Marilyn Manson - WE ARE CHAOS

From the new album, “WE ARE CHAOS.” Everywhere September 11, 2020
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Directed, photographed and edited by Matt Mahurin
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If you say that we're ill
Just give us your pill
Hope we'll just go away
but once you've inhaled death
everything else is perfume
Maybe I'm just a mystery
I could end up your misery
Maybe I'm just a mystery
I could end up your misery
In the end we all end up in a garbage dump
But I'll be the one that’s holding your hand
We are sick, fucked up and complicated
We are chaos, we can't be cured
We are sick, fucked up and complicated
We are chaos, we can't be cured
Maybe I'm just a mystery
I could be your misery
Maybe I'm just a mystery
Marry with the left hand
So far so far from the mad'ning crowd
We are sick, fucked up and complicated
We are chaos, we can't be cured
We are sick, fucked up and complicated
We are chaos, we can't be cured
Am I a man or a show, or moment
The man in the moon
or a man of all seasons
Will I be in at the kill
With you?
We are sick, fucked up and complicated
We are chaos, we can't be cured
We are sick, fucked up and complicated
We are chaos, we can't be cured
We are sick
Music video by Marilyn Manson performing We Are Chaos. © 2020 Marilyn Manson., Under exclusive license to Loma Vista Recordings. Distributed by Concord.


  1. deadgamer


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    8 minutes ago

    This song pretty much sums up the democrats....

  3. Flood Nation The Ark’s HQ

    Flood Nation The Ark’s HQ

    11 minutes ago

  4. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouy

    20 minutes ago

    Не буду ломать тренд. Прокоментирую по-русски))) Наши англоязычные друзья, правда, слегка озабочены)))

  5. Catie Mock

    Catie Mock

    21 minute ago

    Ape is to animal. Animal is to natural instinct. What is natural to you? Instinct is to survival.

  6. Karianne Mcqueen

    Karianne Mcqueen

    22 minutes ago

    Been stuck in my head all week :)

  7. texxx outlaw

    texxx outlaw

    23 minutes ago

    fyi this is garbage manson

    • yroohj gouy

      yroohj gouy

      20 minutes ago

      Great song!!! Loved it the first time. Fantastic voice!! И всем привет!!!)

  8. Subvolt


    28 minutes ago

    Marilyn Manson channeling Bowie. Awesome.

  9. GO GO GO Forest Gamp

    GO GO GO Forest Gamp

    43 minutes ago

    Прикольная песня.🔝👏👏👏

  10. AC Milanista

    AC Milanista

    50 minutes ago

    so beautiful song ! one of the best since Mechanical animals, i love it so much

  11. Alexander Damright

    Alexander Damright

    51 minute ago


  12. James Fikes

    James Fikes

    Hour ago

    After watching a few times and listening...he is very relevant today, the past, and future. Our society is divided now, those who wear masks vs those who don’t, Corp elites v blue collar, those fighting military battles vs others. We are chaos, which is what unites us...the common ground...the chaos in us sparks creativity, looking outside the box, allows us to see with those flowered glasses. Can we be cured? do we even want to be cured? The cure may just make us numb and dumb.

  13. Karlayl


    Hour ago

    He is so so so.....

  14. Scott Fennell

    Scott Fennell

    Hour ago

    Not bad. There definitely influences in this one. I like the direction MM is going.

  15. Brigante1.6 CSGO

    Brigante1.6 CSGO

    Hour ago

    porque me haces esto manson eres un popero

  16. 5 4

    5 4

    Hour ago

    Marilyn Manson should team up with AquaSonic (Between Music) for a new song

  17. Angel Martinez

    Angel Martinez

    Hour ago

    Manson I love you

  18. Berny


    Hour ago

    Excelente canción por parte de Manson!!!

  19. Quete delavie

    Quete delavie

    Hour ago

    I wonder if Russians people ever heard of Marylin Manson? 😂😂😂

  20. Truth boy

    Truth boy

    2 hours ago

    Shit I think this is one of his best songs was not expecting it to be this mellow

  21. Diego Alarcon

    Diego Alarcon

    2 hours ago

    buena música🤘🤘

  22. Roman Pashkevich

    Roman Pashkevich

    2 hours ago

    Great song!!! Loved it the first time. Fantastic voice!! И всем привет!!!)

  23. Oleg Kot

    Oleg Kot

    2 hours ago

    весь клип отличная отсылочка к ранним работам Линча, вроде Голова-ластик

  24. Little Bit

    Little Bit

    2 hours ago

    Manson meets Blue October 😍

  25. Vladimir


    2 hours ago

    Wow! My new favorite song!

  26. 陈润楠


    2 hours ago


  27. Fascism is for Poopyheads

    Fascism is for Poopyheads

    2 hours ago

    This is like if David Firth made a music video for Manson, and I am in love with EVERY SINGLE SECOND!

  28. Jose Rodroguez

    Jose Rodroguez

    2 hours ago

    Esta chida la cancion

  29. Cirus


    2 hours ago

    I was needing a fresh air ! that's great !

  30. Tanith Day

    Tanith Day

    2 hours ago

    You are Amazing ,Way Out There , befor lady gaga. Keep being YOU. You are , Gorgeous. 🤪🤪😜🤪😘😘

  31. Iiro Sillankorva

    Iiro Sillankorva

    2 hours ago

    Gettin some David Bowie vibes and not in a bad way.

  32. santiago miraglia

    santiago miraglia

    2 hours ago

    Es una onda David Bowie esto ultimo

  33. Anthony A

    Anthony A

    2 hours ago

    Lmfao this is confusing as fuck. Feels somewhat like a troll song!

  34. John


    2 hours ago

    This song is so depressing that I'm not sure if I like it lol. The vid is cringy tho

  35. Obey Silence

    Obey Silence

    3 hours ago

    We kinda imitates King Dude

  36. rocyrino


    3 hours ago

    I truly love this man’s musical career. I’ve been here for all the albums and I love them all. It’s so good to see an artist evolve and stay true to his core values while evolving. And the clip is one of the best thing I’ve seen in a while. I love all the visuals. Can’t wait for the album

  37. Катя Витебская

    Катя Витебская

    3 hours ago


  38. Thank You

    Thank You

    3 hours ago

    Don’t you like me?

  39. Paul Jellison

    Paul Jellison

    3 hours ago

    I just listened a second time. Cool song! I'm dont know if I can or not be cured

  40. пллплп лпавчыкк

    пллплп лпавчыкк

    3 hours ago

    пронзительно глобоко это потрясает впервые за много лет музыка прошибла меня насквозь и до слёз

  41. Paul Jellison

    Paul Jellison

    3 hours ago

    I am sick, fucked up and complicated , I am CHAOS

  42. 한량


    3 hours ago

    light ver deep-six has entered the youtube.

  43. Danny Kent

    Danny Kent

    3 hours ago

    Seems like as much straining he does.He would've pooped it out by now.

  44. jpmarie9


    3 hours ago


  45. xsanchezz


    4 hours ago

    what is this ?? This is Manson ? :O ? :/

  46. chayanoff


    4 hours ago

    super good

  47. sebgob


    4 hours ago

    Ceci est un commentaire en français.

  48. Olga vilma Chacoma

    Olga vilma Chacoma

    4 hours ago

    Esto es de dioses 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  49. Elizabeth Afton

    Elizabeth Afton

    4 hours ago

    This is some of your best stuff

  50. ThatOneSceneDude


    4 hours ago

    This video is super cheese. lol cringy man

  51. Angry Charrua

    Angry Charrua

    4 hours ago

    Finally some good music!!!

  52. armando paredes

    armando paredes

    4 hours ago

    foul the scream

  53. Billie Jean davey

    Billie Jean davey

    4 hours ago

    symbol symbol everywhere but not a drop to drink

  54. Dan Dougher

    Dan Dougher

    4 hours ago

    Honestly,I like Manson,but this sounds like any other crappy pop song that's out there today,Manson from the ninety's or early 2000's Would've thrown this song in the garbage

  55. Dragica sušnik

    Dragica sušnik

    4 hours ago

    More relevant in 2020 than ever 🔝✊💜

  56. Cesar Gámez

    Cesar Gámez

    4 hours ago


  57. John Hagood aka RXA

    John Hagood aka RXA

    4 hours ago

    Man on make up with you know.

  58. James L. Walsh

    James L. Walsh

    4 hours ago

    Я даже не знаю русского, но мне пришлось присоединиться к веселью!

  59. singularity


    4 hours ago

    Почему так много рашан?

  60. Krystal 89x

    Krystal 89x

    4 hours ago

    6days you MM💋❤️