Name That Song Challenge with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Jimmy compete as they try to guess random songs The Roots are playing one instrument at a time, like Taylor Swift’s own "Shake It Off.”
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Name That Song Challenge with Taylor Swift


  1. Viquar Syed

    Viquar Syed

    Hour ago

    that was awesome. Jim is amazing guy.

  2. Priyanshi Singh

    Priyanshi Singh

    8 hours ago

    "Red iPhone" 😂😂

  3. Daenerys Skywalker

    Daenerys Skywalker

    10 hours ago

    Wish this was longer! I could watch those two for hours playing this,game.

  4. Lj Pilien

    Lj Pilien

    12 hours ago

    Ilove Taylor Swift outfit .. Number 1 fan here ☺☺

  5. About Me

    About Me

    15 hours ago


  6. Bricago


    20 hours ago

    I’ve watched this so many times. It’s just pure fun.

  7. Wali Masud

    Wali Masud

    23 hours ago

    Taylor intentionally let loose on the last one

  8. katie hale

    katie hale

    Day ago


  9. Merryl Rosales

    Merryl Rosales

    2 days ago

    Taylor's awkward dancing will forever complete my life

  10. Belle’ s Magic Travels

    Belle’ s Magic Travels

    2 days ago

    “Shake it off” Taylor:👁👄👁wut

  11. it's me bitch

    it's me bitch

    2 days ago

    Every young generation: yep yep I know it They weren't even born yet

  12. Makayla Grimmer

    Makayla Grimmer

    2 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon has always been a bad actor lol he clearly knew the last one was Shake it Off...what a set up

  13. CB L

    CB L

    2 days ago

    Fallon....pretty much sucks

  14. Kanassa Lewis

    Kanassa Lewis

    2 days ago

    pbs eons

  15. Alison Ernst

    Alison Ernst

    2 days ago

    Her excitement over Nelly is so so so cute and it makes me love her even more since she still fan girls even with her amazing success

  16. Christina Fuller

    Christina Fuller

    2 days ago

    Her outfit, and music, really sucks.

  17. Oriii Gam gam

    Oriii Gam gam

    3 days ago

    Jimmy: how did u get that Taylor: it’s just chords😎 When the song was Shake it off Taylor was just standing there confused😶

  18. ReZa


    3 days ago

    She is so beautiful 😍

  19. elisa shurdhaj

    elisa shurdhaj

    3 days ago

    I love taylor so much❤❤❤ Jimmy too😂😂

  20. Al Ameer

    Al Ameer

    3 days ago

    I following you from Iraq 😎

  21. Harshini P Sharma

    Harshini P Sharma

    3 days ago

    Waiting for Charlie Puth vs Taylor Swift!! Jimmy can join in as well I guess XD

  22. Meg Rawlinson

    Meg Rawlinson

    4 days ago

    "Course Taylor is gonna kill me at this." Yeah of course

  23. Anne Bradley

    Anne Bradley

    4 days ago

    I had to tweet with #ElsieMiles because she loves Taylor Swift and plays her music a lot on her channel. #ElsieMiles - You'll love this! "Name That Song Challenge with Taylor Swift"

  24. Lindsay S

    Lindsay S

    4 days ago

    Taylor is literally so impressive in this game.



    4 days ago

    To the 1% of people who see this have a great day/night and I wish you all the best stay safe and be grateful for everything in your life ❤️ ❤️

  26. Rosie X003

    Rosie X003

    4 days ago

    Idk any of these songs 😂🤣

  27. Kaelani Palmer

    Kaelani Palmer

    4 days ago

    When u forget what ur owne song souds like

  28. K-POP TV

    K-POP TV

    4 days ago

    Jimmy:tarantara Taylor:I know it Jimmy:tarantana 🤣

  29. hirendra jadhav

    hirendra jadhav

    4 days ago

    She is a amazing soul ♥️❤️

  30. Erin Cromer

    Erin Cromer

    4 days ago

    Shouldn't have taken on a millenial musical genius lol

  31. 7girl


    4 days ago

    To be fair, that last snippet is so common and does not initially remind you of shake it off... could as well have been Lips are movin by Megan Trainor

  32. Hamilton Y

    Hamilton Y

    4 days ago

    2:52 Taylor was like I don´t know what the fuck is "bad guy" but it's ok i'm gonna dance jajaja

  33. Baller's Arena

    Baller's Arena

    5 days ago

    I mean no scrubs felt actually veey good

  34. cansu ve cansu

    cansu ve cansu

    5 days ago

    Taylor is the sweetest humanbeing i swear

  35. Ilana Melichkin

    Ilana Melichkin

    5 days ago

    i love her

  36. bella2019


    5 days ago

    The last song she didn’t even though it’s her song cause she hears it differently

    • Angela Holmes

      Angela Holmes

      4 days ago

      yeah and I bet she didn't think they'd use her songs since it should've given her an advantage

  37. Jaydee Kyle

    Jaydee Kyle

    5 days ago

    I praised taylor ,❤️ she just not listened to the song she actually basing to the CHORDS damm!! A TRUE SINGER 🔥

  38. N M

    N M

    5 days ago

    Okay but seriously hit me baby one more time wasn't that hard to guess as much as Jimmy was saying it to be

  39. KhemRaj ParaJuli

    KhemRaj ParaJuli

    6 days ago

    Shake it off 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. LIBRA PP


    6 days ago

    I played it again and again 🖤

  41. Karl Limpin

    Karl Limpin

    6 days ago

    I know Taylor won this game by number but when Jimmy recognized Taylor's song faster than her is like you he won in lottery🤣

  42. MADMAX


    6 days ago

    Taylor doesn't like Billie 2:56

  43. MADMAX


    6 days ago

    Taylor doesn't like Billie 2:56

  44. funksailor


    6 days ago

    When Trump loses, he & grifter family will steal any & all art work & furnishings. And deface anything they can't steal. Wouldn't be surprised to hear of turds found. Barron crayon art will be on walls ala Trump Tower

  45. Andrés Roberti

    Andrés Roberti

    6 days ago

    Fallon don't have my liking, Taylor was gentle here

  46. Jędrzej Szymanowski

    Jędrzej Szymanowski

    7 days ago

    she's good, man

  47. Vaibhava Kesarwani

    Vaibhava Kesarwani

    7 days ago

    At 4:05 it seems like jimmy lipsinked the word "man" for taylor lol.

  48. Zain


    7 days ago

    imagine not knowing ur own song 💀

  49. Celestine


    7 days ago

    Oh my god that must of been embarrassing for her to not recognize her own song. I only got Kiss Me and Shake It Off. They're damn good at this.

  50. Alexandra Quintana

    Alexandra Quintana

    7 days ago

    I know all of these songs and all their lyrics, but I don’t hear them when they play. Do I have a problem?



      10 hours ago

      It's more like a. Ear problem



      10 hours ago

      Yes u do

    • Kimberly Brewer

      Kimberly Brewer

      4 days ago

      No. Live bands sound different than a studio recording. It's more raw because there's no insulation on the walls, there's background noise, and every band plays it's own style too.

  51. Andy Macedo

    Andy Macedo

    7 days ago

    The dude from roots passed away ! 😔 didn’t look like the Lone Ranger today 😔 😲🤣 that’s hilarious

  52. Roby Wade

    Roby Wade

    7 days ago

    Charlie puth needs to play this. His ear is incredible

  53. Jestine Franz Luis

    Jestine Franz Luis

    7 days ago

    Jimmy: shake it off Me: oh mickey youre so fun youre so- oh HAHAHA

  54. Gayathri Jinesh

    Gayathri Jinesh

    7 days ago

    Is all this decided beforehand?

  55. Larry is real

    Larry is real

    7 days ago

    Taylor is an angel, we must protect her at all costs

  56. Pratyaksha Mishra

    Pratyaksha Mishra

    8 days ago

    i cannot stop wheezing every time i see this

  57. kazamafury1981


    8 days ago

    В России тоже есть группа Корни. Только днищенская

  58. Idopise Akpanudo

    Idopise Akpanudo

    8 days ago

    How could Taylor not know the intro to her song! I figured out from the first beat lol

  59. Siam Khan

    Siam Khan

    8 days ago

    The background looks like Netflix intro

  60. Mikala Schultz

    Mikala Schultz

    8 days ago

    I love harry styles.