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WHEEL OF DARES (on FaceTime)! Ft. Brent Rivera, Lexi & Ben

enjoy us doing some random dares again!


  1. Olixivrii


    5 hours ago

    4:13 so when exactly will this be happening? 😂

  2. Olixivrii


    5 hours ago

    Who else likes lexi’s writing 👇🏼

  3. Mathew Saavedra

    Mathew Saavedra

    7 hours ago


  4. Astryd Leonard

    Astryd Leonard

    8 hours ago

    You know what would be cute? If Lexi Hensler got a lighter pink hair dye and did mini strands in her hair, kind of like highlights, that would look amazing!!

  5. Nolan and Garrett N

    Nolan and Garrett N

    14 hours ago

    I just love this video

  6. Johan Booysen

    Johan Booysen

    15 hours ago

    She has 200k likes and it has been 3 months and she havent died her hair black but just sayong im not a hater i love the hole sqaud

  7. sr_ playz

    sr_ playz

    20 hours ago

    Ben took his pants off in front of the camera man😂he was literally naked

  8. sharaban tahura

    sharaban tahura

    20 hours ago

    i llooooovvee how she says " suscribe *if* u want to "

  9. abhinav diddigam

    abhinav diddigam

    Day ago

    ......……………......................................................................................... Count how many dots.

  10. Shaffer Piglets

    Shaffer Piglets

    Day ago

    Ur wondering when she’s gonna die dye her hair

  11. Felicity Riley

    Felicity Riley

    Day ago

    Lexie bring back your pink hair

  12. Bibi Basky

    Bibi Basky

    2 days ago

    its past 100 K likes



    2 days ago


  14. Littl Princess Ch-S

    Littl Princess Ch-S

    3 days ago

    I wish I could talk to my friends 😔

  15. Klara Lip

    Klara Lip

    3 days ago

    omg your dog is the cutest thing ever!! pleaseeee what breed is he???

  16. Rosie Mckenzie

    Rosie Mckenzie

    3 days ago

    I love Lexis hair

  17. Brenda Breceda

    Brenda Breceda

    3 days ago


  18. Dreamtastic


    3 days ago

    I like your handwriting....its obviously better than mine XD

  19. Shareen Havinga

    Shareen Havinga

    3 days ago

    Lexi has the best wing eye liner need a make up vid

  20. Dearheartcheri


    3 days ago

    Love that 😍 and your Benign is so cute 🌺🐕

  21. Sofia Bilton

    Sofia Bilton

    3 days ago

    dont go pink again

  22. fritz beltrametti

    fritz beltrametti

    4 days ago

    Lexis black hair??

  23. Asif Firoz

    Asif Firoz

    4 days ago

    Who noticed picture of Ben made by Andrew in the back of Ben .

  24. Olivia Watts

    Olivia Watts

    5 days ago

    You got to dye your hair black

  25. Azizur Suman

    Azizur Suman

    5 days ago

    Guys c'mon like the video i want to see lexi dye her hair black like it up like like like

  26. Born Fams

    Born Fams

    5 days ago

    Thsi has about 200k or over likes so dye ur hair black

  27. Abbos Akhtarzada

    Abbos Akhtarzada

    5 days ago

    Lexis h hair shood have black hair 200k likes

  28. Sudesh Kataria

    Sudesh Kataria

    6 days ago

    Aawwww... Binji is so cute 😇😍😍

  29. Tornado X

    Tornado X

    6 days ago


  30. Niya Zonice

    Niya Zonice

    6 days ago

    Pls..pls..pls... dye your hair black💕💕

  31. Niya Zonice

    Niya Zonice

    6 days ago

    Lexi dye your hair black!!!You passed a 100k likes😂

  32. Claire Feltham

    Claire Feltham

    6 days ago

    Me to I miss lexi ‘s pink hair it looked cute please . Please diet againp🤤😴🤤😴🤤😴🤤😴

  33. Hana Ghide

    Hana Ghide

    6 days ago

    Lexi Rivera hair is so long I want her hair

  34. Cookieplayz gacha

    Cookieplayz gacha

    7 days ago

    Its got more Than 100k likes oop

  35. TheFantasticArtworks


    7 days ago

    Brent: 50k likes+lexi has to dye her hair pink Me: Sees that there are 211 likes uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  36. Cecilia Schick

    Cecilia Schick

    7 days ago

    Yes Lexi looked so cute with pink hair! It was sooooo pretty and adorable!🥰

  37. Simron Verma

    Simron Verma

    7 days ago

    you are sweet

  38. Surangi fernando

    Surangi fernando

    7 days ago

    Such a cute puppy you have

  39. Lu 12

    Lu 12

    8 days ago

    I feel like I would be down to eat the hot sauce(Bc I like it) and the embarrassing Tik Tok dance one and the dying hair one, most of the rest of them are kinda bad, but the toothbrush one…I would not do it…😳

  40. Sara Anderias

    Sara Anderias

    9 days ago


  41. musie tesfamichal

    musie tesfamichal

    9 days ago

    sorry brent

  42. Ellie Bean

    Ellie Bean

    9 days ago

    Yes Queen yes

  43. Ellie Bean

    Ellie Bean

    9 days ago

    I swear when Brent got wax I cheered wax your head watch your head wax your head

  44. Linda Keddie

    Linda Keddie

    10 days ago

    Hi I love your videos 😜😜😜

  45. Solo Sing

    Solo Sing

    11 days ago

    Ben "ahhh its still in there" Me: Thats what she said

    • Una Milic

      Una Milic

      7 days ago


  46. Puppy Lover

    Puppy Lover

    11 days ago

    "if this video gets 50,000 likes Lexi h has to die her hair pink again" Well I think it's safe to say we're gonna see a pink haired Lexi hensler!

  47. Puppy Lover

    Puppy Lover

    11 days ago

    Wait I'm pretty sure Ben lives in another one of that same apartment just a different room but I could be wrong

  48. It's rosey fan

    It's rosey fan

    11 days ago


  49. Gaabboo Fran

    Gaabboo Fran

    12 days ago

    She has to dye her hair black

  50. Norma Roberts

    Norma Roberts

    12 days ago

    Are you doing that kiss or slap thing

  51. Layal and sama

    Layal and sama

    12 days ago

    Brent! What the heck that’s GROSS💩 !!!

  52. Robert Palacios

    Robert Palacios

    12 days ago


  53. Nicolas Nayo

    Nicolas Nayo

    13 days ago

    Nice handwriting tho

  54. Eric Chapman

    Eric Chapman

    13 days ago

    Lexi Hensley you look amazing girl

  55. noam eitan

    noam eitan

    13 days ago

    Ur dog is freaking cute I in love😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🐶🐶🐶😍😍😍😍😍

  56. Unicorn Skyfy

    Unicorn Skyfy

    14 days ago

    Im loving your vids always remember you inspire me 😊 ur the best ❤

  57. Stephanie Stansell

    Stephanie Stansell

    14 days ago

    Brent’s leg are always waxed

  58. eva. mcbr1de

    eva. mcbr1de

    14 days ago

    Dye it black Lexi!!!!!!!!!! U have 209k likesssssssss :) Like if u agree that she should dye it black

  59. The Art Of Cooking

    The Art Of Cooking

    15 days ago

    Looks like you are dying your hair black

  60. Sabrina


    15 days ago

    Did any body noticed Ben is wearing James Charles *sister* merch !!