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Brave was a Disappointment

In which I talk about Brave for far too long, covering basically everything you can cover about the film: from analyzing the dynamic between its main characters and breaking down its dual plots to discussing its production problems and the firing of its original director, Brenda Chapman.
I tell some jokes along the way, I guess.
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00:00 - Introduction
00:44 - Chapter 1 - Womanhood & Femininity
05:42 - Chapter 2 - Betrothal of the Princess
08:11 - Chapter 3 - So Much Promise
12:59 - Chapter 4 - Mother Bear
14:04 - Chapter ٥ - What a dumb problem to solve
23:23 - Chapter ٦ - Pick a Plotline
36:40 - Chapter ٧ - A Story without Gender
42:37 - Chapter ٨ - So, what do we do now?


  1. Zeke Freek

    Zeke Freek

    4 months ago

    Came across this on reddit. Really well-produced essay. Brave was above all else a failure to pick and solidify a direction. I've always known that but I've never seen it so eloquently explained. Keep up the good work.

    • aya


      13 hours ago

      lloydgush almost like you didn’t watch the video at all

    • Magdalena Krupińska

      Magdalena Krupińska

      13 days ago

      @TimeIsUpYourParolesBegun YouKnowWhatDatMeans It's called Only Yesterday, it's a Ghibli movie.

    • TimeIsUpYourParolesBegun YouKnowWhatDatMeans

      TimeIsUpYourParolesBegun YouKnowWhatDatMeans

      28 days ago

      Anyone know the name of the movies at 49:33? Im one of the literal 10 people within this month that's really curious about it, the quality and style looks really neat. Anyone? please?

    • Elle P

      Elle P

      Month ago

      I would have given the film makers the benefit of the doubt if it wasn't for the footage of the director, Mark Andrews, being insufferably smug... when people are like, "what's the deal with the bear?" maybe get rid of the fucking bear plot. Don't double down. lol

    • Sasha Le Desma

      Sasha Le Desma

      Month ago

      my thoughts exactly

  2. Erika Verzon

    Erika Verzon

    Hour ago

    You totally get me there

  3. Erika Verzon

    Erika Verzon

    Hour ago

    But BRAVE is my favorite 😅😅😅😅

  4. fiorung


    2 hours ago

    The first 1/4 of this movie is really good, once bear mom arrives it's all downhill from there

  5. WinterSeelie


    7 hours ago

    Nah, I loved it, was different from the others the Disney-Pixar have done

  6. Elly Martinez

    Elly Martinez

    9 hours ago

    let’s face it merida is infact rude

    • fiorung


      2 hours ago

      Which is good because she has a character flaw and is not perfect and right in everything.

  7. Dora Beidler

    Dora Beidler

    9 hours ago

    When I first read the title of this video, I was like “ what is this person talking about. Brave was an amazing movie.” Click. After watching it........ well damn. I feel robe with this movie. When rewatched Brave. Fuck. He is right. Then I showed my friends this video. We had lots to talk about. Thank you for making this video.

  8. Moonstar79


    10 hours ago

    If I had watched those first fifteen or so minutes with no knowledge of the film beforehand, up until the scene where the mother pulls Merida's bow out of the fire, then been asked what I think ought to happen next, I'd say that Merida would denounce the marriage, perhaps even go so far as to run away, and cause the clans to war on one another over this failure to barter peace, because raging testosterone. Then, Merida and Elinor would be forced to work to fix this, using their individual strengths in diplomacy and combat to ultimately come to a resolution between the clans and a mutual respect between mother and daughter. Never in my life would I have said "Then she turns into a bear-"

  9. aya


    13 hours ago

    i adore merida and definitely agree that her movie deserves better

  10. Anneliese Martin

    Anneliese Martin

    16 hours ago

    This is the best argument I have seen for this movie so far. I personally have always loved the movie and have not really understood why so many people trashed on it. The arguments I have heard before were just insults. Now I understand and I appreciate why people may not like the movie and have even myself have changed my own opinion on the movie and can see the missed potential in it like you do.

  11. Tranehyo h

    Tranehyo h

    17 hours ago

    You just win a sub👌🏻

  12. Makarov Fox

    Makarov Fox

    18 hours ago

    well nick is very close to a love interest to judy

  13. Makarov Fox

    Makarov Fox

    19 hours ago

    22:52 hello there

  14. Makarov Fox

    Makarov Fox

    19 hours ago

    i love scotch's english

  15. Nazuren Mior

    Nazuren Mior

    21 hour ago

    I think elinour married the wrong guy. 😂 Okbye

  16. Eiki Shiki Yamaxanadu

    Eiki Shiki Yamaxanadu

    22 hours ago

    How I wanted Brave to go feels a little more dramatic and (I think) almost feels like a Dreamworks movie than a Pixar one. Feel free to badger me about not understanding what Dreamworks is as a film company and whatnot. So most of the early stuff stays the same except Merida and the princes interact a bit more beforehand and assist her escape when her mom tries to find her. Merida is then led by wisps to the old witch's house but by then it is nighttime and she is deeper in the forest than she has ever been. She is now lost and the witch, in exchange for offering her shelter, makes Merida an apprentice as the witch has little time left to live and cannot prolong her life with magic for much longer. Over the course of the magic training Merida still bears resentment for her mother but towards the end of the training, she is 8nching closer to realising just how much her mother had contributed to her and in what ways she could be a bit more grateful. The witch tells her that her magic will never reach its full potential even after all she has been taught as she is missing a few things that make her up as individual; in a sense her heart is not whole. Merida hears news of her kingdom under attack and going into war. With the witch's training she is able to find her way home and using her magic she is able to put a temporary end to the current skirmish. However, as the Queen and Merida meet once again, the Queen is killed by a hiding assassin who is taken care of by Merida. With the queen's dying breath, she guides Merida to where she has kept the burned bow and shows her numerous yet futile efforts to restore it. This shows that Merida's mother not only realised that she didn't give enough consideration for her own daughter's feelings but has tried in vain to right the wrongs she did. This will complete Merida as her heart becomes whole. The two things she was missing was the strength of herself as an individual(the bow) and the love she truly had for her mother which had been clouded by resentment. With this, she is able to rally the clans and give a grand speech which does something similar to the film's depiction but with a much darker tone. Not only reminiscing in the old battles as a story to raise morale and show that they can survive through cooperation but with a new tone as proof that she has incorporated her mother's stern leadership and presence into her own power. With that they win the war. The last scene with the witch looking from afar with a clairvoyant crystal ball on her deathbed, smiling at the person her student had become as Merida gives her eulogy during the burial as well as the typical ending speech before cutting to credits. I know the way I typed it makes it sound messy and it's drastically different from the original story but I just wanted to share it.

  17. Martina C

    Martina C

    Day ago

    I feel like the bear was to make it more childish to please the kids.

    • Morten Aanstad

      Morten Aanstad

      13 hours ago

      There weren't any bears (or any other animals) with major plot relevance in "The Incredibles" or "Wall-E", and they were still hugely successful

  18. Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum

    Day ago

    The bear is really cute tho I’ll give them that

  19. Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum

    Day ago

    When making this movie why didn’t anyone ask “why the bear what’s the point?” Honestly what purpose did it hold and how did it get passed.

  20. Rowan Lloyd

    Rowan Lloyd

    Day ago

    brave is one of my fav movies ;-; oh well!

  21. Nick Nevco

    Nick Nevco

    Day ago

    The movie was based on a folk story so the Merida element was just added

  22. Lê Thái An

    Lê Thái An

    Day ago

    You know what's made by Pixar and is NOT a disappointment? Elasticgirl's ass, it always gets me off

  23. Nhật Anh Bùi

    Nhật Anh Bùi

    Day ago

    41:30 Do they have a problem with A female? So to remove the "distincely female lens" they denine The queen and Princess, the main Charater being a female? Now I know why usually I dislike men that has long hair and bold infront. Feel like they got the wicked side of both men and women.

  24. Nhật Anh Bùi

    Nhật Anh Bùi

    Day ago

    27:40 Maybe but I don't think so, you just being sell out and you have the fully right to stand up. Now I realize this movies is a mstake (not the BBP (Before Bear Plots), I love it)

  25. Nhật Anh Bùi

    Nhật Anh Bùi

    Day ago

    18:47 "Assume the witch is a furry and proceed to Rule34 about Anime". *Out standing move yu got there*

  26. Alethios Oratos

    Alethios Oratos

    Day ago

    I am so tired of 'girl power' in film. Every single movie has a female lead now, there are no male heroes anymore, and the villain is always a white guy. Brave was well made, but the same old tropes and bullshit gets stale. Shoving WOKE politics down everyone's throat is not appealing. There is room for girl power, and is fine to do this sometimes, but all of the time? Remember Disney, half of your viewers are men. This criticism is not just about brave, but most Disney films in the last 10 years.

    • fiorung


      2 hours ago

      Top-grossing 100 films: 40% featured female protagonists. 43% featured male protagonists, and 17% had ensembles or a combination of male and female protagonists. 45% of female protagonists appeared in studio features and 55% appeared in independent features. Sole male protagonists were more likely to appear in studio features (57%) than independent features (43%). Female protagonists were most likely to appear in horror features (26%), followed by dramas (24%), comedies (21%), action features (16%), science fiction features (8%), and animated features (5%). Females accounted for 37% of major characters. Females comprised 34% of all speaking characters. Congratulations on being statistically wrong. Women aren't even equal, let alone the higher percentage of leads.

  27. Eric Babich

    Eric Babich

    Day ago

    This video made me watch movie for first time, I liked it

  28. Ataa Maria

    Ataa Maria

    2 days ago

    We really need new younger Directors with creativty ideas in Hollywood, these old directors lack imagination and sometimes have really terrible ideas and copycat old movies but they get passes because they are DIRECTORS This movie had si much potential but they Fcked is up with the bear scene

  29. Gelatinocyte


    2 days ago

    I really can't wait for more videos from this guy

  30. Mcflamango


    2 days ago

    Personally I came into this as a Brave fan. I love the message of societal pressure. I also love the “my mom turned into a bear” part because of the message of “being careful of what you wish for”. While I understand the criticism I personally think this movie is still a great one to sit and enjoy

  31. JP Abcede

    JP Abcede

    2 days ago

    Suggesting a "how to fix" solution is good and all. But considering the original director's vision is so far away from what you drew up, then what you offered is practically 'fan fiction'. Yes, you would like to do away with the bear plot, but it was in the original storyboard. Which means, regardless if the theme of the movie changed because of a switch in directors, the final output would remain problematic.

  32. Aaron Giovanni

    Aaron Giovanni

    2 days ago

    3:46 - Personally, I don't think that it's about her grace, I think it's about her power as a woman and kind of more importantly, her power as a mother, to take no shit. I watched this with my mum and we completely fangirled over the representation of women in power with a positive connotation. I've thought about it heaps, but I can't think of any way that Brave could be improved, so I'm really excited and interested in watching the rest of the video. You're very eloquent and unbiased, which is always good for a film analysis :)

  33. ItsAri


    2 days ago

    Brave was a good movie. But it definitely had it flaws. I understand the bear plot and what they were trying to do, but it *really* downplayed the seriousness. Brave’s not a bad movie, but it could’ve been so much more.

  34. Jaba The Pegasus

    Jaba The Pegasus

    2 days ago

    Am I the only one who *only* remembers the bear plot?

  35. kookyaliens


    2 days ago

    That feeling when your last name is Dingwall and now it's my nickname at school as well

  36. Serperior and the animator

    Serperior and the animator

    2 days ago

    Here’s the thing- I follow it as a story of a mother and daughter conflict- The mother wants her daughter to change- that doesn’t work. The daughter wants her mother to change- and... to be fair- she does change- but not in the way she wants her to. The curse of the way she wants her mother to change is made obvious- at least to me. She separated the ties from her mother by slicing the tapestry- and that hatred and breakage of the bond stays throughout the film. Which is why the solution is to sew it up and fix it. Fix the relationship with her mom. The film goes into how forcing people to change is not exactly a great thing to do. Because that causes problems. And then they learn to accept eachother for their differences. End of story. The end. I think that the idea of the mom turning into an animal is not the worst idea, but maybe they could have handled it better. This is coming from someone who’s never seen brother bear, by the way. Also don’t act like we didn’t go through the same shit wuth shrek- DONT EVEN TRY.

  37. Pearls Alice

    Pearls Alice

    2 days ago

    I just want to ask. What's the name of the film that also appeared in the chapter 4: mother bear. I have been looing for it since i was a child :,)

  38. Nitish


    3 days ago

    Sir you should join hollywood and create some masterclass movies

  39. Kyky 11

    Kyky 11

    3 days ago

    Tbh I think I’d liked the film, minus the whole bear storyline.

  40. jdprettynails


    3 days ago

    I personally love Brave. I was disappointed too, because you can see how it was almost a perfect film. But for those moments where you can see what it was trying to say, I love it. Merida is me. Growing up I adored taking part in "masculine" activities, but I love certain aspects of my femininity too. I like skirts and dresses and having long, flowing hair. I enjoy painting my nails and wearing jewelry. My relationship with my parents is exactly the same. I have a very antagonistic relationship with my mum because she's frustrated that I refuse to stay inside my box (my brother is currently experimenting with more "feminine" fashion choices lately and it's driving her insane). My dad means well and likes that we share interests but ultimately he does tend to agree with my mum. In fact, when I went to see this film with my mum we had different ideas of what the film was even about. Me: I really liked Merida. It was interesting to see her rebel against the restrictions of being a girl. Mum: No, it wasn't because she's a girl! She's restricted by her role as a PRINCESS. It's because she's royalty that causes the problem. Me (internally): Och, Mum!

  41. jimmy climer

    jimmy climer

    3 days ago

    The bear part should've been a different movie. Brother bear and sister?

  42. Ariana Elena

    Ariana Elena

    3 days ago

    This movie gives me the vibes of like the Princess and the Frog. It could have been about how Tiana was a struggling cook that just wanted some power and she achieves that in her way and proves everybody wrong (that a black woman can be as hardworking and achieve something), but instead they made her turn into a frog and have an adventure with another person that was turned into a frog.

  43. Zahl


    3 days ago

    I literally forgot about the fucking bear plot

  44. Gabs Szał

    Gabs Szał

    4 days ago

    Where's more vids mah dude We hungry

  45. Sweet Bean1306

    Sweet Bean1306

    4 days ago

    Brave made me cry and will continue to. Idk why but just by watching the video I still cried-

  46. shadowgirl765


    4 days ago

    Me: Brave is my favorite princess movie! This video:

  47. Pooja B

    Pooja B

    4 days ago

    Can I just say that you're an absolutely brilliant person and how I wish more people in my life were that way

  48. Eric Jordan

    Eric Jordan

    4 days ago

    I love these type of movies but the reason people say there bad is because they look to deep in a movie thats not supposed be that deep ITS A FUCKING KIDS MOVIE DUDE

  49. Syca Lee

    Syca Lee

    4 days ago

    Honestly Brave is the definition of r/menwritingwomen RIP

  50. Via Horsfield

    Via Horsfield

    4 days ago

    I honestly think brave has is a really good film,but that’s my opinion 🥰🥰💎

  51. Halle Howard Jaictin

    Halle Howard Jaictin

    4 days ago

    I think the bear symbolizes something

  52. Snowfloof Cathug

    Snowfloof Cathug

    4 days ago

    Having Eleanor share some stuff with Merida like archery (though that in particular is probably a bad choice) isn't a bad idea, the movie would instead be of her realising it's okay to indulge in that instead of stifling it "because it's what a woman should do" like she had lived her whole life, there are other powers than grace, other ways you can exist in society despite her understanding of things because it hadn't been challenged like this before

  53. Abdullah Adnan

    Abdullah Adnan

    4 days ago

    OMG when you put arabic numbers and dont even get me started about what it says in arabic on the end slide lmaoo(>y<)

  54. Mau Jaxa

    Mau Jaxa

    4 days ago

    As an only daughter raised by a single mother, this film immediately caught my attention and became my favorite, because for once it wasn't about falling in love with a man to rescue her from pain, but a daughter fixing the relationship with her mother. After seeing this video, I realize what I was missing about this movie. It seems like a story from the perspective of a female writer, that a male director didn't comprehend, so half way through the story, he shifts into what is for him more familiar territory. The whole movie is somewhat of a gaslight, that ...maybe if I can turn my mother into a bear, or some other equally outrageous "mistake" it will magically fix our toxic relationship and we'll live happily ever after. However, my mother is not Queen Elena, she's Mother Gothel (from Tangled), and there is no secret, benevolent, real parents out there...just Mother Gothel. If Rapunzel could turn Mother Gothel into a bear, would it repair their relationship? Anyway, thank you for the insight on how this movie missed the mark.

  55. Dat Boin

    Dat Boin

    5 days ago

    I still like brave no matter what purely for the fact that it’s Scottish because well... I’m Scottish

  56. Matias Barrios

    Matias Barrios

    5 days ago

    I totally agree with you. I usually get asleep when i take my daugther to watch a "kids" movie but this movie totally blew me away and got me into the plot... Until the mother turns into a bear. What a letdown.

  57. Aurora Goldsand-Lamboy

    Aurora Goldsand-Lamboy

    5 days ago


  58. Aurora Goldsand-Lamboy

    Aurora Goldsand-Lamboy

    5 days ago

    In staid of the mom turning into a bear, the mom should have turned into merida [know I spelled it wrong] and they could have switched places and lived in each others place. They could have hung out and learned about each other , than the movie be better.

  59. Nina Huang

    Nina Huang

    5 days ago

    Why did I spend an hour watching this

  60. AquaMarina


    5 days ago

    Um, Mulan didn't dress up as a boy, because she disliked her feminity, morso she challenges and defects Shan You wearing the dress, and using a fan as her weapon, and by doing that EMBRACING her feminity and ultimately showing that women can be as capable as men (ya' know? entire point of the movie? case in point, in the end, she seems to be feeling right at home wearing a dress, but most time wearing her disguise she's super uncomfortable), she dresses up to save her father, and this is what makes her a truly great character, unlike Merida who literally tries to poison her mother just to get her way. I know that people like to view Mulan as a total tomboy and heck they have full right to do so, but to me she is pretty feminine in her own right, Merida on the other hand definitely is a tomboy and doesn't seems that she gives a rat's a$$ about her feminity, she didn't dress as a man but maybe because she'd have to wear a shorter skirt.