Logic - Aquarius III

Listen to No Pressure:
Logic - Aquarius III (Official Music Video)
Director: Justin Fleischer/JT Clemente
DP: JT Clemente
Producer: Justin Fleischer
Produced by Logic, 6ix, Gravez, and 2forwOyNE
#NoPressure #Logic


  1. Renegade Louis

    Renegade Louis

    9 hours ago

    Hes mad he sold his soul to the zionist.

  2. Melveli


    10 hours ago

    Just retire already

  3. Anthony Jonas

    Anthony Jonas

    11 hours ago

    This guy is such a nice dork who can rap.

  4. Kenyatta Wolf

    Kenyatta Wolf

    12 hours ago


  5. Arnold K

    Arnold K

    12 hours ago

    Haven't listened to Logic for real in a while...

  6. Hyunjung Lim

    Hyunjung Lim

    13 hours ago

    2x speed

  7. jefferson paredes

    jefferson paredes

    13 hours ago

    Like si veniste de hola soy german

  8. bernard manning

    bernard manning

    15 hours ago

    this track should have another 2 mins on it, I've not finished mi j before it finishes 😠😠😠😠.

  9. Ruby Baby

    Ruby Baby

    16 hours ago


  10. ポケモン


    16 hours ago

    This is the most easiest MV to make

  11. Wesley Bhramadu

    Wesley Bhramadu

    18 hours ago

    Real Hip Hop fans appreciate your music Logic.

  12. Dele Oyeniyi

    Dele Oyeniyi

    18 hours ago

    Who knows the vocal sample at the beginning and throughout please?? Sounds like "these days, someway" or something like that. Please help me out

  13. Joel Vabec

    Joel Vabec

    19 hours ago

    If this song went for another 2 minutes this would of been his best song. He needs to finish it with 2 more verses

  14. Ruru liean

    Ruru liean

    19 hours ago

    Having a kid changes u

  15. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen

    20 hours ago

    R.I.P Niki Lauda 🙌🏻

  16. five lol

    five lol

    20 hours ago

    i love this man

  17. Xd shandelier

    Xd shandelier

    20 hours ago

    This has to be so hard to make bro. With slo mo he must of had to rap so fast to make it match up in slo mo. Thanks for all the hard work man

  18. It's Home

    It's Home

    20 hours ago

    People be watching 6ix9ine but not real talent.

  19. What’s My Name

    What’s My Name

    20 hours ago

    I thought this fruitcake was done making music

  20. Travis Eastrace

    Travis Eastrace

    21 hour ago

    Go well Logic. Along with Mac miller you've been with me since high school. Hope to see you soon again one day.🙏🏽

  21. Windsaint


    22 hours ago

    Love this guy for so many reasons 🥰 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶



    22 hours ago

    Wtf? This just have 2M views

  23. Cav_Cavalier


    22 hours ago

    oh, hi logic titsatotmwstw

  24. Jamichael TV

    Jamichael TV

    22 hours ago

    Only ogs know logic best song is everday



    23 hours ago



      23 hours ago




      23 hours ago


  26. Vaughn Alexander

    Vaughn Alexander

    23 hours ago

    Its all about 69 and lil baby rn now bro. Logic been washed. Its over, hang it up, put your shit on the gate

  27. thinksledge


    Day ago

    1.25x slaps hard!!!!

  28. mikemcdade propersmoke 420rep

    mikemcdade propersmoke 420rep

    Day ago

    That's a official banger right there the lyricism in the flow at the end of that track is ridiculous

  29. Zora Beer

    Zora Beer

    Day ago

    It's sad that he's getting old and forgotten , he was the best rapper of the game back in the day .

  30. mackjeez


    Day ago

    Been watching logic's music videos for a while now and he needs to do a dna test, this man cannot be half black.

  31. Alfredo Medina

    Alfredo Medina

    Day ago

    Look like a Halliburton or NOV suit.

  32. Abhishek Bajaj

    Abhishek Bajaj

    Day ago

    Play this at ×1.75 speed. That's the normal speed he filmed at and was actually rapping at 1.75 times the speed 😳.

  33. lordndsavior


    Day ago

    use to be annoyed of logic always talking about being biracial never gave his music a chance. no pressure and everybody are 🔥🔥🔥dude can rap

  34. Ice cold Newz

    Ice cold Newz

    Day ago

    This video would be more Dope if it started out with a cigarette in his mouth while fixing his hat during the slow motion it would show stress, growth and success

  35. Alec Watson

    Alec Watson

    Day ago


  36. Belki Alvarado

    Belki Alvarado

    Day ago

    That on adds

  37. Joanne Geraci

    Joanne Geraci

    Day ago

    Yeaaaa boyyyy ooooo ouuu ouu✊🙌🏼

  38. GamingChannel450


    Day ago

    Not suppose to stop music 😂😂😂😂

  39. TeeT


    Day ago

    remember when he told he gonna retire

  40. Janna Hegazy

    Janna Hegazy

    Day ago

    Who else practice because their zodiac sign is on the title

  41. Evs


    Day ago

    He came into this verse so hard. I find myself replaying the start so many times

  42. Ashton Stingley

    Ashton Stingley

    Day ago


  43. Josué Godoy

    Josué Godoy

    Day ago

    "I'm like Leo in Revenant, bear with me" ... Man's a genius

  44. Tuner .exe.

    Tuner .exe.

    Day ago

    Only problem with this is that it’s too short

    • Evs


      Day ago

      I wish there was a music video for the full song :(. I also wish this half of the song had a slightly longer verse too

  45. Derek g

    Derek g

    Day ago

    Not even 2 mins long

  46. Joe K

    Joe K

    Day ago

    much love and respect logic! Thanks for blessing us all with your real ass lyricism, thank you for all the good years OG

  47. Mohamed Ahmed

    Mohamed Ahmed

    Day ago

    Media: Your song is too short Logic: Still Better than million songs thou

  48. pauly G

    pauly G

    Day ago

    He got a kid so he said fuck the game ofc he did cus every fckin song he doing sound the same

  49. Bryan Estela

    Bryan Estela

    Day ago

    Best lyrcs ever: "Bobby coming soon"

  50. Giovan Battista Zane

    Giovan Battista Zane

    Day ago

    BOOOOOOOM this shit is fire

  51. Uebaliti


    Day ago

    Подскажите что за модель обови?

  52. Mrs Gooden

    Mrs Gooden

    Day ago

    Dude going places! Word!



    Day ago

    I can’t find this song on SoundCloud there is a song with the same name but everything is different

  54. PlaneteAdos


    Day ago

    The New Mac Miller

  55. CubanDre


    Day ago


  56. summit


    Day ago

    This dude looks 50 and 10 at the same time.

  57. Matthew Mims

    Matthew Mims

    Day ago

    ooooo boom bap trap

  58. The Bad Guy

    The Bad Guy

    Day ago

    Amateur ass bars. Week ass shit

    • carti ain't gunna drop CUH

      carti ain't gunna drop CUH

      Day ago

      lets see u do better

    • carti ain't gunna drop CUH

      carti ain't gunna drop CUH

      Day ago

      why u here then tf

  59. EL 3PA

    EL 3PA

    Day ago

    This joint is fuegoo 🔥🔥

  60. King Panda Vlogs

    King Panda Vlogs

    Day ago

    sounds like drake flow