Ferris Bueller's Day Off | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

Bueller? Bueller? Josh gathers the cast of Ferris Bueller--as well as some VERY special surprise guests--to pay tribute to one of the most iconic films of the 80's and the man who created it. Be here at 9am PT/12pm ET on June 28th, because you know, life moves pretty fast.... and you are not going to want to miss this!
Directed by James Merryman
Produced by Meghan Monaco
Executive Produced by Taylor Stuewe
Edited by Will Newell & Alex Stuewe
Matthew Broderick
Alan Ruck
Mia Sara
Jennifer Grey
....and many more!

Thank you to our episode partner Barefoot Wine. Barefoot believes in bringing communities together, so they are sponsoring this episode of Reunited Apart and will be kicking off our fundraising efforts this week with a $25,000 donation. And thank you to all of you who are able to add on to this donation this week as well. For this episode, we’re fundraising for CORE. CORE provides financial relief when a food and beverage employee with children faces a health crisis, death or natural disaster. As the world faces the biggest pandemic in our lifetime, they continue to honor their mission by providing support to families affected by COVID-19.


  1. NorthernChev


    8 hours ago

    I did NOT expect THIS... Wow!

  2. Dan Fitzgerald

    Dan Fitzgerald

    8 hours ago


  3. Nicholas S.

    Nicholas S.

    8 hours ago

    Look at Mathews face at 9:56 when he sees Mia lol

  4. Daniel Bible

    Daniel Bible

    8 hours ago

    No Jeffrey Jones???

  5. Mike Naughton

    Mike Naughton

    8 hours ago

    How great to have this.

  6. Cherie Stelzer

    Cherie Stelzer

    8 hours ago

    This is still a movie that stands the test of time. Great movie. And yes Matthew is such a great guy. Still like a big kid.

  7. Zero x Zero

    Zero x Zero

    9 hours ago

    By far, one of the greatest movies of all time. I have to go and watch it again now. Right now... Oh yeah... that Emu Emulator II /II+ Sequencer Sampler that Ferris had in his room, the thing he used for the coughing, sneezing and puking sounds while he was on the phone... that scene alone drove me to buy one of those things. Never regretted it!

  8. YoliGZ


    9 hours ago

    LOL Classic LOL Loved it!! Thank you.

  9. Jeff


    9 hours ago

    This is my number one best favorite US-state Video EVER! I called in sick at work to see this movie and it will live in my memory forever.

  10. Pipsquacky


    9 hours ago

    I loved that entire thing!! I’ll be donating.

  11. pr1mus


    10 hours ago

    Thank you Josh for this gem.

    • pr1mus


      10 hours ago

      Also, donated!

  12. Jason Cohen

    Jason Cohen

    10 hours ago

    Possibility the best ending of any video on US-state

  13. Gallactus77


    10 hours ago

    Nice New Brunswick Flag in the back there Lyman.

  14. Space Catboy

    Space Catboy

    10 hours ago

    i love in the movie when ben stein says...mcfly, is anybody home mcfly

  15. One million nerds.

    One million nerds.

    10 hours ago

    uMMM The Breakfast Club called, they want their Gen-X title back.

  16. D-Nugget


    11 hours ago

    so nice all these people got together

  17. TheDrexxus


    11 hours ago

    Why do folks who do "The US-states" always have this dramatic lead-in for whatever their video is about within the video, as if it is building suspense with a surprising payoff, when the video title already informs exactly what it is about? I see this constantly and i've never understood it.

  18. mournblade1066


    11 hours ago

    What? No Jeffrey Jones?

  19. E.K.


    11 hours ago

    That was a FANTASTIC VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. MRjj27


    11 hours ago

    “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once and awhile, you could miss it” - Ferris Buller

  21. Mom21gr8gal


    11 hours ago

    Jeez jennifer chill out. U seem a bit harsh.

  22. Matt Navarre

    Matt Navarre

    12 hours ago

    So perfect. Make sure to watch to the VERY END

  23. Bengerman Browne

    Bengerman Browne

    12 hours ago

    big city down town..BEEP BEEP

  24. penoyer79


    12 hours ago

    would have loved one of these for the Breakfast Club, but they have reunions for that movie so much and i;m sure all the actors are sick to death of talking about it.

  25. Matthew WIlson

    Matthew WIlson

    12 hours ago

    Fantastic! Thank you! All of you are wonderful! That you for your time.

  26. Alexander Leon

    Alexander Leon

    12 hours ago

    AND now it's my kids fave movie! Where are the lost minutes? ...we want more!

  27. Pure Love Paintings

    Pure Love Paintings

    12 hours ago

    that was awesome

  28. Tim Freeman

    Tim Freeman

    12 hours ago

    Good seeing the cast of one of the best movies of all time!!!

  29. Hilary Parrish

    Hilary Parrish

    12 hours ago

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  30. xevious2501


    12 hours ago

    There is clearly a way to take these characters and bring them back as Parents with their own crazy kids. Their must be a Ferris Bueller 2

  31. James Scully

    James Scully

    12 hours ago

    I guess Broderick and Grey asked Gad not to bring up the fact they started dating when they were making this movie. They were together for a few years.

  32. foxbasealpha


    12 hours ago

    Fun/Odd piece of trivia about the movie: When released in Germany, it was called “Ferris Macht Blau”, which means “Ferris Makes Blue”. That’s the German equivalent phrase of “playing hooky”. The McDonald’s in Germany had a special tie-in with the movie selling blueberry shakes.

  33. Scott x

    Scott x

    12 hours ago

    This was a great blast from the past, it was like seeing old friends! Well done.

  34. Richard Spruill

    Richard Spruill

    13 hours ago

    Thanks for this....

  35. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    13 hours ago

    I'm not crying you're crying, what I would give for a giant reunited apart reunion of every John Hughes movie ever made, he was simply magic

  36. Antonio Carlos

    Antonio Carlos

    13 hours ago

    GREAT MOVIE, GREAT CAST! Love you guys! :)

  37. tryithere


    13 hours ago

    I met Alan Ruck once back in the early 90's. He is a very nice guy.

    • bofooit gojo

      bofooit gojo

      13 hours ago


  38. John Enright

    John Enright

    14 hours ago

    Missed on edie McClure, she was hysterical as well

  39. Seymour Skinner

    Seymour Skinner

    14 hours ago

    Damn, Mia Sara still looks beautiful

  40. Larry W

    Larry W

    14 hours ago

    What was up with Chevy's teeth/mouth at the end?

  41. Richard Gailey

    Richard Gailey

    14 hours ago

    Wow, that brought back some amazing memories from some incredible films from when I was a kid. John Hughes films really were on another level.

  42. modtomodern


    14 hours ago

    Hey this was onTV just now, like it finished only 20 minutes ago.

  43. Funk O'Matic

    Funk O'Matic

    14 hours ago

    man...too bad Alan didn't get to join Matt in the Biloxi Blues movie.... both movies have been my 80's faves....

  44. pault1964


    14 hours ago

    Ferris mother looks the best

  45. Mark Healey

    Mark Healey

    15 hours ago

    I laughed almost as hard in this as I did the movie. I still laughed so hard I cried.

  46. 123delorean123


    15 hours ago

    omg mia sara looks 30..

  47. Barry Monroy

    Barry Monroy

    15 hours ago


  48. Barry Monroy

    Barry Monroy

    15 hours ago

    R.I.P. John Hughes..

  49. The_ ASH

    The_ ASH

    15 hours ago

    This vid, so good. Thank you.

  50. James Scott

    James Scott

    15 hours ago

    Best one so far, Josh! Any chance you can get the cast of Stand By Me reunited? Maybe even Stephen King can join?

  51. Barry Monroy

    Barry Monroy

    15 hours ago

    Everything sounds like it was all meant to be...

  52. Don Simms

    Don Simms

    15 hours ago

    So how long was Cameron in a coma after he told Morris about his prized Ferrari? 😂

  53. Barry Monroy

    Barry Monroy

    15 hours ago




    15 hours ago

    Wow! The sister ended up hotter than the sexy girlfriend. Who saw that coming?

  55. Grant Lindsay

    Grant Lindsay

    15 hours ago

    Josh, thanks for getting that together. And a huge "thank you" for everyone who so graciously participated. Ben Stein nailed it when he observed that you feel good after a John Hughes movie. And this is a classic.

  56. Elysiumfields


    15 hours ago

    I see Thomas Haden Church looking a bit bored in the class scene.

  57. Wildforthecats


    16 hours ago

    Fun movie. This is priceless.

  58. Daniel Tolley

    Daniel Tolley

    16 hours ago

    The John Hughes movies footage at the end was absolutely amazing! It would be awesome if you had a John Hughes movies Reunited apart with all the actresses and actors. That would be amazing!

  59. actwealthy


    16 hours ago

    My uncle took me on a tour of Chicago about a week before this movie came out, so when they go to Sears Tower, and the Art Museum, I was very much identifying with it.

  60. Acidmonk


    16 hours ago

    Best one yet, Josh. Love seeing these guys that were such a huge part of my childhood.

  61. Paul Mifsud

    Paul Mifsud

    16 hours ago

    Oh man, that was sensational! I need a John Hughes marathon weekend now!

  62. Jared Rau

    Jared Rau

    16 hours ago

    This was amazing!!! Thank you!!!!

  63. Papi Chuli

    Papi Chuli

    16 hours ago

    I would love too see the outsiders cast reunited 🗿🤚🏾

  64. Thomas Tevis

    Thomas Tevis

    16 hours ago

    Can you do the breakfast club

  65. Michael C

    Michael C

    16 hours ago


  66. Spirit Comics

    Spirit Comics

    16 hours ago

    It's a shame Jeffery Jones (Ed Rooney) wasn't part of this. He was a great antagonist.

  67. Bex is the word

    Bex is the word

    16 hours ago

    Thank you Simone 🤣🤣

  68. Delta Bravo Tech

    Delta Bravo Tech

    16 hours ago

    Outstanding! I feel like I just attended my High School reunion. Thank you!

  69. Anthony Durao sr.

    Anthony Durao sr.

    17 hours ago

    Who all remembers Mathew Brodericks dad James Broderick and the 70's tv show he did called Family, I watched that show every week as a kid. RIP in James Droderick.

  70. JuggaloSupreme


    17 hours ago

    Of COURSE I have the "Bueller...Bueller...Edition" on DVD! Plus I've been a Chicago kid since age 2!!! CLASSIC MOVIE!!!!!

  71. Tim


    17 hours ago

    Need some warnings there...Chevy Chase and all his fouled mouth expletives beginning at 40:55 mark. Really BAD! Shame on you Chevy!

  72. dothebartman91


    17 hours ago

    Damn Mia's still gorgeous

  73. Freya Kennafr

    Freya Kennafr

    17 hours ago

    Dry Eyes.... Bueller, Bueller, Bueller; Visine owes a lot to this film

  74. Gunnar Benjamin

    Gunnar Benjamin

    17 hours ago

    I would ask to reunite Austin Powers, but you would pretty much just need Mike Myers

  75. Chris Boswall

    Chris Boswall

    17 hours ago

    Nice to see the flag of New Brunswick in Lyman's room. Shout out to my home province.

  76. Dennis Reber

    Dennis Reber

    17 hours ago

    We need a bluray release!!!

  77. anthony mitchell

    anthony mitchell

    17 hours ago

    Now I got to go watch Ferris Bueller's day off again for about the 6th time.

  78. Eddie Cancel Music

    Eddie Cancel Music

    17 hours ago

    That was sooooo awesome! Thank you!

  79. Jonathan Osborn

    Jonathan Osborn

    18 hours ago

    The movie came out when I was teaching. I hated Ferris Bueller with a passion.

  80. Gino Tarabotto

    Gino Tarabotto

    18 hours ago

    Does Mia react a scene?