Hamilton Cast Tribute To The 40th Anniversary of A Chorus Line

The cast of HAMILTON at The Public Theater pays tribute to A Chorus Line on the 40th anniversary of its first performance in the Newman Theater at The Public.


  1. Beverly Piscitelli

    Beverly Piscitelli

    13 days ago

    Love the finale song

  2. Barbara Hecht

    Barbara Hecht

    17 days ago


  3. Entertainer Marketing Group

    Entertainer Marketing Group

    21 day ago

    how boring

  4. Gregory Yorgey

    Gregory Yorgey

    24 days ago

    First broadway show I saw never will forget it

  5. ForGraceToYou


    24 days ago


  6. Pat Bell

    Pat Bell

    25 days ago

    Thank you for this post! As a musician and retired music teacher/drama coach, this show has meant so much to me. This was the first show I saw in NYC! Saw it just a few weeks after it opened at the Public Theatre for $6!! Later at the Schubert for $60! While in college attending a symposium, we met Donna McKechnie! Many years later, met Marvin Hamlisch! Very special memories! 🎶

  7. Catherine Veleker

    Catherine Veleker

    25 days ago

    And all of these amazing young people are unemployed now.

  8. Barb Stout

    Barb Stout

    26 days ago

    1973, my junior class trip from Manhasset High School. Will never forget!

  9. Barb Derienzo

    Barb Derienzo

    29 days ago

    Wow... makes cry seeing this! I saw this wonderful play in London, NY, and New Haven... brings me back to my youth!!

  10. Chief Kurtz

    Chief Kurtz

    29 days ago

    Watched Hamilton on Disney, I'm now crushing on Carleigh Bettiol. Something about her just grabbed me.

  11. June Pickering

    June Pickering

    29 days ago

    Oh, how lucky was I to live near Broadway for most of my life! Be brave now Americans and stay safe.

  12. Alexandra Westcott

    Alexandra Westcott

    Month ago

    This is so cool!

  13. Wil Rodriguez

    Wil Rodriguez

    Month ago

    I remember see this in Fresno in 1980 when in was in college. First time seeing a musical live One singular Sensation.

  14. Brad Watson

    Brad Watson

    Month ago

    Pure class.

  15. bach baroque

    bach baroque

    Month ago

    I saw 'A Chorus Line' in September, 1976. My ticket was a whopping $100 ( a lot of $$ -- 44 yrs ago!) It was my first time seeing a Broadway musical and I was just overwhelmed at the creativity and ingenuity that went in to making this musical happen. Now, forty years later, 'Hamilton' is creating a similar magic with its innovation of something very wonderful, creative, and most memorable!

  16. Budcat101


    Month ago

    rather late to find this event luckily DID see Chorus Line in NY City and it was very special sitting here with tears in my eyes

  17. JP Friedland

    JP Friedland

    Month ago

    A Chorus Line was the first Broadway show I saw all the way back in 1982. I’ve loved it ever since and have listened to the original cast recording a million times. I hope I get the chance to see Hamilton on Broadway someday, too.

  18. Maurene D

    Maurene D

    Month ago

    And of course Lin Manuel featured the ensemble members and not the stars....and take a look at the difference in diversity between a Broadway cast from 40 years ago and one from 2015.

    • Elaine Goldberg

      Elaine Goldberg

      26 days ago

      The entire show was ensemble

  19. TtotheD IsMe

    TtotheD IsMe

    Month ago


  20. Kim Colliins

    Kim Colliins

    Month ago

    My first Broadway Show, and I saw the original cast! I call myself a 'Chorus Line' junkie. LOVE this show. I have seen many local theatre productions and all have been wonderful. A tip of the hat to the cast of 'Hamilton'.

  21. Mare Freed

    Mare Freed

    Month ago

    That gave me chills from start to finish! Love to all of you!

  22. bird lover

    bird lover

    Month ago

    Beautiful tribute. A Chorus Line is one of my favorite shows. Seen it too many times to count, including the original cast on Broadway in 1975. It never gets old.

  23. Naomi Warner

    Naomi Warner

    Month ago

    I saw it originally at the Public in 1975 & was six months pregnant. I clapped so hard & cried so much when it ended that my husband was worried that I'd deliver in the theater! What an awesome creation it was & always will be.three months later I had my son,another awesome creation.

  24. mind ya

    mind ya

    Month ago

    I remember an interview with Michon Peacock and Tony Stevens. They talked about the sessions with dancers, and a tape recorder. The dancers talked about they glory, and the grind of being "gypsies". They said some of the stories were just too heart breaking to put in the production. Several of those dancers from the tape sessions went on to be in the original production. This brings back that broadcast clear as day... Edit: respecting the comma....

    • M L

      M L

      26 days ago

      I recall that interview/show as well. So much of the show is the actual stories of real people who lived this life trying to make it on Broadway. Saw a traveling production like ten years ago and it's still a great show. And at the end you cry tears of joy at the finale seeing everyone be their own individual singular sensation.

  25. Rosemary Leone

    Rosemary Leone

    Month ago

    This is why I love Theatre

  26. Pat Sullivan

    Pat Sullivan

    Month ago

    Fabulous! Just wish they sang the Chorus Line finale!

  27. Peter De Vita

    Peter De Vita

    Month ago

    And a tear came to my eye and there it stayed! Thank you for such a moment as this!

  28. Julie Hogan

    Julie Hogan

    Month ago

    I just cried-Bravo!!!

  29. Emily Chauncey

    Emily Chauncey

    Month ago

    Cracking UP at Kelly.

  30. Sea Glassman

    Sea Glassman

    Month ago

    Saw it on Broadway when it first came out. It was magnificent. Love this. All actors have parts they always wanted to play but didn't get a chance to. Great to see this.

  31. Scott Rousseau

    Scott Rousseau

    Month ago


  32. A.A. A.

    A.A. A.

    Month ago

    🎭💫🎼🎤🎶🎨🃏🎵Thank You Public Therater, for allowing all of us into the world of the Arts...

  33. Jackie Speich

    Jackie Speich

    2 months ago

    OMG love this!

  34. Greeenfairy


    2 months ago

    Look at Jonathan Groff's face when Betsy Struxness is singing! 🥰🥰🥰



    2 months ago

    ¡Grandes y hermosos recuerdos de mi adolescencia!

  36. Eric Litynski

    Eric Litynski

    2 months ago

    I'm really really Late to the party - but very moving!!

  37. Sian Wadey

    Sian Wadey

    2 months ago

    Thayne Jasperson literally never stops smiling does he? Baby angel

  38. stuart george

    stuart george

    2 months ago

    After you watch this wonderful tribute, see the original cast members in their 1975 performance here: us-state.com/v/fnmGlLzQiaHZ1Jg/video.html

  39. Sophie Pascary

    Sophie Pascary

    2 months ago

    Beautiful 👏🇨🇦

  40. Anne Grabois

    Anne Grabois

    2 months ago

    Pure Joy watching this! Love Love Love Love Love this!!

  41. Patty Chan

    Patty Chan

    2 months ago


  42. PenguinorPanda


    2 months ago

    Jonathan Croff loving everything his castmates do and supporting them, is such a mood and we should follow his example.

  43. charles stuart

    charles stuart

    2 months ago

    There's no people like show people .....

  44. Dee nSF

    Dee nSF

    2 months ago

    all i can add, their sincerity had me in tears.

  45. Johana Schwartz

    Johana Schwartz

    2 months ago

    This appeared in my queue of Corona parodies. In full screen mode the copyright was eclipsed, but the crowd onstage sans masks dated it.

  46. Billie Perez Subaie

    Billie Perez Subaie

    2 months ago

    LOVED the two gentlemen playing a MEAN scissors and spoons (top) and shoes(bottom). Brilliant!

  47. Laura


    2 months ago


  48. Laurie Taylor

    Laurie Taylor

    2 months ago

    I really enjoyed “By Jeeves” thank you! I think it was because it was so different that some didn’t like it . It wasn’t what people were expecting from. ALW musical

  49. Tie Dye Moon

    Tie Dye Moon

    2 months ago

    I know I'm late but this is such a great tribute to the Hamilton cast

  50. Nathalie Dietrich

    Nathalie Dietrich

    2 months ago

    I think this is so neat. A nice tribute from a great Hamilton cast.

  51. Cecelia Bockenstedt

    Cecelia Bockenstedt

    2 months ago

    I saw this show at age 13, at the Shubert. With no intermission, somewhere along the way I DISAPPEARED...and only came back when the applause began at the end. I was shocked to find myself in a room full of people. Perhaps it was a taste of emotional intimacy that I hadn't experienced to that point, something a teen is exploring and craving. So grateful for being in the right place at the right time, and for the tenacious actors and actresses, and what they did for love.

  52. Laura Grey

    Laura Grey

    2 months ago

    Johnathan Groff's face when Betsy is singing

  53. Connie Crawford

    Connie Crawford

    2 months ago

    We should applaud performers who pay tribute to previous performers- never criticize a tribute performance!

  54. Marie Mueller

    Marie Mueller

    2 months ago

    How wonderful!

  55. Kate Harvie

    Kate Harvie

    2 months ago

    Shouts to Lin-Manuel Miranda for, on top of being a brilliant creator, performer, and director/producer, having an empathic, generous, and inspiring heart.

  56. Kate Harvie

    Kate Harvie

    2 months ago

    Whoever gave this thumbs down, stop, recognize what this is, and let yourself enjoy it, feel it, and be grateful for it.

  57. Jack English

    Jack English

    2 months ago


  58. Jack English

    Jack English

    2 months ago


  59. Peggy George

    Peggy George

    2 months ago

    I saw Chorus Line in NYC and again in Los Angeles. I saw the recent production done at the Hollywood Bowl (2 years ago?). I bought the cast album, then the tape and then the CD. Still listen to it to this day whenever I'm in the car (yes it's old enough to still have a CD player) and I'll play it on my laptop because it has a DVD player. I love the music, the words, the signing. I sing and dance along when I'm home. Can't believe it was 40 years ago!!!!

  60. Carrie Bee

    Carrie Bee

    2 months ago

    Oh my heart So long after this happened and it’s still a blessing