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How the Hamilfilm Trailer Works

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Let's look at the Hamilton Film Trailer (Hamilfilm Trailer) and see why Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alex Lacamoire both tweeted "That Key Change Tho." And along the way, we're gonna talk about tons of great musical elements in trailers. The Hamilfilm comes out on Disney+ on July 3rd!
Check out some of the sources mentioned in this video:
Hamilfilm Trailer:
Alex Lacamoire's Tweet
Auralnauts - How to Make a Blockbuster Movie Trailer
Andrew Stanton - The Clues to a Great Story
The New Yorker - How the Cover Song Conquered Movie Trailers
Trailers mentioned include:
Avengers: Endgame
Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
Fast and Furious 9
Wonder Woman 1984
The Dark Knight Rises
Jurassic World
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
Frozen 2
Mad Max: Fury Road
Captain America: Civil War
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Social Network
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  1. ccubsfan94


    2 days ago

    Howard: Now let's see where that key change comes in US-state: LETS PLAY RAID SHADOW LEGENDS, START NOW FOR FREEE

  2. Max S.

    Max S.

    13 days ago

    Tommee Profitt made a decent career-step out of taking known music and re-imagining it. His music is in a lot of fan-trailers, and for good reason. It's just perfect for trailers.

  3. jalabi99


    23 days ago

    Deep music theory analysis of a one-minute trailer? That deserves a sub

    • Howard Ho

      Howard Ho

      21 day ago


  4. Anastasia Sabrina Zuraimi

    Anastasia Sabrina Zuraimi

    24 days ago

    I'm just wondering why they're not streaming on Netflix...

  5. Spectrum SFM

    Spectrum SFM

    25 days ago

    10:05 gave me chilllsssss

  6. ebscoHOST


    27 days ago

    Dunno how to explain this but you explain hamilton the way i hear music and sometimes, feel music. Music theory and precal-cal2 were my favorite courses in college because of how difficult it all looked yet inviting to the eye because I wanted to know, "why?". Learning about the rules and the different eras. Man, sometimes I wish I could go back in time.

  7. Caleb Paul

    Caleb Paul

    27 days ago

    Dude, the production quality in a relatively smaller channel is absolutely INCREDIBLE

  8. Street Muscle

    Street Muscle

    27 days ago

    Now I really regret not continuing to play the trumpet in High School......I thought i was too cool for the HS band. For all you young kids out there, don't let anyone tell you what you cant do, go with your gut and experience music! start with the piano, anything to get into learning music; you never know where it will take you!

  9. KaosNinja117


    28 days ago

    I think Hamilfilm is the eventual for about Mark Hamill, when he becomes one with the force.

  10. What are Those Rappers Saying?

    What are Those Rappers Saying?

    29 days ago

    Hey! Anyone want to see Hamilton Musical Behind the Scene footage. It's on my channel.

  11. Kate Marie

    Kate Marie

    Month ago

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your channel. Your videos are super interesting.

  12. Erin Baber

    Erin Baber

    Month ago

    8:12 blew my mind

  13. Milin Patel

    Milin Patel

    Month ago

    this shit is so deep

  14. gcollins1992


    Month ago

    That was... satisfying.

  15. Kenzie Bailey

    Kenzie Bailey

    Month ago

    Ok, so I just watched this with my husband. It was his very first exposure to hamilton - I, on the other hand, have the entire show memorized, have seen shitty 15 minute bootlegs of various scenes, and have been an overall superfan for nearly 3 years. After we finished it, his first and main crit: "the first act was so original and smart....but the second act just felt like every second was referencing another part of the show and I got bored." I had no idea how to respond. A big reason why i love the show (recurring themes, melodies, lyrics, etc.) is the exact reason he hates it. I'm sure he's not alone in thinking this - is there some sort of science behind this? I just don't know how to explain why the repetition in Hamilton is a good thing.

    • Howard Ho

      Howard Ho

      Month ago

      You're in luck. Explaining Hamilton's repetitive musical themes is what this channel does!

  16. Matthew Lee

    Matthew Lee

    Month ago

    I swear I had heard the Pentatonix cover before, but can't seems to find it anywhere.

  17. MBPrincesa


    Month ago

    Dang, no wonder I loved the US trailer so much, that shit got me hooked!

  18. MBPrincesa


    Month ago

    How many job offers have you gotten now? You just get music and that is so awesome. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! It makes me appreciate everything more!

  19. Myrthe Dijkstra

    Myrthe Dijkstra

    Month ago

    Am I the only one hearing "Did my invitations dissappear?" from Pity Party in the chord progression of Satisfied in B minor?

  20. alex8771


    Month ago

    Your videos are amazing! You put so much work into them and it shows.

  21. ava grace

    ava grace

    Month ago

    what does elizas gasp mean at the end

  22. Lea Salique

    Lea Salique

    Month ago

    The trailer gave literal chills

  23. spacelizbian


    Month ago

    I didn't understand any of this (I know nothing about music) but it was really interesting

  24. Harry Mullany

    Harry Mullany

    Month ago

    At a time of gross time wasting this makes truly amazing life-fulfilling sense. 🍻

  25. Jordan Ez

    Jordan Ez

    Month ago

    When he starts talking about piano chord key shift stuff *“It’s too many dang pages for any man to understand!”*

  26. 25xhenry


    Month ago

    Money money money

  27. Misc Anons

    Misc Anons

    Month ago

    Great analysis. Do you (Howard) do other film trailer's? Has anyone ever done analysis of the 'Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)' film trailers? Would love to see what y'all thought of the music/mashups for that.

  28. irene ly

    irene ly

    Month ago

    toe dipping quality

  29. Grace Currier

    Grace Currier

    Month ago

    This is an insane analysis - in the greatest way. I’ve seen several of your other Hamilton analyses, but this one earned the subscribe. You are so thorough in your referencing and I feel like even if I didn’t have a background in music, you explain things in a way that would allow a layman to understand yet not feel like an idiot. Really good.

  30. Strangely Dim

    Strangely Dim

    Month ago

    The “Mad World” Gears of War trailer in 2006 definitely started the slow, sad cover trend. But admittedly, it was for a video game as opposed to a movie. However, that trailer was played in theatres all over the place.

  31. Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Tooth

    Month ago

    5:13 Y'all are you listening to this video with earbuds ? This, this video, is a little gem of editing. Just discovered your channel man, thank you for existing.

  32. Christopher Harrison

    Christopher Harrison

    Month ago

    No it's not Disney Plus it's Disney world= Dick is any why Do you be long 👁️ you owe are wall dick // I get it know can you please remove it know?

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    Hope EnterLastNameHere

    Month ago

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    Month ago

    I almost cried so many times while watching this wow

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    Aqua Serpennt

    Month ago

    me watching this video ten minutes befor the movie comes out

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    Melanie Stibbard

    Month ago

    when you can actually apply music theory outside of class

  37. Aydin Mallery

    Aydin Mallery

    Month ago

    I love these videos so, so much-they’re incredibly detailed. I’m so excited you popped up on my feed again because I saw Pippin last November at Pomona College and immediately recognized your name in the program, though I unfortunately didn’t have the courage to talk to you after the show haha. Your music direction was absolutely superb. I’m attending the consortium this fall and am really looking forward to pursuing a theater major there:)

    • Howard Ho

      Howard Ho

      Month ago

      Oh, how cool! Thanks for letting me know you liked Pippin! A lot of work went into it, and I just think the theatre program there is really great.

  38. mark northcott

    mark northcott

    Month ago

    Sad trailer cover songs go back to Donnie Darko... Gary Jules covering mad world by tears for fears...

  39. Jo man

    Jo man

    Month ago

    My guy THANK YOU !!! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS ABOUT THE MUUUSIC !! It honestly grew on me SO MUCH that I started "Listening" to the trailer on full 2 hours repeat. It'S a MaStEr PiEcE

  40. Silverheart


    Month ago

    Satisfied is my favorite song and you can all see why now. Everything about it is amazing.

  41. Kaelyn Hall

    Kaelyn Hall

    Month ago

    i was watching this on my phone while my mom was watching tv and then the trailer came on tv

  42. Grace Ward

    Grace Ward

    Month ago

    I am so blown away by these videos. I write musical theatre and I have never thought so much about theory. THANK YOUUU

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    Laurel Newson

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    Daniel Vazquez

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    Tish Garney

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    This really opened my eyes(and ears) to both movie trailers and Hamilton

  46. Embry


    Month ago

    Oh. My. Gosh. This was SO mind blowing. When you talked about how the counter melody was really just the melody but elongated and slightly altered, my mouth completely dropped. I just sat there in awe. Thank you so much for doing this, it was truly so amazing to learn how this works

    • Embry


      Month ago

      Howard Ho oh wow! You saw this!! I absolutely love music and I play instruments and sing and it’s so refreshing to hear people talking my language and that understand my excitement. When I first watched the trailer I immediately said how much I loved the different key of satisfied but nobody else understood. It’s just so great to hear someone else talking about it!!

    • Howard Ho

      Howard Ho

      Month ago

      I live to hear about people getting it! I appreciate your view!

  47. Miche Yahla

    Miche Yahla

    Month ago

    Wow, the fact that i don't even understand 5% of what was explained here but i watched the entire video tell me how much i'm into Hamilton and never give my eclectic brain a break from trying to learn something.

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    Emily Jones Hearts

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    I came as soon as I heard-

  49. Sophia B

    Sophia B

    Month ago

    I love trailer music, and I never realized there was a whole... idk, *science* behind them. I’m going to go watch everything I can find on this stuff

  50. Your Man Alex Smith

    Your Man Alex Smith

    Month ago

    This is tremendously written and edited

  51. SliceD


    Month ago

    Geez , I didn't know a 1 minute trailer could be this deep 😳

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    Jasper Sompher

    Month ago

    This analysis was fascinating. Subbed immediately!

    • Howard Ho

      Howard Ho

      Month ago

      Much appreciated!

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    Month ago

    The trailer is great! But really, all you need to say is “Hamilton”, and I’m there!

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    Month ago

    Well looks like i dont need to go get that music degree, i just learned all of my music education here.



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    Watching tv and got the add for it so I got up and started singing then realized I looked stupid and continued watching this XD

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