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WONDER WOMAN 1984 Trailer (NEW 2020) Wonder Woman 2, Gal Gadot Action Movie

WONDER WOMAN 1984 Trailer (NEW 2020) Wonder Woman 2, WW84, Gal Gadot Action Movie
ยฉ 2019 - Warner


  1. Sara_Jessica Jolie

    Sara_Jessica Jolie

    Day ago

    haven't seen the first woman but go woman!!

  2. Melis Kaldybaev

    Melis Kaldybaev

    2 days ago

    OMG This track was creating for wonder women ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ

  3. FrowersssX !

    FrowersssX !

    3 days ago

    If steve dies again, I'm gonna scream

  4. Vivek Kumar

    Vivek Kumar

    7 days ago

    I came here for that cute smile on thumbnail...for zillionth time.

  5. Aaron Martinez

    Aaron Martinez

    11 days ago

    It looks like a billion dollar movie! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. H H

    H H

    15 days ago

    when Steve comes back, WW will lose her powers. And Wiig will gain hers. WW will have to lose Steve to get her powers back and to beat Wiig.

  7. Joe Baumann

    Joe Baumann

    15 days ago

    I liked the first one and haven't been paying attention but think i'm gonna love this one. The music alone brings me back to when I was 8 years old and growing up at the mall. Not a big DC fan but loved Aquaman and WW so looking forward to it

  8. MrBr45


    15 days ago

    New Order Rulez!

  9. Armando Sanchez

    Armando Sanchez

    19 days ago

    3217 ๐ŸŽ APPLE TV

  10. kaduzy


    20 days ago

    Damn you Corona! I really wanted to see this.

  11. animation's


    20 days ago

    โฎš Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) โฎ˜ WATCH HERE โ–บ โ–บ This movie is one of the best and most thrilling movies ever. I had my entire body vibrating and shaking starting from the cartoonist's investigation start and that basement scence and the following were amazing Just a best movie. ๅœจๆ•ดๅ€‹ไบบ้กžๆญทๅฒไธŠ๏ผŒๅผท่€…๏ผŒๅฏŒไบบๅ’Œๅ…ทๆœ‰็‹ก็Œพ็‰น่ณช็š„ไบบๆ•้ฃŸ้ƒจ่ฝ๏ผŒๆฐๆ—๏ผŒๅŸŽ้Žฎ๏ผŒๅŸŽๅธ‚ๅ’Œ้„‰ๆ‘ไธญ็š„ๅผฑ่€…๏ผŒ็„ก`'ๅฎˆๅ’Œ่ฒง็ชฎๆˆๅ“กใ€‚็„ถ่€Œ๏ผŒไบบ้กž็š„็”Ÿๅญ˜ๆ„้ก˜่ฟซไฝฟ้‚ฃไบ›่ขซๆ‹’็ต•๏ผŒ่ขซๅ‰ๅฅชๆˆ–ๆ‘งๆฏ€็š„ๅŸบๆœฌ้œ€ๆฑ‚็š„ไบบๅ€‘ๆ‰พๅˆฐไบ†ไธ€็จฎ็”Ÿๆดปๆ–นๅผ๏ผŒไธฆ็นผ็บŒๅฐ‡ๅ…ถDNA่žๅ…ฅไธๆ–ท็™ผๅฑ•็š„ไบบ้กž็คพๆœƒใ€‚ ่ชชๅˆฐ้ฃŸ็‰ฉ๏ผŒไธ่ฆไปฅ็‚บ้‚ฃไบ›่ขซๆ‹’็ต•็š„ไบบๅชๅƒๅžƒๅœพใ€‚็›ธๅ๏ผŒไป–ๅ€‘ๅญธๆœƒไบ†ๅœจ่ขซๅฟฝ่ฆ–็š„่‚‰้กžๅ’Œ่”ฌ่œไธญๅฐ‹ๆ‰พ็‡Ÿ้คŠใ€‚ไป–ๅ€‘ๅญธๆœƒไบ†ๆธ…ๆฝ”๏ผŒๅˆ‡ๅกŠ๏ผŒ่ชฟๅ‘ณๅ’Œๆ…ข็‡‰ๆ…ข็‡‰็š„้‡Ž่œๅ’Œ่‚‰้กž๏ผŒๅœจ้ฃŸๅ“ๅธ‚ๅ ดไธŠ่ขซๅฟฝ็•ฅ็š„้ƒจๅˆ†ๅฎถ็”จ่”ฌ่œๅ’Œ่‚‰้กž๏ผŒไธฆไธ”ๅญธๆœƒไบ†ไฝฟ็”จ่Šณ้ฆ™็š„ๆœจ็…™๏ผˆๅฆ‚ๅฑฑๆ ธๆกƒ๏ผŒๅฑฑๆ ธๆกƒๅ’Œ่ฑ†็ง‘็Œๆœจ๏ผ‰ไพ†่ชฟๅ‘ณ้ฃŸ็‰ฉ็…ฎ็š„ๆ™‚ๅ€™

  12. Dan Castro

    Dan Castro

    21 day ago

    I so can't wait to see it and who Lynda Carter will cameo as

  13. W P

    W P

    22 days ago

    This looks like a very boring movie. Send it straight to Netflix.

  14. Aryaan C Paramasivam

    Aryaan C Paramasivam

    22 days ago

    Welcome to Hollywood's new found 80's Obsession. On that note, How about a better 80's tribute title? Wonder Woman: Disco Inferno Wonder Woman: Saturday Night Fever Wonder Woman: Stayin' Alive. or Wonder Woman: Disco Balls

  15. Edmond&Mercedes


    24 days ago

    At last she has to his true love again back. Steve must use very expensive anti-aging creams.

  16. Shibin Mathew

    Shibin Mathew

    24 days ago

    Isn't that startcourt mall.

  17. Ja4aS


    25 days ago

    The editing of this trailer is just nuts

  18. Cristian Nero

    Cristian Nero

    28 days ago

    So like I'm still waiting for this

  19. P M

    P M

    28 days ago

    what we gonna find stranger things too

  20. Jack Mathis

    Jack Mathis

    28 days ago

    Captain Kirk got old.

  21. Barbie Sparx

    Barbie Sparx

    29 days ago

    I kept thinking of mythology everytime she mentioned "Aries the God of War"๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  22. Zarka Zoan

    Zarka Zoan

    29 days ago

    I just love her๐Ÿ’•โ€ผ๏ธCanโ€™t wait!

  23. Bruce Burns

    Bruce Burns

    Month ago

    I love Marvel overall, but nothing and I mean nothing compares to Gal Gadot Wonder Woman. And how smart to bring Steve back - great chemistry! A bit like Captain America, we'll see how well they do it.

  24. Stephen Dobson

    Stephen Dobson

    Month ago

    Literally the only good movie DC make, Wonderwoman.

  25. fahmii


    Month ago

    did she just use the ligntening as a grapple ?

  26. เฆถเฆฟเฆฐเฆฟเฆฃ


    Month ago

    She is the best...

  27. elizabeth j

    elizabeth j

    Month ago

    i swear if steve pulled a steve rogers i am walking out of that theatre

  28. TheUnP0ssible


    Month ago


  29. Robert Mugo

    Robert Mugo

    Month ago

    Are Dualipa and her sisters?

  30. okram facebook

    okram facebook

    Month ago

    Female Face, again? Can we have another Shampoo model please?!

  31. BabyTooth


    Month ago

    I don't wanna turn into a furry but i can feel the pull... It's strong on this oneeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhh Cheetaaaaah

  32. Brittany Pratt

    Brittany Pratt

    Month ago

    Yโ€™all might be retarded if you think Alexandra Daddaro is as fine as this woman. Fucking generation Z.

    • Al M.

      Al M.

      Month ago

      Except Alexandra Daddario is a Millennial not a Zoomer.

  33. Ilker Ulku Productions

    Ilker Ulku Productions

    Month ago

    Why does she keep sliding on the floor? doesn't her outfit get dirty that way? i mean how do you wash that? "Program: Stone Wash" ???

  34. je187u


    Month ago


  35. Brandon Wilcox

    Brandon Wilcox

    Month ago

    So can this Wonder Woman not fly?

  36. MrRainjunky


    Month ago

    Great soundtrack. The rest....not so good.

  37. Mikky Just

    Mikky Just

    Month ago

    music name ? )

    • BeastMan617


      Month ago

      blue monday - it's a remix of the 80's version

  38. Katrin


    Month ago

    whats the song?

    • BeastMan617


      Month ago

      blue monday

  39. Ro Morrison

    Ro Morrison

    Month ago

    But I thought nobody wants a strong woman to lead in her own film. This movie is going to be great. If only the talentless (or miscast) Brie Larson/Captain Feminist could measure up to Gal Gadot/WW. Gal rocks. Brie sucks.

  40. ArabianKnight7771


    Month ago

    June 5th 2020 release, corona virus no I don't think so

  41. Loser Lover

    Loser Lover

    Month ago

    am i the only one who is just now finding out about this

    • BeastMan617


      Month ago

      possibly- I've been waiting for it since late 2019

  42. Martin Barrera

    Martin Barrera

    Month ago


  43. Darvinius Berar

    Darvinius Berar

    Month ago

    Soundtrack is amazing, action shots are amazing, vfx are amazing, the cast is amazing. A must see !

  44. J O

    J O

    Month ago

    Ok so what's the plot to this film, or is this just a Thor, Ragnarock knock off

  45. Tia Thompson

    Tia Thompson

    Month ago

    SURE DOES seem like they are attempting to distract us with all of these MARVELOUS NEPHILLIM movie releases.

  46. Dalรบ Tรฉllez

    Dalรบ Tรฉllez

    Month ago

    Ok, yeah. We're all thrilled that Steve is back BUT HOOOOOOWWW THE F???????

  47. J


    Month ago

    Meh - Im so over Gal Gadot.

  48. Mardia Garresen

    Mardia Garresen

    Month ago

    No one can come to my face and tell me gal is not Diana because your lying

  49. Sophia Gust

    Sophia Gust

    Month ago

    So when will this movie REALLY release?

  50. Largest Classifieds

    Largest Classifieds

    Month ago

    Every man has a wonder woman in his life, either his mom or wife.

  51. JP 3

    JP 3

    Month ago

    anyone else think the commercial playing in the background in the beginning of the trailer was a Jordan Belfort promo video?....

  52. Saaid R

    Saaid R

    Month ago

    so what happens now, is the movie also in quarantine?

  53. granto ,

    granto ,

    Month ago

    Kristen Wiig is hot

  54. silvio bentivoglio

    silvio bentivoglio

    Month ago

    wonder women wasn't their at the mall because of the bad guys she was their because a massive shoe sell was going on at the mall

  55. Frendie


    Month ago

    "Life is good, but it can be better" I know, I know, people are trying buddy

  56. Healing of the Nations Consulting

    Healing of the Nations Consulting

    Month ago

    strange they never show Gal Gadot in her old IDF uniform murdering innocent Palestinian children.

    • Yuval Levi

      Yuval Levi

      Month ago

      The children of Israel enemies are never innocent.

  57. Sdeburca2012


    Month ago

    I predict it's a Max Lord trick!! Steve is still dead!!!

  58. Jeffrey Clement

    Jeffrey Clement

    Month ago

    Well the whole Steve thing was disappointing. How the hell is he alive. And how did he live all those years without changing. And how do I keep finishing questions without a question mark.

  59. Juci Shockwave

    Juci Shockwave

    Month ago

    Spiderman swings from building to building. Wonder Woman swings from lightening to lightening... like a BOAS!

  60. Savy Concept

    Savy Concept

    Month ago

    Birds of prey please take notes... this is what a trailer should look like