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Min Min - Samgrace
Joker/Ren - Adriel "Ryuken" Varlack
Poyos - Yun
Editor - Lethalityrush (Leth of GabaLeth)
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  1. GabaLeth


    Month ago

    Have you tried playing Min Min yet? We totally forgot she released yesterday and will probably download her today.

    • Wolfox Productions

      Wolfox Productions

      11 hours ago

      i preffer the boi who goes guh huh and the bird who goes *CRACK* when banjo rolls

    • 5000 subs with no videos

      5000 subs with no videos

      28 days ago

      Milk Plays Games and Stuff do you. Have over 600 gold coins

    • JJ Uzamaki

      JJ Uzamaki

      29 days ago

      I can’t cause my switch be broken but once it’s fixed I will definitely get here

    • scalyraptor 1944

      scalyraptor 1944

      29 days ago

      Dont have the game

    • 5000 subs with no videos

      5000 subs with no videos

      Month ago

      I got it for free

  2. Julia Barata

    Julia Barata

    5 hours ago

    Let’s hope they don’t eat her arms

  3. Shelia Wingate

    Shelia Wingate

    Day ago

    Kirb KIIIrbb

  4. 姜振轩Ethan jiang dan dan

    姜振轩Ethan jiang dan dan

    2 days ago

    is min min are chinese???

  5. Milind Potla

    Milind Potla

    2 days ago

    It's because Sakurai doesn't feed them.

  6. dark øręø lol røbin

    dark øręø lol røbin

    2 days ago

    i love playing as min min :3 •^• •_•

  7. Throwback JTT

    Throwback JTT

    3 days ago

    Nrauto will be her best customer

  8. Carlos Gomez

    Carlos Gomez

    3 days ago

    -Min min-I can't say no to those eyes -piranha plant- I don't have eyes

    • Carlos Gomez

      Carlos Gomez

      3 days ago

      She can't say no to those fat lips

  9. Loki The Trickster God

    Loki The Trickster God

    8 days ago

    Those beautiful beautiful piranha plant eyes

  10. Nesia Hoki

    Nesia Hoki

    9 days ago

    One of them doesnt have eyes-

  11. Shavocs The Avocado

    Shavocs The Avocado

    11 days ago

    Probably my favorite comic! Same with the min-min killer recipe

  12. Ningyō the inkling

    Ningyō the inkling

    11 days ago

    Min Min: Well... I can’t say no to those eyes.. Piranha Plant: *Has no eyes Me: Hol up

  13. OakLaneTV


    12 days ago

    Now I want the ramen

  14. TheArtKydd15 [Artist]

    TheArtKydd15 [Artist]

    13 days ago

    Those eyes One has 2 eyes The other has a lack of eyes

  15. Wyatt Culbertson

    Wyatt Culbertson

    14 days ago

    Parana plant doesn’t have eyes

  16. Drew Haynes

    Drew Haynes

    14 days ago

    I mean they arent there for her personality

  17. Tiger Ghouls productions

    Tiger Ghouls productions

    15 days ago

    0:27 is that joker in his school uniform?

  18. fat lol

    fat lol

    15 days ago


  19. Peter Porker

    Peter Porker

    17 days ago

    What aren’t min min’s arms noodles? I see a horrible accident happening

  20. Chuck Yee

    Chuck Yee

    18 days ago

    Kirby can fit anything soooooo...

  21. Israel Harris

    Israel Harris

    20 days ago

    Friends be like 0:30

  22. cupman 2020

    cupman 2020

    21 day ago

    "I can't say no to those eyes" Plant:Am I a joke to you

  23. Ajla Omeragic

    Ajla Omeragic

    21 day ago

    Min-Min: They only like me for my noodles... Don't worry Min-Min. People liked Mii Gunner just because they had a Sans costume

  24. jimmy and jonny mc

    jimmy and jonny mc

    21 day ago

    Poor pac man always instead of him being there its piranha plant ( i mean yeah yoshi could've been there but i mean i dont see alot of smash bros comics with pac man in them )

  25. Юля Т

    Юля Т

    21 day ago

    do a comic with min min and meta knight

  26. ꧁ෆMicheal_PlayZෆ꧂


    22 days ago

    Then they started eating her hair and arms R.I.P min min 2017-2020

  27. Ethan Nguyen

    Ethan Nguyen

    22 days ago

    Why is Kirby so cute

  28. Ethan Nguyen

    Ethan Nguyen

    22 days ago

    How do they eat that fast

  29. Red Gelatin

    Red Gelatin

    23 days ago

    Looks like Min Min leaned English

  30. RealWoo ManYT

    RealWoo ManYT

    24 days ago

    Comments: 70% Piranha Plant Has No Eyes. 55% They Only Like Me For My Noodles. 10% Naurato Wants To Know Your Location. 5% Other.

  31. Stephen Mahilum

    Stephen Mahilum

    24 days ago

    You never stop loving Kirby, for Piranha can just throw a fireball at it and call it a day lol

  32. TheChillGamer


    24 days ago

    Im MaKiNg MaC n' ChEeSe AnD nObOdY cAn StOp Me

  33. Midnight Cross

    Midnight Cross

    25 days ago

    её &₽@& 100%

  34. The explorer

    The explorer

    25 days ago

    Min min:I can’t say no to those eyes Pharana plant has no eyes

  35. Victor Ritter

    Victor Ritter

    25 days ago


  36. Reinhart Jeep

    Reinhart Jeep

    25 days ago


  37. Loopy


    26 days ago


  38. uainthandlinme


    26 days ago

    Kirby: * says these words in Japanese* huh ramen and noodles......I must for I am the special eater nobody can out eat more food then m- I mean * stops speaking japanese* poyo!

  39. uainthandlinme


    26 days ago

    * watches several Min Min vids * Min Min; they only like me for my noodles. Me: why does all, and I mean ALL Min Min videos have to sound so so wrong?

  40. Joel Gomez

    Joel Gomez

    26 days ago

    Kira Vera has the worst art on all of these comics

  41. Susan Frank

    Susan Frank

    26 days ago


  42. Susan Frank

    Susan Frank

    26 days ago


  43. Susan Frank

    Susan Frank

    26 days ago


  44. Susan Frank

    Susan Frank

    26 days ago


  45. Noah Robinson

    Noah Robinson

    26 days ago

    Of course she ends up feeding the infinite stomach ones

  46. PatCatz Games

    PatCatz Games

    26 days ago

    Joker's almost tryin his best to be a good boi to Min Min,

  47. Anti Virus

    Anti Virus

    27 days ago

    “The only like me for my noodles That sounded wrong in so many ways

  48. Wyatt Plunk

    Wyatt Plunk

    27 days ago

    Why do I like this

  49. Vast Orogeny

    Vast Orogeny

    27 days ago

    That's Not True They Love You As A Character

  50. Erik Moss

    Erik Moss

    27 days ago

    I’m just surprised that Joker didn’t already start flirting with her lol 😆

  51. Julian Kushto

    Julian Kushto

    27 days ago

    Better hurry up and feed 'em before they remember her arms are made of the stuff... Actually no, let's not go down that rabbit hole *😱*

  52. Elvis Villarreal

    Elvis Villarreal

    27 days ago

    P.p doesn't have eyes

  53. Kevin W

    Kevin W

    28 days ago

    feed a kirby and he will get attached

  54. Melissa Larsen

    Melissa Larsen

    28 days ago

    But the piranha plant doesn’t even have eyes

  55. Jhuwey Smartguy

    Jhuwey Smartguy

    28 days ago

    You’re feeding a pink ball with a black hole for a stomach and a plant that can eat anything edible. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?

  56. Ty Van Buskirk

    Ty Van Buskirk

    28 days ago

    I like how Poyos is listed in the voice cast instead of Kirby.

  57. God Goku

    God Goku

    28 days ago

    Min min said I cant say no to does eyes put plant has no easy lol

  58. pie gamer master

    pie gamer master

    28 days ago

    This kinda funny when min min just go to find noodles and just hours later piranha and Kirby are just like yyyaaaass

  59. Me Boi

    Me Boi

    29 days ago

    she will have to feed them her arms

  60. Trenz _6

    Trenz _6

    Month ago

    Min Min Kirby: ima end this woman's whole career