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The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible Is the Coolest Car Nobody Will Buy

The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible is really cool -- but nobody is going to buy it. Today I explain why nobody will buy the LC500 Convertible, and I'm also reviewing the LC Convertible to show all the quirks and features. I'm also going to drive the Lexus LC500 Convertible and tell you what it's like on the road.
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  1. theBIGAC


    9 hours ago

    My 2014 is250 has the same gage cluster lol

  2. Robin Hood

    Robin Hood

    9 hours ago

    Binnacle: **Exists** Doug: "I can't let you get close" those who know, know.

  3. Joe Rag

    Joe Rag

    9 hours ago

    22:15 Is it leaking!?!? Lol

  4. D Carter

    D Carter

    10 hours ago

    where do i plug in my phone?

  5. The Motorcycle Room

    The Motorcycle Room

    10 hours ago

    I sat in one of these at the new york auto show last year. Nicest interior of any car at the show except maybe the s class mercedes.

  6. Forrest Metzger

    Forrest Metzger

    10 hours ago

    "470 horsepower is not THAT impressive," he says. LOL

  7. ddknyc


    10 hours ago

    Beautiful but I stopped buying automatic cars, never could fall in love with one that I owned no matter how great it was.



    10 hours ago

    Soooo where do u put your feet in the back?



    10 hours ago

    A HUNDRED fkn gs and it doesn't even have a hard top? Thats gotta be the worst thing on the car. Lexus is known for the hard tops. But they decided to go back to shitty cloth tops? Thats a failure. Everyone knows how bad the cloth tops turn out. Cracked faded. Cheap as fuck crap.

  10. Michael Eldridge

    Michael Eldridge

    12 hours ago

    This car is stunning. Inside and out.

  11. Simon Kahlich

    Simon Kahlich

    12 hours ago

    This car is the Value brand version of the maybach you reviewed a few years ago. I can dig it 👍

  12. darksword1


    13 hours ago

    Doug's rating system is really dumb. At 27:37, all these cars got 69 or lower out of 100. Ridiculous scale.

  13. Sly Dawwg

    Sly Dawwg

    13 hours ago

    Too sweet for words, .& it's not that electric crap... pricey ? yup, worth it ? oh ya . & people will buy it, not the electric toy crap crowd, ..but folks with class that realize you only go around once.

  14. Chuka Amur

    Chuka Amur

    13 hours ago

    If no one is going to buy this car how this car will appear on used car market?

  15. kens97sto171


    14 hours ago

    Absolutely beautiful car inside and out. Particularly interior it really is a work of art. The same about the infotainment system, and unfortunately I don't believe it has Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. That would give it a longer life into the future because at least you could hook up your phone someplace and use it as the touch screen for at least the most common items like navigation.

  16. Mai Lan 900K Vào Henho 24h xyz

    Mai Lan 900K Vào Henho 24h xyz

    14 hours ago

    43:06 Từ đó phương Nam Bắc ⏏

  17. Zacky Mohmand

    Zacky Mohmand

    14 hours ago

    I hate how people are "like lexus is for old people" Mercedes-Benz is for old people. Anyways I drove the lexus sc430 and I forgot how smooth it is, now imagine this car. The sc430 has a buttery smooth v8 and I wanted to push down on the gas but I didn't trust myself and it was dark.

  18. 420 YEET

    420 YEET

    14 hours ago

    The back seats are for the golf clubs lol

  19. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    14 hours ago

    Wow, a Japanese car that looks stunning inside and out. That's pretty rare

  20. 420 YEET

    420 YEET

    14 hours ago

    Me: **goes to the local convenience store to get milk** Also Me: **arrives at the convenience store parking lot as I just turn on the heated seat**

  21. Yodeling Yokel

    Yodeling Yokel

    16 hours ago

    I don't understand the rear seats. The previous Lexus convertible had them too. It is for insurance reasons? Are 4 seaters cheaper to insure than 2 seaters?

  22. Yodeling Yokel

    Yodeling Yokel

    16 hours ago

    It amazes me how many people - including Doug - believe that it's going to be SUV's only from NOW ON! Not a chance. History tells us that.

    • bcvbb hyui

      bcvbb hyui

      14 hours ago

      If I had the money I would buy it ... If someone else has more than enough money, buy it for me :P The car is simply gorgeous

  23. deadkemper


    17 hours ago

    you can pick one up in the UK low miles £50k...i want one....i want one....and it ain't gonna go wrong

  24. Cane McKeyton

    Cane McKeyton

    17 hours ago

    "A 400 something hp 2 door coupe sports car, so something to compete with the C8 then?" STARTS AT $90000 "Oh... nevermind"

  25. Sunshine Marie

    Sunshine Marie

    17 hours ago


  26. oneonly xram

    oneonly xram

    17 hours ago

    The first time I saw one of these LC 500, I was like what is that??? I think they're awesome cars, just the price tag is a bit high. I was wondering why a few s550 Mercedes were a good bit cheaper than expected, I love 2 door cars shame not many else do.

  27. André Paixão

    André Paixão

    18 hours ago

    I just cannot see the appeal of a SUV/crossover... this type of car is the one I will always gravitate!

  28. Edgar Ben Joseph

    Edgar Ben Joseph

    18 hours ago

    So to summarize: beautiful car all around, but the backseats are useless and the infotainment system is shit. Gotcha lol Even if I had the money, I wouldn't get this car. So impractical

    • Sly Dawwg

      Sly Dawwg

      13 hours ago

      Believe me, this is not for you , get a nice little electric that you can park in your basement....Cheers

  29. Joseph Lacher

    Joseph Lacher

    18 hours ago

    Yup...driving a $100k Lexus in the snow, but not to worry, just put that baby in ‘snow mode’ and everything else will take care of itself.

  30. S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

    S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

    20 hours ago

    They could of gave more room for the rear seats or made the car slightly bigger so people can have room to sit in the back

  31. eliteinventor


    21 hour ago

    I never realized how much stuff I have in my console until I seen how small this one was , I might get this if they make it faster than a R8

  32. Muhammed Suliman

    Muhammed Suliman

    21 hour ago

    They should make another LFA

  33. Theodore Haskins

    Theodore Haskins

    22 hours ago

    It’s just another ICE car! Way too many negatives! These cars are dinosaurs! Hey Lexus get with the program, the future is electric!

  34. Sahel Afghan

    Sahel Afghan

    22 hours ago

    BMW ist könig👑🇩🇪

  35. Erik Petrie

    Erik Petrie

    22 hours ago

    I bet that car will sell if you have Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried pull up in one and say, and I quote: "Get in loser"

  36. sanramondrift


    22 hours ago

    Why would the backseat of a coupe car have climate or heated seats dougg?? You say some.dumb shit sometimes

  37. Igor Pecuh

    Igor Pecuh

    23 hours ago

    If I had the money I would buy it ... If someone else has more than enough money, buy it for me :P The car is simply gorgeous

  38. DIYluver


    23 hours ago

    you can get California t new looking used

  39. Dad Is Phat

    Dad Is Phat

    Day ago

    Screams midlife douchebag crisis. But nice ...

  40. James Scheppegrell

    James Scheppegrell

    Day ago

    Did Toyota forget to rebadge this as a Supra?

  41. Shouri Bagchi

    Shouri Bagchi

    Day ago

    I find it funny how he chuckles after saying “cars & bids” he knows it’s a scam or something 😇

  42. NickoHD


    Day ago

    Why does Doug bitch only about the reliable cars.

  43. hardbodykb


    Day ago

    This car is the perfect combination of luxury and performance. Well done Lexus. A shame it might be killed off because of lack of sales However I think this amazing piece of Japanese machinery will become a collector's item one day.

  44. Christopher


    Day ago

    How can anyone listen to this dramatic freak drone on with a lisp for 30mins...🤦‍♂️



    Day ago

    I wish Doug would have commented on the interior ambient noise level while driving down the road. I'm sure it was very nice.

  46. Minh Sprint

    Minh Sprint

    Day ago

    I have the Jist Doug doesnt like Japanese cars. Theres always undertones or subliminal messages

  47. x iDropKillz x

    x iDropKillz x

    Day ago

    the back looks like the new and improved much cooler supra

  48. glashoppah


    Day ago

    “sports car”

  49. D


    Day ago

    I will never understand beige interiors.

  50. Palatip Mamuang

    Palatip Mamuang

    Day ago

    Some Japanese already buy LC500 CV.

  51. sdemosi


    Day ago

    I prefer the coupe but they're both beautiful & very comfortable

  52. Nathan Subasic

    Nathan Subasic

    Day ago

    The age group that wants that kinda car like mine 40s-50s. Plain flat out just can't afford it.

  53. Arrowlog Productions

    Arrowlog Productions

    Day ago

    I’m a Tesla guy but I would totally drive this car

  54. Adib Beygi

    Adib Beygi

    Day ago

    In parts of Middle East and Europe with narrow streets and back roads -including here in Iran-any engine above 1800 cc and above 100 hp is regarded "powerful", really. It's so absurd to see someone saying "470 hp is not _that impressive!_ " :))) Absolute extravagance, goddammit! :))

  55. Epic


    Day ago

    Hey Doug, how did you get that scar on your arm :(?

  56. SuperN0va


    Day ago

    The interior is really nice, but a little too much peanut butter. Throw in a little strawberry jelly to break it up a bit.

  57. The Guy

    The Guy

    Day ago

    Doug how is living with your Stinger?

  58. Gary65437


    Day ago

    That is one pretty car! I'd have to spend 30K to build a nice garage so I can just look at it.

  59. JITB0Reiu


    Day ago

    I'm in my twenties and bought an older SC430. I've gone on road trips with 3 people before and despite the complains of the small backseat, it works with 2 normal sized people on the PA side. But WOW, is that leg room even legal for backseats?

  60. juncho1977


    Day ago

    (Sigh) I really wish car companies who build these luxury coupes would just forget the rear seats and install a package shelf. It would make much more sense and be much more useful.