My Strange Habits

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  1. Claudix Claire

    Claudix Claire

    2 hours ago

    Who is watching this when there is coronavirus? So yeah, I don't think you can share food anymore XD Like if agree?

  2. joanaubrey


    2 hours ago

    I ment nales

  3. joanaubrey


    2 hours ago

    I have to say that i bite my males everyday im not alone

  4. Vivi Galaxy

    Vivi Galaxy

    8 hours ago

    Yeeees I even sniff paper I must smell everything EVERYTHING I have lots of weird habits 👁👄👁

  5. Elena Villarreal

    Elena Villarreal

    8 hours ago

    Make more vids ur so funny and cool😭❤

  6. •Lily Flowers•

    •Lily Flowers•

    12 hours ago

    I thouroghly relate to all of these

  7. Tåmäkîš_wífū


    20 hours ago

    The first strange habit is literally what I do as well my mom always thought it was so weird and she wants to get me a job at Bath and body Works whenever I’m older because of it 😂😂

  8. Sevetions Star

    Sevetions Star

    22 hours ago

    My habit is I'm obsessed with knife's and swords

  9. Oscar Palfi

    Oscar Palfi

    Day ago

    2 and 3 defenetly

  10. F r e a k S h o w

    F r e a k S h o w

    Day ago

    All of these are sooo relatable!

  11. TAG Fox

    TAG Fox

    Day ago

    I bite my nails all the time ㅠㅠ

  12. Gabriel Berçot

    Gabriel Berçot

    Day ago

    I change all my laptop and cellphone wallpapers every Sunday

  13. CallMeTix


    Day ago

    i sniff everything too XD im glad im not the only one!

  14. -Phoenix Moon-

    -Phoenix Moon-

    Day ago

    I nail bite too. Well i wish i had kalimba and my mom said "no your nails is short you cant have that". I got that habit when i was 4 but i dont know why i have that but yeah its weird.

    • Deiru


      6 hours ago

      -Phoenix Moon- no prob

    • -Phoenix Moon-

      -Phoenix Moon-

      17 hours ago

      @Deiru Also thanks

    • -Phoenix Moon-

      -Phoenix Moon-

      17 hours ago

      @Deiru Yeah im trying to stop it, its annoying.

    • Deiru


      20 hours ago

      I remember a comment that said a way of stopping nail biting is apologizing to your nails whenever you bite your nails, it wouldnt stop it instantly, but it will in a period of time

  15. Jonathan Sorenson

    Jonathan Sorenson

    Day ago

    The first kind of worries me, the last one is funny/cute, the rest is just light paranoia.

  16. Pumkini Gamer

    Pumkini Gamer

    Day ago

    *looks at the mug at the start of the vid Yo i want one *looks at date Oh damn it’s 2019

  17. Brian Dawson

    Brian Dawson

    Day ago

    Yes, I too sniff most food etc, and so does my brother. I also check the door lock a lot. Got to know where the keys, wallet, and phone are before sleep. Used to bite nails many years ago, but I found that if I use the proper tools, and just keep the short it helps.

  18. David.wxy.


    Day ago

    What hell 1:06 😅😅😅😅

  19. S R

    S R

    Day ago

    oh wow.. just saw this we have so much in common XD the only one i don't do is smell XD but i do frequent eat weird menu's =)

  20. Riley and Thea K

    Riley and Thea K

    Day ago

    "anyone with Korean parents knows the all out brawl that happens when two people insists on paying the bill" I have a lot of Irish family and my mum almost got into an actual fist fight over the bill it ain't just Korean parents. My family has special tactics so they can pay so if my mum goes to the bathroom my aunt will sneakily pay while she is gone... it is war! My mum shoves my aunts away from the bill.

  21. gcs8


    Day ago


  22. FIN biisti

    FIN biisti

    Day ago

    Ostrichs have 4 minute memory

  23. Asli K.

    Asli K.

    2 days ago

    I also sniff everything 😂😂 I thought I was the only crazy one doing that

  24. Ibi C

    Ibi C

    2 days ago

    Smell is half the eating experience Me: actually 80%

  25. MrTaco_12


    2 days ago

    0:47 it is actually and its scientifically proven

  26. Tree-PJ


    2 days ago

    Emirichu: *says dumb advice* Wolfyrichu: korosu

  27. violet Galaxy gamer

    violet Galaxy gamer

    2 days ago

    It's so sad that you were so excited for the new year because it sucks 😢

  28. BluSteel_Dragon


    2 days ago

    Smelling everything isn't weird, it's making sure you don't have covid

  29. smh lydsss

    smh lydsss

    2 days ago

    me: panik k.k. bubblegum as the bgm in the outro: kalm

  30. Princess Chan

    Princess Chan

    2 days ago

    0:11 i dont drink egg nog i drink coquito scuze me. (Virgin coquito i aint about that early drinking life) if you know where im from now congrats, sadly I've never stepped foot on my island but I want to go as soon as possible, its where im from, I kinda feel incomplete never having been there.

  31. Maria Smolen

    Maria Smolen

    2 days ago

    Me and you are the same person

  32. Dole Whip

    Dole Whip

    2 days ago

    I do like all of these too XD

  33. Mashly Lopez

    Mashly Lopez

    2 days ago

    I sniff almost everthing as well.....and I too, bite my nails and it has become a habbit and I am trying to stop biting it as well. I can kind of relate on the locking the door, but instead of locking the door... it’s flushing the toilet

  34. Hazel Levesque

    Hazel Levesque

    2 days ago

    Hi, ok so i know that this is a whole year late, but i have nail biting issues to, but i found this nailpolish you put on your nails that tastes bad, so you dont bite... its called mavala stop. The only bad thing is that it can spread places, so when i wash my face, it gets all over my lips, which is disgusting. But, hey! It works😁

  35. Wolfie Luna Starcade

    Wolfie Luna Starcade

    2 days ago

    TY! I thought I was the only one who bites my nails! 😅🤣😊😂😋

  36. Just People

    Just People

    3 days ago

    My intersthing habbit is im always check my toilet before sleep because im soo scared if there is a people in my toilet and try to steal my stuff

  37. Angel Master 75

    Angel Master 75

    3 days ago

    I will now and forever get two drinks, sniff all sniffables, eat food, and YEET THE KINDNESS OF MY FRIENDS OUT THE WINDOW TO SHOW IM A BETTER FRIEND BOI!!! >:3

  38. kohzhun wee

    kohzhun wee

    3 days ago

    Did you my door? *press X to doubt*

  39. Mr Orange

    Mr Orange

    3 days ago

    My weirdest habit is coming back every day to see if you post any new videos..

  40. Kendra Ketchum

    Kendra Ketchum

    3 days ago

    Oh cool an 2 animater is in this video and it’s wofychu🙂

  41. Levente Varga

    Levente Varga

    3 days ago

    Just tellin womens first thing they look in a partner is smell so thats completely normal?

  42. LydeBird Jade

    LydeBird Jade

    3 days ago

    whenever my mom and her best friend finish eating together at a restaraunt, they ALWAYS no i mean ALWAYS fight for the bill thats why, when i was at a restaraunt and my mom invited her best friend she (payed the bill first even when we didnt eat dinner yet or her best friend didnt arrive so she and her best friend wont fight for the bill so my mom payed the bill early lol)

  43. Drew Komodo

    Drew Komodo

    3 days ago

    I can make Perry the platypus sound

  44. Is_ Potato

    Is_ Potato

    3 days ago

    Omg this reminds me of the time I handed my best friend a rock and she strait up inhaled it! She just- SNNNIIIIIIFFFFFFF- I was like 😦 Then I just looked at her and using bestie telepathy I told her what was THAT, and that’s how we started laughing in the middle of our teacher’s *why you should shut up in my class speech*

  45. Kiro-Rinan


    3 days ago

    i have the same habbits as you-

  46. Marketa Smerdova

    Marketa Smerdova

    3 days ago

    Loool so on point. I smell literally everything. And I check my door everytime and when I don't I am anxious whooole time till I get home. Nail biting was a big problem for me till around 16 - I somehow stopped without noticing xD. Paying the bill... as a European person I don't have it in family, but I like to buy more food when I get it for myself and I just give it to my friends and family to make them happy.

  47. Null


    3 days ago

    Did you lock your door?

  48. Eglantine Hardin

    Eglantine Hardin

    4 days ago

    1,2 and 3 I do a lot

  49. Ryuzo Murakami

    Ryuzo Murakami

    4 days ago

    I sniff random stuff too

  50. darklight415


    4 days ago

    honestly all these habits explain me

  51. King Chaotic Blackheart Ω

    King Chaotic Blackheart Ω

    4 days ago

    Wolfychu is so adorable even when she threatens to kill someone. She's the equivalent of kirby as a human. :3

  52. Bob_:〉


    4 days ago

    My most interesting habit is keeping lights on... Because i dot like the dark :D

  53. Marcus Yap

    Marcus Yap

    4 days ago

    I think most of our habits come from our parents. What do you think?

  54. Boglárka Banka

    Boglárka Banka

    4 days ago

    "Does he smell good?" yeah, this is what you will never good if you're having an online crush TwT

    • Isaba Milon Year 9

      Isaba Milon Year 9

      3 days ago

      Boglárka Banka I can relate

  55. Parminder Sandhu

    Parminder Sandhu

    4 days ago


  56. Soph Vanilla

    Soph Vanilla

    5 days ago

    Is it just me, or do I always come back to this video to hear Emily say: "Ooga Booga." I know you listened to it more than once.

  57. The rabbit Man

    The rabbit Man

    5 days ago

    Hi I know I’m Annoying

  58. the shadow 2 2013

    the shadow 2 2013

    5 days ago

    the sniff yea food am i rite

  59. Atlazuko


    5 days ago

    So i do 2, 3 and 5 and my therapist said 2 is a nervous habit born out of my crippling anxiety and my need to make certain i am safe at all times. i lock the door then check the door right after which helps me be sure i locked it because i remember checking the door better than i do locking it. and 5 i've apparently have done since i was baby. i would apparently try to feed my everyone around me my bottle and anything i found tasty that i had been given. i still do this. i cannot stop. pls send help it's turned into cooking excessively large meals and excessive baking and i am not sure that i can stop. and if your can't help at least help me eat all the food.

  60. Alonso Loyola Molina

    Alonso Loyola Molina

    5 days ago

    This is the same as Jaiden animations im really picky with my food I'll analyze the food find each bite eat the 2nd - last bite then finish with the best bite cause then I'm happy :)