Tom MacDonald - "The Music Industry"

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INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
EDITED BY Nova Rockafeller
SHOT by Logan Fulton
FX by Dave McDonald
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan


  1. Shadow Wing

    Shadow Wing

    10 minutes ago

    Meanwhile... We are now 4 days in still waiting on coach to do a reaction to this flamethrower of a track 🔥🔥

  2. JerryJagzz official.

    JerryJagzz official.

    16 minutes ago

    Listening to this song makes me change my perspective of signing any record deals.

  3. Exource


    20 minutes ago

    Keep yourself safe man your exposing the truth

  4. bobby banks

    bobby banks

    21 minute ago

    All directed by a Rockefeller

    • bobby banks

      bobby banks

      21 minute ago

      Lol what I tried to put

  5. Ryan Robertson

    Ryan Robertson

    22 minutes ago

    Go get em Tom, another banger.

  6. Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam

    Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam

    27 minutes ago

    So I'm fairly new to this HOG stuff. Just curious- why doesn't Nova put out solo music anymore? I really love her stuff, her look, her vibe, her whole aesthetic is refreshing. I see that she is the director of Tom's videos- is she more into filmmaking? Just genuinely curious- they're both talented beyond measure and could absolutely be, as I call them, "The Power Couple of the Real".

  7. Sheena Weaver

    Sheena Weaver

    36 minutes ago

    Chills.... Just like the rest of your music gives me. You are truly talented and smart and beautiful in everything you do. Continued success to you sir! You deserve it ALL... Especially the way you called out the Illuminati & pedophilia in the industry. Hats off & KUDOS to you brother! Keep waking the masses, & I'm gonna keep loving you on US-state until I can work it into my fixed income to buy your merch!

  8. Ryan C

    Ryan C

    37 minutes ago

    My comment was deleted who did it?

  9. Brendan Jordan

    Brendan Jordan

    43 minutes ago

    That's it Tom dont care if ppl buy merch still loves us all no matter what

  10. joe Vasquez

    joe Vasquez

    45 minutes ago


  11. Dopeshit24 Dopeshit24

    Dopeshit24 Dopeshit24

    51 minute ago

    3 time in a row

  12. Dopeshit24 Dopeshit24

    Dopeshit24 Dopeshit24

    53 minutes ago

    Straight to my playlist

  13. Dopeshit24 Dopeshit24

    Dopeshit24 Dopeshit24

    55 minutes ago

    Please keep it up we need you we need this

  14. Dopeshit24 Dopeshit24

    Dopeshit24 Dopeshit24

    55 minutes ago

    I swear i hated you man hated your music to be more specific but there this is art is music it makes my hart beat and man i swear am a fan from now on love this 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Your nans Refrigerator

    Your nans Refrigerator

    58 minutes ago

    Best rapper right here dog

  16. John K

    John K

    Hour ago

    Bro I swear you're the real mccoy. The real deal. I've never fucked with too many independent artists but you always get me hyped. Not to make a comparison but you and Locksmith are 2 of my favorite artists out right now. Keep doing the realest. Never put a price tag on what feeds the soul bro. Peace.

  17. Frosty-Popcicle


    Hour ago

    Still waiting for NoLifeShaqs reaction lol..

  18. Steph Shantz

    Steph Shantz

    Hour ago

    I Love it

  19. Ozone LA

    Ozone LA

    Hour ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 100 the lyrics in this is like what, so true Tom awesome

  20. Louis Slater

    Louis Slater

    Hour ago

    I Milly new video Friday? 🔥🔥🔥💯👍

  21. Justin Button

    Justin Button

    Hour ago

    Been a fan since day 1. Love your work bro, each time you bring out some new fire it’s always on another level. The lyrics are tight.

  22. Crazy World

    Crazy World

    Hour ago

    Mark my words, in the near future we will see in the news that Tom was killed. And that's because he speaks the truth.

  23. WorldWithoutHate=PeaceOnEarth


    Hour ago

    Hey Tom and Nova, Not sure if you will read this but I hope one day yall will perform in Austin, Texas when pandemic slows down. We would Love to have yall here!!! I know tickets would sale out quick😃 Sending yall love from Texas. Thank you Tom and Nova 💜

  24. Tosha 77 T

    Tosha 77 T

    Hour ago


  25. HurpMcDurp


    Hour ago


  26. Rxb Lxx

    Rxb Lxx

    Hour ago

    u did that bro real shh like damn

  27. shane kelly

    shane kelly

    Hour ago

    Damn that's exactly what I needed to hear

  28. butti fdft

    butti fdft

    2 hours ago

    60+ years before us HOG'S

  29. Dukeboy 01

    Dukeboy 01

    2 hours ago

    You just hit 1 mill subs dude!



    2 hours ago

    I fucking love you dude I love my art My passion for rapping and you made me realize just now , why I started rapping ,thank you

  31. tgm willy

    tgm willy

    2 hours ago

    someone speaks the truth

    • butti fdft

      butti fdft

      2 hours ago


  32. Harry Battersby

    Harry Battersby

    2 hours ago


  33. Anthoney Tucker

    Anthoney Tucker

    2 hours ago

    Thanks for being real! The pedophiles need to be exposed.

  34. MLethalM


    2 hours ago

    Never heard of this guy but I'm feelin this 💯

  35. Kevin Watmough

    Kevin Watmough

    3 hours ago

    So your a go fund me rapper! Enough said!

    • bob smith

      bob smith

      2 hours ago

      Which label are you hoping to sign with?



    3 hours ago

    Wwg1wga, Q said dark to light, it’s the great awakening!

  37. Jerry Michaud

    Jerry Michaud

    3 hours ago

    Jerry michaud boy 23

  38. Rob Hodge

    Rob Hodge

    3 hours ago

    Heard this on an ad. Clicked immediately just to show my support. Tom MacDonald telling HARD TRUTH. The "industry" worships Satan and they make ALL artists sign their soul over for the fame. If you doubt it you need to wake the F up. Illuminati IS REAL.

  39. Lubie Spyder

    Lubie Spyder

    3 hours ago

    Hey Tom, if you don't want the free cars they give you, I could use one. So tired of taking the bus. Lol

  40. Father V

    Father V

    3 hours ago

    Stay free! Your a inspiration to us all. Lead the charge to change how ppl think. The 5 to 9 chains and shackles are not unbreakable!

  41. Carmen Reyes

    Carmen Reyes

    3 hours ago


  42. NotherNerd


    3 hours ago

    Tom is out here fighting the good fight

  43. Lori Lynn Rhodes

    Lori Lynn Rhodes

    3 hours ago

    Do you have one yet on Saving the Children? 🇺🇸🥰🇺🇸💯💯💯 love you man!!

  44. Bradley Hetrick

    Bradley Hetrick

    3 hours ago

    I can show your merch off on my other channel Angel Bradley I use to help others.

  45. Bradley Hetrick

    Bradley Hetrick

    3 hours ago

    How long till 2 million views go go go tom go!!!

  46. indigo fades

    indigo fades

    3 hours ago


  47. Art of Life

    Art of Life

    3 hours ago


  48. Daniel Spalding

    Daniel Spalding

    3 hours ago


  49. Dimon-D


    4 hours ago

    Gotta Gucci Airsoft Vest.. pew pew pew



    4 hours ago

    Finally a "Real Rapper"

  51. Chase Malle

    Chase Malle

    4 hours ago


  52. Ni0z


    4 hours ago

    Dope ass song Tom. Like the outfit with the vest, you look like a BEAST my dude. Keep being you and don't ever sign a contract (know you don't ever plan too) but it's great to see a man working hard for everything he believes in, not a lot of that exists anymore. Most just give up and quit when things get rough but NOT our boy Tom MF fires back and always drops a BANGER that has some meaning behind it.

  53. Twitcher


    4 hours ago

    Rapping Skrillex...

  54. Missmia


    4 hours ago

    Thanks for saying this for all the artist who aren’t here anymore to tell the truth

  55. Юля Решетникова

    Юля Решетникова

    4 hours ago

    Красиво на** лэйблы послал. Да, и ненужны они тогда , если есть своя фан база и артисту так удобнее работать.

  56. Blake P

    Blake P

    4 hours ago

    Tom is by far one of the most talented artists of all time! There are very VERY few songs that i only like a little. The rest I LOVE!!! Most underrated artist of all time! I've been listening to him for about 5 years and glad to see him starting to get the fan base he's deserved all along!

  57. Hector Luevanos

    Hector Luevanos

    5 hours ago

    His next song should be 'bout black Jesus and flat earth.... Keep exposing them Satanist!!!!!

  58. Cara James

    Cara James

    5 hours ago

    Congratulations on 1 million in four days time! That’s got to be some type of record!! Congratulations

  59. EGol music

    EGol music

    5 hours ago

    Wow again. Man you are on good side. We need you

  60. juiceee WRLD

    juiceee WRLD

    5 hours ago

    Rip juice wrld, peep, x, Mac miller, nipsey, tupac, biggie and every other legends that died