Lil Loaded ft. YG - “Gang Unit Remix” (Official Video)

"Gang Unit (Remix)" available at:
DIRECTOR: James “JMP” Pereira
PRODUCER: Cosmo Orlando
LINE PRODUCER: Jiorgi Miller
DP: Mike Koziel
1st AC: Sam Robinson
2nd AC: Drew Percival
GAFFER: Dimitri Christoforidis
KEY GRIP: Taylor Reick
PA: Davon King
EDITOR: Chaz Smedley & JMP
VFX Glassface
CAR: Felix Autobody
GEAR: Birns & Sawyer
A JMP Visuals Production
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(Lil' bitch)
Nigga, what?
Lil Loaded done did it again (Lil Loaded done did it again)
(Where the members at?
Goddamn, fuck them pussy ass niggas
Where the members at?
Pussy ass niggas)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
I'm Lil Loaded, so these niggas know I'm crippin'
I got some partners bloods, so I know them niggas drippin'
But we are still the same, we got Glocks with extensions
I might got a semi and it hold 'bout fifty
I could bring 'em on the drill and I know they down to ride
If I call my crip niggas, then I know they down to slide
.223', FN's, pull up with that five
I'm a real ass shooter, nigga, I don't wanna drive
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Aye aye niggas know what hannin
On bloods we get active get it brackin
The glock on me and im 2 steppin
The cops on me they know what im reppin
Aye imgangland for life i can't opt out
When the goonies pop out they gon take some opps out
Yeah wet your block up bring the mop out
Aye talk brazy get your teeth knocked out
Niggas know im trippin
Grew up with you now you opp now i treat you different
Piru nigga keep it wes like my smith’n
He was faded off the lean we caught him slippin
I gotta face all of my opps, don't wanna die
These niggas berry, berry sweet just like some pie
Ayy, I put that ball on your eye just like a stye
Ayy, I got a beam on the end you can't hide
Ayy, he ain't a soldier he a hoe up in disguise
I play with' that gang gang and that's your demise
Ayy, execution so your mind just gon' get fried
Ayy, slim bitches here, I don't like 'em wide (Slim bitch)
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang (Crip)
(C) 2020 Lil Loaded Music
#LilLoaded #GangUnitRemix #YG


  1. Scuba Scum

    Scuba Scum

    4 hours ago

    Slap Certified

  2. osmo


    4 hours ago

    Why does everyone think: wHy they TuGeTtEr iF OttHeR wEr rEd oDeR BluU Like no it doesn't work like that

  3. Kache Thomasen

    Kache Thomasen

    4 hours ago

    0/100 its 100

  4. lol


    4 hours ago

    I tougth this was nle choppa🥵🤭😂



    4 hours ago

    This mane finna be big

  6. 20kTreyyy


    4 hours ago

    Dang lil loaded got shot

  7. Zoid Slayer

    Zoid Slayer

    6 hours ago

    Thanks for putting in sig language for the deaf people



    6 hours ago

    This is ignorance. Now you see why we don’t like you



    6 hours ago

    notice how bloods and crips can be together

  10. Piotr Ząbkiewicz

    Piotr Ząbkiewicz

    6 hours ago

    Who is here after lil loaded got shot

  11. Classic BIH

    Classic BIH

    6 hours ago

    i like this nice gta 6 GangTrailer

  12. 2pac4life275


    6 hours ago

    I don't gang bang but ill dance to this shit

  13. Cameron Wirth

    Cameron Wirth

    7 hours ago


  14. Le Grinch

    Le Grinch

    7 hours ago

    Sounds like NLE Choppa, but in a good way.

  15. Tews Tews

    Tews Tews

    7 hours ago

    Shiii got shot

  16. Angel Sosa

    Angel Sosa

    7 hours ago

    I knew this would happen eventually

  17. Anton Carolan

    Anton Carolan

    7 hours ago

    Mad think he got shot like 4days after this

  18. Zion Jones

    Zion Jones

    7 hours ago

    Who ever shot lil loaded you'd a bitch

  19. Yvonne Heesbeen Young

    Yvonne Heesbeen Young

    7 hours ago


  20. Ikaw lang Shabuhay ko

    Ikaw lang Shabuhay ko

    7 hours ago

    6 days ago and 1.9 million views wow gonna be 2 million wow amazing

  21. Erick Guerrero

    Erick Guerrero

    7 hours ago

    Why is lil loaded with a blood if he a crip🤦🏽‍♂️

  22. pambak76


    7 hours ago

    YG acts like the 80s gangsta rap scene in today’s era 🤩 🔥

  23. Dawid ooo

    Dawid ooo

    7 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna tell a deaf person : Do you wanna listen to music:

  24. Sanity Op

    Sanity Op

    7 hours ago

    Fun fact is he gets a glock every sick outfit

  25. Pork Chop Flavored Cupcake

    Pork Chop Flavored Cupcake

    7 hours ago

    How is this prison industry push at 2 million eyes and RTJ4 still cant break 1 mil on some tracks trying to break you out of prison? I'm probably just talking to the algorithm.

  26. Adrian Gaona

    Adrian Gaona

    8 hours ago

    crip and blood?😂

  27. Angel Cano

    Angel Cano

    8 hours ago

    Yo since when the crips and bloods did tracks together



      7 hours ago

      their sets don't beef.

  28. Young_ King

    Young_ King

    8 hours ago

    See what we can do when we work together

  29. m a x w e l l

    m a x w e l l

    8 hours ago

    Y’all ready know tommy craze bouta go crazy over this one

  30. Cosmic Beats

    Cosmic Beats

    8 hours ago

    These Comments Make Me Want To Write A Comment

  31. Wally


    8 hours ago

    Dance to this bitch 🔥🔥🔥🔥😤

  32. Gamer Rod

    Gamer Rod

    8 hours ago

    lil loaded gonna get revenge on people that shot him

  33. Goay Rambang

    Goay Rambang

    9 hours ago

    Lil loaded: *blinks* Tommy: SLAP CERTIFIED!!!

  34. 2016 Chevy Silverado

    2016 Chevy Silverado

    9 hours ago

    why it say vevo

  35. Buckshawt


    9 hours ago

    This song makes me want to rob a gas station with a cash register

  36. kol clan

    kol clan

    9 hours ago

    When crip and bloods are mix you get drum roll Purple

  37. ttv nydeed

    ttv nydeed

    9 hours ago


  38. Chronick


    9 hours ago

    yall kno this aint the first crips/bloods collabed together? like Nip/Mozzy Nip/YG i mean shit YG dont gaf lmao

  39. TreFromVa187


    9 hours ago

    Color don't separate real 😉

  40. Chronick


    9 hours ago

    yall kno this aint the first crips/bloods collabed together? like Nip/Mozzy Nip/YG i mean shit YG dont gaf lmao

  41. Scythinide


    9 hours ago

    They jus killed the beef with Bloods 🩸 and Crips 💧

  42. D J

    D J

    10 hours ago

    They kill each other for colors, you're really inbreds

  43. Kiema Gen Walker

    Kiema Gen Walker

    10 hours ago

    "Dance to this shit if you gang" 🔥💯

  44. YvngVinzz


    10 hours ago

    He a souiljia bitch up in discuise

    • YvngVinzz


      10 hours ago


  45. Alex God

    Alex God

    10 hours ago

    Do your music is cool

  46. Lil_Ruben


    10 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna tell Santa he’s on the naughty list

  47. Brian’s_ Corridos

    Brian’s_ Corridos

    10 hours ago

    East side oldie gang Denver Colorado

  48. B T

    B T

    10 hours ago

    What's the point of banging colors when you with other colors

  49. Kriptick Music

    Kriptick Music

    10 hours ago

    I love how crips nd bloods are slowly coming together, buh these lil bois who be reppin still luh ta start beef

  50. Austin Kanenwisher

    Austin Kanenwisher

    10 hours ago

    Hes like a blueface but onbeat

  51. Rogelio Villalba

    Rogelio Villalba

    10 hours ago

    These songs get on tik tok then innocent ass kids start reppin shit but don’t realize real from fake

  52. 12 Justinonyt

    12 Justinonyt

    10 hours ago

    This 🔥

  53. H h

    H h

    10 hours ago

    Here before it’s ruined by tik tok

  54. Ihyisha Thomas

    Ihyisha Thomas

    10 hours ago

    Loaded ate the fuck out this beat!!!!!

  55. Trn_joni


    11 hours ago

    YG got a cracked window

  56. Golden Killer

    Golden Killer

    11 hours ago

    Blue face needs to be in the next remix

  57. Kim Jung The Great

    Kim Jung The Great

    11 hours ago

    lil loaded made it now he gotta kontain it.

  58. land air water BUREAU

    land air water BUREAU

    11 hours ago

    This channel is DOPE

  59. Borz -

    Borz -

    11 hours ago

    This shit fire 🥶🔥💧

  60. MrStealYourTing


    11 hours ago

    Tommy craze

  61. Gypsy The Kidd

    Gypsy The Kidd

    11 hours ago

    Like if this is a better remix then the one with nle

  62. jen dunham

    jen dunham

    11 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna go to DC Young Fly and say: Get yo a** over here boi



    11 hours ago

    I'm not hating or nun but he talk about gang and guns to much

  64. p4ulzk1e


    11 hours ago


  65. RJ Pope

    RJ Pope

    12 hours ago


  66. Dylan Tinker

    Dylan Tinker

    12 hours ago


  67. Manchas Jaimes

    Manchas Jaimes

    12 hours ago

    This man did not just do a remix

  68. Cedd Richardson

    Cedd Richardson

    13 hours ago

    Shit version of choppa

  69. Emory Bragg

    Emory Bragg

    13 hours ago

    Don’t know why this popped up. Bunch of low life retards

  70. Kelty


    13 hours ago

    Fuck is on his head? 😆 lookin like a mami from the 1850s

  71. xXMOJOXx


    13 hours ago

    Whos here after he got shot?

  72. Nb.Chilly Figueroa2

    Nb.Chilly Figueroa2

    13 hours ago

    YG young OG status I like his little wordplay on this track.... Because we all know why she just a regular rapper legend tho living legend

  73. Kriston Reefer

    Kriston Reefer

    13 hours ago

    This song used to me fuckedup but now its lit

  74. AbodiVoidHD ™

    AbodiVoidHD ™

    13 hours ago

    0% Girls 0% Money 0% Cars 0% Fancy House 0% Financial Stability This is my current situation my wife left me please help.

  75. hdavisjenkins


    13 hours ago

    Real boss moves red and blue shit!!

  76. Daweed


    13 hours ago

    0:40 when orange juice

  77. 老大


    13 hours ago


  78. Zaid Dheyaa

    Zaid Dheyaa

    14 hours ago

    This is litarly the bes song from lil loaded

  79. red


    14 hours ago

    Ay all of his shit catchy as hell bro no cap

  80. Thin_child_


    14 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna tell the dentist to say “ahhhh”