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Exclusive iPhone 12 Leaks! 120Hz Update, 4K 240FPS & More!

More Exclusive iPhone 12 Details. 120Hz production update, 4K 120/240FPS mode, navy blue Apple Watch Series 6, AirPods 3 & more Apple news.
Top iOS 14 Features
Last iPhone 12 Leaks
Phone Rebel Cases
Max Weinbach (leaks source)
Scene Inspiration (Apple_iDesigner)
Concept Creator (20W power adapter modeling)


  1. Cyril


    Hour ago

    I'm just waiting for the IOS 14 features video!



    Hour ago

    So can we install solar panel on this phone? Because they are giving us charger so we must find a solution

  3. The Real Slim Shady

    The Real Slim Shady

    2 hours ago

    they need to stop nickel and diming us and just include all accessories and charge us for them

  4. Rui Daniel Amorim

    Rui Daniel Amorim

    2 hours ago

    No power cable? Seem impossible, as most apple car play devices require physical connection.

  5. Roberto Alonso

    Roberto Alonso

    2 hours ago

    Will the next Mac book pro have Face ID ? What do you think ?



    3 hours ago

    What is the date

  7. TiniiPlayz


    3 hours ago

    New apple phone and watch comes out and I can’t afford it and he can afford like 87 phones Me Do I have enough for food Also me Yes I do Future me scared about jailbreak 🦠 viruses Me now iM iN dAnGeR

  8. Josh Britton

    Josh Britton

    3 hours ago

    Should I buy the IPHONE 11 or wait for the IPHONE 12🤨🤨🤨

  9. Fisnik Ukeperaj

    Fisnik Ukeperaj

    4 hours ago

    Why you dont post videos daily

  10. Tomas 400 Lima games

    Tomas 400 Lima games

    4 hours ago

    It’s really????

  11. Artorias


    5 hours ago

    Remove that gross 3 small camera and just use a single big camera.



    6 hours ago

    Im just here looking for an update in the phone rebel cases. Pretty unfortunate not having any update. Almost a month and “it supposed to shipped next week”

  13. USA Channel PK

    USA Channel PK

    6 hours ago

    When we get I phone 12 please tell us date..?

  14. JB_XYZ


    6 hours ago

    I really like that wallpaper when you said Ios14. Where can I find it :)

  15. ABM W

    ABM W

    7 hours ago

    let's go

  16. Benito Ramos

    Benito Ramos

    7 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me where Filip got those colored lights in the background?

  17. ItsJustAnn


    8 hours ago

    I'm just waiting to get the iphone Xr in 2 years for less price

  18. Łïñćöłñ Gåmïñg

    Łïñćöłñ Gåmïñg

    8 hours ago

    Are you going to be doing a 5G speed test anytime soon?

  19. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    9 hours ago

    contradict more.

  20. Kim Jaden

    Kim Jaden

    9 hours ago

    5g wont work properly in us..

  21. Alaijah Dixon

    Alaijah Dixon

    10 hours ago

    Do we have a release date for the iPhone 12 pro max?

  22. Czech Jawa

    Czech Jawa

    11 hours ago

    I received today and the feel is awesome

    • Shauka Hodan

      Shauka Hodan

      9 hours ago

      for a stylus of some kind.

  23. Singh Manpreet

    Singh Manpreet

    11 hours ago

    Wht if they add camera in apple logo instead of adding on the top corner ??

  24. A2SAVAGE


    11 hours ago

    Imagine if they made Apple glass eyedrops so you have a iPhone in your eyes what do yall think

  25. Elias Roy

    Elias Roy

    11 hours ago

    A lot of hair first time.

  26. Picverse


    11 hours ago

    Hey about those camera lenses. There is nothing they can do to make the phone exciting, so the iPhone will turn into the icamera. This will make the camera the main point and the phone as something that is just there. Most of us will be using head phones to talk and make calls. We will only pull our iPhones out to take pictures. I am calling it and you heard it first from picverse. The iPhone will be the icamera, the most advanced camera you will ever need. Who cares about the phone anyways.

  27. mikey moet

    mikey moet

    11 hours ago

    apple u suck , its the same designs as the other models....

  28. guardianigor


    12 hours ago

    People still buying this overpriced bullshit?

  29. Rose Mike

    Rose Mike

    12 hours ago

    I recommend you to FLASHHACK7 on IG he's a pro

  30. Michael Basiliere

    Michael Basiliere

    13 hours ago

    Your late

  31. Ira Haerani TV Official

    Ira Haerani TV Official

    14 hours ago

    Next:macOS 11.0 Big Sur

  32. Norman Pang

    Norman Pang

    14 hours ago


  33. Beast battle gaming !

    Beast battle gaming !

    15 hours ago

    Will the iPhone 12 have the notch

  34. DoctorAtomTNT


    15 hours ago

    All I want is USB type C port.

  35. Justin Min

    Justin Min

    16 hours ago

    Where are your light sticks in the background from?

  36. Nathan Bayless

    Nathan Bayless

    16 hours ago

    This looks so ugly🤮

  37. Steven Richards

    Steven Richards

    17 hours ago

    I'm a business user, switched to a Samsung Note a couple of years ago, because of the stylus. There are rumors that the new iPhone 12 could support an Apple pencil of some kind. Any other rumors floating around to support this feature? I would switch back to iOS in a heartbeat if Apple made the iPhone more business friendly and included support for a stylus of some kind.

  38. UltimatePokeGamer7


    17 hours ago

    I really wish that the iPhone 12 Max has 120Hz refresh rate because that's going to sell the most amongst all the releases this year!

  39. Mackpoor Marco

    Mackpoor Marco

    17 hours ago

    I just bought the iphone 11...

    • J Gregg

      J Gregg

      16 hours ago

      Sell it ? Apple releases a new iPhone every fall



    17 hours ago

    buen contenido...

  41. Sahil Shaikh

    Sahil Shaikh

    17 hours ago

    How about the Apple glass having modular frames use one side frame for battery and one side for processing. Potentially opening door for changing the batteries which degrade and upgrade options not having to throw away the whole Glass instead just a frame change would do it. Great for E-waste too, not that Apple would do this

  42. Ismael Hamani Karim

    Ismael Hamani Karim

    17 hours ago

    Apple is the best that's the unique truth, thank you so much for this video as always it's so meaningfull and helpfull

  43. Rinaldi Yoga

    Rinaldi Yoga

    17 hours ago

    please give me one 1 iphone me from indonesian,i sad look your iphone just for broke,give me one 😭😭

  44. ccc 124

    ccc 124

    17 hours ago

    I’m sure you have been asked this a million times, but would you consider starting a tutorial series on 3D modeling? As you said, you are extremely busy, but I’m sure there is an audience for such a series of tutorials. Also, can you please tell me what modeling software you use for your videos? Thanks so much! I love your rebel cases!!

  45. どこでも


    18 hours ago


  46. Sharda Singh

    Sharda Singh

    18 hours ago


  47. Lu Tieng

    Lu Tieng

    18 hours ago

    The battery is the weakness of apple ...they may nvr fix that shit

  48. jimsdog23 ROBLOX 2020

    jimsdog23 ROBLOX 2020

    18 hours ago

    Leak: MagSafe Charger

  49. SharpFitnessLook


    19 hours ago

    And who is going to have surplus money in September?

  50. Supreme Bagels

    Supreme Bagels

    20 hours ago

    So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that they just added another camera

  51. javier chavers

    javier chavers

    20 hours ago

    I always loved the edge on the 5s and if theyre releasing the 12 with the same style edging, i will definitely be buying one. Loved the way it felt in hand.

  52. Hayden Mitchell

    Hayden Mitchell

    20 hours ago

    No I’m last



    20 hours ago

    Hi Everything Apple Bro. Next Apple iPhone not including charges and headphones? It’s real ? .. If it’s real very very bad move on 2021.

  54. AppleTech Australia

    AppleTech Australia

    20 hours ago

    I can’t wait for the new Rebel full case

  55. Amal Joe

    Amal Joe

    20 hours ago

    They should consider expandable storage if they are enabling 240fps 4k recording

  56. Ricky Paulino

    Ricky Paulino

    21 hour ago

    Give me plss iphone pls

  57. Ingus Podnieks

    Ingus Podnieks

    21 hour ago

    So iphone will have thet huge ass notch? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 hell no man i was thinking i will get the iphone 12 not any more also need to buy charger separately?🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 no thank you, i will just get the next galaxy

  58. Vikram Aggarwal

    Vikram Aggarwal

    21 hour ago

    Eventually Apple will make it so that the iPhones won’t have a rechargeable battery and you will have to buy a new iPhone several times a week 😂

  59. Grace Lauren

    Grace Lauren

    22 hours ago

    I feel like this is the phone that everyone thinks is ugly and if they get it it grows on them and they love it lol 😂

  60. LuLuKGB


    22 hours ago

    have you heard the recent news for 120 hz display on iphone 12 :(

  61. Mohammad Zayad

    Mohammad Zayad

    22 hours ago

    Unbox iPhone 12 😀😀😀

  62. Sarthak Jain

    Sarthak Jain

    22 hours ago

    Notch in 2020 😂😂😂😂😂

  63. James S

    James S

    22 hours ago

    your display bend ?

  64. Blark Dexture

    Blark Dexture

    23 hours ago




    Day ago

    Iphone 12 bruh ym switching to samsung



    Day ago

    2025: Phone with no camera. 2030: Phone with no body. 2035: Apple goes bankrupt. 2040: apple: oh maybe headphone jack was important.

  67. jkmantra _

    jkmantra _

    Day ago

    My kind of iphone. Way back iphone 5s.

  68. Sangeeth K S

    Sangeeth K S

    Day ago

    Are they ditching that weird notch atleast this time? 🙄



    Day ago

  70. Hubert lai yo

    Hubert lai yo

    Day ago

    What about iphone se plus???????

  71. LeoAleksVlogs


    Day ago

    EverythingApplePro: Here is the leaks for the new power brick for the iPhone 12 2 days later. Marques Brownlee: On the iPhone 12 With No Charger...



    Day ago


  73. Nikolaus Hufnagel

    Nikolaus Hufnagel

    Day ago

    Have you seen the new interface in iOS 14 to manually change the date and the possibility to use the transparency mode Witze only one AirPod pro in the ear?

  74. Gaming Evolution X

    Gaming Evolution X

    Day ago


  75. Sean Kim

    Sean Kim

    Day ago

    Everything Apple Pro: "there are some exciting features in the works" Marques: "No Charger included in the box" Me: hMm.... INtEreStiNg

  76. Tech Bytes With Kiran

    Tech Bytes With Kiran

    Day ago

    USB C a minimum for upgrade!

  77. TripleIceyy


    Day ago

    Well if the iPhone 12 comes with a 120Hz display, 4K 120fps,240fps camera. It's pretty bang for the buck. I wouldn't mind paying more than $1000 for a phone with these features especially the camera.

  78. Jackielyn Bautista

    Jackielyn Bautista

    Day ago

    I hope you can giveaway aphone ☺️

  79. Trinity Entertainment

    Trinity Entertainment

    Day ago

    2021 Apple better be revolutionary since most people will skip this years

  80. Gaming Tutorials

    Gaming Tutorials

    Day ago

    3:22 EE eR EeRRR