Brooke Valentine’s 10 Messiest Moments | @VH1 Ranked | #AloneTogether

A look back on a few messiest moments of Ms. Brooke Valentine.
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  1. Star Rising

    Star Rising

    Hour ago

    Brooke: click click click clack clack clack

  2. aGwEENapple


    3 hours ago

    Why would Brooke fight so much for a man that's cheating on her?

  3. aGwEENapple


    3 hours ago

    I never even heard of Bridget Kelly and Brooke is childish lol this is how 30 something yr old women act lol

  4. aGwEENapple


    4 hours ago

    the lady @ 5:18 shaking her head lol

  5. Angel H

    Angel H

    4 hours ago

    Brooke I just wanna know what that app is 😭

  6. Ellie Baby

    Ellie Baby

    7 hours ago

    Funny how he blinked twice when he said it wasn’t no blinking twice 😂😂😂

  7. Gabbie Ross

    Gabbie Ross

    7 hours ago

    “Smells like cocaine” 😂😂😂😂 i cant stand Brooke 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Dalila Watts

    Dalila Watts

    9 hours ago

    Brooke is such a sell out for tv. They're gonna keep her though bc of it.

  9. Mariah Bravo

    Mariah Bravo

    9 hours ago

    He said I'm mad at ray where ray at 😂😂😂

  10. Ash Smith

    Ash Smith

    12 hours ago

    booby so sweet to other people’s woman except his own 😂

  11. Isaac Joseph

    Isaac Joseph

    15 hours ago

    The way she kept calling her Natasha

  12. Deidera Williams

    Deidera Williams

    18 hours ago

    Ray J has ALWAYS been a lil MITCH! 😂😂😂He is ALWAYS so vocal and opinionated in everyone else's relationship except his! It's pathetic and feminine AF.

  13. Kimberly Marie

    Kimberly Marie

    Day ago

    Marcus’s facial expressions during #9 had me dead🤣🤣🤣

  14. Angela Riley

    Angela Riley

    Day ago

    Roccstar and the stacks 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Stephanie Lindsey

    Stephanie Lindsey

    Day ago

    She crazyyyyyy as hell😂😂 with great hair

  16. YouTube Rescue 911

    YouTube Rescue 911

    Day ago

    Brooke was some kind of special crazy but it's hilarious watching her her work her magic!

  17. kiyahh Love

    kiyahh Love

    Day ago

    Her hair was always laid tho I couldn't stand her

  18. mattchuuu


    Day ago

    21:34 lyrica somebody need to DRAG YOU for thinking that hairstyle was cute🤦🏾

  19. KadijaBaaby


    2 days ago

    “Amber rhinestone” 😭

  20. Pdog Baby

    Pdog Baby

    2 days ago

    She said what else mom? Broke😂😂😭😭🤣

  21. Akiera Monique

    Akiera Monique

    2 days ago

    why rock star got all this money 😂😂 24:30

  22. Akiera Monique

    Akiera Monique

    2 days ago

    i know brooke was trying her hardest not to hit bridget ... but bridget was asking for it 💯 22:29

  23. Akiera Monique

    Akiera Monique

    2 days ago

    brooke did put him in friend zone .. she just saying she COULDVEEEEE HAD HIM IN A SEXUAL WAY ! 🤷🏻‍♀️💯 21:53

  24. Akiera Monique

    Akiera Monique

    2 days ago

    lyrica shouldn’t have siced it cuz u can barely fight yourself 💀 21:32

  25. Akiera Monique

    Akiera Monique

    2 days ago

    A1 was kinda cute right here 😌 21:05

  26. Akiera Monique

    Akiera Monique

    2 days ago

    i think brooke was tryna calm down before doing sum after hearing lyrica say “ before i end up smacking you “ 😭 cuz lyrica pregnant 6:34

  27. Jackie Henry

    Jackie Henry

    2 days ago

    I`m Just here for her style, baby yes

  28. kelissa armbrister

    kelissa armbrister

    2 days ago

    safaree: he would’ve get his ass beat.... ray j : don’t make me laugh man 😂🤣

  29. It’s MeMe

    It’s MeMe

    2 days ago

    I love her hair in the last clip😭😍

  30. Euphoria Maddlyn

    Euphoria Maddlyn

    2 days ago

    Brook annoying asf

  31. Lebo Makola

    Lebo Makola

    2 days ago

    Booby is so damn fine! 😫

  32. Kayy Be

    Kayy Be

    2 days ago

    A1 makes me laugh 😂 😂😂😂😂, climbing into the table like he was gonna do something

  33. Cidalia Perez

    Cidalia Perez

    3 days ago

    **Brooke is IRRELEVANT** Brooke WHO????

  34. Vantarius Wilson

    Vantarius Wilson

    3 days ago

    Brook so hot I love you

  35. Ms. D.A Duncan

    Ms. D.A Duncan

    3 days ago

    Lol @ the end....."With the wwiiiigggggg????!!!!!" Died

  36. Spicy mami

    Spicy mami

    3 days ago

    Lyrica looking like Meagan good🌸

  37. javad adderley

    javad adderley

    3 days ago

    I love brook lol

  38. wedding planner Nicole Jackson Event's E.N.T

    wedding planner Nicole Jackson Event's E.N.T

    3 days ago

    Did they get married yet ?

    • Amour Aleyce

      Amour Aleyce

      3 days ago

      yes. with a child

  39. A


    3 days ago

    Marcus got big mommy issues

  40. Soft Himiko

    Soft Himiko

    4 days ago

    Brooke is hilarious I love her

  41. Heiress 2dathrone

    Heiress 2dathrone

    4 days ago

    If you think this portrayl is couple goals i feel for you and hope you find self love before inviting another in

  42. I know the truth

    I know the truth

    5 days ago

    Marcus is slow Brooke is a narcissist

  43. I know the truth

    I know the truth

    5 days ago

    Lol he slid right in 😛 that was extra

  44. I know the truth

    I know the truth

    5 days ago

    I am Brook looking ass😛

  45. E The Youtuber

    E The Youtuber

    5 days ago

    Brooke is a cold piece of work lol!

  46. kalasia hodges

    kalasia hodges

    5 days ago

    marcus' face with that whole bridget and brooke thing has me dead

  47. Brandon Frazier

    Brandon Frazier

    6 days ago

    Jasmine Sherri Frazier: Brooke is such a absolute beautiful woman. And her personality is on fleek.

  48. Claudine 27

    Claudine 27

    6 days ago

    Wasn't Jade crying over Rich Dollars?!!!!

  49. Aliyah Ghent

    Aliyah Ghent

    6 days ago

    I wanna know what that app is called that brooke was using to text like she Marcus 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Jasmine Gordon

    Jasmine Gordon

    6 days ago

    Brooke thinks love is fighting bitches off cuz her man can't stop fucking around...toxic

  51. EPIMakeUpArtist


    6 days ago

    She's beautiful but she's also a bully. And that ain't cool.

  52. natalia hampton

    natalia hampton

    6 days ago

    I love her!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. JEN JEN82

    JEN JEN82

    6 days ago

    Wait a second, I’ve seen Jade before, she was messing with Rich Dollars on Love And Hip Hop New York and Moniece showed up 😂🤣 I cant with all these chicks, they’re messing with everyone on every show 🤦🏽‍♀️

  54. FlowerChild Hippiechick

    FlowerChild Hippiechick

    7 days ago

    Ayooo Brooke ptm 🤣

  55. Jayde Claire

    Jayde Claire

    7 days ago

    Why A1 speed run across that table like that, he know he was not about to fight nobody 😂

  56. Tierra Squad

    Tierra Squad

    7 days ago

    She said side d**k that’s y they bleep it out

  57. Erin Stojkov

    Erin Stojkov

    7 days ago

    Idc how messy she is.....Brooke is STUNNING. LOL

  58. Sharma Beaton

    Sharma Beaton

    7 days ago

    Looool I miss roccstar foreal 😂

  59. Emely Rosado

    Emely Rosado

    7 days ago

    Brooke be looking STUPID. If your man is snatchable then he’s not your man!!!

  60. RonnyLamar KylesJr.

    RonnyLamar KylesJr.

    7 days ago

    Entanglement is what Brooke and Marcus have