Do Masks Work Or Not?? Proving Whether Masks Stop Covid-19 Transmission with Uncle Rob

Testing surgical masks against the spread of cover-19. Will they work to stop the spread or not?
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  1. Zee_Big_Loser


    3 hours ago

    The fire nation but it's good

  2. Susan Babudro

    Susan Babudro

    4 hours ago

    I guess your mother never taught you to cover your mouth when you cough.and sneeze. Amazing that we all lived this long. Too bad it doesn't filter out fear and lies :). Have another beer, boy :)

  3. Raf


    4 hours ago

    Your awesome bro!!!

  4. eric edmondson

    eric edmondson

    4 hours ago

    Your fans missed you

  5. Robert Rea

    Robert Rea

    4 hours ago

    Was entertaining but nothing to do about wearing a mask. Shaming others doen's work just like masks don't work for what we are being told.

  6. BamBamv65


    4 hours ago

    Uncle Rob, this is a fantastic video, for "medical mask" examples. Would you consider doing a video using the popular cloth masks/face coverings? Bandanas, homemade, the type of neck gaiters that you wear like a tube, etc.? It would be much appreciated by those that wear them, or those that have been issued them by their employers as standard wear..... Thank you.

  7. Micah Burke

    Micah Burke

    5 hours ago

    You win.

  8. fUnK bEaTz

    fUnK bEaTz

    5 hours ago

    He's Proven The Truth about wearing a mask 😷 and that He Is A Genius for demonstrating this test💯 Thank You/Gracias 👍

  9. LilNxruto4Hxnnid


    6 hours ago

    He has returned.....PREPARE THE CEREMONY!!!

  10. Jayden massey

    Jayden massey

    7 hours ago

    I wonder what the gas stations workers are thinking 💭

  11. cat videos

    cat videos

    8 hours ago

    This is not science. This is an episode of Sesame Street.

  12. John Wayne

    John Wayne

    8 hours ago

    Try with a homemade mask

  13. Skilliard


    8 hours ago

    Hello Rob, please make another video using makeshift cloth masks that most people are wearing, rather than surgical masks which are in short supply. My concern is by making a video about surgical masks and using it to represent all masks, you may be misleading your audience into a false sense of security when wearing an ordinary non-surgical mask, potentially causing them to disregard distancing guidelines. Thanks!

  14. Jacob Roth

    Jacob Roth

    9 hours ago

    Duct tape works better.

  15. Ronnie Asbell, Puppetronics

    Ronnie Asbell, Puppetronics

    9 hours ago


  16. ThAtGEyE


    10 hours ago

    Should have tried it with cloth masks that the public are suppose to wear. It’s good to know that medical grade masks do what they are suppose to do.

  17. Lemay Pereira

    Lemay Pereira

    11 hours ago

    Damn, your video is hilarious bro! 😂👍

  18. Tactical Gnome

    Tactical Gnome

    11 hours ago

    the major flaw in this is simple. Every single time I have seen someone at Walmart sneeze or cough they take their mask off. Nobody wants a snot filled mask. The other part where this is flawed is that spray isn't a microbe. That mask is not protecting yu from microbes.

  19. braddream7777


    11 hours ago

    pantyface syndrome :) 😃😑😫😪

  20. GMS GDog

    GMS GDog

    11 hours ago

  21. f c

    f c

    14 hours ago

    Uncle Rob NOT wearing a mask: "This is the man who helped me film this video, this is why we should wear masks to protect people like this who are more susceptible then we are" Aha...OK, but what is going to protect the world against stupid videos like this?

  22. Ja Sma

    Ja Sma

    14 hours ago

    Now do one with cloth masks.

  23. Ja Sma

    Ja Sma

    14 hours ago

    Still not going to wear a mask.

  24. Mark Mireles

    Mark Mireles

    14 hours ago

    Doctors wear masks in surgery for a reason-stop being part of the problem and be part of the solution! Great video!

  25. Adrian Smith

    Adrian Smith

    15 hours ago

    What you have proved is covering your mouth prevents a sneeze/cough travelling in front, the same experiment can be conducted with sneezing/coughing into a handkerchief so you haven’t really proved anything though?

  26. - MAB -

    - MAB -

    15 hours ago

    The return of the king

  27. OICU812


    17 hours ago

    Doctors are speaking out... ​

  28. Galen Rogers

    Galen Rogers

    18 hours ago

    this does not portray what actually happens when we sneeze or cough. Minute particles do make it through the mask. But the theory is that the mask will slow down those minute particles so they don't make it the 6 feet that social distancing requires.

  29. david andersen

    david andersen

    19 hours ago

    What??? Uncle Rob is alive 😃😃😃 Read a rumour that he had passed. Internet is finally good again 😁👍

  30. GeoCube Gaming

    GeoCube Gaming

    19 hours ago


  31. Joshua Kely

    Joshua Kely

    21 hour ago

    HE'S BACK!

  32. F1 Rocket Engine

    F1 Rocket Engine

    22 hours ago

    There is either a very right time for a mask or they are not going to help. ...It's about the _HANDS_ ALWAYS... If you touch a mask with 'dirty' hands, one has defeated the purpose of the mask because of "wicking" and has brought virus right to the doorstep of its favorite first home, the nose and mouth.

  33. 1993 MAZDA MIATA

    1993 MAZDA MIATA

    22 hours ago

    Yo your back how are you are you good

  34. customman1 Sieben

    customman1 Sieben

    23 hours ago

    Where's your electron microscope to see where the viruses went?

  35. Romain Girardot

    Romain Girardot

    23 hours ago

    Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed

  36. F Sean Englert

    F Sean Englert

    Day ago

    Thank you, Uncle Rob for teaching people that masks are NOT some kind of nutty conspiracy!!

  37. Bob Edwards

    Bob Edwards

    Day ago

    Wear a mask,don't wear a mask,just remember burning shit is fun !!!

  38. Ray Rivera

    Ray Rivera

    Day ago

    Masks and distancing are for those who are sick.

  39. Parker Kish

    Parker Kish

    Day ago

    He’s back!!!!!!.......... The legend is back!!!!!!!

  40. Rick Larimore

    Rick Larimore

    Day ago

    Uncle Rob!! Excellent demo guys

  41. Jd4020 87

    Jd4020 87

    Day ago

    Do it with cloth masks

  42. Norsefalconer


    Day ago

    3:05 That's my stance. I wear a mask because I'm a responsible adult, but the government isn't our mommy and daddy.

  43. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    Day ago

    Hell yeah uncle Rob

  44. Luca Melendez

    Luca Melendez

    Day ago

    Uncle Rob should run the Covid response team

  45. Chris Pass 21

    Chris Pass 21

    Day ago

    The legend is back ( hopefully)

  46. theimp67


    Day ago

    Not sure how one can claim to be 'definitive' about the efficacy of a paper mask in preventing microscoping droplets without some kind of microsope. Still, if you want to go with a YT entertainer for 'definitive' 'facts' then be my guest.

    • Max T

      Max T

      11 hours ago

      You do realize this guy’s entire channel is about blowing up and lighting shit on fire right

  47. Mark Poppas

    Mark Poppas

    Day ago

    I wonder what the particle sizes are of ether and Covid19? Might be interesting to know before you make any claims.

    • Mark Poppas

      Mark Poppas

      Day ago

      cgbgal So they aren’t even close with the oxygenated ether.

    • cgbgal


      Day ago

      He does, see the note on the screen near the start of the video.

  48. SC1887


    Day ago

    A virus so bad you have to be tested multiple times to see if you even have it.

  49. Pittsburgh Asspussy Slayer

    Pittsburgh Asspussy Slayer

    Day ago

    Everyone wear a mask for something that’s has a 99.8 % survival rate!

  50. Wesley Duke Sapp

    Wesley Duke Sapp

    Day ago

    Cute, stupid and funny, I like it...

  51. I am Miconis

    I am Miconis

    Day ago

    I've missed you, man.

  52. John Juster

    John Juster

    Day ago

    Uncle Bob! Gentlemen! Turn yourselves on ASAP to MMS! Both of you do a Chlorine Dioxide purge, protocol 1000, not higher. Decalcifies and oxygenates, vivifies and helps regenerate, stay on top of the game, not played in it. My challenge to you is this. To AT LEAST research what MMS, discovered by Jim Humble, is all about. I'm doing it (a second time) too. Amazing amazing AND COVID-DESTROYING too. huh! Better than Hydroxychloroquine by a long shot. No possible eye-damage with Chlorine Dioxide. a.k.a. MMS. Don't fk w/ diss! Read through, search any hot ailment/malaise/sickness/disease, read some testimonies of lives (not stats!) You know there's a difference in this "information (manipulation) age". I'll be back. You be forward.

  53. Painful InklingFighter

    Painful InklingFighter

    Day ago

    Honestly... this is one of the best ways he could’ve returned.

  54. Pineapple Head

    Pineapple Head

    Day ago

    Youre pressing it longer when the mask if off.

  55. Charlie Sokovich

    Charlie Sokovich

    Day ago

    good expo but the beer type????

  56. James Sunderland Seventh

    James Sunderland Seventh

    Day ago

    Nice, but Sneezing/coughing/breathing does not work as a concentrated spray it works more as vapor, thats why its way easier to get contaminated in close spaces as the virus assimilates with the air as it travels through water vapor than on open places with or without a mask. Basically they work to stop it in the front direction, like stopping it with your sleeve or a folded piece of cloth, but it will still contaminate the air around you.

  57. jkmrsy


    Day ago

    While this is a great example of how masks work, it’s mostly for the people that already wear masks. The people who are anti mask that bother to watch this will just double down on their own falsehoods. You can’t argue with stupid.

    • cat videos

      cat videos

      8 hours ago

      Nobody is anti-mask. Some people are pro-choice, though. It should be your choice to stay home and your choice to wear a mask.

    • Brian Barrick

      Brian Barrick

      9 hours ago

      @idontevenknow Also, why don't we have a legitimate scientific study at least mimicking the breathing in and out of both sides and the accumulation of the aerosols. This is a cool trick, but nothing more than that. Nobody ever said they wouldn't block large droplets, it's how much of a role do aerosols play in the transmission and how effective are masks at blocking them. I can't remember the last time I was in a public area and someone coughed/sneezed within 6ft of me right at my face.

    • idontevenknow


      11 hours ago

      What happens when the mask becomes over saturated and covered in dust? Then everything your walking by gets caught in the moist area of the mask... masks are for sterile environments

  58. Chris Barsoumian

    Chris Barsoumian

    Day ago

    Could u do the video with a cloth mask not a medical mask?

  59. Steven Chilson

    Steven Chilson

    Day ago

    This test is flawed from the outset, first of all people cough/sneeze with varying degrees of force. Also those cans are under a certain amount of pressure, some more and some less and so, depending on how much it started with and how much has been dispensed it would affect the constant velocity.

    • Håkon Nessjøen

      Håkon Nessjøen

      17 hours ago

      Are you for real? He was testing with extremes at all times

  60. Bill Skoros

    Bill Skoros

    Day ago

    That was AWESOME!