Vocal Coach Reacts to BLACKPINK - How You Like That

Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to BLACKPINK's comeback song & music video How You Like That mv from YG entertainment record label

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  1. Tristan Paredes

    Tristan Paredes

    3 days ago

    Hey! I'm sorry for not including more of Lisa. I promise, it's nothing against her! I just wanted to focus on the vocalists of the song and I didn't think I had anything interesting to say during Lisa's rap section. Hope you understand! I really enjoyed every member and their contribution, though!

    • Priyanshu Vijaywargiya

      Priyanshu Vijaywargiya

      5 hours ago

      Hey tristan plz react on cock studio song "madari" you will definitely love from India❤️

    • Lockhart _

      Lockhart _

      8 hours ago

      please react to Hope Not !! that is a ballad song. The song is so beautiful T.T

    • Viva Lina

      Viva Lina

      17 hours ago

      ❤️ 💛 💚 18+ ❤️ 💛 💚 18+ ❤️ 💛 💚 18+

    • xena abello

      xena abello

      Day ago

      Hi, tristan can you react on a kpop group called SEVENTEEN... And the song is Left and Right... Thanks..

    • Tanishi


      Day ago

      You should react to sure thing by blackpink

  2. candy_in_veins L

    candy_in_veins L

    5 hours ago

    jisoo‘s voice makes me pregnant

  3. corrina


    6 hours ago

    What happen go ur hair? Looks like a bird nest now, haha

  4. Erika Echeverria

    Erika Echeverria

    6 hours ago

    React to Alec Benjamin!

  5. Jolie Lu

    Jolie Lu

    7 hours ago

    Can you please react to Stay Gold by BTS? Does anyone else agree with me?

  6. dianuhhh


    7 hours ago

    tristan...i am SO PROUD YOU RECOGNIZE THEIR VOICES. also jisoo is my bias/favorite

  7. Alex Tyler

    Alex Tyler

    7 hours ago

    Tristan : Rosé is bae.

  8. Norah Maurice

    Norah Maurice

    7 hours ago

    I'm still upset that they haven't addressed how disrespectful they were to a Hindu god. All they have to do is own up to it but instead they're ignoring it and letting their followers say super racist stuff to defend them.

  9. keira domain

    keira domain

    7 hours ago

    react to jaden hossler

  10. PokemonOffEbay


    8 hours ago

    Thought you were Anthony Padilla for a second 🤔

  11. 🌫


    8 hours ago

    when he skips like a whole minute 👁👄👁

  12. Llama_ Undercover

    Llama_ Undercover

    8 hours ago

    Please listen to Don't Know What to do by Blackpink!

  13. mark tamayo

    mark tamayo

    9 hours ago

    Are you accepting students?

  14. Amber Hord

    Amber Hord

    9 hours ago

    wait this hair is a VIBE

  15. J


    9 hours ago

    Can you please react to Blackpink's cover of Sure thing?

  16. jAYsha


    9 hours ago

    I gotta day this is truly Jisoo’s era. She looked STUNNING in her outfits and her voice POPPED

  17. Aroosha Tariq

    Aroosha Tariq

    10 hours ago

    Ya'll need to remember this is a vocal coach reacting to BP, not a blink reacting to BP. Of course, he's gonna focus more on the vocals.

  18. Pete Promkod

    Pete Promkod

    10 hours ago

    Listen to bts “on” jungkook vocals!

  19. Nabila Nana

    Nabila Nana

    10 hours ago

    React to BTS Stay Gold💜

  20. Cringey Fandom

    Cringey Fandom

    11 hours ago

    can you teach me how to sing😔😅 jk i'm a lost cause

  21. Derrick Cruz

    Derrick Cruz

    11 hours ago

    React to Falling In Reverse - The Drug In Me Is Reimagined. Very emotional and great song.

  22. Trish


    11 hours ago

    I'm gonna try this again but anyway we'll see what happens.😅 Would you please do a reaction on *Shreya Ghoshal Tujhme Rab Dikta Hai Project Resound Concert* ? Anyway it you don't it's cool I understand your audience isn't into Indian stuff.✌🏼♥️

  23. k cav

    k cav

    11 hours ago

    Please react to youngk fly me to the moon cover

  24. Derraz Manal

    Derraz Manal

    12 hours ago

    Nice reaction Please react to faouzia tears of gold the Stripped vision ❤️

  25. Angelina Chen

    Angelina Chen

    12 hours ago

    I recommend you react to Taylor's Cornelia Street Paris Concert! Its heavenly and shows off her vocals

  26. tamara tavares

    tamara tavares

    12 hours ago

    Can you react acapop kids - and I'm telling you ?

  27. ZebahZebra


    13 hours ago

    BP only gets that many views because YG buys views and cause they have “pretty privilege” a lot of boys watch them. While other k-pop groups don’t get as many views BC they don’t attract both genders as much. Tbh I don’t hate BP but they are hella over hyped and only have like 6 songs 💀 plus their lyrics make no sense and their videos don’t take much effort compared to groups like BTS, Mamamoo, TXT etc... and if you feel offended by this then too bad

  28. yasin azhar

    yasin azhar

    13 hours ago

    Do a video on “kick down the door” by Harris j

  29. Abbey O'Neill

    Abbey O'Neill

    14 hours ago

    So the girl you saw at the very start of the video is lisa👏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. Llama_ Undercover

    Llama_ Undercover

    14 hours ago

    Just noticed you look a bit thinner and I am not against it at all or anything! You're great regardless but I sincerely hope you're doing well and everything :) stay healthy (sorry if it sounds like I am judging I just want to make sure you're doing okay haha)

  31. Mohraeil


    14 hours ago


  32. oh well

    oh well

    15 hours ago

    hey tristan, love your content a lot:) could you react to more of blackpink's vocals? i recommend to listen to "don't know what to do", "stay", and "hope not" since they include more vocals (including lisa) and could you give us some feedback on their vocal techniques, any pros and cons, and tips on how to sing like them or sing stably as performers ? i think it'd be a super interesting video !!

  33. oh well

    oh well

    15 hours ago

    i always love your feedback tristan, love uu alwaysss

  34. Ariana Noia Dias

    Ariana Noia Dias

    16 hours ago

    Rosé voice is so sexy and beatiful

  35. Kungfu Monie

    Kungfu Monie

    16 hours ago

    I like your hair!!!!!! so much volume. my first time ever listening to them they're actually pretty dope!

  36. Ash Devine

    Ash Devine

    17 hours ago

    You should react to be happy by Dixie D’amelio!

  37. Suja Thamilarasan

    Suja Thamilarasan

    17 hours ago

    plz react to stay gold by BTS!

  38. Ruelioo Fan

    Ruelioo Fan

    17 hours ago

    Please please please react to ruel van dijks music

  39. Abner Cardoso

    Abner Cardoso

    18 hours ago

    Tristan, can u react to some Alessia Cara?

  40. Mayara Campos

    Mayara Campos

    18 hours ago

    Please react to Taylor Swift Cornelia Street live!

  41. Sarahi Castro

    Sarahi Castro

    18 hours ago

    Lord farquaad is that you?!?😳😳

  42. Valeria Garza

    Valeria Garza

    18 hours ago

    React to more tiktoks

  43. kr4zyy


    18 hours ago

    My man be looking like George Washington with his hair dyed black

  44. TCubillas


    18 hours ago

    Hi Tristan! Long-time, no-talk! 15 year old, Courtney Hadwin, just posted a video on TikTok singing "Valerie, by Amy Winehouse in which Courtz asks viewers to sing the other part of the duet with her. I've heard your good voice on a couple videos. Won't you consider singing the other part of the duet? 🙏It would certainly help your exposure with Courtney's +1 million fans!! 👍😎🔥 -

  45. Sharnice Nobles

    Sharnice Nobles

    18 hours ago

    CAN YOU REACT to faouzia

  46. Nala Makhathini

    Nala Makhathini

    19 hours ago

    Please react to bloody valentine acoustic by Machine gun kelly

  47. moonbyuli 22

    moonbyuli 22

    19 hours ago

    react on hwasa new song Maria

  48. violettavids


    19 hours ago

    React to Ariana sweetener tour vocals !

  49. Mateja Marčok

    Mateja Marčok

    19 hours ago

    You should react to Pentatonix' cover of blinding lights! Or any newer cover really

  50. ITS Donzie

    ITS Donzie

    19 hours ago

    Please react to "All I Want" by Olivia Rodrigo!!! She is such a talent for her age!!

  51. Diana Madrian

    Diana Madrian

    20 hours ago

    Your hair needs some shaping, but I actually really like how the longer hair makes your face look.

  52. MJ Collins

    MJ Collins

    21 hour ago

    I love your hair and I love you😊😊😏😏

  53. SmuggledMemes


    21 hour ago


  54. j é

    j é

    21 hour ago

    Jisoo wow

  55. Suhana Rashid

    Suhana Rashid

    21 hour ago

    React to little mix please

  56. Erenas_art


    21 hour ago

    Please react to oh my god - g idle

  57. itsmerayssa


    22 hours ago

    Ok random request but can you react to Hwasa's "María" and "LMM" pls

  58. just for fun

    just for fun

    22 hours ago


  59. Joke praet

    Joke praet

    22 hours ago

    React to harry styles singing falling live!

  60. Beth Wells

    Beth Wells

    22 hours ago

    Please react to some of the best Glastonbury performances like Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, muse, killers etc!

  61. Yasirah Lakim

    Yasirah Lakim

    22 hours ago

    React to Hwasa - Maria

  62. Chuwi Bii

    Chuwi Bii

    23 hours ago


  63. damaris carreno

    damaris carreno

    23 hours ago

    Also I know it's not black pink but can you react to bts live performances like of the combacks? Their voice control live while dancing is amazing.

  64. damaris carreno

    damaris carreno

    Day ago

    Put ur hair in a bun

  65. MountainGirl7771


    Day ago

    Tristan! Please react to Claire Crosby!

  66. jeonggukly


    Day ago

    i love ur hair rn pls dont cut it or like change it u look F L O O F Y

  67. Maharani Muntaz

    Maharani Muntaz

    Day ago

    Jisoo ^.^💜

  68. cookiexx _

    cookiexx _

    Day ago

    He should see Jisoo's 'clarity' if he didnt already

  69. Danilo de Oliveira dos Santos

    Danilo de Oliveira dos Santos

    Day ago

    Tristan, there's a song you should analyze, "Anitta, Major Lazer and Pabllo Vittar 'Sua Cara"

  70. Gacha Wolfie

    Gacha Wolfie

    Day ago


  71. Lara


    Day ago

    OMG would you react to God's menu by Stray Kids? That would be awesome

  72. Mariam Alameer

    Mariam Alameer

    Day ago

    Please react to blackpink best live vocals

  73. Tanishi


    Day ago

    Sure thing- blackpink

  74. Azularu 24

    Azularu 24

    Day ago

    Hey you should react to Cavetown he’s a really good artist and if you do I recommend some song in this order 1 lemon boy 2 devil town 3 boys will be bugs 4 Fred’s song If you agree give this a like so Tristan can. See this

  75. Myrich Vasquez

    Myrich Vasquez

    Day ago


  76. sara xc

    sara xc

    Day ago

    He looks like Johnny Depp (Willy Wonka) from Charlie and the chocolate factory😂 love it🥰

  77. ari


    Day ago

    react to ashnikko pleaseee

  78. Alice Murriel

    Alice Murriel

    Day ago

    can you please react to moral of the story with Niall Horan

  79. msUwU Lr

    msUwU Lr

    Day ago

    Aw man wish he would have reviews Lisa’s voice too but it’s ok she had more rap this time

  80. Elizabeth Garcia

    Elizabeth Garcia

    Day ago

    Please react to "Tu Falta De Querer" by Mon Laferte