Heck's Kitchen

Off brand Gordon Ramsay...
Antonio Bobadilla
Don Choi
Hanson Ly
Young Yun
Filmed by:
Isaiah Narisma
Giao Trinh


  1. Nathan Doan Comedy

    Nathan Doan Comedy

    7 days ago

    Trying something new! If you guys liked this video, check out my vlog channel. I’ll post videos like this one on that channel.

    • Dread Blader

      Dread Blader

      8 hours ago

      @Whiskeys the cat YOUR RIGHT

    • TheSpyWaffles


      11 hours ago


    • r x e s e y

      r x e s e y

      12 hours ago


    • Whiskeys the cat

      Whiskeys the cat

      Day ago


    • Dread Blader

      Dread Blader

      Day ago

      i love your videos nathan giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing ging is so funny hey giiiiiiiiiiiiiing ging and nathan

  2. Dominic Cadena

    Dominic Cadena

    18 minutes ago

    Keep it up man you're almost at 1mil👏👍

  3. Destiny Lee

    Destiny Lee

    26 minutes ago

    Gong gong should've bin here! I mean Bong bong- Wait- I mean Ning ning- I MEAN GING GONG- Agh, just forget it-..

  4. Juliet Camacho

    Juliet Camacho

    38 minutes ago

    Where is ghing ghiing

  5. Alex Triton

    Alex Triton

    42 minutes ago

    Hey nathan can you play roblox with Ging Ging?

  6. Yyyjyyyl?,m Haro

    Yyyjyyyl?,m Haro

    Hour ago

    By the way question for ging ging what type of whip do you hit little jimmy with

  7. Yyyjyyyl?,m Haro

    Yyyjyyyl?,m Haro

    Hour ago

    Gives likes to Gings gings channel and he will give you the a plus

  8. Jaclosaur Gamer

    Jaclosaur Gamer

    Hour ago

    Wait wait wait do you actually have multiple personality disorder

  9. coc Vishnu

    coc Vishnu

    Hour ago

    why did you kick out ling ling

  10. coc Vishnu

    coc Vishnu

    Hour ago

    bro whyyyy

  11. Dragon Statue

    Dragon Statue

    Hour ago

    he should make ging gings kitcen

  12. Gairu Gaming

    Gairu Gaming

    Hour ago

    JING JING whats your full name??

  13. Ghost Elixr

    Ghost Elixr

    Hour ago


  14. Samantha Schroder

    Samantha Schroder

    Hour ago

    Ree ree so funy

  15. Gacha life I’m Annoyed

    Gacha life I’m Annoyed

    2 hours ago

    I don’t even watch Victorias but somehow I knew the background music what is the theme song.

  16. Beast


    2 hours ago

    Video idea: Kyle Exum and Nathan meet and both their mums meet and at the end, the mums beet them for getting the b+

  17. thejavi keditsu

    thejavi keditsu

    3 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Nathan kinda sound like ging ging imagine if they were the same person lol😂😂

  18. Patric Lee

    Patric Lee

    3 hours ago

    Is it dong dong or long long or wong wong or wonk wonk

  19. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    3 hours ago

    Who was here before he had 75k subs? Only me? Ok :(

  20. Eli Alva

    Eli Alva

    3 hours ago

    Is ging ging in there?

    • yasio bolo

      yasio bolo

      3 hours ago

      So nobody hear made it shine from victorius in the back round

  21. Ethanthecoolboy


    4 hours ago

    This would probably be more dramatic without the victorious music in the background XD

  22. Angel trevino

    Angel trevino

    4 hours ago

    They forgot to cook the rice oh no!!!

  23. Cutton Yu

    Cutton Yu

    5 hours ago

    Ping ping, long long, wall wall, pill pill, jog jog, jig jig, pun pun, 😂😂🤣🤣

  24. Copex 101

    Copex 101

    5 hours ago

    U should put giiing ging in heck’s kithchen

  25. Airlinguent


    5 hours ago

    Does he have a tiktok? cause a bunch of people are getting his vids and getting half a mil followers

  26. Nik Gojcaj

    Nik Gojcaj

    5 hours ago

    It’s not jing jing,it’s not ging ging,it’s not ding ding it’s,GIIIIIING GING!

  27. Chairman Ssac

    Chairman Ssac

    5 hours ago

    Something about this video makes me SUPER uncomfy, and I love it.

  28. Maxuron Junior

    Maxuron Junior

    5 hours ago

    “Do they beat you?” “...sometimes”

  29. chou user

    chou user

    6 hours ago

    Is cheif ging ging

  30. Liam Morais

    Liam Morais

    6 hours ago

    Don’t I find ironic that I watched an ad of Gordon Ramsey before watching this video

  31. Mum Has a mum as well

    Mum Has a mum as well

    6 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna address the fact that it was playing the Victorious intro music?

  32. Owen Regan

    Owen Regan

    6 hours ago

    Who else got a Gordon Ramsey ad

  33. Brian Sam

    Brian Sam

    7 hours ago

    This how chefs Use a knife you don’t Touch the medal only the wood and the circle medal

  34. Eschatical


    7 hours ago

    I get a Gordan Ramsay ad before this lmao

  35. GetNoobed


    7 hours ago

    wow I didn’t realize I’ve been watching your videos since you had 90k

  36. small fries

    small fries

    7 hours ago

    So nobody hear made it shine from victorius in the back round

  37. Saudi Mapper

    Saudi Mapper

    7 hours ago

    The music giving the Victorius show vibes

  38. Liv


    7 hours ago

    Is that Elise Eckland singing and playing the ukulele in the background😂

  39. sabway rohan

    sabway rohan

    7 hours ago

    You can see the 4th chef trying not to laugh 0:20

  40. Dread Blader

    Dread Blader

    8 hours ago


  41. emilie


    8 hours ago

    congratulations on nearly 10M! you've gone a long way.

  42. Regina Leonard

    Regina Leonard

    8 hours ago

    that one guy he just totally avoids... OH COME ON

  43. Elizabeth Afton

    Elizabeth Afton

    8 hours ago HURRY UP

  44. - KAYAS -

    - KAYAS -

    9 hours ago

    May I have the brisket?

  45. Excarternoah1


    9 hours ago

    Woah you ha so many rikes

  46. Shrek_master.6519


    9 hours ago


  47. Mr. Boss

    Mr. Boss

    10 hours ago


  48. Sean Lee

    Sean Lee

    10 hours ago

    Why don’t u do Nathan visiting giiing ging’s country?

  49. ya boi

    ya boi

    10 hours ago

    Where's gang gang

  50. MafloBLITZ !

    MafloBLITZ !

    10 hours ago

    What if nathan is one of the charachters and harold or bling bling is actually the real nathan

  51. harley quinn

    harley quinn

    10 hours ago

    What the hell I did not say go come back! 🤣 0:48

  52. Jimmys mom

    Jimmys mom

    11 hours ago

    Someone needs to get these legends to 1 million



    11 hours ago

  54. boiprofit gaming

    boiprofit gaming

    11 hours ago

    I still don't fucking know is are u guys twins

  55. Curixsityy


    11 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about how is the background music the victorious theme song but everybody is panicking and is in a rush?

  56. P1ckZ


    11 hours ago

    giiing ging so funny

  57. Yuneisy Lozano

    Yuneisy Lozano

    12 hours ago

    You should make Ling Ling ging ging sing sing cheaf next

  58. Clayton Bublitz

    Clayton Bublitz

    12 hours ago

    Ging ging your stupid In Minecraft The ice cubes were diamonds And rubies Not spensive So you're stupid: to ging ging The idiot

  59. Doodleball Z

    Doodleball Z

    12 hours ago

    Where’s Po Lo?

  60. Oli Herold

    Oli Herold

    13 hours ago

    Giiiing ging is really funi

  61. CringeWars 01

    CringeWars 01

    13 hours ago

    Girls on December 1st: OMG it’s almost Christmas time! Me and the bois on December 1st: 1:37

  62. TheSkitAlt


    13 hours ago

    happy late bday to you.

  63. Evan Noh

    Evan Noh

    13 hours ago

    The 304 people that disliked were the people that didnt make it into the final four.

  64. faster Nano10

    faster Nano10

    14 hours ago

    Am i the first one to pronounce your name right ging ging

  65. Rico Naz

    Rico Naz

    14 hours ago


  66. Choco Loco -_-

    Choco Loco -_-

    14 hours ago

    What’s up Nathan doanut

  67. Indomrex 33

    Indomrex 33

    14 hours ago

    *T H A N K. Y O U. C H E F*

  68. Dhana King

    Dhana King

    14 hours ago

    I miss ging ging so much

  69. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda

    14 hours ago

    Lol I just got a master chef Gordon ad lol

  70. vibe


    14 hours ago

    Make more vids

  71. YouTuber Don’tknow

    YouTuber Don’tknow

    15 hours ago


  72. Guest 666

    Guest 666

    15 hours ago

    Hi gin gin

  73. bright ice

    bright ice

    16 hours ago

    Get ging ging back

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  75. Sarah Mclean

    Sarah Mclean

    16 hours ago

    No posts in a week he’s dead guys This is a joke

  76. Dumbest Grand

    Dumbest Grand

    17 hours ago

    I unsubscribed u to you cuz u kicked ging ging out

  77. Godfather


    17 hours ago

    It’s ironic that I got a Gordon Ramsey ad on this vid.

  78. Ethan Sherpa

    Ethan Sherpa

    17 hours ago

    Guys what is nathan doans new outro from the short films please tell me

  79. CKYT Gamings

    CKYT Gamings

    18 hours ago

    This video should be called “all your cooking pain in one video”

  80. TitaniumGoopGaming


    18 hours ago

    Carbonara actually look soo good