this video was crazy!!
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  1. Ben Azelart

    Ben Azelart

    Month ago

    Thank you for watching 🥰 seriously appreciate all the love :)

    • London Johnson

      London Johnson

      2 days ago

      That looks fun

    • Alexa Macleod

      Alexa Macleod

      8 days ago

      So fun and funny

    • Purko Development Trust

      Purko Development Trust

      9 days ago

      @Ziyadh Ajam mlea

    • ZD - 05EJ - Agnes Taylor PS (1526)

      ZD - 05EJ - Agnes Taylor PS (1526)

      21 day ago

      You guys have funny 😂

    • Rachael Logue

      Rachael Logue

      25 days ago


  2. Nyamitavu Aimee

    Nyamitavu Aimee

    4 hours ago

    are they squad

  3. Catherine Miller

    Catherine Miller

    4 hours ago

    4:16 😂😂😂

  4. Madison M

    Madison M

    6 hours ago

    Brent vs Ben Derek vs Dom Anyone see a similarity?

  5. Kathy Kos

    Kathy Kos

    7 hours ago

    Everyone: it was so cute when Andrew helped Lexi H out of the dunker. Me: Where on Earth is Lexi R after her turn??????

  6. Jocelyn_Playz_2209


    8 hours ago

    The black one always lost

  7. Winnie Pan

    Winnie Pan

    9 hours ago

    2:29 Andrew's a great friend

  8. Rose Chatter

    Rose Chatter

    12 hours ago

    Can I just say Andrew is such a gentleman helping Lexi h out of the tank 💖

  9. Jason Mielke

    Jason Mielke

    13 hours ago

    so supid

  10. Tamar Saggie

    Tamar Saggie

    14 hours ago

    brent what did you do with the money?

  11. Nicole Shost

    Nicole Shost

    14 hours ago


  12. Nichola Carson

    Nichola Carson

    14 hours ago


  13. Diam Eas

    Diam Eas

    15 hours ago

    B v B and D v D

  14. Rylie The Gamer

    Rylie The Gamer

    15 hours ago

    That actully looks so fun! 😊

  15. Nathan Garibay

    Nathan Garibay

    16 hours ago

    Lexi always be doing dumb shit

  16. Zainabmoeed


    16 hours ago

    When Ben said this is over it actually got hit I was like woo but Ben was like na bruh and you guys are like doing a good in front off the road I think everyone is like umm what is happening over there I can't believe Jeremy likes Lexi so yeah anyways pls can you give me a shout-out pls have a good day everyone



    16 hours ago

    Nice videos love from India

  18. Shamez Poonawalla

    Shamez Poonawalla

    19 hours ago


  19. Deyanira Contreras

    Deyanira Contreras

    20 hours ago

    I haven't been seen Ava on your video or Brent or Lexi Lexi hensler and where is Ava I need answer and I do not like Pearson she's taking Ava spot

  20. Tyler George Miller

    Tyler George Miller

    21 hour ago

    Ok love you too

  21. KFgreeny


    21 hour ago

    the girl who kicked the ball back at 5:01 lol

  22. Johnson Antoney

    Johnson Antoney

    22 hours ago


  23. Macey’s Vlogs

    Macey’s Vlogs

    22 hours ago

    Who ships lexi h and Andrew

  24. Cailey Helberg

    Cailey Helberg

    23 hours ago

    I think Ben Wil win

  25. BotGames


    Day ago

    Juice world hit it bc he wanted him to lose R.I.P 🕊

  26. pulane kathy

    pulane kathy

    Day ago

    That's not fair for Lexi can you pls play fair and square

  27. asethetic cxndy

    asethetic cxndy

    Day ago

    7:03 replay that how many times you like 😂😂

  28. The Potato

    The Potato

    Day ago


  29. Ratna Mani Nepal

    Ratna Mani Nepal

    Day ago

    When Ben hit the goal Brent was like ahhhhh 😂😂😂and he didn't drowned 😆

  30. __P X P P E R__

    __P X P P E R__

    Day ago

    Poor girls ;-;

  31. Evie Rushton

    Evie Rushton

    Day ago

    This is so crazy! All the winners are Brent and Ben B and B and Dom and derek d and d

  32. Blake Atanacio

    Blake Atanacio

    Day ago

    I was routing for Brent since the beginning

  33. grace magday

    grace magday

    Day ago

    bro did. any one else notice that andrew and lexi both left 😌✌🏻 ooooooo

  34. Musha Luna

    Musha Luna

    Day ago


  35. Marcos Rosales

    Marcos Rosales

    Day ago

    I love all ur channels before I could not subscribe but now I can and the only people I have subscribe so far are all of u I wish I met u ,u are my idols I wanna be like u , have a great day, pls say hi

  36. Tevin Hoy

    Tevin Hoy

    Day ago

    Person is not 🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  37. Daesha Pindoria

    Daesha Pindoria

    Day ago

    I love the respect for Andrew that he helped lexi get out of the pool

  38. kirito_ h1

    kirito_ h1

    Day ago

    Someone needs to throw Lexi in the water for sabatoging Btw I can't spell quarantine life

  39. Asvanth


    Day ago

    Because of the shit Lexi just going and hitting it it is like broken the dum shit

  40. SunsetSaniaVlogZ


    Day ago

    I ship Lexi H and Andrew😢

  41. Overseer Gaming7

    Overseer Gaming7

    Day ago

    What happened to Caleb

  42. vidisha devli

    vidisha devli

    2 days ago

    Did anybody notice Lexi getting the balls at the back 5:01

  43. Rylee Starnes

    Rylee Starnes

    2 days ago

    The girls should have won

  44. Angelo Isles

    Angelo Isles

    2 days ago

    Ofc theres an ad before peirson gets dunked 😩🙄

  45. Talima Brown

    Talima Brown

    2 days ago


  46. pamela Ventura

    pamela Ventura

    2 days ago

    8:05 Brent said a bad word

    • asethetic cxndy

      asethetic cxndy

      Day ago

      He said fudge

  47. Daisy Reeder

    Daisy Reeder

    2 days ago

    Lexii went I feel wet ty

  48. Kenzi Henderson

    Kenzi Henderson

    2 days ago

    I love you guys

  49. JKzRL


    2 days ago

    It’s funny because Brent don’t even need the money 😂

  50. JMAC721


    2 days ago

    That was funny

  51. Ryan Mason

    Ryan Mason

    2 days ago

    Done 1

  52. Nathania Ramirez

    Nathania Ramirez

    2 days ago

    I play softball 🥎🥎🥎🥎

  53. Hey Bro’s

    Hey Bro’s

    2 days ago

    Hensler a cheater

  54. mapatel30


    2 days ago

    Lexi H the cheater

  55. sarah armitage

    sarah armitage

    2 days ago


  56. Juttje _97

    Juttje _97

    2 days ago

    8:45 Brent: “BRUHHHHHHHH” 😂😂

  57. 모샤 라프파티마

    모샤 라프파티마

    2 days ago

    Ben literally forgot to mention his own crush in the description.

    • 모샤 라프파티마

      모샤 라프파티마

      2 hours ago

      @Isabelle Parkey I haven't seen her name before, maybe the internet was responding slowly. Thanks by the way!

    • Isabelle Parkey

      Isabelle Parkey

      16 hours ago

      no they call her lexi but it's alexa

  58. Simranmeet Gill

    Simranmeet Gill

    2 days ago

    Everyone on the left won

  59. Kylie Berry

    Kylie Berry

    2 days ago

    The blue one lost every single time lol 😂

  60. J Downell

    J Downell

    3 days ago

    why does Ben lose in almost all of his own challenges on his own channel