TOP 100 Dunks | 2019-20 NBA Season

Ahead of the NBA Comeback beginning July 30th, relive the TOP 100 dunks from the 2019-20 NBA season so far! Drop which dunk was your favorite in the comments!
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  1. Kenjerro Miller

    Kenjerro Miller

    6 hours ago

    Watch all this just to see number 1 what should of been 10

  2. TrukenX


    9 hours ago

    Wait how is the video MONITIZED again? This was the greatest show of Physical and Mental Assault I've seen in a while and US-state put ADs on it?

  3. Jonny pipes the young god

    Jonny pipes the young god

    12 hours ago

    8/10 needs more Caruso

  4. KobiElilov


    13 hours ago

    Wooow crazy dunks 😀😀

  5. Sean Hardman

    Sean Hardman

    13 hours ago

    8:15 so perfect

  6. xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx


    14 hours ago

    BOUCHER Over Kennard ANNNNND Giannis should of been top 30 wtfff whoever makes these videos is spun

  7. GOKU


    15 hours ago

    I already new what #1 would be lol

  8. Camille LAMBERTI

    Camille LAMBERTI

    16 hours ago

    The Jam of Lillard against Denver ! ❤️🔥

  9. Down with the O Team

    Down with the O Team

    16 hours ago

    I love when Ja flies in for the alleyoop

  10. Bless Mclean

    Bless Mclean

    17 hours ago

    Meet me at the rim and don’t be late 😹

  11. aola wili

    aola wili

    17 hours ago

    D lo's face when Lonzo throws the full court lob: RIICKEEEEYYYYYY!

  12. YaboiShaun


    18 hours ago

    52 shoulda been 1

  13. YaboiShaun


    18 hours ago

    Aaron Gordon is the type of guy to do a 360 dunk because the defense gives him nothing else

    • aola wili

      aola wili

      17 hours ago

      I like norvelle pell you see him get postered alot bjt he is the only one jumping to block it havent even seen embiid to that yet

  14. Jacob


    22 hours ago

    Where tf is Kelly Oubre ??????

  15. Headrush450


    22 hours ago

    Russell westbrook travels with 3 or 4 steps

  16. Ricci Rivero

    Ricci Rivero

    Day ago

    DeRozan deserves 1 DeRozan Defrozan

  17. RK面具


    Day ago

    What the fuck LBJ is the top 1 dunk. I think JA Morant that one is more better. Fuck u LEBORN JAMES

  18. Harold Tabarno

    Harold Tabarno

    Day ago

    Where is the Zions dunk from Holiday when the ball bounces first in the backboard?

  19. Natali S

    Natali S

    Day ago

    9:40 the way James making sure Russ wasn't gonna fall 🥺

  20. chwis


    Day ago

    If y’all miss the old 2000s R&B songs like I do, check out this song:

  21. M


    Day ago

    Derrick Jones JR.. master of the super layup

  22. owen barnes

    owen barnes

    Day ago

    Ja’s missed dunk over love was better than all of these

  23. jbites


    Day ago

    kawhis dunks suck

  24. Rishab Gusain

    Rishab Gusain

    Day ago

    Lebron James No.1 Babyyyyyyyy

  25. Anna Maria

    Anna Maria

    Day ago

    Marquiss Chriss hetting dunk on almost everytime🤣

  26. Camilo Cardenas

    Camilo Cardenas

    Day ago

    The things

  27. Elhadii Sml

    Elhadii Sml

    Day ago

    Lebrons dunk should be number 20 or something, seriously. A lakers fan

  28. Randall Burkhart

    Randall Burkhart

    Day ago

    Pretty good dunks in the WNBA

  29. Wkell 27

    Wkell 27

    Day ago

    I like norvelle pell you see him get postered alot bjt he is the only one jumping to block it havent even seen embiid to that yet

  30. dutt reacts

    dutt reacts

    Day ago

    They only showed akumpo and zeon

  31. Mellon axe Mellow

    Mellon axe Mellow

    Day ago

    1)42 2)54 3)94

  32. Hilario Household

    Hilario Household

    Day ago

    “If you don’t like that, you don’t like NBA basketball, Oh BOY”

  33. Xaosis


    Day ago

    No jarret culver???!

  34. Toast


    Day ago

    Number 1 was weak, it should've been derozan or ja

  35. Trahern Lafavor

    Trahern Lafavor

    Day ago

    Zion and lonzo

  36. David Espinoza

    David Espinoza

    Day ago

    Bro Lebron dickride is real

  37. Jack Mccormick

    Jack Mccormick

    Day ago

    Jojo with a nasty slam

  38. ParkinGlass


    Day ago

    #21 was cut short yall know what happened next.. Favourite was #57... JJ Riddick face 😂

  39. Bino CBR

    Bino CBR

    Day ago

    O Vpf

  40. Basquet en Sintonía

    Basquet en Sintonía

    Day ago

    Partidos de la selección argentina por acá

  41. Manosp16


    Day ago

    Porzingis on Drummond????????????????????

  42. Kelvin Nana

    Kelvin Nana

    Day ago

    3:55 should be number 1

  43. Luke O.

    Luke O.

    Day ago

    Number 1 and 2 were just a poor choice

  44. Roland Dantec

    Roland Dantec

    Day ago

    He's 35 years fucking old...simply goat....

  45. CB 2 Smoove

    CB 2 Smoove

    2 days ago

    Unpopular opinion: Russell Westbrook is the best Point guard in the NBA.

  46. Ados Korkados

    Ados Korkados

    2 days ago

    Giannis with the Jumpman dunk.

  47. Ibraaheem Laceman

    Ibraaheem Laceman

    2 days ago

    I stg every dunk from Zion's career is in this list

  48. thebigson


    2 days ago

    Lebron be fillin up those shorts highkey👀👀👀

  49. Tygger 2k6

    Tygger 2k6

    2 days ago

    I dont get #1. There are about 20 dunks better

  50. Alexis Loisel

    Alexis Loisel

    2 days ago

    Lebron: 360 between the legs over Tacko Flight: Look at Curry man.

  51. YuinBoys58 Vlog's

    YuinBoys58 Vlog's

    2 days ago

    Nu.2 wasn’t even a dunk

  52. Charles-Olivier Marchand

    Charles-Olivier Marchand

    2 days ago

    Im a little sad to not see any of norman powell’s dunk

  53. Brian Tamagos

    Brian Tamagos

    2 days ago

    Aaron Gordon off foot dunk 😳 5:00

  54. Jordan Katsaros

    Jordan Katsaros

    2 days ago

    Lebrons reverses shouldn’t be in the top 50

  55. xoobo vola

    xoobo vola

    2 days ago

    Demar’s should be 1

  56. Youre Mom

    Youre Mom

    2 days ago

    Demar Derozan should have been number one

  57. Zachary Paige

    Zachary Paige

    2 days ago

    bron is just #1 because he's bron. not saying bron is bad, but Ja's dunk was way nastier

  58. Jacob Reid

    Jacob Reid

    2 days ago


    • xoobo vola

      xoobo vola

      2 days ago

      Everything is fun and game until Giannis is driving to the basket.



    2 days ago

    *Imagine Steve Francis in this era!!!!!!!*

  60. Erika Velasquez

    Erika Velasquez

    2 days ago

    Nickname Kelly Oubre the Yummy Yammer.

  61. emmanuelo yanus

    emmanuelo yanus

    2 days ago

    A lot of these dunks are and ones and some of them are pretty dangerous fouls... WTF goin on with these refs smh

  62. The Enforcer

    The Enforcer

    2 days ago

    Lonzo to Zion connection is nasty🔥🔥

  63. Jay


    2 days ago

    The NBA’s uniform situation is so screwed up you can’t even tell who’s playing who in most of these clips.

  64. Hunter Greene

    Hunter Greene

    2 days ago

    How is dames 72? Literally put the Lakers on a poster smh

  65. NadiaQuinones07


    2 days ago

    Bruh how is lebrons dum dunk #1 it wasn’t even top 10

  66. kobe24veria


    2 days ago

    this #85 dunk from aaron gordon is so underrated

  67. Sage Eliode

    Sage Eliode

    2 days ago

    That Zo-Zion connection🔥🔥🔥

  68. Alex Doty

    Alex Doty

    2 days ago

    @7:25 Some would say Fultz caught the body but he really bodied himself

  69. av f

    av f

    2 days ago

    Derozan and Giannis dunks (3 & 4) were better than 1.

  70. Tyler Mazza

    Tyler Mazza

    2 days ago

    derrick jones jr's dunk against the grizzlies should have been number 1

  71. Jay Mark

    Jay Mark

    2 days ago

    Lonnie Walker is a star, gonna be a problem in these next years.

  72. Kelly


    2 days ago

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Air Zion and his next poster victim.

  73. HML broth

    HML broth

    2 days ago

    Everything is fun and games until Giannis is driving to the basket.

  74. Michael Farotto

    Michael Farotto

    2 days ago

    Gordon over McGee tomahawk to seal the game should be on this

  75. Aleksa Prelic

    Aleksa Prelic

    2 days ago

    DWade should have been number 9

  76. Lee's Boots and Such

    Lee's Boots and Such

    2 days ago

    Absolute shade that Christian Wood didn’t make this compilation several times.

  77. Emerson Weening

    Emerson Weening

    2 days ago

    Derozan should have been 1

  78. Philip Occhiuto

    Philip Occhiuto

    2 days ago

    Everybody knew #1 would be “ here comes L B J”

  79. Андрей


    2 days ago

    Seriously the 1 place?🥱🥱🥱

  80. Leom


    2 days ago

    I swear bam adebayo windmilled in a game but ur putting akumpo dunking wide open... smh