Angela Writes A Will In Which Michael Is Left With Nothing | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Angela follows her daughter's idea and goes to a lawyer to draw a will that protects her granddaughters but this means that Michael is left with nothing.
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  1. csonkaperdido


    16 minutes ago

    If you need to consult a ton of different lawyers before getting married, maybe you shouldn't get married?

  2. Nurse Lean

    Nurse Lean

    2 hours ago

    Her daughter is racist it really kills her that her mom is with a black man

  3. A S

    A S

    3 hours ago

    Why she don’t ask her other daughters that came on Maury show?! I mean she was there for her to prove to her daughter baby father that he was the father. Idk but she can ask her , unless they on bad terms

  4. Sharon Panico

    Sharon Panico

    4 hours ago

    Micheal don't need her money He needs a job That money should go to her family

  5. Alchemistic Academician

    Alchemistic Academician

    5 hours ago

    I wonder what Angela would be like if she was from any other country other than the US

  6. misuyy fong

    misuyy fong

    5 hours ago


  7. lilfruitsnack


    7 hours ago

    That grandma looks like she died 8 years ago...

  8. Red Wine Designs

    Red Wine Designs

    8 hours ago

    Her mother’s expression toward it all is everything! First time seeing mom and I’m already a fan of hers😂🙏🏼❤️

  9. Eb


    8 hours ago

    Michael has the patience of a saint, he derserves full fledge American citizenship for dealing with Angela.🤣🤣🤣

    • misuyy fong

      misuyy fong

      5 hours ago

      I would give Michael 5% or maybe 20%. She doesn't know him like that.

  10. Rachelstorrersings


    9 hours ago

    Why do these people always go for someone who could be there childs age? It's disgusting and egotistical to think you deserve someone so young! I feel bad for the foreigners because most of them just want a better life. They'll do anything to get to the US. I feel lucky to have been born in America ❤

  11. Mykee Wattz

    Mykee Wattz

    10 hours ago

    This latest mucinex smoking blob... yuck

  12. Candy's Topic : Storytime

    Candy's Topic : Storytime

    12 hours ago

    Her daughter did the right thing she going by her instincts I don't blame her....

  13. annag cocl

    annag cocl

    14 hours ago

    The grandma face was like. "JUST TAKE ME GOD".

  14. Lelani Rosa

    Lelani Rosa

    20 hours ago

    Ok but angeleas outfit is actually really cute but why the pink headband ?😂she was so close😑

  15. Frank Lee

    Frank Lee

    21 hour ago

    She's getting ready to screw him over, even if she doesn't say it if one day she gets mad she"ll bring this "will" up and threaten it with him. I been commenting on their previous videos that micheal needs to leave her NOW.

  16. Jazmein Bedolla

    Jazmein Bedolla

    22 hours ago


    • annag cocl

      annag cocl

      14 hours ago

      The chair squeak was funny lol

  17. Aubrey Lee

    Aubrey Lee

    22 hours ago

    She don't have shit!!

  18. Dena Jacobs

    Dena Jacobs

    22 hours ago

    The only thing she should leave half to him is her meals .

  19. Stormey Danielz

    Stormey Danielz

    22 hours ago

    I’m sure Michael would be ok with just the green card.

  20. Sue Ann Stewart

    Sue Ann Stewart

    22 hours ago

    Glad the daughter has some sense!

  21. kwnyupstate


    22 hours ago

    She married a guy from nigeria? LOL.

  22. Bklyn Ny64

    Bklyn Ny64

    22 hours ago

    I feel Angela’s things should go to her daughter and the grandkids! Micheal has two ARMS AND LEGS HE CAN WORK! He will kick them kids out and bring another women in if he gets HALF! WAKE UP!

  23. Cherri Berri

    Cherri Berri

    23 hours ago

    Angela is a foolish selfish old woman

  24. Cooking&creativity/travel!!!


    Day ago

    I would give Michael 5% or maybe 20%. She doesn't know him like that.

  25. Marilyn Willett

    Marilyn Willett

    Day ago

    Her home should go to the flesh and blood grandkids, Michael gets WHAT HE BROUGHT INTO THE MARRIAGE.

  26. Carolyn


    Day ago

    That’s your mother they gave you life I gave birth to you you could do that one thing for her🆗🆗🆗🆗🆗🆗🆗🆗👍❤️❤️🔝💯💯❤️

  27. Carolyn


    Day ago

    Go and be a witness for your mother in Nigeria please go follow her💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🆗🆗🆗🆗🆗🆗🆗🆗🆗👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽✝️

  28. drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm

    Day ago

    no problem. when Angela dies Michael would be fair away with ANOTHER woman. no problem.this guy will grab the greencard and bye bye Angie.

  29. Carolyn


    Day ago

    Baby some toys to play with🆗🆗🆗🆗🔝🔝🔝

  30. Zim Sparta

    Zim Sparta

    Day ago

    Skyla will you be my witness and the mother of my husband's children?

    • drttyu liqm

      drttyu liqm

      Day ago

      Ummm. She should.. she has a family to take care of. Anything could happen. You never know. That's the smartest thing she has done, since being on this show.

  31. Charity


    Day ago

    The chair squeak was funny lol



    Day ago

    Angela your Daughter is 1000% right! The minute Michael gets his 'stay' he will be running around on you ... sorry, that's what Nigerian men do, there is no such thing as 1 woman for a Nigerian man ... and I'm half Nigerian!

  33. R.J Savage

    R.J Savage

    Day ago

    My will set up so whatever amount I accumulated will be withdrawn and burned nothing to fight over 😂😂😂

  34. Tameika Byrum

    Tameika Byrum

    Day ago

    I love you💙💙💜💜💚💜🤷

  35. FitNessAnGeL


    Day ago

    Her daughter just be sounding jealous.

  36. jadakizz78tulie33


    Day ago

    That lawyer is a hater. Painting the narrative that Michael has law issues that's why the visa was denied. It could be anything.

  37. afutla qian

    afutla qian

    Day ago

    As much as they don’t like it, if she dies and he gets nothing, it’s only going to look selfish. And he’ll hate your ass for it.

  38. pink wolf

    pink wolf

    Day ago

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  39. Mildred Perez

    Mildred Perez

    Day ago

    I agree with skyla it won't last,he wants kids and she can't give him that.

  40. Melancholy and the infinite sadness

    Melancholy and the infinite sadness

    Day ago

    Angela is growing on me 🤷‍♀️

    • afutla qian

      afutla qian

      Day ago

      I agree all her assets to her grandchildren micheal is young he can find a good job and help himself.

  41. XSemperIdem5


    Day ago

    I love the technicality of the daughter saying she would consider it. Not that she would do it. 😂

  42. Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz

    Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz

    Day ago

    Angela's daughter is a little stuck up snot

  43. Michele Allen

    Michele Allen

    Day ago

    Angela needs to STOP being so selfish !!! You have had a family and you punish Michael cuz he wants a baby !!! STOP being so jealous and hateful towards Michael !! It's not always about just YOU !!! Relationships are all about compromising !!!

  44. Philip Robertson III

    Philip Robertson III

    Day ago

    Wow.... Skyla is more responsible than that so-called mother Angela

  45. Lysa Sundquist

    Lysa Sundquist

    Day ago

    Ummm. She should.. she has a family to take care of. Anything could happen. You never know. That's the smartest thing she has done, since being on this show.

  46. Kay L.

    Kay L.

    Day ago

    The way she talks to that lawyer🤣 I’m deaddddd

  47. Ronish Bista

    Ronish Bista

    Day ago

    She looks like trump ?

  48. Jeannette Hunter

    Jeannette Hunter

    2 days ago

    verse about Angela know she cannot have a baby she know she can't have no baby at her age but she talks to him like a slave and her daughter with all them to it then why they can't find their daddies do we realize what he getting his self into Angela talks to him and treat him like a slave

  49. Jenn Definitely

    Jenn Definitely

    2 days ago

    That lady just woke someone up and started a full on conversation up. 😅

  50. Lidia S

    Lidia S

    2 days ago

    “I’m no spring chicken” WHAT

  51. Georgia Panourgias

    Georgia Panourgias

    2 days ago

    Angela It is all about getting the green card. I thought everyone knew that. It is being happening for years. After Michael gets the green card. You are gone. Don't worry about having babies at your age.

  52. TAO TAO


    2 days ago

    Dee Snyder has really let himself go.

  53. Joe Buden

    Joe Buden

    2 days ago

    I might have cancer " takes a hit off a cig"

  54. miguel silvera

    miguel silvera

    2 days ago

    I don't know what is Michael doing with Angela he is a well educated person,she is so coarse.They don't belong together

  55. Wealth Diva

    Wealth Diva

    2 days ago

    I agree all her assets to her grandchildren micheal is young he can find a good job and help himself.

  56. Brian Pulido

    Brian Pulido

    2 days ago

    Oh no Michael isn’t going to get her packs of cigarettes lmao

  57. Jolly P

    Jolly P

    2 days ago

    If Michael can get it up for Angela then he should get a gold card never mind a green card.

  58. Safaa Lag

    Safaa Lag

    2 days ago

    Their accent is hilarious lol

  59. Askar Shaken uulu

    Askar Shaken uulu

    2 days ago

    Why you all American's so fat..

  60. your favorite netcitizen

    your favorite netcitizen

    2 days ago

    She looks like trump.lmao