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If The Internet Was an Anime

Even if you were to defeat this guy, he'd only get replaced with someone slightly stronger next season....
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  1. CircleToonsHD


    4 days ago

    First?! Wait... oh god like 100 people beat me okay okay think uhhh uhhhh

    • Marcus Klassen

      Marcus Klassen

      Hour ago

      CircleToonsHD this was at 169 but not anymore hahahahahah

    • Mnmguy


      4 hours ago

      Could you do a vid where a character looks reeeeally buff and strong but is weak af

    • Tanjiro Kamado

      Tanjiro Kamado

      Day ago

      Olivia Grace aha. No you weren’t a literal dumpster fire was!

    • LemonadeSandwich Hello

      LemonadeSandwich Hello

      Day ago


    • The Undercover Banana

      The Undercover Banana

      Day ago

      Legend has it he is still thinking something for this comment

  2. X_X


    9 minutes ago

    Me notaaaaaa

  3. Jacob Villalobos

    Jacob Villalobos

    21 minute ago

    Cancel Culture can be garbage but let's be honest, complaining about cancel culture is just a way to excuse your racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. And the people who end up apologizing for it rarely ever change.

  4. Arctic Fox

    Arctic Fox

    2 hours ago

    I would play the role of: defects everything,

  5. xidiffi YT

    xidiffi YT

    3 hours ago

    Please rewiew call of duty modern warfare pls

  6. Random Not Good Quality Stuff

    Random Not Good Quality Stuff

    3 hours ago


  7. MDGamerHits


    4 hours ago

    Google slides is his animation software.

  8. monika laosi

    monika laosi

    5 hours ago

    “Wait it’s all anime?” points gun “Always has been”

  9. Russian Elmo

    Russian Elmo

    5 hours ago

    Why did I come across this channel so late

  10. Tessa Botha

    Tessa Botha

    6 hours ago

    I love like its dragon ball ish

    • monika laosi

      monika laosi

      5 hours ago

      Wait, this doesn't happen already?

  11. Jemerald


    6 hours ago

    Whatever shall Circle do?? Find out on the next episode of Internet Brawl Z! ~Outro plays~

  12. Anthony Torres-Cruz

    Anthony Torres-Cruz

    8 hours ago

    Konosuba is like chicken nuggets

  13. Brayden Schwin

    Brayden Schwin

    9 hours ago

    Yeah... bout sums it up

  14. Cole Managad

    Cole Managad

    9 hours ago

    but honestly people that hate chicin nuggs should burn in hell

  15. Jay Dee

    Jay Dee

    10 hours ago


  16. Hora dos jogos031

    Hora dos jogos031

    11 hours ago

    Skywars Minecraft pls?

  17. Just a guy on youtube

    Just a guy on youtube

    12 hours ago

    I got a video idea, when you made a mistake in your stats in a game with no stat resets

  18. Da Arkus

    Da Arkus

    13 hours ago

    Funnily enough there's some anime and books that revolves around the internet "How to Fight" is one that's about US-state or *new* tube

  19. NERF


    13 hours ago

    ProZD+theoddonesout=circle toons

  20. If I - Roblox

    If I - Roblox

    13 hours ago

    When the guy that hates chicken nugget bully a person that hates chicken nugget too lmao

  21. Samurai Magar

    Samurai Magar

    14 hours ago

  22. Dhanar Santika

    Dhanar Santika

    14 hours ago

    Inaccurate. You didn't show the scene of flashback motivation from MC's dead father

  23. Diamond Donut Shiny

    Diamond Donut Shiny

    14 hours ago

    Chicken nuggets with mustard

  24. Trần Vũ Quân

    Trần Vũ Quân

    18 hours ago

    if the internet was an anime ... where is the fukin opening

  25. Rhiannon Smudge

    Rhiannon Smudge

    18 hours ago

    Wait, this doesn't happen already?

  26. Mike Iversholt

    Mike Iversholt

    18 hours ago


  27. Lord Squidleton

    Lord Squidleton

    18 hours ago

    Screw the nuggies

  28. TheWrathsblade


    19 hours ago


  29. NervousProgram


    20 hours ago

    Y pfp

  30. Hugo Cardenas

    Hugo Cardenas

    20 hours ago

    Imagine if the internet actually had the power to cancel someone instead of it being just a bunch of cry babies bitching, accomplishing nothing

  31. [{ Kit Kat ]}

    [{ Kit Kat ]}

    21 hour ago


  32. i'm a good person

    i'm a good person

    21 hour ago

    those camera moves!!!

  33. 1k subs without any vids

    1k subs without any vids

    21 hour ago

    Oh yea closed captions

  34. BOT 2034

    BOT 2034

    21 hour ago

    Filthy frank says n-nword K-pop Stan- this is insulting to black ppl Black ppl- nah not rlly it was a joke he made back then and he’s changed we don’t think he’s racist Kpop Stan- uses racial slur towards black person

  35. The Amazing Cat

    The Amazing Cat

    21 hour ago

    @CircleToonsHD Have a Collab with James/Odd1sout

  36. axel0282


    21 hour ago

    No entiendooooo por favor pongan subtítulos :'C

  37. Its Abid

    Its Abid

    22 hours ago

    I love it when my notifications remind me 3 DAYS after the vid was uploaded man US-state’s great!

  38. Proot


    22 hours ago


  39. Dice Krispy

    Dice Krispy

    22 hours ago

    I already have my pitchfork out and my torch lit. GET EM!

  40. alida flus

    alida flus

    23 hours ago

    AAAAAHHHHH! EAT MY CANCELLATION!!!! Cancel’s Mr Orange hair

  41. Undefined Horizon

    Undefined Horizon

    23 hours ago

    Do you play rpgs? And if so, which?

  42. har ki

    har ki

    23 hours ago

    How dare you hate chicken nuggets

    • alida flus

      alida flus

      23 hours ago

      this is video is still great

  43. OwO


    23 hours ago

    the tweets from 10 years ago.. I fucking- AAHH!! I hate cancel culture

  44. Hunter.


    Day ago

    can we get youtube in the last hour idk lol

  45. Haun


    Day ago

    M sorry circleyoonsHD

  46. CatKirby4925


    Day ago

    Circle:[ hates chicken nuggets] me: so you have chosen death.

  47. AyindeTMG


    Day ago

    I got an ad before the video about idle heroes and animation

  48. Rancer Panther

    Rancer Panther

    Day ago

    I use ms paint :P I think u do

  49. Dew F

    Dew F

    Day ago

    This reminds me of when Alex (I Hate Everything) said that he didn’t like pies in his ‘I hate Anthem’ video. I only like certain chicken nuggets and I hate mayonnaise.

  50. Dr.who??? ????

    Dr.who??? ????

    Day ago

    On ur halo 3 video I sent a song. But I also realised it was like a year ago when u made it rip I HAD TO USE MY BRAIN FOR THAT 😂🤣😥

  51. HyperFragon 25

    HyperFragon 25

    Day ago

    The James Charles Waiter arc pretty much seemed to me like pointless filler.

  52. Dr DOGO

    Dr DOGO

    Day ago

    Use the spirit bomb

  53. ZeroSmackz


    Day ago

    What app do you use to do this

  54. Savin


    Day ago

    The creepy clown arc was a pretty good arc, lots of good villains, especially compared to the new seasons, these “Kid Channels” don’t have any personality, how are the protagonists going to fear them?

  55. Random games So ya

    Random games So ya

    Day ago

    Tumbler would be a blood bath

  56. Hyptherix- -

    Hyptherix- -

    Day ago

    this is video is still great

  57. Hyptherix- -

    Hyptherix- -

    Day ago

    tbh I’m surprised you haven’t made a video on terraria it’s pretty fun

  58. ImBaileyIGuess


    Day ago

    not first

  59. Razor Chocolate Bar

    Razor Chocolate Bar

    Day ago

    How do u animate like that

  60. Billy? / Xaeoxic

    Billy? / Xaeoxic

    Day ago

    I fucking hate cancel culture, keem did it, then realized how bad it was and started telling other how bad it is, and then someone tries to cancel him, and now everyone is cancelling and being scum bags