Megan Thee Stallion - Girls in the Hood [Lyric Video]

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  1. Hennezzy


    12 minutes ago

    I like her, but I just don’t understand why do rappers these days use the tunes of the classic hiphop hits?! Brah that’s Eazy E’s legacy in there! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Liliána Turzó

    Liliána Turzó

    31 minute ago

    QUEEN 👑❤️👌🏻

  3. Lil Pumma

    Lil Pumma

    41 minute ago

    I love her music💕❤️

  4. 25k subscribers with no Video Challenge

    25k subscribers with no Video Challenge

    52 minutes ago

    This song is complete garbage How dare she copy The Godfather of rap

  5. Ride Low

    Ride Low

    56 minutes ago

    She is ruining this song

  6. Breanna Morrison

    Breanna Morrison

    Hour ago

  7. Breanna Morrison

    Breanna Morrison

    Hour ago

  8. Natasha Ngulube

    Natasha Ngulube

    Hour ago

    Mami Meg💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿🥰🥰🥰love you

  9. Ironixx


    Hour ago

    She put the sasuke picture on her insta 😂

  10. Osvaldo Valdez

    Osvaldo Valdez

    Hour ago

    You got that from eazy e

  11. Ki'ahni Houston

    Ki'ahni Houston

    2 hours ago

    I only like a few parts of this song but overall this ass Boyz in the Hood is better 🥴

  12. BEARicade !

    BEARicade !

    2 hours ago

    it coulda ended at 1:39...Just sayin...

  13. Glimpz


    2 hours ago

    Didnt know we were in barbie world

  14. Maximo A

    Maximo A

    2 hours ago

    Why are you ruining a perfectly good song

  15. Kay C

    Kay C

    2 hours ago

    I think she should’ve stuck to the original topic of the song not so freaky but I love meg regardless

  16. M G

    M G

    3 hours ago

    Her flow is always the same..... boring

  17. no one is safe

    no one is safe

    3 hours ago

    This shit mad disrespect full :/ why can’t she just stop using beats that people already made a song out of?

  18. Jadira Builtmore

    Jadira Builtmore

    3 hours ago

    Ode to that Crip legit...forget that beef LADY ty we live in a battle and the fact that you brought acknowledgement to a legend who lived in his truth as you do unapologetically is worth the plight to live keep speak shelter that truth. So ty Megan your not thirsty your a credit to history of rap n all the while telling ur herstory

  19. Ssnsha Dsss

    Ssnsha Dsss

    3 hours ago

    What’s abt Boyz in the hood took their beat

  20. Kyle Carter

    Kyle Carter

    3 hours ago

    Like if boys in the hood is better

  21. Crystal Galvan

    Crystal Galvan

    3 hours ago


  22. confusecius


    3 hours ago

    I can't believe this woman singlehandedly made anime cool 😔 🏳

  23. Mattyyboyeee


    3 hours ago

    literally ripoff of eazy e

  24. pichu


    4 hours ago

    still mad abt the anime part without her todoroki cosplay pics

  25. esther ola

    esther ola

    4 hours ago

    someone could literally screenshot every 5 seconds of this video and have a cute ass wallpaper 😍😍

  26. Edgar Chavez

    Edgar Chavez

    4 hours ago

    This is so bad



    4 hours ago

    the fact that she thinks it okay to use eazy’s beat for her bullshit music pisses me off.

  28. vernette latorre

    vernette latorre

    4 hours ago

    This is litttt asf smh

  29. ButBabygirl Idon'tevencareanymore

    ButBabygirl Idon'tevencareanymore

    5 hours ago

    Just wanted to let you know I have a crush on you 😘🥰

  30. Knight Nation CEO

    Knight Nation CEO

    5 hours ago

    Eazy e would be disappointed

  31. tomuch chedder

    tomuch chedder

    5 hours ago

    Easy e in thug mansion: who let this happen whoever in control of my music only cares for money

  32. Briana Isaacs

    Briana Isaacs

    5 hours ago


  33. OgDT 14

    OgDT 14

    5 hours ago

    Megan thee “stallion” Stallion: uncastrated adult “Male” horse

  34. venxeen arteza

    venxeen arteza

    5 hours ago

    1:09 *WEEB NEW ANTHEM*

  35. Kenneth alcazar

    Kenneth alcazar

    6 hours ago

    This song is 🔥 it makes u feel a bad bitch moment :3

  36. Cassandra Engelmann

    Cassandra Engelmann

    6 hours ago

    Megan marry me

  37. breanna haynes

    breanna haynes

    6 hours ago

    1:11 love you megan

  38. Brianna Davis

    Brianna Davis

    6 hours ago

    I love Megan so much

  39. deadfish187 gaming

    deadfish187 gaming

    6 hours ago

    Boyz in the hood is better

  40. Jacob Lemus

    Jacob Lemus

    6 hours ago

    Rest In Peace Eazy-E.

  41. Danny C

    Danny C

    6 hours ago

    Only real ones know where this beats from

  42. Smiley slay vevo

    Smiley slay vevo

    6 hours ago

    Hot girl in the hood🔥🔥👅👅♥️i want to to colla with you megan

  43. Fiona Amalie

    Fiona Amalie

    6 hours ago

    omg i was just listening to boyz in the hood

  44. Sienna .H

    Sienna .H

    6 hours ago

    Holy fuck this is INSANE

  45. Cynical Boi

    Cynical Boi

    7 hours ago

    This is soo bad man this is disrespectful to easy e

  46. lovely k

    lovely k

    7 hours ago


  47. MVG Beaming Fortnit4 Yeet

    MVG Beaming Fortnit4 Yeet

    7 hours ago

    Ok no hate but this is a copy of a iconic song just modified

  48. Mr Leaker

    Mr Leaker

    7 hours ago

    Only legends with good taste of music know this beat is from Eazy E’s diss 🤭

  49. Kookiex Shookie

    Kookiex Shookie

    7 hours ago

    DO THAT SHIT . HOT SHIT. U Got another 1. Queen. Hit. always. Dont stop!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Kitty Powers

    Kitty Powers

    7 hours ago

    1:11 *Anyways, Stan Megan Thee Stallion*

  51. Asiaa Fisher

    Asiaa Fisher

    8 hours ago


  52. Davit Nakopia

    Davit Nakopia

    8 hours ago

    Not the right song to sample, it’s so lame 😒

  53. Basketball Girl24

    Basketball Girl24

    8 hours ago

    Do y’all know your Megan baby?!

  54. Maleeshia Mcdonald

    Maleeshia Mcdonald

    9 hours ago

    I love to see you twice

    • Maleeshia Mcdonald

      Maleeshia Mcdonald

      9 hours ago


  55. Maleeshia Mcdonald

    Maleeshia Mcdonald

    9 hours ago

    This ass bad

  56. Dan Todd is god

    Dan Todd is god

    9 hours ago

    Well, that’s boyz n the hood ruined. Great.

  57. Boy Guzman

    Boy Guzman

    9 hours ago

    They had to ruin Eazye and nwa like that

  58. Steven B Bass

    Steven B Bass

    9 hours ago

    Bruh she stole the whole damm beat and flow from Eazy E 😠

  59. Shadow Xile

    Shadow Xile

    9 hours ago

    NO ONE MEGAN: ima make him eat me out while i watch anime Me: dont do that plz dont do that

    • Pretty Princess P P

      Pretty Princess P P

      8 hours ago

      Make him eat cake while his brother makes a video of it

  60. issamood


    9 hours ago

    *"They tryna knock me off but a bitch still grinding"* BAD BIH MOTTO OF THE YEAR

  61. aquarius 3G baby

    aquarius 3G baby

    10 hours ago

    These bitches mad mad, they wanna hurt me😂That's my girl! You better do it sus!!! ❤ #aquariusgang

  62. Guillermo Rubio

    Guillermo Rubio

    10 hours ago

    How do you disrespect Eazy-E like that, trash i'm sorry

  63. Thatcoolmfu1 Yo

    Thatcoolmfu1 Yo

    10 hours ago

    I'm not going to lie to you you was spitting those bars I was like oh my God. I love girls in the hood

  64. Joaquin B

    Joaquin B

    10 hours ago

    Cardi vs Megan thee Stallion fight

    • angel


      8 hours ago

      no, megan is her own thing

  65. Supreme Arias Family

    Supreme Arias Family

    10 hours ago

    Rip 💨 Eazy e

  66. AjTheBest


    10 hours ago

    Cruisin down the street in my 6’4

  67. Andres Cordova

    Andres Cordova

    10 hours ago


  68. Mosh_Savage 12

    Mosh_Savage 12

    10 hours ago

    Why u rip of e like this bruh

  69. Fani Dimitrova

    Fani Dimitrova

    10 hours ago


  70. OGxxxfan


    10 hours ago

    She disrespecting eazy

  71. De' Judge

    De' Judge

    11 hours ago

    Rap, Hip Hop, R&B has become quite disturbing 😕but the more profane, desperate and trashy the music the more this screwed up generation is attracted to it. Parent(s) must be proud. Smh.

  72. bell G

    bell G

    11 hours ago

    the meme in the condom and the sauske line got me life! XD!

  73. Avaision


    11 hours ago

    Shitty version of Eazy-E's Boyz N the hood

  74. Avaision


    11 hours ago

    Eazy E would'nt approve of this bullshit

  75. Avaision


    11 hours ago

    Eazy-E is still better

  76. Avaision


    11 hours ago

    This is will NEVER be better than Eazy-E

  77. AdrianFort TV

    AdrianFort TV

    11 hours ago

    She’s ruining Eazy-e’s legacy

  78. Skyprincess 1995

    Skyprincess 1995

    12 hours ago

    Megan is so empowering and inspiring :)

  79. phillip warrer

    phillip warrer

    12 hours ago

    Girls (omg this beat is good) me bruh

  80. Real_LiLGhost Official

    Real_LiLGhost Official

    12 hours ago

    She ruining the damn classic, this song will never be as good as boys n the hood, dont disrespect Easy-E like that