James Charles Uses Makeup to Turn Us into Triplets! featuring Charli D’Amelio | Dixie D’Amelio

Hi guys! As you may have seen in our Sisters Beauty Battle video with James Charles last week, Charli and I partnered with Morphe on a new line called Morphe 2!! In this video, Charli and I talk with James about life while he gives us a makeover with all the products in the Morphe 2 collection that is officially available starting Thursday, July 30th.
Meet a new line of light, multipurpose makeup that keeps it simple yet stunning launching 7.30.2020 at Morphe. us-state.com/v/cXyvYarGjqaqrKU/video.html
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☁️ Glassified Lip Oil (available in 6 shades) $9 ⁣⁣
☁️ The Sweep Life Brush Collection + Bag $24 ⁣($54 value)⁣
Don’t forget to use my code DIXIE for 10% off Morphe 2 and all other Morphe products!
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    Mava Does Tech Stuff

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    400 Subscribers with No Video Challenge

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    Jada Ogala

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    I like how James said he wants to collab with Doja and then today it was on the news that she got corona after making fun of it

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    Demetrius Rose

    3 hours ago

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    1000 subs with no vids

    3 hours ago

    in my opinion dixie thinks that tik tok and fame ruined her relationship with charli

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    Kayleigh Hall

    3 hours ago

    I wanna be friends with charli cause we are only two months apart and she seems so sweet vfnhsjbchsd

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    Alisha Grace

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    Tramaine Terrance

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    Hello, Humans. How deep into dreams-within-dreams can you go? Have you ever experienced a lucid dream? TERRANCE OUT

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    Nazeema Mubarak

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    Charli was in her in world 🤣

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    Dyana Aziz

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  12. Klara Doko

    Klara Doko

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    James:"Say follow me" Dixie:"Do what you want"

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  14. Irrelevant 101

    Irrelevant 101

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    Me waiting for James to one day run out of people to collaborate with: 👁👄👁😩😟🤭😯😯 Then have no choice but to circle back around.

  15. Michelle Higgs

    Michelle Higgs

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  16. Jesus Loves You

    Jesus Loves You

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    You will spend your eternity in one of two places. Since we are all sinners, our default destination is a place called hell (eternal conscious torment). Jesus was the only one who never sinned and took our sins upon Himself on the Cross. All we have to do is believe that He did this for us and we will live forever in a place called Heaven where there is no pain or suffering forever. It is an absolutely FREE gift from God. I know this for a fact because God has revealed it to me and hundreds of millions of others in many ways. This is not about scaring it is about warning out of love for your eternal soul because we have had these things revealed to us. You do think that it is possible for someone to know something that you don't right? Ultimately it is your choice. Choose wisely, eternity is a very long time to be wrong. God Bless.

  17. Arianators Assemble

    Arianators Assemble

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    You NEED to have Avani in one of your videos!

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    Mirela Xhixha

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    CHARLI are you rite your nose

  19. Xo Xo

    Xo Xo

    3 hours ago

    Charlie: your negative 😐 Dixie: no im not 🙄😑 (Me: 👁️👄👁️ buyees what about be happy) Also Dixie: *sometimes I don't wanna be happy* lmao

  20. emma lamere

    emma lamere

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    james: well it’s called filler😂

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    joella Mahrie jose

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    Carah Maddox

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    James should be a teacher

  23. Runyararo Manjala

    Runyararo Manjala

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    when charli said dixie was negative i thought that she would reply with " but sometimes i dont wanna be happy"

  24. shinning stars

    shinning stars

    3 hours ago

    James Charles is Soo cute towards his friends

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    Saumya B

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    The relationship between Dixie and Charli is so relatable

  27. Brooklynn Cheris

    Brooklynn Cheris

    3 hours ago

    Who else wonders what James would look like if he grew his hair out

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    Natalia Dalion

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    shinning stars

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    Charli you r soooo beautiful

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    eliza m

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    Zaca Calderon

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    James:oh it's a good adjective Me:James become a teacher

  34. Hello World

    Hello World

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    Ha, u guys think being cute will take u far? Beauty fades baby, then what are you going to do. Wow lol

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      Hello World

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    Mirela Xhixha

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    Melyssa Morales

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    I see so many people hating on all of them and most of the time it’s for no reason. I’ve never met them before but they all genuinely seem super nice and fun. I hope to meet them one day. They are all so so so stunning❤️

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    katie xxx

    3 hours ago

    0:49 wwwooooooaaaha james this is the first video i have watched of u and u talk fast hahaha

  43. iammessiah


    3 hours ago

    James : I really want to do Doja Cat’s make up ... We’ve been talking about it , it just never happenend yet . Me : TEA !!! Sister Spoil !!!

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    Mina Navaid

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    Can i get a happy birthday Dixie? my birthday is in 2 days. 👁👄👁 👉🏻👈🏻

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    Darrius Johnson

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  53. Unaisa Irfan

    Unaisa Irfan

    3 hours ago

    fun fact: the old title was, USING MAKEUP TO TURN JAMES INTO A DAMELIO!

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    S I Z A R

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    Tbh this got a lot of views cause of the clickbait

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    Aimee Mckillop

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    I hated that Dixie was like you have more mentors cause your like 5...... um what do you mean charlis the more famous one in my opinion and it sounded rude tbh either way , as if charli couldn't have "friends"

  60. Brooklynn Cheris

    Brooklynn Cheris

    3 hours ago

    James:omg my god it’s so pretty Dixie:me :James:yeah Charli:thx

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      Brooklynn Cheris

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      Me can’t stop laughing

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    The Makeup Mechanic

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    I feel like Charli's facials throughout this video could be a whole separate video haha Don't think she looked at the camera once haha although I'd be loving my reflection as well if I looked that cute too sooooo

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    Sahara Otu

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