My Scary Older Brother

(and yes, I've recovered from my brief 2-day battle with food poisoning...god I never want to experience that ever again.)
Sorry this video took so long!! Now that the holidays are past us, I have way more time and energy to spend on drawing!!
I love both of my brothers but I thought this story was too funny NOT to illustrate. Hopefully you found it entertaining too!
Thank you to CDawgVA for voicing the drunk old man haha!
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  1. Robert Hampton

    Robert Hampton

    3 hours ago

    I have the b face so people would ask if i'm ok or tell me that I looked depressed or wanted to kill someone but I would really just think about what I was going to do today.

  2. Claudix Claire

    Claudix Claire

    3 hours ago

    John looks like one punch man

  3. TheExtremeGamer


    4 hours ago


  4. Nathalie Pimentel

    Nathalie Pimentel

    9 hours ago

    5:10 Beautiful.

  5. The Ecuadorables

    The Ecuadorables

    11 hours ago

    One Punch Man irl lol

  6. ShaDeFREE!!!


    16 hours ago

    Is your brother saitama😅😅

  7. Tyler Nelson 310

    Tyler Nelson 310

    17 hours ago

    Bald, strong, angry looking, hmm... saitama?

  8. FlowerBunny


    19 hours ago


  9. Hannah Ismail

    Hannah Ismail

    20 hours ago

    When I thought about John Sims from the Magnus Archives 😂

  10. anindya syah offical

    anindya syah offical

    21 hour ago


  11. shadowcat frozen

    shadowcat frozen

    Day ago

    My brothers 1 year ago* Have the same clothing and not grow out of it Me:After 7 days grows out of shoes

  12. John Kennedy

    John Kennedy

    Day ago

    It’s whatever

  13. Ukesao_ channel :D

    Ukesao_ channel :D

    2 days ago

    The end is near snap* dispear :)

  14. Nyxicle The Popsicle

    Nyxicle The Popsicle

    2 days ago

    I laughed so hard at your brother saying "Should I erase him?" XD (I can understand Korean, but not a lot)

  15. imagine being a mouse

    imagine being a mouse

    2 days ago

    I was born 2012

    • •Official Chan•

      •Official Chan•

      Day ago

      Ur 8 -_-

  16. Tåmäkîš_wífū


    2 days ago

    I love how you keep on making your brother look like one punch man 😂😂

  17. Hilda Perez

    Hilda Perez

    3 days ago

    Oh come on your dad doesn't want you taekwando don't know if i spelled it right but in the other video he said don't cry make sense dude!!!!!!!!😡😠😡😠😠😠😠😡

  18. violet blue

    violet blue

    3 days ago

    You know that oppa means daddy in Korean? *oh no*

  19. moniimilkモニ


    3 days ago

    Emily: *confronts con artists in magical girl cospay* Sim: *confronts drunk geezer in leather jacket* Like brother, like sister

  20. Fatima Julasri

    Fatima Julasri

    4 days ago

    when emirichus brother is saitama 👁👄👁

  21. Lynette & Ashley 大千與小仟 Chu

    Lynette & Ashley 大千與小仟 Chu

    4 days ago

    1 year later

    • Lynette & Ashley 大千與小仟 Chu

      Lynette & Ashley 大千與小仟 Chu

      4 days ago

      COVID 19

  22. AlittlePixie


    4 days ago

    Your nephew's are literally beautiful

  23. Michelle Zhou

    Michelle Zhou

    4 days ago

    why does josh look like shorter from bananafish?

  24. ChicaPizza29 Foxyburito15

    ChicaPizza29 Foxyburito15

    4 days ago

    sim looks like edgy one-punch man

  25. Natalie Rehn

    Natalie Rehn

    4 days ago

    Emily: "He goes by Sim." However, my 'educated' brain heard: "He goes by Simp." Me: ;-;

  26. Marvin Jimon-Gonzalez

    Marvin Jimon-Gonzalez

    4 days ago

    imagine your brother is vigal from rainbow 6

  27. Majestic Marie

    Majestic Marie

    5 days ago

    The bald one looks like one punch man!!🤣 (no offence)

  28. Carson Valentine

    Carson Valentine

    5 days ago

    Who needs martial arts if you usually have 2 knives with you

  29. S6tan. Kim

    S6tan. Kim

    5 days ago

    Emi : he likes to be called “sim” Me: sim? Ok nice Also me : add a “p” and he is called simp WOW 😂

  30. superpanda5721


    5 days ago

    ok one punch man

  31. RiflE


    5 days ago

    4:30 Big brother uses 50% of his p o w e r

  32. Openraindrop and Bucher

    Openraindrop and Bucher

    6 days ago

    Me being a John be like : she hates me ;^;

  33. Diamond Mudkip

    Diamond Mudkip

    6 days ago

    My mom has a mom has that face

  34. galaxy ninja gamer

    galaxy ninja gamer

    6 days ago

    He look like one punch man

  35. ramen_girl1331 :3

    ramen_girl1331 :3

    6 days ago

    why does her brother kinda look like saitama from one punch man 🤔

  36. Queen and Good omens fan

    Queen and Good omens fan

    6 days ago

    0:16 John deacon : *sad deaky dance*😔

  37. DuckyTube


    6 days ago

    You should’ve called sim one punch man😀🙌

  38. Carter McGrath

    Carter McGrath

    6 days ago

    So your brother is one punch man... dope

  39. Soh


    6 days ago


  40. Lol Haha

    Lol Haha

    6 days ago


  41. Gyu Cho

    Gyu Cho

    6 days ago

    Am Korean. "없애버릴까요?'' That just shook me in a way only Korean speakers will understand lmao

  42. The Trickster

    The Trickster

    6 days ago

    With my older siblings this is how it is: Older sister: (oldest) intelligent and academic My older brother: (middle) likes fishing Me: (youngest) got memes and is slightly intimidating

  43. Shovel Master

    Shovel Master

    7 days ago

    I bet John does 100 pushups 100 sit-ups 100 squad and a ten mile run

  44. Raevyn Chisolm

    Raevyn Chisolm

    7 days ago

    I love it when you draw one punch man 🤣

  45. natsuki


    7 days ago

    befoe: kawaii voice now: literall mom voice

  46. lil' meme

    lil' meme

    7 days ago

    That grumpy face is called a resting bitch face

  47. Beanieboo Bay

    Beanieboo Bay

    7 days ago

    My does he look like one punch man in her sketches?😂

  48. Cryogen


    7 days ago

    Sim... is just a hero for fun and is bored thats why he is Intimidating

  49. It's []Hamna[]

    It's []Hamna[]

    8 days ago

    I know this was a year ago but me as a 12 year old thought this was literally one punch man and it didn't help that her brother was acting like a superhero....?

  50. Isaque Marinho

    Isaque Marinho

    8 days ago


  51. Professor Legend

    Professor Legend

    8 days ago

    I dRoO aY pIkTuR



    8 days ago

    4:44 Korean Mafia lady on the right is pretty hot.

  53. chris afton and nightmare

    chris afton and nightmare

    8 days ago

    One punch man!?!?!?

  54. Martines _ Cousinkelly

    Martines _ Cousinkelly

    8 days ago

    So he’s pretty much one punch man without the one punch

  55. Finlandian


    8 days ago

    1:58 Hoorah!

  56. Zed L

    Zed L

    9 days ago

    Sim: I am buff Josh: I am big brain Emily: I LiKe tO dRaW PIcToReS

    • LasyPvP


      7 days ago

      bery fanny

  57. bionicwqrrior


    9 days ago

    Sim the new saitama ✊🏾😂😂😂

  58. Elijah Kakak

    Elijah Kakak

    9 days ago

    I thought it was Saitama and clicked without reading it lol

  59. bossman15 blaze

    bossman15 blaze

    9 days ago

    I swear I always hear cdawg suspicious

  60. Lycanroc


    9 days ago

    Your drawing of him looks like Saitama(One Punch Man)