1. Abroad in Japan

    Abroad in Japan

    5 days ago

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: For the love of god, don't say this is a pen. In fact, just don't use the letter p from now on. This video is 25% rant, 25% critique, 25% story time and 25% diorama. I hope somewhere in between you learn something of value! BUT what do you think of Japanese TV? Am I being too harsh? Or perhaps too kind? Let me know and enjoy the video! Also, the video starts at 09:30...

    • Rehana Shadab

      Rehana Shadab

      15 hours ago

      @abroadinJapan chris, your English is pretty good, would you mind teaching me English. It would worth trying to teach long distance students. Love your rich vocabulary. I am not joking. Please let me knowww

    • V. r. Amos

      V. r. Amos

      17 hours ago

      I find Japanese movies lack seriousness and quality especially from the actors but cant blame them they are only doing their job

    • Scialla Bambolina

      Scialla Bambolina

      20 hours ago

      I love this episode! Good job!

    • Emerick Deneb

      Emerick Deneb

      Day ago

      I guess this is not the diorama you mention

    • Martyn D. Brown

      Martyn D. Brown

      Day ago

      Question(s): I noticed your bookshelf - quite stocked - so, after your transition to Japan, how did you find adjusting to foreign literature? How popular is Manga, really? And what would be a recommended Japanese reading list? (for non-Japanese speakers/readers). P.S Also, you mentioned in another video about moving to JP when you were 22, and I'm 22 now, and wanting to know if moving straight from uni/studying/living with parent, is a good idea straight off the bat. Love the channel, proper insight and your genuinely a funny bloke. Thanks.

  2. thorbergson


    10 hours ago

    Without the language, just the emotions and aesthetics of the Japanese daytime TV just seemed a shotshow to me. Might be different if you know the language though. But all the NHK documentaries I've seen were pretty good.



    10 hours ago

    Chris:why I don’t watch Japanese tv Me:you dont watch ANIME LE GASP

  4. netsuj yenrav

    netsuj yenrav

    10 hours ago

    this is SPARTA

  5. グイード・ミスタ


    10 hours ago

    日本人だけど 超うめぇーなんか言ったことないw めっちゃ旨いはあるけど

  6. Impetus


    10 hours ago

    it's hilarious they would choose pen, one of the few words that has an identical pronunciation in English and Japanese

  7. netsuj yenrav

    netsuj yenrav

    10 hours ago

    but but dragon ball

  8. Omar Osorio

    Omar Osorio

    10 hours ago

    Hey Chris, give it a try to "Monday Lateshow" (月曜から夜ふかし). Matsuko Deluxe is the REAL deal! "This task like b***sh**" kind-of-real.

  9. kang dangalang

    kang dangalang

    10 hours ago

    MxC was one of the greatest shows ever also, I noticed the camera in the background of your shot when in front of your little model room, are you a youtuber?

  10. Stacilee C.

    Stacilee C.

    10 hours ago

    This video was actually pretty funny. Lol I seriously laughed pretty hard.

  11. Rosita Liu

    Rosita Liu

    11 hours ago

    Wouldn't Japanese Gordon Ramsay be like Bakugou? Come on anime community, back me up!

  12. Reiuji Utsuho

    Reiuji Utsuho

    11 hours ago

    My experience which seeing TV from different places is that TV is "uniquely bad" in each country, with the most common factor being the awful amount of repetitive shows. And of course, every place has those few gems worth seeing, the rest is usually mediocre or trash.

  13. banjir jir

    banjir jir

    11 hours ago

    thats why i only consume guro doujin n junji ito...

  14. LightKingdomKnight 1

    LightKingdomKnight 1

    11 hours ago

    7:20 Momma Cherri’s cough cough**

  15. johnny munoz

    johnny munoz

    11 hours ago

    Really thought I was watching blues clues from years ago when the video started

  16. 齋藤謙介


    11 hours ago

    As a Japanese guy, you are mostly right about the reality in Japanese TV shows. It's like swimming in an ocean while drowning slowly. No well constructed criticism comes out of a show but instead just endless videos of random personalities saying good stuff about shitty things. It's really sad. Paying to watch Japanese TV is like paying to get yourself brainwashed.

  17. K K

    K K

    11 hours ago

    I am an 22 year old Indian and speak hindi, english, french, and japanese....that tissue scene almost killed me I am still laughing so hard

  18. JonFawkes


    11 hours ago

    "If Gordon Ramsey went into a kitchen and said everything was good" so Diners Drive-Ins and Dives?

  19. Netjack2112


    12 hours ago

    The beginning feels like a Nobuhiko Obayashi movie

  20. LegacyEvoAce


    12 hours ago

    Any good movies or series in Japan?

  21. Ascended


    12 hours ago

    asian lady was using the weirding way

  22. Stiffels


    12 hours ago

    You're right. Japanese TV is content that is biased by its producers and does not allow for objective evaluation. The news programs are especially bad.

  23. CatChikan


    12 hours ago

    There were only two things I remember from watching tv in Japan; Middle-aged (news?) men talking over a fortnight game for a long time (I went back after switching channels and they were still going at it...) and a show where they had hidden cameras in vending machines and stalked people. Lessons Learned: squat toilets are a sinful place, and squat toilet vending machines are even more sinful (I did NOT want cheesecake icecream. I clicked on the GREEN ONE, THE GREEN ONE I SAID). Also, it's the absolute best place I have ever been and would love to live there)

  24. Build-a-Buddha


    12 hours ago

    Your fictional description of Gordon Ramsey sounds a lot like Guy Fieri on his show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. You know, the one where everything he eats is a "ticket to flavortown" or whatever. You just KNOW some of the food is probably "meh" but he's gotta sell it anyway.

  25. Johnathon Nunley

    Johnathon Nunley

    12 hours ago

    Best channel ever! Haters gonna hate, but people still care for others! Spread love not toxicity!

  26. Olli Hervey

    Olli Hervey

    12 hours ago

    Hi Chris, I'm from the UK and recently found your channel. I've been watching loads of your videos while stuck indoors, and have just finished Journey Across Japan. While I've loved Japan for as long as I can remember, you've given me the resources and determination I need to not only start learning Japanese, but to someday join the JET program and move to Japan. Thank you so much for inspiring me and helping me realize my childhood dream.

  27. daedalus25


    12 hours ago

    I don't know much about daytime TV there, but I'm addicted to watching the idol-based variety shows every Sunday night.

  28. Sorcize


    13 hours ago

    what about anime

  29. ob1foru


    13 hours ago

    10:05 This segment was probably the most entertaining I've seen thus far on this channel. 😂 But yeah, if this happened all day, every day would get tiring.

  30. Ninjanoodles78


    13 hours ago

    Great video as always! Laughed out loud countless times.

  31. Alex Sladkov

    Alex Sladkov

    13 hours ago

    Oh, it's Satou Angela and Moeno Azuki at 7:50. Watched several seasons of 大食い女王 and enjoyed it. Am I weird?..

  32. FalconGamer58


    14 hours ago

    Almost 1 million views

  33. FalconGamer58


    14 hours ago

    Somebody save the man, relocate him so TV stations don't find him

  34. FalconGamer58


    14 hours ago

    I only watch Best MOTORing on US-state

  35. M. Wilkinson

    M. Wilkinson

    14 hours ago

    That lacklustre "very noice" reaction made me laugh my ass off! 😂

  36. Tidal E

    Tidal E

    14 hours ago

    Hm, this certainly puts Persona 4's TV-theming into perspective, with how it meshes that with its themes of truth and lies

  37. Thomas Strandheim Jørgensen

    Thomas Strandheim Jørgensen

    14 hours ago

    Hahah, love the new favourite TV-show! Great video! "Thumbs up"

  38. bob smith

    bob smith

    14 hours ago

    That test between japanese and english air blowing amount isn't that dumb of an idea, until you realize they used the exact same word in both languages phrases, the word where the movement is most exaggerated.

  39. no one

    no one

    14 hours ago

    Japanese ? Just business tv worthless

  40. Sam Lindsay

    Sam Lindsay

    14 hours ago

    I think that you should have stated at some point that you were only going to talk about reality TV, panel shows, the news, talkshows and the like. Or does fiction not feature on TV in Japan?

  41. Em超


    14 hours ago

    This is most, if not all, asian media.

  42. Vuffer


    15 hours ago

    So basically. TV is overly child friendly in japan

  43. Jande.


    15 hours ago

    To be fair 19-29 year olds in every country are loosing interest in TV

  44. James Hickling

    James Hickling

    15 hours ago

    Love ya stuff mate! been living in Japan over 20 years, and yep cant stand Japanese TV, never watch it anymore.....Netflix has been the best thing ever!

  45. indojin desu

    indojin desu

    15 hours ago

    And why is there always the same fat woman in those shoes as presenter? I see her every time whenever I am in front of a TV (in the waiting area of a hospital, clinic, or some other shop)!

  46. Andrea B

    Andrea B

    15 hours ago

    Hey Chris! I knew about the over-exaggerated daily shows in Japanese TV, but I wonder about historical drama series or movies either made for TV or for the big screen. Are they any better or are they full of cliche and over-acted nonsense? Of course I don't expect Kurosawa style quality, but I would like to know if you have any experience regarding the genre. Thanks!

  47. Da1NOnly Only

    Da1NOnly Only

    15 hours ago

    You can say that about anime too, almost all of them are edgy, excessively similar animation, noticable cliches, etc.

  48. Isaac Wright

    Isaac Wright

    15 hours ago

    I've just noticed you have asian facial hair

  49. Rehana Shadab

    Rehana Shadab

    15 hours ago

    You are pretty good in communication chris, were you that good speaking in front of the camera or you have improved along the way?

  50. Peter


    15 hours ago

    Oh dear, I've only just found out that Chris's last name is Broad..... I see what he's done there. Nice.

  51. Thomas Prell

    Thomas Prell

    16 hours ago

    Klasse erklaert. Seufz. Das Land geht w. unter im Tsunami der Unmoral aus dem Westen. Tschau!

  52. TheHueisOver™


    17 hours ago

    That show you described with the positive gordon ramsay exists, and guy fiery does it.

  53. Kai Cyreus

    Kai Cyreus

    17 hours ago

    I actually couldn't tell you were on a green screen at all Jesus Christ

  54. Alex Ziska

    Alex Ziska

    17 hours ago

    Where can I download a collection of those sound effects??????

  55. Chris Banana

    Chris Banana

    17 hours ago

    MXC vs Takeshi's castle? Which is better???

  56. V. r. Amos

    V. r. Amos

    17 hours ago

    Love you Chris. Im a new follower and i wanted you to know i share your enthusiasm for Sidra. Here in Uruguay there are a lot of flavor to it too! Like pineapple peach amd strawberry. I wish that if some day i find my self in japan and you are still living there i would gift you a peach Sidra because its one of the best!

  57. Lisa-M


    17 hours ago

    I remembered a cameraman coming from Japan to interview me and some of my classmates about the JET programme. We were all polite to him and we talked about the reasons we were interested in the program (we all loved different aspect of the culture). My sensei's friend waited for the episode to air and we all got cut out. When she saw what other people from other countries mentioned she realized they wanted us to talk about the money, didn't look at the shows the same after that

  58. donnell outlaw

    donnell outlaw

    17 hours ago

    -Inaudible British Praise-

  59. just my opinion

    just my opinion

    17 hours ago

    Those chips might salted custard chips, cause in Japan don't they say like egg treats when they mean custard? So it's like salted caramel but instead of caramel it's custard?

  60. YTIsTakingOverMyLife


    17 hours ago

    this will get buried, but you're looking really good Chris! No sleepy eyes or anything, you are shining man!

  61. Lucy Miller

    Lucy Miller

    17 hours ago

    xD Lololol

  62. ThePearlpeltShadow


    18 hours ago

    I am somewhat aroused by hearing you speak a different language whelp

  63. mike C

    mike C

    18 hours ago

    that intro gave me some serious bill nye flashbacks

  64. Crowmaster


    18 hours ago

    Japanese TV is literally them circlejerking each other on their agenda on any topic. Don't believe me? Check any segment where there are multiple personalities and you'll find them mostly agreeing with the agenda of the topic. The agenda is that they are right and points people to particular businesses in the form of hidden sponsorships.

  65. Squallysan


    18 hours ago

    The Lay's salted egg flavor chips from Thailand are amazing!

  66. Stephen


    18 hours ago

    1985 Being spotted by Japanese students as we went past there school , they would rush to the fence and shout "This is a pen" and we were like , Right ok! . Do they still do that ?

  67. Olatunde Fajimi

    Olatunde Fajimi

    18 hours ago

    Nice editing! Funny points.

  68. LovUrVid


    19 hours ago


  69. Dumitrascu Andi Stefan

    Dumitrascu Andi Stefan

    19 hours ago

    The algorithm of US-state went crazy and I'm here now on the channel for the first time, finished the video about a minute ago and insta-subscribed. What are you waiting ? Good video sir and good luck .

  70. nakamine1713


    19 hours ago

    Matsuko Deluxe is a bit more real which is why I tend to like her shows, haha. You nailed the positivity aspect for sure!

  71. horsehorsetigertiger


    19 hours ago

    I agree with you Chris - and it's not just Japan. For some reason producers in Korea, Taiwan etc. all have this obsession with filming people making delicious noises while eating, heavily scripted featurettes and plastering the screen with coloured text that sometimes wobbles a bit in time with random sound effects. Aside from the odd episode of Ningen Kansatsu Monitoring or the No Laughing Gaki no Tsukai specials (are they still a thing?) I don't really bother. Heck, daytime British TV is just as bad imo, just a different flavour of badness. Bit less sugary.

  72. Shuaib S.

    Shuaib S.

    20 hours ago

    Anime and Henati need I say more?

  73. shyguy778


    20 hours ago

    I think this is really biased! "Suyobi No Downtown" is REALLY good! I understand that Japanese TV is a little different, but I think that's because the majority of shows are based around stars and celebrities as opposed to actual content, like it's more famous people's reactions to wild and unique situations, scenarios and topics. There is a lot to see, but there is also a lot to miss admittedly if you can't speak proper Japanese. I would encourage ANYONE to see subbed episodes of the popular comedy shows, one of my favourites right now is THIS one: lol there are a few subbed episodes, but every week the new episodes get uploaded HERE unsubbed: As you can tell, I'm a little partial to Downtown lol Their "Gaki No Tsukai" show, (as well as "Wide Na Show" if you speak Japanese) are also pretty cool too. There are a couple of other shows that are good, but I'd recommend that you find comedians/presenters that you like/find funny to search them out Another note, if you're looking for conflict, then "review" shows/segments are not the place to find it (I mean, is someone going to say a product sponsored by a company or local restaurant tastes horrible?! Comon!) If you want to find "conflict", go to the comedy shows, that's where all the bashing is at lol Also, the sound effects and the words superimposed on screen are just an acquired taste, I think they work really well, most of the time they use Katakana (basically block capitals/uppercase, but read as italics in Japanese) when somebody says something really outrageous or funny, it's really funny sometimes! lol they usually use those words to mock people to varying degrees lmao

  74. Altair Reich

    Altair Reich

    20 hours ago

    That is the strongest *en I've ever seen Why I censored p? Coz Chris said it XD

  75. Sander Gjertsen Østvold

    Sander Gjertsen Østvold

    20 hours ago

    this is a P E N !

  76. Warm Glow

    Warm Glow

    20 hours ago

    Chris, the picture of a happy guy at 16:50 is actually a Thai guy... that's a Thai restaurant called MK lmao

  77. HSC Jizo

    HSC Jizo

    21 hour ago

    15:13 thank god for your existence Chris. I haven’t laughed so hard in years 😂

  78. Integra Fourie

    Integra Fourie

    21 hour ago

    I always dreamt of going to Japan one day but was not sure if it was a place I would want to stay ... then some friend of mine told me to go check out abord in Japan and I've enjoyed every video I watched so far! thanks for sharing your experience and making your videos fun to watch. I am super motivated now to go live in Japan one day👊😄

  79. Mawile #303

    Mawile #303

    21 hour ago

    That chip reviewed looked exhausting

  80. Hotminister


    21 hour ago

    One of the rare accurate beautiful informative videos on US-state, thank you