12 Year Old Boy Humiliates Simon Cowell

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to this video, I don't make money off this video - Fremantle - Britain's Got Talent owns the rights and monetizes this video. As for the title yes, its a clickbait but aren't you glad you saw the video... :)
Original Title: Simon Cowell Humiliates a 12-Year-Old Boy
(Don't let the title fool you!) After Simon's typical rude behavior stopped this boy (Shaheen Jafargholi) from performing his first choice of a song, he went a different route...and blew everyone away! Even Simon. What a God-given talent.
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  1. Donna Plooster

    Donna Plooster

    Hour ago

    I get what people are saying that Simon wanted to hear something better suited to the boy. But you get a little protective when he does it like this with kids. However! Remember that scene in Walk the Line when that record producer tells Johnny Cash, to the effect of.."Is that all you''ve got? I don't believe you... I want to hear the song that truly saves you." Best thing to happen to Cash.



    Hour ago

    Humiliates ? Lol. It’s a start of something special until his voice changes. He’s good though.

  3. hayta hayta

    hayta hayta

    3 hours ago

    disney world

  4. Timothy Locklear

    Timothy Locklear

    3 hours ago

    I disagree with this title. Simon actually did the kid a huge favor

  5. Hao Da

    Hao Da

    3 hours ago

    I like it

  6. Cou Karn

    Cou Karn

    4 hours ago

    James is great!

  7. Renzo Pizango Caldas

    Renzo Pizango Caldas

    4 hours ago

    I like the child's voice

  8. Renzo Pizango Caldas

    Renzo Pizango Caldas

    4 hours ago

    So cute voice

  9. Tigermemincat


    4 hours ago

    the look on his face at the end is so sad because in the contract hes forced to do a lot of things like fake intros.

  10. Tigermemincat


    4 hours ago

    what i would have said: Im singing rock you like a hurrican by scorpions

  11. I Only Watch Minecraft

    I Only Watch Minecraft

    5 hours ago

    Only Took Me 8 Years

  12. Biggus Dickus

    Biggus Dickus

    5 hours ago

    Singing Vs screaming contest should be the title.

  13. Eli-Joe Puwo

    Eli-Joe Puwo

    5 hours ago

    Like…who’s the idiot who wrote the title

  14. florence ward

    florence ward

    5 hours ago

    His smile alone is enough to make my day

  15. Caedon18 B

    Caedon18 B

    7 hours ago

    I came here for humiliation, where is the humiliation

  16. Philip Cooke

    Philip Cooke

    8 hours ago

    1:52 simon why middle finger he is only 12

  17. Bernie aus Australien

    Bernie aus Australien

    9 hours ago

    Simon humiliated the boy???? When and where? Sooo annoying when titles are wrong

  18. Merlinemonroe Pacquing

    Merlinemonroe Pacquing

    9 hours ago

    Misleading thumbnail

  19. vincnet1982


    9 hours ago

    Can not believe how many people dont realise that the whole thing is scripted.

  20. Hendrik BteB

    Hendrik BteB

    9 hours ago

    Where is the humiliation?

  21. Candemir Kids

    Candemir Kids

    10 hours ago

    lol i feel sorry for him. hes a good singer probably untill his voice cracks!😂😂

  22. lurking0death


    10 hours ago

    The whole thing is contrived and rehearsed. Cowell has stopped the artist and changed songs more than once. Its a show, folks.

  23. John Malcolm

    John Malcolm

    10 hours ago

    Nobody humiliates a narcissist.

  24. John Malcolm

    John Malcolm

    10 hours ago

    So obviously set up.

  25. saga


    11 hours ago


  26. Chiamaka Anokwuru

    Chiamaka Anokwuru

    11 hours ago


  27. raymond bucher

    raymond bucher

    12 hours ago

    The whole show of america got tallent is staged all the way to when simon stops a song and makes the singer sing another one...This boy is good at the song and it is simon's job to show it...

  28. Dooshima Gbahabo

    Dooshima Gbahabo

    13 hours ago

    Where is the humiliation, I think the title was crafted for the curious. Got me there...haha

  29. Cozy Anime & AMVs

    Cozy Anime & AMVs

    14 hours ago

    Weird people can do anything for views I guess for eg fake titles.....

  30. Cynthia Bitto

    Cynthia Bitto

    14 hours ago

    Did I see a nasty hand gesture there, Mr. Cowell???? !!! He told you, didn't he?

  31. Cynthia Bitto

    Cynthia Bitto

    14 hours ago

    Love it. What a beautiful tribute to MJ.

  32. Madonna Hansen

    Madonna Hansen

    15 hours ago

    What an amazing child!!! Not just his voice, although his voice is crazy-good, but his composure and strength and confidence are unbelievable for his age. With that voice and those dimples he is already a star!

  33. michael enriquez

    michael enriquez

    15 hours ago




    15 hours ago

    please get me 1300 subscribers without video complete this challenge and then i would bring 1 one more challenge

  35. tasmedic


    16 hours ago

    Michael Jackson has passed, and this young fellow is here to step straight into his shoes.

  36. Elijah Ibiyimika

    Elijah Ibiyimika

    16 hours ago

    fucking idiot @sgranos

  37. T.C.W Report

    T.C.W Report

    16 hours ago

    Eight years later and he’s a nobody like everyone else. Damned puberty.

  38. Sqecter


    17 hours ago

    his moms name is karen.....

  39. World Bibo

    World Bibo

    18 hours ago

    Someone "unsubscribed" because of the wrong title/caption.

  40. Ed DesJardin

    Ed DesJardin

    18 hours ago

    ALL just a set up watch Simons eyes !!!

  41. jatkins47


    19 hours ago

    Once again a 'US-stater' had to commit fraud to get views.Simon was not 'embarrassed' and it is not Michael Jackson's song.

  42. Vanny


    19 hours ago

    I Sick Of These Fake As* US-state Titles

  43. genral orwenyo

    genral orwenyo

    19 hours ago


  44. Shauna Boyd

    Shauna Boyd

    19 hours ago

    The title is just wrong

  45. Rocking in a free world

    Rocking in a free world

    20 hours ago

    Title wrong . Simon correct .

  46. Mr. Dog

    Mr. Dog

    20 hours ago

    You could be honest with your title I want to see Simon get humiliated. But I honestly don't really like singing acts and you made me watch something that I don't want to.

  47. Canadian Gemini

    Canadian Gemini

    20 hours ago

    Dear original poster. Please look up the word humiliated since you obviously don’t know what it means.

  48. Jayden Gaming YT

    Jayden Gaming YT

    21 hour ago

    I wanted to see how many views WOW 108M

  49. El Profesor

    El Profesor

    21 hour ago

    Cowell needs an attitude adjustment.

  50. Mayleigh Hnatyszyn

    Mayleigh Hnatyszyn

    21 hour ago

    Everyone who subscribed dont, this guy is dishonest and just over all a bad youtuber, Ps dont call me a hater couse NOBODY cares

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    Tijani Hafsat

    21 hour ago

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  54. Emme Ashe

    Emme Ashe

    22 hours ago


  55. Nathan Biller

    Nathan Biller

    22 hours ago

    Excellent video, terrible title

  56. cookingprof


    23 hours ago

    Nailed that song!

  57. Isabella Ochsner

    Isabella Ochsner

    23 hours ago

    he did not even humiliate simon

  58. George Stan

    George Stan

    23 hours ago

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  59. Shirrell P

    Shirrell P

    23 hours ago

    He didn't humiliate Simon.

  60. waffles & chill

    waffles & chill

    Day ago

    see ya again when this is recommended in about 5 years