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  1. Profoke


    20 days ago

    So no one gonna talk about him saying the n word in the song?

  2. Lucas nSasuke

    Lucas nSasuke

    26 days ago

    Something about scru just screams I watch Naruto

  3. Cavin Gada

    Cavin Gada

    Month ago

    i just wish the mix on the song was better, like his vocals were muddled into the beat too much

  4. ItsMeHarry


    Month ago

    Man said "live" with his whole chest

  5. Just Ryan

    Just Ryan

    Month ago

    Good review 👍👍

  6. buchecha


    Month ago

    00:20 im dead you singing nappy roots? i grew up on that shit since 2007 :OOOOOOO

  7. Cynfinny


    Month ago

    im waiting for crypt and joey possibly KSI reaction

  8. TenaciousMusicOfficial


    Month ago

    This songs was a better "leftover" than most rappers songs 🔥

  9. Lilmitrivert


    Month ago

    Quadeca’s got so much potential💯🔥

  10. Shane Barbrick

    Shane Barbrick

    Month ago

    Man's pronounced it live like this instead of live like this

    • thomas m

      thomas m

      Month ago

      Shane Barbrick people be pronouncing read like read

  11. KJ Maggi Noodlez

    KJ Maggi Noodlez

    Month ago

    This really gives mi nav vibes except the bars r way better

    • KJ Maggi Noodlez

      KJ Maggi Noodlez

      Month ago

      And iss at least 10 times better than navs vocals and lyrics

  12. Jackill Sama

    Jackill Sama

    Month ago

    Being listening to Illy mode recently and I got say you and little bro make good murrrzic! 🎧🎧🎧. Now I just gotta say you , Randolph, and Quadeca gotta collab!! 👊

  13. Jeremy Brunner

    Jeremy Brunner

    Month ago

    If you quad then you will love Jake hill react watch me wither,farther time,lowlife, red dot etc

  14. Xyon pfeil

    Xyon pfeil

    Month ago

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music 😭

  15. Sovoius


    Month ago

    this shit needa be put on spotify bruh

  16. Trey Wessel

    Trey Wessel

    Month ago

    You should listen to Chris Patrick - Dreams

  17. John McDonaugh

    John McDonaugh

    Month ago

    I remember you been at about 150k

  18. Beatzz


    Month ago

    1:06 that just have me anxiety

  19. David Blancarte

    David Blancarte

    Month ago

    Considering this is a throwaway, it would be dope to see you hop on the track and make a remix.

  20. jbenne269


    Month ago

    Nappy Roots

  21. TheDrumminDemon


    Month ago

    Scru you gotta react to Chris Patrick's new joint Dreams

  22. GenesisnKaidence


    Month ago

    Dude is trash

  23. Florian Vogelsang

    Florian Vogelsang

    Month ago

    I love your Scru videos and your way of aproching the videos, thanks for your content. Having said that have you heard King Iso‘s if not I would love to hear your opinion on him.

  24. Tharsan J

    Tharsan J

    Month ago

    This tune peaked at #30 in the U.K.

    • _laboman


      Month ago

      #29 in the us

  25. TattooMikeVsGaming


    Month ago

    Dude this just watch hypa hypa and react to it please

  26. I dont remember asking

    I dont remember asking

    Month ago

    FMTY might mess around and go platinum if this a throwaway

    • old acc

      old acc

      Month ago

      Wolftank hATTTTERRRRRRR lmao jk but you lied



      Month ago

      Wolftank get lost nerd

    • Wolftank


      Month ago

      Mmh... No

  27. DLC


    Month ago

    i feel accomplished that i was the 1000th like. dont know why

  28. Door Bell

    Door Bell

    Month ago

    If this is left over than the whole album gonna be crazy fire🔥

  29. Azan Patel

    Azan Patel

    Month ago

    It’s not live it’s live

  30. Reilus Johnson

    Reilus Johnson

    Month ago

    Nappy roots!

  31. Carly Ronquille

    Carly Ronquille

    Month ago

    Quad’s throwaways are still bangers. #superwavy

  32. Will Hurley

    Will Hurley

    Month ago

    i’m still waiting for crypt and nolifeshaq to react

  33. Hunter Nick

    Hunter Nick

    Month ago

    Do a reaction to 2019 guy

  34. Oscar Bailey

    Oscar Bailey

    Month ago

    The fact that this is a throwaway is mental

    • Atomic jim.

      Atomic jim.

      Month ago

      Imagine the album 😢

  35. Noxious Rebel

    Noxious Rebel

    Month ago

    That nappy roots tho what they know bout it🔥💪🏼💯

  36. Caleb K

    Caleb K

    Month ago

    been waiting a year and a half for ts to drop

  37. Ehab issa

    Ehab issa

    Month ago

    His melodies were crazy on this

  38. Roger Cabrera

    Roger Cabrera

    Month ago

    Ayo scru man, not sure if this will reach out to you but I’m willing to write the same thing on every video of yours if it will get the job done. Bro this talented rapper by the name of Kota The Friend, man he’s the definition of underrated. If you could give his music a listen shit would mean a lot, not a lot people react to his stuff and it should be given a shot. He has always had substance when he raps and he got flow. Just give him a listen man

    • Samuel Utembe

      Samuel Utembe

      Month ago

      FOTO goes hard and Everything he’s so good

    • Wolftank


      Month ago

      He literally got 1mil monthly listeners

  39. Parker


    Month ago

    Mans thought we was steaming

  40. João Costa

    João Costa

    Month ago

    now time to react to the better og version life like this from AK

  41. Kingdemon302


    Month ago

    I need him to do react/review falconshields, this is war series.

  42. Hansen Edits

    Hansen Edits

    Month ago

    The song is low key kinda deep talking about how he said he wouldn’t let the fame change him but he feels like he isn’t in control anymore and is starting to change. Maybe I’m reading to far into it lol that’s judt my take

    • keeve


      Month ago

      No dude, you hit the target! With people like Quadeca you can’t ever look too far into his music

    • Blocboymanny 1

      Blocboymanny 1

      Month ago

      nah this is spot on good looks

  43. Category 4

    Category 4

    Month ago

    Everyone watching “live like this” thinking their internet is shit but it’s just the video

  44. norman camon

    norman camon

    Month ago

    So no one gonna talk about how he read the song title

    • Keshav


      16 days ago

      lmao this comment section is jokes

    • Boogieman 48

      Boogieman 48

      22 days ago

      what the heck, all of yall are wrong. he said LIVE not LIVE. yall are dumb

    • Sam Clayton

      Sam Clayton

      28 days ago

      And here I am thinking he said live

    • Cad3n


      Month ago

      @Dino Gamer I kinda see what your getting at but all I hear is live

    • Sharp4ce


      Month ago

      He said live not live, you guys are slow get it right it’s live not live

  45. Mikal Dean

    Mikal Dean

    Month ago

    Illy mode is one of my favorites of all time!! Listen to it daily!

  46. Wildan


    Month ago

    Can you please react to Naruto AMV battle of brothers

  47. Challenge to get 10,000 subs with no vids

    Challenge to get 10,000 subs with no vids

    Month ago

    Illy Mode was such a dope song with Quad. All your music is good tho, can’t wait to hear more

    • Jesse Culp

      Jesse Culp

      Month ago

      Dude why do you keep copying comments stop

  48. Challenge to get 10,000 subs with no vids

    Challenge to get 10,000 subs with no vids

    Month ago

    you got all this wordplay in ya songs but you can’t differentiate the 2 versions of live lmao

    • _laboman


      Month ago

      shut up

    • Jesse Culp

      Jesse Culp

      Month ago


    • Enigma


      Month ago

      Copied comment...

  49. Jamesthetic


    Month ago

    That 1 disliker aint living like this

  50. LJ8


    Month ago

    I can’t comprehend how this is a throwaway and is better than a lot of mainstream artist

    • Politics is lit m8

      Politics is lit m8

      Month ago

      Wolftank dont be a dick lmao

    • Wolftank


      Month ago

      @Politics is lit m8 it's pretty simple

    • Politics is lit m8

      Politics is lit m8

      Month ago

      caleb hardin smart man

    • caleb hardin

      caleb hardin

      Month ago

      It's not a throwaway it's a leftover which means it probably didn't fit into the album in a way that would make it cohesive.

  51. TheStreetKings


    Month ago

    You should check out ImDontai's new track Lazy Flow

  52. Jonas


    Month ago

    he finally hit 300k

  53. DemonKllz


    Month ago

    Nappy Roots

  54. DexMaster881


    Month ago

    Yo Jean I was Wondering Why my man Who Proved he Likes G-IDLE and our Best Girl Soyeon, never Got to React to "Uh Oh" I hope you get to it You may be surprised I heard you like some certain styles of RAP... ;)

  55. SinbadMadeYouMad


    Month ago

    You gotta clap back at scribe cash homie, she wants that smoke👊🏾.

    • Taylor Johnson

      Taylor Johnson

      Month ago

      Wasnt even worthy of response lol

  56. AymzzPost


    Month ago

    This is an awesome reaction. I even made a 1 hour loop of this banger song.

  57. Hari Sathyamurthy

    Hari Sathyamurthy

    Month ago

    I feel like this song was supposed to lead into alone together on the album

    • Loyal_Fan Fan

      Loyal_Fan Fan

      Month ago

      Yea I can see that... good thing he let us hear this song tho even if it didn’t meet the album standards to him

    • Hari Sathyamurthy

      Hari Sathyamurthy

      Month ago

      ManSad in the description of the video quad says, “little leftover for from me to you...” so it was written with the intent of being on the album but he later decided not to have it on the album.

    • ManSad


      Month ago

      Nah cause this song was never meant to be on the album

  58. DUSTON


    Month ago

    Day 2 of asking Scru to react to shofu - Z-Move (ft. CTC) [the saucy asian dude]

  59. Vojin Plavšić

    Vojin Plavšić

    Month ago

    You're one of the best rappers on the youtube scene, but i can't fucking stand your reaction videos because it's so obviouse you're trying to get them to be 10 minutes long.

  60. Dark Ghoul

    Dark Ghoul

    Month ago

    Hey check out a rapper called Brodha V. He has insane punchlines and can make a lyrical yet awsm to hear song. Maybe react to him.