago

    I'm Asian and all i do is play video games :/