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RESPECT Official Trailer (2020) Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Biopic Movie HD

RESPECT Official Trailer (2020) Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker, Biopic Movie HD
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  1. Shujaa Kimya

    Shujaa Kimya

    35 minutes ago

    Another feel good moment (distraction) for BLACK PEOPLE TO LOSE FOCUS ON WHAT'S IMPORTANT TODAY...........and since we're on the subject of respect, I am so goddamn glad that Cynthia Erivo is not playing Aretha Franklin. Jennifer did a great job!

  2. José Ricardo

    José Ricardo

    5 hours ago


  3. Star H.

    Star H.

    8 hours ago

    I can’t wait for this!!!

  4. Cheryl R Leigh

    Cheryl R Leigh

    21 hour ago


  5. Mamet Margo

    Mamet Margo

    Day ago

    I thought it would be another Oscar winning for J-Huds

  6. Galileo Becerra Ramos

    Galileo Becerra Ramos

    2 days ago

    She Is so amazing AND so stroong God Bless Her

  7. Troy Blake

    Troy Blake

    2 days ago

    i never in a million years expected to see Mary J Blige acting in a movie. But look at her now. So beautiful and capable

  8. Cats & Dogs

    Cats & Dogs

    2 days ago

    Je n'ai pas encore vu ce film, ok, it's gonna change, et tt de suite ! Que de talents pr nos yeux et nos oreilles !

  9. NYSportsFan1129


    2 days ago

    Looks good! Wasn’t expecting Marlon Wayans to play her husband, but whatever lol.

  10. I.Y.L.E


    2 days ago

    Yaaaaaaaaasssssss queeeeeeeeennnn!

  11. Guy Drumm

    Guy Drumm

    3 days ago

    I LOVE Aretha's music and voice (I am Detroit born and raised!); Unfortunately; she had an all "High & Mighty" attitude towards common people. Salespersons, workers in, on, around her home; Everyone who I ever heard from that had any interaction with her that wasn't publicity for her, she acted as though they were just a low life and should treat her as either a deity, or at least royalty. Too bad that some great talents do not have an ounce of humility.

  12. Klarisa


    3 days ago


  13. Marcella Jackson

    Marcella Jackson

    3 days ago

    Jennifer Hudson (J-Hud) is a perfect fit to protray Mrs. Aretha Franklin. Jennifer brings the fire 🔥🔥🔥 and give her all each time she delivers her talent. Now I see why Mrs. Aretha Franklin wanted Jennifer to play her.

  14. IPG


    3 days ago

    I predict another Oscar!

  15. WesGriffin


    3 days ago

    I remember hearing that Aretha's 1st pick for the role was Halle Berry who was very graceful and respectfully turned it down telling Aretha inasmuch as she is honored and beyond flattered, if she gave everything within her, she could never bring justice and honor to that role. And Auntee, I can't even sing !!! You need somebody that can not only Act, but can sang they azz off !! Enter ..... Jennifer Hudson ❤❤❤

  16. It's me

    It's me

    4 days ago

    only Jennifer is able to play Aretha

  17. Douglas Teixeira

    Douglas Teixeira

    4 days ago

    Amooooooo demais ....... só vem .....

  18. Missionário Izaquiel dos santos

    Missionário Izaquiel dos santos

    4 days ago

    I smelled another Oscar

  19. Shad Green

    Shad Green

    4 days ago

    I just have to make it be known that everything filmed was done LIVE on set with actual mics, musicians, and background singers!!! No tracks. The version of “Respect” hears here in the teaser trailer was done for just that! This biopic will make history!!!

  20. 42710steph


    4 days ago

    They couldn't find better than J HUD for this role it's made for her

  21. Bleux Rogue

    Bleux Rogue

    4 days ago

    Funny years ago she, AF, chose Halle Berry to play her. Haha. Halle said no. I can’t sing. AF was pissed said we know. We’re not asking her to sing. It’s on video in an interview. why would you choose HB in the first place?

  22. John Kimani

    John Kimani

    4 days ago

    I wait this sht for long finals is here

  23. Majda Fayj

    Majda Fayj

    5 days ago

    this girl is a real diva i truly love her

  24. Tooliec Creech

    Tooliec Creech

    5 days ago

    Jazmine Sullivan deserved this role 😡

  25. Mohammed Alla

    Mohammed Alla

    5 days ago it out? Or not yet? Please if it is.. Where can I find it.. I don't have Netflix.. Somewhere else? No? 😢

  26. Mr. Dreamer

    Mr. Dreamer

    6 days ago

    Nice movie

  27. Bajan Boo

    Bajan Boo

    6 days ago

    This will be a good tribute to Aretha

  28. Jasper Henderson

    Jasper Henderson

    6 days ago


  29. Tampa Dachshunds Puppies

    Tampa Dachshunds Puppies

    7 days ago

    This movie is a MUST watch omg I love J. Hudson. Just love her.

  30. raburaburabu rabu

    raburaburabu rabu

    7 days ago

    I hope this will be a great film. And, I want her to win that Best Actress award!

  31. 65misstko


    7 days ago

    I can't wait

  32. Duece & DaMarcus Momm

    Duece & DaMarcus Momm

    7 days ago

    Are they gonna tell the truth about who her son's father is?

  33. Boom Shakalaka

    Boom Shakalaka

    7 days ago

    And she got kicked off thing that could’ve happened to her ✊🏽

  34. Sherry Brown

    Sherry Brown

    7 days ago

    Oscar is on it's way into existence!!!



    7 days ago

    Anyone interested in Marlon doing a serious role again

  36. Rogério Santinni

    Rogério Santinni

    7 days ago

    Aguardando ansiosamente!

  37. Dave lykam

    Dave lykam

    7 days ago

    Im offended by this movie,,im gona protest to have it removed,,an it will happen

  38. William Grand

    William Grand

    7 days ago

    It was Interview done with Aretha Franklin the two-parter many years ago on The Wendy Williams Show and her statement was that Jennifer had to learn she couldn't get every role that she said out to get and she thought that Fantasia would have played her role a lot better and so do I still going to see a movie but we didn't need to see Jennifer Hudson we need to see Fantasia Barrino and that's sad

  39. kelvin


    8 days ago

    Aretha would be so proud

  40. Makiba Uboke

    Makiba Uboke

    8 days ago

    Who else but Jennifer

  41. ShamsiR1


    8 days ago

    But I can't feel Aretha

  42. Pedro Silva

    Pedro Silva

    8 days ago

    A M A Z I N G!

  43. Wesley Henrique

    Wesley Henrique

    8 days ago

    When this go to Brazil? I need watch this.

  44. Bryan Wiley

    Bryan Wiley

    8 days ago

    I truly hope the movie theaters will be open when this come out.

  45. xtinafan06


    8 days ago

    The way she delivered the "You have to disturb the peace when you can't get no peace" line made me cringe.

  46. ·愛德華多何塞·愛德華多


    8 days ago

    no hay nadie que le quede ese papel de diva

  47. Nicholas Montague

    Nicholas Montague

    8 days ago

    She said it herself she would only want Fantasia or Jennifer to play her & she got one of them go head Jennifer

  48. Bojana Bojana

    Bojana Bojana

    8 days ago

    Cant wait to see it!

  49. Rosilane Grasso

    Rosilane Grasso

    8 days ago

    Eu amo toda vez que eu mexo no US-state adoro assistir as suas músicas você é fantástica Que pena que eu não entendo de inglês mas as suas músicas mexe muito comigo um beijo dessa Carioca do Rio de Janeiro Deus te abençoe essa linda voz

  50. Guillermo Rodriguez

    Guillermo Rodriguez

    8 days ago

    I smell an Oscar. She was born to play that part.

  51. Dinziok Halim

    Dinziok Halim

    9 days ago

    RESPECT TO Jennifer

  52. WakingRay


    9 days ago

    "Find the songs that move you" Boy, if she did ! ❤

  53. Kenneth Pearson Gandia

    Kenneth Pearson Gandia

    9 days ago

    Omyyy!!!! When J Hud hits the notes! Chills!❤❤❤

  54. 7mandoblu


    9 days ago

    I can’t wait to see this. I hope this biopic gets up there with Tina Turner, Selena, Ray Charles and Queen.

  55. amber murray

    amber murray

    9 days ago

    Like really who else was gone play her literally no one

  56. Alexandre Bertrand-Lafleur

    Alexandre Bertrand-Lafleur

    9 days ago

    JHud, as Aretha, have all my R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!

  57. ShawN TyleR

    ShawN TyleR

    10 days ago

    Please give JHud Production a Oscar nomination for her 2nd Academy award.

  58. laysia's police files

    laysia's police files

    10 days ago


  59. nelson castellanos

    nelson castellanos

    10 days ago

    CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  60. Deny Deny

    10 days ago

    Queen of All Divas