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This Woman’s Stunning Camper Van is the Best I’ve Ever Seen!

In this van tour we're checking out Clare's beautifully crafted campervan conversion! She spent over a year designing it down to the millimeter and now lives and travels in it full-time. The van is a complete tiny home - with a kitchen, toilet, shower, office, and bed, all in a vehicle that's just 6m long! #vanlife
00:00 - Intro
00:25 - Tour begins
01:41 - Office
03:38 - Kitchen
08:02 - Shower & toilet
09:43 - Living room
11:06 - Bedroom
13:12 - Back of van
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  1. francisca moreno

    francisca moreno

    2 hours ago

    Me quedo con la última frase la vida es corta.

  2. Willie Lagare

    Willie Lagare

    2 hours ago

    Quite brilliant !

  3. Rosemary Markham

    Rosemary Markham

    3 hours ago

    This is so awesome especially to get away from the rat race !!

  4. Utkarsh Tiwari

    Utkarsh Tiwari

    7 hours ago

    I love the way you describe your work with feelings. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's one of the best camper van. I would like to say it a nano home on wheels.

  5. Raylene Alexander

    Raylene Alexander

    7 hours ago

    Love Clare and her van :)

  6. Penny Mitchell

    Penny Mitchell

    15 hours ago

    What a work of art this van is.... shows great imagination. Lovely home. Best wishes for great living and travels Clare

  7. Joanne Sauvageau

    Joanne Sauvageau

    18 hours ago

    I feel a kindred spirit with Clare! I’d love to meet her!

  8. Pamela London Franck

    Pamela London Franck

    19 hours ago

    Charming - owner and van!

  9. Nicolas Vera

    Nicolas Vera

    Day ago

    Que lindo... eso es disfrutar la vida!!!!👏👏👏👏

  10. Emily loves animals

    Emily loves animals

    Day ago

    I love the van and Clare! So happy for her!! What a lovely home!!! Cool lady as well!!

  11. Jhonny Van Life ontheroad

    Jhonny Van Life ontheroad

    Day ago

    wow! its amazing

  12. iubire romaneasca

    iubire romaneasca

    Day ago


  13. Eileen Golden

    Eileen Golden

    Day ago

    I need to know how to make a living on the road. Advice?

  14. Marcie 47

    Marcie 47

    Day ago

    wow--smart 2 put down what u do n a da 2 b able 2 build by--

  15. Alby Lowe

    Alby Lowe

    Day ago

    is it a good idea to store big LPG bottles in your car all the time though? especially around all your circuitry?

  16. CeciDani Juntos

    CeciDani Juntos

    Day ago

    Amazing beautifull ban and very peacefull wonderfull lady claire hope she has a lot of friends to enjoy the beutifull scenary , life is to short to live in solitude ,,,,

  17. Amelia A

    Amelia A

    Day ago

    How do you wash cloths?

  18. Chesney Adventures

    Chesney Adventures

    2 days ago

    What a well designed van!!

  19. paul jojiana

    paul jojiana

    2 days ago

    Amazing build



    2 days ago

    Nice Guy!

  21. jalokin


    2 days ago

    How is the weight in Kg of the van?

  22. TonyElbows


    2 days ago

    very nice. looks great. I wonder how much extra weight it is, and how much gas mileage has reduced.

  23. Gail Welch

    Gail Welch

    2 days ago

    While this is not a life for me, I admire Clare's and her decision to live life to her own beat.

  24. Ayushi Khanna

    Ayushi Khanna

    2 days ago

    When she asked would you like to come inside at 1:04 I was like """ omg really 😍😍😍""" I would love to but I hope one day I meet you ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Gousia Banu

    Gousia Banu

    2 days ago

    Great humenbeing

  26. Monique Stam

    Monique Stam

    2 days ago

    Your delight of loving your home is obvious before you even open the door. Thank you for sharing.

  27. John Roekoe

    John Roekoe

    2 days ago

    3:37 Spot the bunny

  28. Soul'd Sean

    Soul'd Sean

    2 days ago

    Across the universe? She's automatically cool in my book.

  29. orbgtennis


    2 days ago

    Claire, your van is a beauty and you are one beautiful, clever person. Thank you for sharing it’s fun details and efficiency. What a great way to live off grid and enjoy life. I’m inspired and wish you well.

  30. Al Gar

    Al Gar

    2 days ago

    Me encantó el espíritu de esta chica y el diseño de ese mini hogar tan cómodo y funcional. Me agradaría saber que lugares de Australia gusta visitar, si suele viajar acompañada y si tiene familia que suele frecuentar. Gracias Google por traducirme al inglés. I loved the spirit of this girl and the design of that comfortable and functional mini home. I would like to know what places in Australia you like to visit, if you usually travel accompanied and if you have family that you frequent. Thanks Google for translating me into English.

  31. Daisy Sanderson

    Daisy Sanderson

    2 days ago

    2:12 So cute!

  32. Susan Jackson

    Susan Jackson

    2 days ago

    I LOVE her home it is awesome!!!!!! She is awesome. I want one just like this!

  33. Leorahsaur


    2 days ago

    you can just tell how happy and proud she is of her space!!! its amazing!!

  34. Laurie Hudson

    Laurie Hudson

    3 days ago

    70, 000. Guess it's all about preference.

  35. Marco Cosentino

    Marco Cosentino

    3 days ago

    It’s amazing, the only problem could be the total weight of the van, I have some doubts that it can stay within 3,5 tons with all equipment inside

  36. Marisa Means

    Marisa Means

    3 days ago

    Love your van and you're cool too.

  37. Kimberly Kelly

    Kimberly Kelly

    3 days ago

    She has a beautiful place to live anywhere she wants to. I miss my road trips.



    3 days ago

    Very good house in van



    3 days ago

    Wowww nice vab guys

  40. Osman Muhamad

    Osman Muhamad

    3 days ago

    Amazing 😍❤️🌹

  41. Bruce Donnelly

    Bruce Donnelly

    3 days ago

    Love the live edge counter tops.. congrats on the build! Best

  42. Gina Kennis

    Gina Kennis

    3 days ago


  43. thedanyes


    4 days ago

    I wonder how much the whole thing weighs.

  44. whissywhassy


    4 days ago

    She is a life teacher for us her spirit...❤❤❤

  45. Katherine Sell

    Katherine Sell

    4 days ago

    Amazing van set up and amazing woman. Thank you for posting this.

  46. Sue K.

    Sue K.

    4 days ago

    I love this women !



    4 days ago

    I want one

  48. Jiffenuh


    4 days ago

    I absolutely love this. So unique. Very cozy.

  49. stacy shannon

    stacy shannon

    4 days ago

    Her bathroom is such a great idea. Every space has purpose.

  50. Shidah Izumi

    Shidah Izumi

    4 days ago

    Love that she got toilet and shower area that can be hidden away when not use. Kitchen is lovely. Like a log huts.

  51. Trevor Stolz

    Trevor Stolz

    4 days ago

    Nice van! The steering wheeling is on the wrong side of the vehicle. Do you drive on the wrong side of the road too? Just kidding. :)

  52. Jan Jones

    Jan Jones

    4 days ago

    How long have you lived in the van? Looks real comfy. But lonely.👍👍❤️❤️😃 I’m in Texas, where are you?

  53. Faye Reeve

    Faye Reeve

    4 days ago

    Love all of it apart from where toilet is I would of made a smaller work top I just find it really un hygienic .hay friend do you want dinner ,, mind that smells I've just taking a poo . Nice whiles serving food up .

  54. Georgy Naddie

    Georgy Naddie

    5 days ago


  55. Nena Kristina

    Nena Kristina

    5 days ago

    What a beautiful person. I would love to know her.

  56. Glenn Wright

    Glenn Wright

    5 days ago

    What a lovely lady!

  57. Nemesis Frosch

    Nemesis Frosch

    5 days ago

  58. Jackson Lawrence

    Jackson Lawrence

    5 days ago

    Dont be fooled. Her van cost every bit as much as some houses.

  59. Alexandra Smith

    Alexandra Smith

    5 days ago

    What do I like? That she is real. Genuine. And not another marketing graduate who bought a van and started filming as a way into their desired career (trust me, there are loads of them out there). This was probably one of the loveliest tours I have ever seen.

  60. YVON CRESPEIGNE aventurier

    YVON CRESPEIGNE aventurier

    5 days ago

    Waouw .... really unbelievable .... What a nice realisation ! Yvon & Pat from .........Belgium . Take care