J.I., Lil Tjay - Hood Scars 2 (Official Music Video)

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Almighty Nate
I gave my dawg a couple hundred, told him hold his head
He locked up, so I pray for him before I go to bed
My back was turned when y'all was talkin', but I heard what y'all said
Got all these tears I done formed,  but they ain't never shed
[Verse] J.I.
They said they went through hell and back, when we was livin' there
Tryna last a day inside my shoes when I got different pairs
I can't believe this little bitch thought she was slick
I got the spits and then I dipped, I had to show her that I didn't care
I pay attention all the time, you got no choice but to respect it
I can't let them take my life, that's why we walkin' 'round with weapons
I can't get you off my mind, it's to the point where I be stressin'
I got played so many times, it was all I expected, nah, nah
Niggas televised my pain when I needed help
I always thought I needed you, but bitch, I need myself
Who am I to believe a bitch when I don't believe myself?
And I refuse to please a bitch when I can please myself
I had my back against the ropes, I had to protect myself
The hopes I had were way too high, I used to upset myself
I gave you way too many chances, I had to check myself
How do you expect me to respect you and you don't respect yourself?
You had no reason to do what you did, but you still did it, nigga
They ain't think I'd make it out the hood until I did it, nigga
This for all them days when I woke up and wished I didn't, nigga
And where I'm from, we put in pain before we feel it, nigga
I gave my dawg a couple hundred, told him hold his head
He locked up, so I pray for him before I go to bed
My back was turned when y'all was talkin', but I heard what y'all said
I feel no type of way, just take these bullets to the head
[Verse 2] Lil Tjay
Couple soldiers locked down
Asking free the guys
Petty shit we overlooked and gotta realize
I still talk to Minie everyday, he got like three to five
I just sip and pour to my heart but I will never cry
Brand new money coming in, I just put that shit aside
Damn I used to think this shit was easy but I still took my time
Now I'm on my grind
Overwhelmed and I've been contemplating time
Fuck a line, I be skipping shit
This talent is hard to find
Tell 'em I, swear of God that I will never tell them lie
I was dead, nigga who? what?
Fuck it guess I'm blind
How you real? Plus you scary? Plus you guilty of that crime?
I guess that I'm in a different mind
Shit be hard to find
Cause I'm different
Ain't too many like me
All a sudden bitches trynna write me
Now these bitches come around trynna cyph, see
I just want the mazi, she hit me up like, "I see"
And I know that she dont like me
She just want to brag
I caught and countered that
I left that bitch on read
Shorty got potential
But she skeet off like a slag
She said I'm her teddy bear
I treat her like I'm Ted
Raf take Gucci cake
Stripping and get back
Outfit go retarted, I get checks like special Ed
Youngins in my city going dumb
You showing slack
I'm just trynna show a bitch to doing better when you stash
I gave my dawg a couple hundred, told him hold his head
He locked up, so I pray for him before I go to bed
My back was turned when y'all was talkin', but I heard what y'all said
I feel no type of way, just take these bullets to the head
#JI #JIthePrinceofNY #LilTjay #HoodScars2
J.I., Lil Tjay - Hood Scars 2 (Official Music Video)


  1. Noah M

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    Chil vibes😴😴😴😴

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    3 hours ago

    Who was a fan when he was on the rap game?

  3. oglx


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    J.I sounds like Lil Tjay, prove me wrong.

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    this record is fire bro love your song just subscribed

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  16. MLGMagicHoodini


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    I love how the tags say #JIthePrinceofNY when tjay says he is the prince of NY 🤔

    • ThatKidAce


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      He says king of ny



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  18. Cyberrouge S

    Cyberrouge S

    20 hours ago

    I can’t hate on a young bout doing right and rapping facts

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      I know it’s soo trash people in the hoods are softies now

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