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Global Boga - Only you ( Nicole Thea’s 25th birthday video)

i made this song for Maame NIco NIco. The love of my life

Song audio:
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  1. Angel Jordan

    Angel Jordan

    8 minutes ago

    I thought they could save the baby bc it was developed 🥺😪

  2. KODI'S


    39 minutes ago

    this is so sad and heartbreaking I'm deeply sorry for your loss, may her soul rest in peace

  3. lamarleetv


    47 minutes ago

    Nicole & Baby Reign didn’t deserve this! God watch over and support the family & Boga. Will never forget Nic Nac

  4. The WolF / ذا وولف

    The WolF / ذا وولف

    Hour ago

    الله يرحمها

  5. ourou _capss

    ourou _capss

    Hour ago

    my youtubeuse would prefer rest in peace we will never forget you you always remain in our heart forever and forever god protect us and his family also i love you Nicole thea 😭😭🥺😔😞😭😭😭😭😭👩‍👧😔❤❤❤🤲🏾🙏🏾🕊🕊🌠

  6. p jeeze

    p jeeze

    2 hours ago

    Rest in Heavenly peace Angel😪🙏🏾😔

  7. Hooch The Pooch

    Hooch The Pooch

    2 hours ago

    Beautiful 💖

  8. Praise_ dean

    Praise_ dean

    2 hours ago

    Sending love and joy to her love ones ...this is really really sad and some devils still came to dislike😓😓

  9. Clarena Celia

    Clarena Celia

    3 hours ago

    Just simply beautiful. 😞❤️ I don’t even understand or know how I’d cope.... Ain’t nothing to dislike. Y’all dislikers some haters.

  10. ella michael

    ella michael

    4 hours ago

    rest in peace love

  11. Chelle Martin

    Chelle Martin

    4 hours ago

    I hope you carry on with this channel Boga. It will be hard, but you've got my support.

  12. Mabel’s React TV

    Mabel’s React TV

    4 hours ago

    This is so heartbreaking, I just wish it was a dream 😢😢

  13. Melting Marshmellow

    Melting Marshmellow

    4 hours ago

    The fact that ppl disliked this is soo digusting 💔💔

  14. StoneCold Chloe

    StoneCold Chloe

    5 hours ago

    HBD 💋. Rest In Peace.

  15. Purity Bea Christina

    Purity Bea Christina

    5 hours ago

    Since the death of Nicole. Have not had a good sleep. I don’t know her . But she is so young,beautiful and Strong. I feel Boga’s pain. Life is so unfair. Rip Nicole & Reign .

  16. Coco Nut

    Coco Nut

    5 hours ago

    This is so Heartbreaking! Im so so sorry for your loss! May God help you🙏🏾

  17. Ayanna Warner

    Ayanna Warner

    5 hours ago

    R.i.p nicole ad reign fly high angels

  18. ellie gribbin

    ellie gribbin

    6 hours ago

    RIP nicole thea

  19. Catherine Wanjiku

    Catherine Wanjiku

    7 hours ago

    May their Soul Rest in peace 🙏,God give Boga strength to overcome the grief,may He bring light to the darkness building in his heart,may He give him peace and comfort,this I pray in Jesus Name,AMEN

  20. Castor Oil

    Castor Oil

    7 hours ago

    Did y’all dislike the video by accident or are you just sick ¿

  21. Georgia Laine Davies

    Georgia Laine Davies

    7 hours ago

    I can’t stop crying! I’m so sorry Boga! She was a queen!!! I have no words 💔

  22. Spice Girlz

    Spice Girlz

    8 hours ago


  23. LOL


    8 hours ago

    So his future wife is going to see her on his back everyday

  24. Ttv Relax

    Ttv Relax

    8 hours ago

    My friends mum also died rip Nicole rip to my friends mum ♥ 😢

  25. Mor Sane

    Mor Sane

    9 hours ago

    Quelqu’un pourrait faire la traduction svp

  26. Jasmine Dennison

    Jasmine Dennison

    9 hours ago

    This just hurts my fragile ass heart 💔 sending condolences from the US 🙏🏾

  27. Miss priceless

    Miss priceless

    9 hours ago

    RIP girl 👧 and baby 👶😢😢

  28. VeeEen EerKay

    VeeEen EerKay

    10 hours ago

    May the God of all comfort, comfort you and all her family at this time..

  29. Queen Sarah

    Queen Sarah

    11 hours ago

    Why are there dislike in this video ??? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  30. Angel Osei

    Angel Osei

    11 hours ago

    Poor nicole why did this have to happen

  31. From Africa to South America Vlog

    From Africa to South America Vlog

    12 hours ago

    the music aint bad kraaa ooooo

  32. KingCo Anderson

    KingCo Anderson

    12 hours ago

    You can tell she was and still is loved.

  33. naaa ledy

    naaa ledy

    14 hours ago

    I ask for strength for you.

  34. De BallonnenMama

    De BallonnenMama

    14 hours ago


  35. SockTier


    14 hours ago

    That doesn’t look like social distancing to me

  36. Hair Compilations

    Hair Compilations

    15 hours ago

    To the 1% that will see this, please take 5 seconds and pray for Boga🙏🏼💔

  37. Honey Bug

    Honey Bug

    15 hours ago

    😇😭😭😭r.i.p Nicole Thea and reign hope Boga the best Boga Nicole is always there for you and at the end Boga said:I know what you have did for me Ooh it’s beautiful. Rest in pease Nicole

  38. Kylie Steed

    Kylie Steed

    16 hours ago

    Wtf 169 dislikes what is wrong with some ppl man

  39. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    18 hours ago

    omg boga crying at the end. Oh Jesus

  40. aurelia falla

    aurelia falla

    18 hours ago


  41. Mode Jay

    Mode Jay

    19 hours ago

    Sigh this is soo sad I wish this is all a bad dream for him and wakes up she’s next to him to to hug her. Bro she’s with you and ur son watching you too. 😭

  42. CrestyYT


    19 hours ago


  43. Melissa G.

    Melissa G.

    19 hours ago


    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

      18 hours ago

      Sooo sad😔😇💔

  44. Warano le Fléau

    Warano le Fléau

    20 hours ago

    C'est beau 😢❤️🙏🏻❤️

  45. me a duck

    me a duck

    20 hours ago

    i cant explain how sad i an for you we all must stay strong and i hope you are feeling good for as good as you can in this situation but i would never wish this on anybody and until you all meet again i’m terribly sorry for your loss 😞🥺😫😖😣😔😭😢😨😰🤕💕💕💕

  46. Sharyn Osinuga

    Sharyn Osinuga

    21 hour ago

    Rest in perfect peace Nicole Thea and baby reign May the Lord strengthen you Boga by the Grace of God Amen 🙏🏽

  47. Augustine Rodriguez

    Augustine Rodriguez

    21 hour ago

    All of these fuctards should be fined for littering.

  48. A Family

    A Family

    22 hours ago

    I can not even imagine the heart ache he must be going through! God please bless this man and watch over his family! May their beautiful souls rest in paradise! I’m so so sorry for your loss. You are so very strong. Keeping you in my prayers!

  49. Tatianna Tv

    Tatianna Tv

    22 hours ago

    Its so sad to see your favourite US-stater having fun and smiling to herself and waving good bye to her mom and her husband and then Sadly she dies but Rest in peace Nicole Thea and her unborn baby they shall be in peace in heaven with God and God will always keep Nicole Thea and the unborn baby safe in Jesus christ Amen. 🙏🏾

  50. blaine girma

    blaine girma

    22 hours ago

    I think reign would be born by now it’s so sad I wish something like this didn’t happen to Nicole and I wish the baby got his chance to be born😭💔

  51. aeroambrose


    23 hours ago

    To everyone who was trolling her on Twitter after her death, may God have mercy on your soul. You're gonna need it.

  52. N Love With Tresses

    N Love With Tresses

    Day ago


  53. Trinity ogboe

    Trinity ogboe

    Day ago

    I can’t even imagine what he’s feeling 😔

  54. Black Passion

    Black Passion

    Day ago

    I'm gonna miss seeing them it hurts love from USA 💔💔

  55. Fallon RDC

    Fallon RDC

    Day ago

    God pls grant Boga strength this is too much on him 🥺🥺🥺🥺 I cry every time I see her videos or think of her... Imagine someone who slept next to her 😭😭💔💔

  56. Shadera Lockhart

    Shadera Lockhart

    Day ago

    Omg prayers to you rip beautiful 😢🙏🏾

  57. layla davis

    layla davis

    Day ago

    Sooo sad😔😇💔

  58. Beatrice Sahi

    Beatrice Sahi

    Day ago


  59. Erica Emofonmwan

    Erica Emofonmwan

    Day ago

    God heal boga🥺

  60. Rick Anderson

    Rick Anderson

    Day ago

    It's too coincidental. That she just made a satanic milk bath video before she was murdered. Fans of this woman, WAKE UP. Jesus is coming. Look into this milk bath/ blood bath ritual that these luciferians do. We are in the end days, I love you. Jesus loves you. God bless. And pray God has mercy on this woman. Her child is blessed to not have to be down here for the tribulation. Matthew 24:19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

    • Stephaniecm011


      21 hour ago

      @Rick Anderson plz stop

    • Rick Anderson

      Rick Anderson

      Day ago

      @Vee Vo" no your stupid. No your stupid." That is what you sound like. A 5 year old unparented child. Do have have any adult words to add to the conversation? I'd be happy to explain further.

    • Vee Vo

      Vee Vo

      Day ago

      You can't be that stupid!