Taylor's Travels Introduction - Get to Know Me!

My first video ever! I share a bit about myself and what has lead me to start my own US-state channel.
I want to share more of my adventurous lifestyle with you and inspire others to do more of what brings them joy.
Thanks for watching, let me know what you think in the comments.
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  1. Daranesh Gowda

    Daranesh Gowda

    3 days ago

    Hi taylor do more videos

  2. Thomas Wieser

    Thomas Wieser

    4 days ago

    Life is too short to work a 40 hour week (or whatever it is in your country) and spend it all on rent/ mortgage, a car payment & everything else that keeps one tied down!

  3. Antonio Guadalupe

    Antonio Guadalupe

    5 days ago

    Amazing girl love to travel by sailing ⛵️ hope you will take care and be safe always.. specially now Covid-19 everywhere.. god blessed..

  4. Sail To freedom

    Sail To freedom

    5 days ago

    600 CC lol casually driving a crotch rocket

  5. Roberto Muir

    Roberto Muir

    7 days ago

    Wonderful to el see YOU again. Can not get over you. I wish I could, IT would be awesom. 🥰 🤪

  6. AbsInABox


    9 days ago

    Did you live in a sail boat/van with a dog? I'd like to know if its feasible

  7. Soul Shakedown

    Soul Shakedown

    11 days ago

    Pretty cool Pretty neat 😎

  8. Akshat Agrawal

    Akshat Agrawal

    15 days ago

    What's the name of the song you have at the beginning of your videos?

  9. Thomas D Harrell

    Thomas D Harrell

    18 days ago

    Great job !

  10. Harold Rushton

    Harold Rushton

    19 days ago

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing your adventures. 👍

  11. Aaron W. Markel

    Aaron W. Markel

    19 days ago

    Hi Taylor, Aaron from IG, the Ambulance driver? Anyway, I am so glad to be on the ground floor of your US-state channel and living vicariously through you. You are doing what I have been dreaming about doing, just living your life, seeing and experiencing new and exciting things. Loved you on Sailing Doodles and will love you on your own channel. BTW, is there a po box I can send something for your guitar?

  12. isra briz

    isra briz

    20 days ago

    More thongs less talking please

  13. hybriddyneguy


    21 day ago

    Taylor you look just like My first wife !!! By the way did I mention I was never married ??? Love YOU !!!

  14. Z Fernandez

    Z Fernandez

    24 days ago

    U look like Mia Malkova

  15. Howie Lane

    Howie Lane

    24 days ago

    New subscriber. I watch you guys on Sailing Doodles and stumbled onto you here. Wow. You're so right; too many people aren't able to live the life they deserve. I hope you do well. Good luck to you and I'll be here.

  16. Michael Hall

    Michael Hall

    25 days ago

    I can see into the future....and I see you getting knocked up and waving goodbye to tylors travels and hello 9 to 5 . That won’t be as interesting to watch. Be careful, it’s a sad world out there.

  17. Jesse L

    Jesse L

    26 days ago

    Bayfield is awesome. I spent summer trips in Bayfield at my late aunts cottage many times. Good memories. I live in Burlington. Born and raised.

  18. TheSkyfullofballoons


    27 days ago

    I’m glad I found your channel. Subscribed and followed you in instagram. Thanks for the good vibes Tayler ❤️

  19. Simon Ladds

    Simon Ladds

    27 days ago

    I like the thumbnails, make everyone come in and look

  20. GT500 2016

    GT500 2016

    28 days ago

    Great story

  21. Old Mate

    Old Mate

    Month ago

    Nice ass

  22. Manish srivastava

    Manish srivastava

    Month ago

    Sympathy for those who came here after seeing that 🐕 in thumbnail 😂😂😂.

  23. DC Ungelled

    DC Ungelled

    Month ago

    Great Video! My thoughts exactly! i am doing the same thing on my channel! Living life!!! Go for it!

  24. M Selim

    M Selim

    Month ago

    I am happy to see you running your own channel, and waiting from your next video, good luck

  25. Barry Lewis

    Barry Lewis

    Month ago

    I am. In sailing school now there is alot to learn have fun

  26. chronicle vlogs

    chronicle vlogs

    Month ago

    2:58 wow...600cc

  27. Larry Seibert

    Larry Seibert

    Month ago

    Well done!

  28. James N

    James N

    Month ago

    Great intro. Love to see more of your travels.

  29. SOOTH


    Month ago

    So short story everybody are to inspire living free of the patrons and US-state lol

  30. Richard Daratony

    Richard Daratony

    Month ago

    Great sharing

  31. Richard Woolard

    Richard Woolard

    Month ago

    Hi Taylor it’s so nice to see a young person like yourself doing what you want to do and not getting caught up in all the BS of what’s going on in the world, I look forward to folly your adventures RGW in NC



    Month ago

    Gotta love the speedboat photobomb juxtaposed with an elegant sailboat and a heartfelt testamonial. He entered the scene like a drunk uncle at a wedding.

  33. David Miorgan

    David Miorgan

    2 months ago

    Excellent! I know you probably hate advice, but just this once! Practice the guitar every day, if you miss one day, you can tell. If you miss two days your friends can tell. If you miss three days the world can tell. Simple advice from a man you probably would have to Google. His name was chet Atkins. Mr guitar!

  34. camera99 nangha

    camera99 nangha

    2 months ago

    body is beauty

  35. Roslee Ross

    Roslee Ross

    2 months ago

    Interesting in ur history of ur adventure life I wishing you happiness and success in your future endeavors All the best for u

  36. Jugaloking69 Dope

    Jugaloking69 Dope

    2 months ago

    lol fuck my life? No it's fuck the world! make people go around you cause your the star of your show

  37. david rhoden

    david rhoden

    2 months ago

    hey Taylor, it was very nice to watch your videos on your Owen Chanel and with other as well , I am from India every night when i come to home after my work i watch your videos your songs and your fun time with your best friends your are amazing its

  38. Robert Sine

    Robert Sine

    2 months ago

    Nice legs

  39. FMS Investments

    FMS Investments

    2 months ago

    Stepping out of one's comfort zone is best way to grow as a human being. Congratulations for following your dream and taking that risk.

    • Taylor’s Travels

      Taylor’s Travels

      2 months ago

      Thank you so much!!

  40. Travels from doodah with trouble

    Travels from doodah with trouble

    2 months ago

    I recently started watching the sailing doodles and some other cruiser channels, we have done vanlife for the last two year's we travel the USA for about 4 to 5 months a year the rest we work in restaurant to save to travel ,my wife is a front of the house manager and I'm a chef both at different restaurants. Best of luck in this part of your adventures.

  41. MNQ Captain Brown

    MNQ Captain Brown

    2 months ago

    Damn it... is that boobs are real?

  42. synseer 84

    synseer 84

    2 months ago

    Just being silly you can be the captain and I'll be tennille.

  43. J Mac

    J Mac

    2 months ago

    Only 166 women saw her video. Not everyone has relative freedom to this degree. Worth more than a college degree. May the Spirit of Truth be your guide.

  44. Strong Thunder & Lightening

    Strong Thunder & Lightening

    2 months ago

    Talor nice to see your bike, It's awesome. Even I have a legendary Indian 2001 model - Yamaha RX 135cc [2 stroke 1 cylinder] It was wonderful to know something about you. I came to know about sailing doodles channel recently & I will see all episodes till you are there for sure. TC, all the best wishes

  45. Pux


    2 months ago

    You go Taylor , live your dream🤩

  46. Pux


    2 months ago

    Just bought a 39ft getting her ready to sail and learning...corona’s not holding me back!!🥳❤️

  47. stand-up people

    stand-up people

    2 months ago

    Do you answer anybody

  48. stand-up people

    stand-up people

    2 months ago

    Nice dog

  49. Akram Maghrabi

    Akram Maghrabi

    2 months ago

    do what you want to do> we are with you anytime and anywhere

  50. Logan Adams

    Logan Adams

    2 months ago

    Following you're heart it's a great thing, some people don't get it.

  51. minnie perez

    minnie perez

    2 months ago

    Thumbs up for Huron

  52. Brian Metzker

    Brian Metzker

    2 months ago

    You are clearly a wonderful person Taylor. Nice to meet you.

  53. John Minogue

    John Minogue

    2 months ago

    I love when twenty-something-kids tell their life stories and they actually have something interesting to tell. Good for you kid. Keep it up.

  54. Bruce Cooper

    Bruce Cooper

    2 months ago

    jealous from Manitoba lol

  55. shy guy

    shy guy

    2 months ago

    Love the adventures

  56. Geoffrey Edward

    Geoffrey Edward

    2 months ago

    Taylor You know one thing, you're very rich, with a beautiful body

  57. Steve AnacortesWA

    Steve AnacortesWA

    2 months ago

    What was that marina that you lived at, it had a nice sort area it looks like for each boat, pretty cool.

  58. ralph holiman

    ralph holiman

    2 months ago

    You got it going on, girl!

  59. Jedgar


    2 months ago

    Hi from Sutton, Ontario, Taylor. I've seen you sailing with 'Doodles' and decided to check your channel. Looks good. Keep going and thinking ahead. Hope you have great success. I envy you starting your adventure instead of getting caught in the mundane. Cheers.

  60. sunny wood

    sunny wood

    2 months ago

    good vibes! Love it. love and flow