little leftover from From Me To You that i made a year ago. i just relistened to it and thought was too fire to stay secret forever so here it is
SPOTIFY: open.spotify.com/track/22dSEtld6YeFTSnltvTbqD?si=vxLZGU3YS1GTivTRjy0I_Q

stream here: soundcloud.com/quadecax8/live-like-this-fmty-leak
prod by me and yz

this is a rap / hip hop song and official music video from quadeca


  1. Quadeca Exclusives

    Quadeca Exclusives

    28 days ago

    finally on spotify thanks for the love yall open.spotify.com/track/22dSEtld6YeFTSnltvTbqD?si=vxLZGU3YS1GTivTRjy0I_Q

    • Reuben Mokalu

      Reuben Mokalu

      17 days ago


    • BOSS B

      BOSS B

      18 days ago

      Wish I had a song with U bro fr fr

    • BOSS B

      BOSS B

      18 days ago

      Oooh shit 🔥

    • yuh


      18 days ago


    • piccolo pen prod

      piccolo pen prod

      23 days ago


  2. Ishmu Ali

    Ishmu Ali

    4 hours ago

    Who else hearing this on loop

  3. PMOP


    15 hours ago

    *LYRICS* Had to make a wish real quick, yeah Wonder if they live like this Hear my life go tick-tick-tick *NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP,* *NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN,* *NEVER GONNA RUN AROUND AND DESERT YOU* k u just got rickrolled bye

  4. CrossFireMusic


    18 hours ago

    Damn. Quadeca's leftovers are better than most rappers actual songs

  5. 33J7 // Jub Electron // Jubes

    33J7 // Jub Electron // Jubes

    Day ago

    ANOTHER QUADECA LEFTOVER?!? 🔥🔥 us-state.com/v/cWJ8mbC8iJHPzbk/video.html

  6. Dan The Bot Man

    Dan The Bot Man

    2 days ago

    “Press 4 and I shift-shift-shift” 🔥🔥🔥

  7. I'Mats


    2 days ago

    Vancouver? :)

  8. Acid Suki

    Acid Suki

    2 days ago

    Yeah uh

  9. RBM Entertainment

    RBM Entertainment

    3 days ago

    is it me or his sweater just in line with the houses at the back..

    • AdrielExtreme


      Day ago

      oh shoot it is

  10. MembersOnly Gerb

    MembersOnly Gerb

    4 days ago

    Damn I hope this album is better than the last one, feels like he’s throwing away his best ideas tbh. Last album was mostly run of the mill youtube rap but this is a real ass song and vibes so hard

  11. Chas Frink

    Chas Frink

    4 days ago

    I love this song

  12. RaE Rae

    RaE Rae

    4 days ago

    Uhhhhhh. The album?

  13. HowYaKeepinBud


    5 days ago

    Can somebody tell me any beats that sound like this

  14. declan wyatt

    declan wyatt

    5 days ago

    How did melon disgrace this man🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Ethan Borel

      Ethan Borel

      2 days ago

      Whose melon

  15. Singe


    5 days ago

    Travis scott is that you?



    5 days ago

    everyone: this fire Anthony fantano: allow me to introduce myself

  17. RkHavoc


    5 days ago

    Who else wants to see him and ak do a collab

  18. laura roman

    laura roman

    6 days ago


  19. Tom Gaffney

    Tom Gaffney

    7 days ago

    Fantano is delusional

  20. Rohan Prabhuram

    Rohan Prabhuram

    7 days ago

    this is so generic

    • BPH


      2 days ago

      not really but ok

    • Tom Gaffney

      Tom Gaffney

      5 days ago

      Basically the opposite

  21. Kolache


    7 days ago

    Quadeca should make a separate album full of the “leftovers” from this album

  22. Heroic


    7 days ago

    Make more people famous

  23. killgrade _

    killgrade _

    8 days ago

    Amazing vro but gimme the fuckin album I can't wait

  24. Anthony Cerrone

    Anthony Cerrone

    9 days ago

    This song sounds like it could be on the radio. Definite banger.

  25. Wassabii girl

    Wassabii girl

    10 days ago

    Can we just say how did he almost stay still fo so long cause he does move his head but like me I’ll be fu$*ing bored as hell

    • bryce drip

      bryce drip

      10 days ago

      The video is in slow-mo.

  26. Cat Lady1896

    Cat Lady1896

    10 days ago

    My leftovers:🚮 Quadeca’s leftovers:🥇

  27. Shane Murphy

    Shane Murphy

    11 days ago

    Can't wait for from me to you

  28. eQuav


    11 days ago

    beautiful view like that nice song great job Quadeca

  29. Ayden Slone

    Ayden Slone

    11 days ago

    This is fire

  30. Jose Becerra

    Jose Becerra

    11 days ago

    You should do a family reveal

  31. Christian Rodriguez

    Christian Rodriguez

    11 days ago

    Hi,Quadeca i got someone that wants to be a rapper can you help him out ?

    • nelj playz

      nelj playz

      7 days ago




    11 days ago

    anthony is cap

  33. Skilled x8

    Skilled x8

    11 days ago

    Plz I cant wait when is it coming out??

  34. Jon Pinheiro

    Jon Pinheiro

    12 days ago

    Can't wait to see what you do with that second beat Ben. Love your stuff, do your thing though bro. Don't hold back for nobody.

  35. nazor


    12 days ago

    Ok so you know his song moth. Can someone please send me the instrumental link or tell me what it's called? I have been looking for 10 months every day for about an hour and I cant find it to save my life.

  36. Brandon Hall

    Brandon Hall

    12 days ago

    I work at Whataburger in Sherman tx swing thru and make a real rapper blow 💯🙏💪

  37. Son Dee Tmg

    Son Dee Tmg

    12 days ago

    Brush try me out

  38. youth


    13 days ago

    i swear the back round vocals at 0:48 is from the devil on my left shoulder

    • Sir Z Gaming

      Sir Z Gaming

      6 days ago

      yea I believe they are as well

  39. Acid Games TV's toe

    Acid Games TV's toe

    13 days ago

    this is so fire that One direction went the other way. Chain Smokers stopped smoking. Alan Walker Stopped walking. 21 pilots lost a pilot.

  40. Garrett Richeson

    Garrett Richeson

    14 days ago

    We need Quadeca x The Kid LAROI.

    • bryce drip

      bryce drip

      13 days ago

      Fr that duo would be insane

  41. RaX / ograxx

    RaX / ograxx

    14 days ago

    this is amazing!!!

  42. ahmed amane

    ahmed amane

    14 days ago

    finally a good song from quadeca it's been a long time man

  43. Sealex


    14 days ago

    This song is a masterpiece. It really gives me the feels

  44. Xadanik


    15 days ago

    Am I good ? Let me know what you think always gonna be something different when I release.

  45. CanDoAlot


    15 days ago

    Wait if this is a leftover... Just imagine the Actual album.

  46. Ace


    16 days ago

    Bro have you even keeping up with A1th

  47. Viron


    16 days ago

    Why isn't this on the main channel?

  48. Koski Bakugo

    Koski Bakugo

    16 days ago

    Who gave you the n Word past

    • bryce drip

      bryce drip

      13 days ago

      @Koski Bakugo he says "had to make a wish real quick"

    • Koski Bakugo

      Koski Bakugo

      14 days ago


    • bryce drip

      bryce drip

      15 days ago


    • Rockatoxx


      15 days ago


    • reo gram

      reo gram

      16 days ago


  49. AllDay


    16 days ago

    Imagine what the album is going be like if this is a leftover

  50. Kacper Malinowski

    Kacper Malinowski

    16 days ago

    Leftovers at my house: what you would expect Leftovers at Quad's house: gold plated pizza

  51. bryce drip

    bryce drip

    17 days ago




    17 days ago

    Damn that violin is fire! 🔥🔥

  53. person person

    person person

    17 days ago

    who thinks quadeca should make an actual song out of the lil tecca styles of rap clip

  54. _ Demig0d _

    _ Demig0d _

    17 days ago


  55. Undead Forever

    Undead Forever

    17 days ago

    My best song yet check it out us-state.com/v/bKCPj7nJaoK3upw/video.html

  56. 2kib


    18 days ago

    Somebody needs to make a base heavy version of this it would be sick

  57. JEM!N! Music

    JEM!N! Music

    18 days ago

    This sounds like toxic by stay solid rocky

  58. FreezingWind


    19 days ago

    when the leftover is better than the singles

  59. Manfred ROBLOX

    Manfred ROBLOX

    19 days ago

    I swear, if a leftover is this good, this guy deserves so much more.

  60. Josh Kung

    Josh Kung

    19 days ago

    "Leftover" is funny cuz this is like his best song