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My Wife’s Reaction To Buying Her A Structurally Damaged Escalade & How I Fixed EVERYTHING For Cheap!

I bought my wife a “structurally damaged” Cadillac Escalade and caught her reaction on a hidden camera! We also fix everything on this truck on a budget and I break down all the costs. You will see a start to finish product in this video, learn how it’s all done, and for how much. I hope you enjoy it!
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Here's the first video of the Escalade.
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  1. LegitStreetCars


    6 days ago

    What was your parent's daily driver that you remember the most as a child? Maybe the one you took on family road trips. Mine was our 1990 Chevy Suburban that finally replaced the 72 SkyLark.

    • Bailey Savage

      Bailey Savage

      10 hours ago

      2003 Ford Explorer

    • Brian Smart

      Brian Smart

      23 hours ago

      1969 Pontiac Catalina station wagon. I always rode in the back.

    • Farhan Ali

      Farhan Ali

      Day ago

      Mitsubishi galant glx, such a nice sedan overall

    • TheCobruhAlienat0r


      Day ago

      My grandmother lives with my mom and I and my mom never drove so my grandmother was the one with the car. The one car I remember us having as a kid was like a late 80's or early 90's Toyota sedan and I only remember it because the exhaust had fallen down and was being held up with a coat hanger and I guess something was wrong with the engine towards the end of it's life cause it smoked like crazy. I remember it because all 3 of us went shopping close to Christmas and was in this large shopping complex and we were stuck in stop and go traffic in the parking lot trying to find a spot to park and it was smoking so bad that it was choking people out that were walking by and everyone was staring at us. lol

    • quevin lovos

      quevin lovos

      Day ago

      Carburantes 1988 Toyota Corolla that some bad dealer over charged my single mom for !

  2. Anthony E. Idealistic Woodworks

    Anthony E. Idealistic Woodworks

    11 hours ago

    You're only over in Illinois? Hell I'm only 45 minutes from Chicago in Indiana where I live, I may have to talk to you about an estimate on my wife's 07 Expedition no damage just old paint that needs repaired.

  3. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou

    13 hours ago

    Just chopping onions here, I wasn’t tearing up during your wife’s reaction...

    • mikin lirou

      mikin lirou

      13 hours ago

      Cheap promotion of car tuning service..Hahaha. Very impolite....and shows your weak side)). I give a good sex to my wife instead of buying expensive cars.

  4. Tyler Lucas

    Tyler Lucas

    17 hours ago

    How many more miles do you think you will get?

  5. Jimmy Mueller

    Jimmy Mueller

    17 hours ago

    i wish i could do the same thing!!, got mine a 2015 journey but it has a dinged passenger side fender, and lil bit by door, wish i could fix it easy for her, she does so much such an amazing woman man, and im shocked how close we are to each other, im in Indiana. if i ever get to a place where i can afford it. ill be bringing in my car an suv to you man

  6. nate hammar

    nate hammar

    19 hours ago

    My mom got a 2020 nissan rouge for 28 k should have got this Lol

  7. Tommy Flanagan

    Tommy Flanagan

    20 hours ago

    What auction did you buy the Escalade from?

  8. Sirmi98


    20 hours ago

    Nahh you didnt subscribe they send you for free

  9. banga8080


    22 hours ago

    Great vid bro I'm sure you got your favorite dinner that night 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  10. James Mancuso

    James Mancuso

    22 hours ago

    Nice work "Mancuso's" did on the truck!

  11. Cory McDonald

    Cory McDonald

    Day ago

    Love the video! Very informative!

  12. phenom 1185

    phenom 1185

    Day ago

    Awesome man. Really happy for u guys. Such a great looking vechile. I too have a 16' esv. And its a love/hate relationship. Love because its super comfy and sizable for larger families. Many, many fun and cool features. The dual screens is a huge plus for the kiddos. But the hate is that it rides really rough. I thought being a caddy it would float but my 15' burban actually drove much nicer. It also vibrates really really bad 75+ mph. I'm done with it. I'm really excited for the 21' escalde with the air bags. I hope it improves the overall comfort and ride. Let's see!

  13. rocknroller1999


    Day ago

    That thing is PIMP-tastic!

  14. Manasa Narube

    Manasa Narube

    Day ago

    where did you buy this car from?

  15. RickReviews


    Day ago

    obsessed with reaction and unboxing videos!!!

  16. elliotx


    Day ago

    she is going to file for divorce in the future....i hope you made her sign a prenup

  17. Redneck


    Day ago

    Glad you're wife is happy and glad for you she's not fat

  18. Luis Hernandez

    Luis Hernandez

    Day ago

    meanwhile on the streethood: "Nice Escalade!!!" ........... wife: "Nice Structurally Damaged Escalade please!"

  19. Stanley Elam

    Stanley Elam

    Day ago

    Help me get a Escalade ESV like you got your wife from the guy in Florida I would appreciate it.

  20. A Z

    A Z

    Day ago

    Cheap promotion of car tuning service..Hahaha. Very impolite....and shows your weak side)). I give a good sex to my wife instead of buying expensive cars.

  21. John Berry

    John Berry

    Day ago

    Very professional work!

  22. Zakaria Yasin

    Zakaria Yasin

    Day ago

    Need some advice on what I need to swap an m113k or m120 to a Mercedes 500 sec

  23. Da Champ

    Da Champ

    Day ago

    I wouldn't worry about the door panel unless it's gonna irk you. The way it came out, I wouldn't worry about it.

  24. bodoy euir

    bodoy euir

    Day ago

    Life is beautiful when you have a kind and appreciative partner.

    • bodoy euir

      bodoy euir

      Day ago

      Beautiful Escalade for a great price.

  25. katieducky23


    Day ago

    Someone is about to get slayed in pussy.🤣🤣🤣 Joke really tho good job. It looks brand new. The door panel I can't tell their was a repair.

  26. quevin lovos

    quevin lovos

    Day ago

    Wow amazing what these guys can do Real art in my eyes That door can be left alone le man Looks good to me Dent guy is good at his job Everyone is Too bad you guys are in Detroit and not in Texas otherwise I’d be going to you for my body shop needs

  27. computerjantje


    Day ago

    And unsubscribed again already after the second video for the blatent in-video advertisement. I think one must be American to not be totally irritated by forced advertisements

    • LegitStreetCars


      Day ago

      Um you know you can skip parts of the video right? And what does being American have to do with anything? Thanks for unsubscribing again. I guess you unsubscribed and then came back? Have fun watching other totally free videos

  28. pcfiii


    Day ago

    The video was great but the ad was the most incredible ad that actually signed up for

  29. mr zed

    mr zed

    Day ago

    True story. I brought my 2003 green civic in for a cheapy paint job and the owner refused to do the job. He told me leave it as is wear the car out and toss it.

  30. Donno


    Day ago

    Man I got stuck on KiwiCo for like 20 minutes lol. Great content man just subscribed! I produce music so if you need some free beats let me know!

  31. djwilliams123


    Day ago

    Why do all you tubers talk like this, it’s so annoying The annoying stupid US-state commentary way of talking, up down in voice tones.

  32. Tony montana

    Tony montana

    Day ago

    nice work on the Escalade and a happy family and wife tums up!!!

  33. Adam Y

    Adam Y

    Day ago

    The wheel gap is bunk...must've been set to a certain ride height

  34. ITestUBuy


    Day ago

    Happy wife happy life! I got my wife a GL 550 and her reaction was the same lol

  35. CH H

    CH H

    Day ago

    19:25 polishing guy sucks. theres still hazing in the area

  36. The steve standard anthing goes

    The steve standard anthing goes

    Day ago

    New subcriber and first vid ive seen .. i hardly sub even to channels i watch on a constant

  37. Brian B

    Brian B

    Day ago

    Looks good but at 23:42 the scratch on the hood is still visible. Looking forward to seeing the correction later.

  38. Zone B

    Zone B

    Day ago

    I would’ve used fiberglass on that hole without removing the plastic part... I don’t think of someone preferring to replace the complete bumper instead of fixing it... maybe it’s the culture? We won’t even replace a bumper even if it had 8 times more damage

  39. Nealinator


    Day ago

    Very surprised the wrinkly armrest cover was not fixed. Very quick and easy upholstery job. And it looked super dusty/dirty on the dash shot of the radio. A cleaned up reveal would have been nice. Overall...great deal and good work fixing it up. A solid family suv for sure.

  40. william larsson

    william larsson

    Day ago

    dude your wife seems to be an amazing woman, she really deserves that car!

  41. Frank Diebolt

    Frank Diebolt

    Day ago

    Beautiful Escalade for a great price.

  42. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    Day ago

    Every women's reaction when caught off-guard on camera is the same - the room is not organised/ m not even ready

    • dutoiu hour

      dutoiu hour

      Day ago

      description and did what the name implies.

  43. adam scott

    adam scott

    Day ago

    I literally bought one on line. 1 owner, 100,700 miles, 1 scratch in the rear bumper, otherwise it's mint. after you did and flew to Paramus NJ to buy it and drive it back to New Orleans. 29,500. I love your videos and am looking at PDR for my wifes 2008 Beetle. At the moment. Currently working on my Grandfather's 1929 Mercedes SSK replicar.

  44. Rich


    Day ago

    Considering my wife and I rode the bus for 2 years with a stroller, and 20 years later I was able to buy her a 2017 Explorer Sport, I'd say your wife doesn't mind the Escalade dents.

  45. The Schadenfreudist

    The Schadenfreudist

    Day ago

    The vehicle looks great but the "Value" still isn't really there because of the fact that it is a Caddy. The long term operating cost and gas mileage will be poorer than If you had bought a Toyota or Honda. I know I sound like Scotty Kilmer, but I know all too well the sunken costs of Cadillacs because they were a favorite of all the Guidos in Brooklyn. They are shit boxes.

  46. L O

    L O

    Day ago

    Loved the Bodyshop it looked very organized the job came out pretty well.the work done on the door panel is good although it wasn’t on a big surface.when working on interior trim repairs it doesn’t always come out a 100%

  47. Mark Farmer

    Mark Farmer

    2 days ago

    Good to see people like you treating your wife so well.

  48. Tarkan Kayli

    Tarkan Kayli

    2 days ago

    Thumbs up on minimal filler...

  49. Ahmad Faris

    Ahmad Faris

    2 days ago

    Endless money pits.. if you watched 'you know who' except for 98celica

  50. hydrus77


    2 days ago

    He bought her an escalade, oof, might as well have given her a bill instead

  51. Methmal dhananjaya

    Methmal dhananjaya

    2 days ago

    Its hard to find a gem like that. Im talking about his wife.

  52. Buckit


    2 days ago

    $100? I would have either skinned over it with a vinal wrap, or actually just ran a strip of matte vinal tape over the damaged part.

  53. zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsv

    2 days ago

    Life is beautiful when you have a kind and appreciative partner.

    • zuygj bnsv

      zuygj bnsv

      2 days ago

      They did a great job I'm going to check the body shop out i have a 01 solara needs some work and a paint job

  54. rossgarykelly84


    2 days ago

    Amazing how skilled experts make really difficult jobs look so easy. Ended up looking as good as new! Nothing left to do now apart from enjoy driving it

  55. Andy


    2 days ago

    great content!

  56. Anthony Dot

    Anthony Dot

    2 days ago

    Hopefully she knows how to drive it. I see a ton of soccer moms driving huge vehicles like this and they have no clue how to drive them. Good luck with it.

  57. Jerry Rhyan

    Jerry Rhyan

    2 days ago

    Can I have the white one

  58. Walker Games

    Walker Games

    2 days ago

    Warning unexploded pinto

  59. Tyler Gullickson

    Tyler Gullickson

    2 days ago

    I like how with new cars the "bumpers" are the least structural part of the front or back, they are just a big piece of plastic compared to when the name bumper actually fit the description and did what the name implies.

  60. John Soldevilla

    John Soldevilla

    2 days ago

    i hope my mom has a courage to drive a car that big she is even scared to hold the wheel 😂 she drive a mirage that was so small

  61. chief tp

    chief tp

    2 days ago

    am I the only one who was hoping she would go out there and drive it or rev it up in her cute footie socks?

  62. Andrew Lobban

    Andrew Lobban

    2 days ago

    Do you have an auction license? I wanted to buy a car via auction, but most sites like Copart required some sort of license

  63. ashley1969


    2 days ago

    Jump to 2:05 to skip the annoying ad, far too long, especially when I have US-state premium to get rid of ads.

  64. Luba Luba

    Luba Luba

    2 days ago

    Hey you guys mean car play and where are your mask?

  65. Rick P.

    Rick P.

    2 days ago

    I'd love a link to that "texture pad" and spray used on the door panel. That's so nice to see how genuine your wife is. Happy wife, happy life, and you seem to have both!

  66. BarnYard


    2 days ago


  67. Ray G

    Ray G

    2 days ago

    Struggling with the structurally damaged bit? Are plastic bumpers considered structural in the states? Legit question no offense meant.

  68. Steven H

    Steven H

    2 days ago

    You should had tried to find something just a touch bigger. Very nicely done.

  69. JD P

    JD P

    2 days ago

    U did really good at 28k with a clean title !!! Great job

  70. maurice walker

    maurice walker

    2 days ago

    They did a great job I'm going to check the body shop out i have a 01 solara needs some work and a paint job

  71. A Seregin

    A Seregin

    2 days ago

    Ngl all of this seems kind of an overkill to me. You didn’t need to do any of this, my parents’ car has so many little dents and scratches, but it’s not worth to do any of what you did...

  72. yogurt77


    2 days ago

    I wouldn't have even bothered with any of the body work. But then again I can't have nice things.

  73. Jarrett Beier

    Jarrett Beier

    2 days ago

    Love it! What a touching video!

  74. Ultra Boost

    Ultra Boost

    2 days ago

    would anyone happen to know what the black spread on material is that came out of the caulking gun?

  75. Dave Machoukas

    Dave Machoukas

    2 days ago

    Your wife cool lady appreciates you! Thats heartwarming!

  76. misolou fout

    misolou fout

    2 days ago

    oh god, i was drinking iced coffee when she roared and i spit it everywhere. she totally GOT me!

    • misolou fout

      misolou fout

      2 days ago

      With the body shop. 30k . I guess

  77. GnosisMan50


    2 days ago

    All the best to you and your family...your kids are adorable.

  78. GnosisMan50


    2 days ago

    I presently own a 2000 Mazda MPV and I've had it for 17 years (117 k miles on it). It's still running with no major problems but it's got a lot of rust. I wish I could restore it. Instead, I just bought a MPV 2003 last week on EBay with 65,000 original miles on it for $7,000. The price includes shipping from Florida to Pennsylvania. I bought it because while this car is a mini van, it's the only minivan in which its length is about a foot shorter than the minivans of today and I prefer this size. I also like the headroom. I can put my bike inside standing up between the seats with space to spare. Most men like trucks, I like minivans. I've done a lot repair myself so I know what to expect on these MPV's. My only concern is the condition of the engine and transmission. The seller swears all is good and from the photos, it does, but its not until I get it to a Mazda shop I'll know for sure. It may need a timing belt since I had to replace mine at around 60k miles. Even so, I'm still ahead provided everything else is good. I travel very little and live in a small town with my job a mile away so I put in about 4,500 miles every year. So my next MPV should last me at least 12 years. It may not have all the fancy electronics, but I prefer it that way because the more electronics they put in cars the more it cost to fix. Besides, as I got older, my love for cars is not what it use to be and I abhor being in debt. It's insane that 7 year car payments have become the norm. Hell no.

  79. Peter Piccolo

    Peter Piccolo

    2 days ago

    please help me fix or sell my 01 mustang cobra... its a gem just needs someone with mechanical knowledge to give her some tlc it has the 7000$ hellion turbocharger system borla attaks bassani longtubes, courbeau race seats a belt harness bar, 4 point seat belt harness, SS kit, upraded t56 tranny, i just dont kno how to fix the motor i think it was rigged so i would sell cheap the hood was upopened and not on watch for over 8 months.. please help me sell i would love to fix it and get it running so i can hear her spool up down the road please help me buddy i will make it worth your time of course!!

  80. Thomas Brasse

    Thomas Brasse

    2 days ago

    Leave that door alone, it is FINE. So happy for your wife. You appear to have a wonderful family. Now get back to work on the E320 ! ;-)