Our Embarrassing Weeb Years

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  1. Emirichu


    4 months ago

    So this video idea happened because were supposed to all hang out in Japan next week but UHHH obviously that's not happening anymore so 😅 Make sure you guys are staying safe !! WASH YA HANDS

    • LunarDragon


      11 days ago


    • Kayla Kim

      Kayla Kim

      2 months ago


    • Kayla Kim

      Kayla Kim

      2 months ago


    • Kayla Kim

      Kayla Kim

      2 months ago


    • Jose Luis Cano tablada

      Jose Luis Cano tablada

      2 months ago

      Do a podcast

  2. lafon02


    13 minutes ago

    Ah yes. I remember getting made fun of because I would sing the Cristina Vee covers of Haruhi Suzumiya songs and attempting to sing the Japanese versions. Also because I used to wear this shirt that had the Lucky Star school uniform on it and people making fun of me for wearing it. Also the Adults always thought it was from Sailor Moon and I would feel the need to always correct them. People made fun of me for playing video games. So getting made fun for like anime and video games. Not a good time to share your interest if you were a weeb or gamer.

  3. LuyDanalyn Animation

    LuyDanalyn Animation

    3 hours ago

    I wactch naruto !

  4. Mochiku UwU

    Mochiku UwU

    4 hours ago


  5. Shawn Hartnett

    Shawn Hartnett

    5 hours ago

    I've found my family

  6. Chun Yuk Ou

    Chun Yuk Ou

    5 hours ago


  7. FandomWriter


    10 hours ago

    Conspiracy theory!!! When Daidus said he didn’t watch the adult anime cartoon that his mom gave him, he actually DID watch it! So that’s how he discovered the world of... AAC

  8. Antonio Lal Fonseca

    Antonio Lal Fonseca

    12 hours ago

    I listen to anime music whilst running

  9. Frugal Forge

    Frugal Forge

    13 hours ago

    Wait a minute, I heard "Friend" and "watch anime together". Impossible.

  10. Aboo Aloobade

    Aboo Aloobade

    16 hours ago

    Dude there are still people that bully me because I like anime

  11. Jonathan Sorenson

    Jonathan Sorenson

    17 hours ago

    5th grade by accident for me.

    • Jonathan Sorenson

      Jonathan Sorenson

      17 hours ago

      I didn't like it.

  12. Sevetions Star

    Sevetions Star

    23 hours ago

    What is anime?

  13. Fred Latin Medic

    Fred Latin Medic

    Day ago

    I lived in a 10k people town, and i wss 'ikewise welcomed by the anime club super early... i can vouch for anime club, its a bunch of hardcore weebs (i'm more of a vanilla guy, dabble into anime but i'm more into Japanese lenguage and art) buts its a bunch of mostly cool weebs

  14. ジリアン


    Day ago

    I just realized that I’m going through my web years... this hurts

  15. hayta hayta

    hayta hayta

    Day ago

    dance gavin dance

  16. Lachlan Kenney

    Lachlan Kenney

    Day ago

    i made friends on osu! is that so bad?

  17. jake n bake

    jake n bake

    Day ago

    You deserve a no context Twitter account

  18. Jibobby Art

    Jibobby Art

    Day ago

    the rap at the end was perfect LOLL

  19. Batcake


    Day ago

    goes to anime con. Does swedish dance

  20. Stardust Crusader

    Stardust Crusader

    Day ago

    Who else thinks Emily should be a guest on trash taste?

  21. Ariel Munoz

    Ariel Munoz

    Day ago

    PRINCESS MONONOKE WAS SOOOO GOOD!!(It was a GOD tier anime movie)

  22. That Random Guy

    That Random Guy

    Day ago

    Youre wrong because if i would draw anime in school everyone would think im grows

  23. lovelysan


    Day ago

    Me: Haha, I feel like my weeb-youth years was embarassing, but I can't really remember anything~ |*while watching video, a Flood of memories comes back. noooooooooooooooooooo*|

  24. trollpatrol117


    Day ago

    9:40 Every girl online is actually a guy.

  25. Supreme


    Day ago

    2:10 its like wearing the clothing brand champion, so back in the day if u wore champion ppl would call u champ bc the stuff was cheap, NOW PPL WEARING IT AND GETTING COMPLEMENTS.all the pain my brother and me felt for wearing regular clothes are now erased for the ppl that were wearing it 2016-2020. it looks like a casual outfit but ppl always aim for the price.

  26. pathfinder plays

    pathfinder plays

    Day ago

    Conner I'm just like you

  27. lusioil


    Day ago

    My first exposure to hentai was when I searched up "cartoon sex" when I was in 4th grade... Wait...

  28. YmirIsHere


    Day ago

    When Emily has a "cold" in Late March of 2020. 0_0

  29. EricaAngelina Tunacao

    EricaAngelina Tunacao

    Day ago

    OMG Emiri I loved you and your channel ever since I was 13 (Yes I am 20 now), you always will be amazing.

  30. Kanna Kaito

    Kanna Kaito

    Day ago

    Me: *sitting here with a SFW page only at 16+* "Perfection."

  31. Neo Hellus

    Neo Hellus

    Day ago

    I like ultraman is that weird?

  32. Henry Animated

    Henry Animated

    Day ago

    Conner I would have been your friend when you were 16

  33. Henry Animated

    Henry Animated

    Day ago

    If Emily came up to me and asked is I like naruto (which I do) I would have been her friend , I love anime I hope one day we can talk we would be good friends

  34. Gacha Club Bảo

    Gacha Club Bảo

    Day ago

    Oh my god XD!!!!!!!!

  35. Funtime puppet The fun never ends

    Funtime puppet The fun never ends

    Day ago

    #BNA anybody knows this anyway?

    • Funtime puppet The fun never ends

      Funtime puppet The fun never ends

      Day ago


  36. KC Drawings

    KC Drawings

    2 days ago

    Proof that you can get away with being a weeb. I went to school with an akatsuki coat on and a crossed out hidden leaf band, I had it on for the entire day, no one asked and no one bothered, this one girl did track me down to one of my classes after lunch, to give me a high five. -w-

  37. Callum Richardson

    Callum Richardson

    2 days ago

    bro i still get bullied for bein a anime fan :((((((((((

  38. Carolyn Sam

    Carolyn Sam

    2 days ago

    Little did they know, 13 year old connor was both a chess champion and could pile drive a french kid

  39. Morgan Garrett

    Morgan Garrett

    2 days ago

    Best horror line: BuT tHeN sOmEtHiNg HaPpEnEd.

  40. Egg-Di


    2 days ago

    6th grade Me: that’s insultingly high

  41. Jeehaun


    2 days ago

    Like my 5th time watching and I just now realized that my high school didn’t have clubs, other than sports. Is that weird???

  42. Fire Born5

    Fire Born5

    2 days ago

    Daidus I listen to anime music too your not the only one though I listen to it in a english cover Such as spark again from natewantstobattle ft shawn cristmas

  43. Gisel buitrago

    Gisel buitrago

    2 days ago

    I knew an anime girl who wore cat ears and she hissed and barked at me because I told her to get off my ex boyfriend.

  44. imagine being a mouse

    imagine being a mouse

    2 days ago


  45. Declanle 23

    Declanle 23

    2 days ago

    I can tell you even now you cant enjoy anime while your at school because the other kids go for your throat. Id know... Im a high school student

  46. Galaxy_Kitty


    2 days ago

    really late but i'm sorry one piece is the best anime like i have not yet found an anime that I am obsessed with as much as one piece I have MERCH of one piece I don't usually get merch it's an obsession help

  47. TheKaurajuoma


    2 days ago

    This was hilarious and the animation makes it so immersive.

  48. XxavaxX No roblox

    XxavaxX No roblox

    2 days ago

    Yeah I’m the same if start to draw an anime or even mention an anime yeah doesn’t go well usually what happens is some kid will say oh look she’s drawing anime then I will get furious and then kids started Wanting me to draw cartoons and so many started to do that then I started to say you got a pay me

  49. Turkeyballz


    3 days ago

    care cold cut have been corona :O

  50. Justin Yepis

    Justin Yepis

    3 days ago

    Yooooo! I didn't catch Connor's rap the first time I watched this! That was awesome!

  51. TheCreeperBoss


    3 days ago

    When I was nine I was with my friend in a competition to finish the 5 seasons of Naruto that were on Netflix the quickest. Then it was a downward spiral for another 2 years. Then weebs were cool and I embraced mah weebness. But back in sixth grade, people, like, destroyed me whenever I would talk about anime. TL;DR: Naruto is cool, I had a friend, now I don’t, wah

  52. KMS Unbranded

    KMS Unbranded

    3 days ago

    so who is using the wayback machine to search for animefever.com? cuz i am Owu

  53. CheaterX


    3 days ago

    me wondering whats so bad about simple plan

    • Senritsu} {Jumpsuit

      Senritsu} {Jumpsuit

      3 days ago

      Nothing They pretty good

  54. Thanatul phongphao

    Thanatul phongphao

    3 days ago


  55. Alfie Beaney

    Alfie Beaney

    3 days ago

    Wdym u can get away watching bnha I am bullied cause of me loveing bnha

  56. Savvy Vee

    Savvy Vee

    3 days ago

    2:30 in my school anime fans are everywhere there a lot of naruto running -_- 4:17 i'm in 6th grade and me and my friends love naruto 5:31 Freaking Same!!!!

  57. Alfie Beaney

    Alfie Beaney

    3 days ago

    I saw the word weeb in the title and before I even pressed on the vidio I liked subbed and hit the bell

  58. Ѕopнιe


    3 days ago

    I decided to become a closet weeb when I started a new school. And on the second day of school I was so close to saying the word anime.

  59. froxyda fox

    froxyda fox

    3 days ago

    I'm a kid weeb

  60. ** Fxlling Glxtched Studios! :3 **

    ** Fxlling Glxtched Studios! :3 **

    4 days ago

    Me plays a game on roblox where you can make characters and role play u- u Everybody’s character- DRAGONBALLZ HELL YEAH ;vv; Edit- why do you need to remind me that I’m really young and have a dirty mind ;-;