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The worst thing that's ever happened to me

lol december wasn't great

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Don't get too stressed or you might get itchy


  1. hold my black swan

    hold my black swan

    9 minutes ago

    as an eczema patient, i have exactly 0 guts to watch this video

  2. Roger Espinoza

    Roger Espinoza

    21 minute ago

    I know how it feels i've had hives before

  3. Justrayray 124

    Justrayray 124

    Hour ago

    now every time I feel an itch on my body is like hives???? plus I have eczema

  4. pink bonbon

    pink bonbon

    2 hours ago

    Plus i AM alergic to wild peanuts

  5. spencer kat

    spencer kat

    2 hours ago

    I also got the Hives And I actually buyed an appei pen if that how you say it And the Shopper Said it was free since I got an serious hive

  6. Oluwatitofunmi Sadiq-Abu

    Oluwatitofunmi Sadiq-Abu

    2 hours ago

    omg that probably was really bad now i'm scared that i may have hives one day

  7. Project Crazy

    Project Crazy

    3 hours ago

    Owch I shouldn't be humoring this. But I am



    3 hours ago

    I live from that for years

  9. Solar GD

    Solar GD

    3 hours ago

    Jaiden: goes back to bed hives: UNACCEPTABLE

  10. Aleah Knight

    Aleah Knight

    3 hours ago

    I just noticed this came out on my birthday. cool

  11. CitrusSlice 303

    CitrusSlice 303

    3 hours ago

    Jaiden: I hope all of you can have an allergic reaction and almost die. Me: Aww... jaiden

  12. Rebekah Keen

    Rebekah Keen

    3 hours ago

    I'm allergic to bees and I have to have an EpiPen with me 24/7 Batman sign Wherever I Go

  13. AwesomeYaby


    3 hours ago


  14. jay231 san

    jay231 san

    3 hours ago


  15. Fightingmoon341


    3 hours ago

    I got a flu during Christmas and that sucked AND THE WORST PART THERE WERE BOGGERS FALLING ON MY SHIRT AND I WAS LIKE well I’m screwd

  16. Joey Gabriel Diaz

    Joey Gabriel Diaz

    4 hours ago

    my grandma is akways strest but shed never gad hives

  17. Joey Gabriel Diaz

    Joey Gabriel Diaz

    4 hours ago

    my grandma is akways strest but shed never gad hives

  18. Milkyz


    4 hours ago

    i have been getting hella hives for no reason ever since 3 years ago. i take cestrizine hcl 10mg like every day cuz of it. im deadass scratching myself while watching this video.

  19. Enzo Vera

    Enzo Vera

    4 hours ago

    Maybe you should get rid of your mattress since the same thing happened to me but with fleas. New Years, I was at my stepmom's house, I was tired of the party so I fell asleep in my stepbrother's bed. Fact: had a mattress for two. I had put on mosquito repellent, I didn't know that the mattress had fleas, this had already happened to me more than once, my mother made a fuss about it. It is better to get rid of the virus than to find a cure. PS: it is cheaper and durable. Summary: ditch your mattress and change the sheets. Being itchy from things like that can make you feel like hell. Say hello to me on your next video. Dame da ne🎶

  20. Ava Hillier

    Ava Hillier

    5 hours ago

    I hate hives they are the worse I got them twice

  21. V-cast


    5 hours ago

    reminds me of when i had eczema

  22. Evan Howard

    Evan Howard

    6 hours ago

    I almost died from coconut

  23. Smug Viber

    Smug Viber

    6 hours ago

    What’s hives again

  24. Treechourous


    6 hours ago

    Me who had worse: 👁👄👁

  25. 第五人格【あきい】sweet


    7 hours ago

    It’s probably the bed :0

  26. Jen Tallman

    Jen Tallman

    7 hours ago

    3:58 could that one time you swore be in the mr beast 100k battle royale video?

  27. Jessica Gonzalez

    Jessica Gonzalez

    7 hours ago

    I am alergick to sefood and I almost died

  28. azarix


    8 hours ago

    I use to get hives every night when I was 4

  29. Katelyn Daly

    Katelyn Daly

    8 hours ago

    Worst thing that has ever happened to me- I woke with a jolt, feeling my hands shake as I saw pictures of my zombie nightmare over and over. I inhaled sharply, lying back down onto my pillow. I closed my eyes, but soon more horrific scenarios about zombies started playing in my head. The trembling of my hands spread through my whole body as I squeezed my eyes shut. ‘This is gonna be a long night…’ I thought miserably. My dog, Brag, lifted his head and flopped back down close to my chest and Cookie curled up around me on my other side. ‘Oh right,’ I thought. ‘They smell fear. I bet mine is strong.’ I hugged Brag, wanting this living nightmare to be over. My thoughts drifted causing the shaking to stop. As I noticed that it stopped, I realized the cause of it again, making me shake once more. I let a small, pitiful whine escape my lips as I felt Cookie press herself closed to me. *cue in like, an hour or two more of this* ‘This is ridiculous.’ I groaned inwardly. I was becoming scared of noises that even were in my own head. Finally, I stood, staggering over to where my sister slept. I curled in the open space beside her with Cookie and Brag trailing close behind. FINALLY- SLEEEEP

  30. Emma Rose

    Emma Rose

    9 hours ago

    After watching this every time someone is being an ass I just say “you give me hives.”

  31. roblox america ball gaming

    roblox america ball gaming

    10 hours ago

    When i was 3 i got skin allergy it got so reeeeeddd

  32. XxRockygamer_ytxX idot

    XxRockygamer_ytxX idot

    10 hours ago

    I've had hives THREE times I'm allergic to fruit by the foots that triggered the second one the other ones were caused by Haircuts... yep

  33. CT Polski

    CT Polski

    11 hours ago


    • PIly Molinar

      PIly Molinar

      10 hours ago

      Wow my name is Jesus well f***

  34. Kerosin


    11 hours ago

    My god you must have spent thousands on h I v e S of all things

  35. CT Polski

    CT Polski

    11 hours ago

    “All your life you have loved insects”. Well I love the Death Korps of Krieg. (Warhammer 40K) What do you love? Also F for Jaidan

  36. RayAnn Jurisch

    RayAnn Jurisch

    11 hours ago

    Nooo it hurt so badly

  37. Sophia


    11 hours ago

    I have a thing I can’t spell ;-; but I ALWAYS feel itchy and dry ;-;

  38. •cotton skiess!

    •cotton skiess!

    11 hours ago


  39. M Paiz

    M Paiz

    12 hours ago

    I just found your channel, you're seriously my clone. I've gone through so many of the things you have. Haha and I just got over a stress related allergic reaction too. XD Thanks for the great content!

  40. Robert Sopin2772

    Robert Sopin2772

    12 hours ago

    Crawling in my skin

  41. beast 124153

    beast 124153

    13 hours ago

    So, a few years ago I was using a medicinal deodorant. After a couple nights of using it, I found out I was allergic to it :D I don’t know if it was hives or a really bad rash, but it burned and itched like hell and I could barely sleep. I envy those who have never had to deal with that feeling.

  42. Righteousness Kim

    Righteousness Kim

    13 hours ago

    I had hives 2 or 3 times because of I ate to many chips [which was popcorners] So I know some tips that make the go away faster and make you comfortable [i think] 1 to make yourself comfortable put yourself in a nice cool bath or shower [it feels like the hives are melting (: ] 2 to make the hives go away faster is DON'T itch it it might get worse and put some skin conditoning gel on where the hives are .

  43. •{ g r e e n b u n ø ø } •

    •{ g r e e n b u n ø ø } •

    13 hours ago

    I got hives too a TvT

  44. Bee


    14 hours ago


  45. lynx


    14 hours ago

    Does anyone else slow the video down to 0.25x speed to see each drawing Jaiden did

  46. Dweet Fairfield

    Dweet Fairfield

    15 hours ago

    I personally never heard of hives until now. It sound similar to eczema wich I was born with and still have, but hives seems at least 1000000 times worse

  47. {Pøtatø kînğ }

    {Pøtatø kînğ }

    15 hours ago

    Now everybody I'm on my way to ask my mom *for MEARCH*

  48. Veronica Pizarro Rodriguez

    Veronica Pizarro Rodriguez

    15 hours ago

    no one: me: my eyelids dont feel heavy or tired at Christmas eve.

  49. Izabela Navarro

    Izabela Navarro

    15 hours ago

    Poor jaiden getting hives is probably the worst

  50. Smort Potato

    Smort Potato

    15 hours ago

    But.... Why ants?

  51. Fynley TW

    Fynley TW

    15 hours ago

    I have a nut allergy of all nuts and I actually almost died by the time I was in the hospital I couldn't breath and I actually was out cold but i was saved and given an EpiPen and survived

  52. Shannon Walsh

    Shannon Walsh

    15 hours ago

    Wait this actually happened?

  53. Lunar !!

    Lunar !!

    16 hours ago

    When you get hives at least once a year and are now practically ignore them: nOob

  54. Raffaello_YT


    17 hours ago

    I've had ants, they were amazing!

  55. Henry Arguelles

    Henry Arguelles

    17 hours ago

    What does a allergy pen feel like?

  56. Super Man

    Super Man

    17 hours ago

    I had been thought these hives it is terrible nightmare for me, however it seems to be over but it starts again

  57. Louise Sfictos

    Louise Sfictos

    18 hours ago

    I’m allergic to cats too

  58. Christopher Aguilar

    Christopher Aguilar

    19 hours ago

    Oh so the extreme pain you felt jaiden was just my basic fighting training got it

  59. Creatorstream


    20 hours ago


    • Derek Krepps

      Derek Krepps

      16 hours ago


    • Flutey


      18 hours ago


  60. SpanielLadGaming


    21 hour ago

    The fact you video chated your friend reminds me of the horror movie the bay