Woman's Life on a SAILBOAT

I share my perspective of what it's like to live on a sailboat as a woman. Taking you along with me through my responsibilities, what I like most about sailing and the things I do in my down time. As well as some of the real challenges of the lifestyle.
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Song at the end is Leader of the Landslide by The Lumineers


  1. Hawg Snatchers Catfishing

    Hawg Snatchers Catfishing

    16 hours ago

    I been trying to figure out if that was the same girl. Good job Taylor.

  2. YeuLaKho


    18 hours ago

    vacuum in bikini = love

  3. Toyang Datu

    Toyang Datu

    Day ago

    Love u taylor

  4. Lucky Love

    Lucky Love

    Day ago

    sailing nota just challenging its much more

  5. Robert


    Day ago

    It's called a scooter

  6. Bryan F

    Bryan F

    2 days ago

    God she's sexy

  7. Kevin Haney

    Kevin Haney

    3 days ago

    Great videos! Any romance on board? Nice to see the dogs on board. Sorry for the loss of maverick.

  8. Scott Secor

    Scott Secor

    3 days ago

    What a great perspective on what life is like out on the wide oceans of the world, Thank you Taylor and Bobby! Enjoy guys :-)

  9. Erik P

    Erik P

    4 days ago

    Good god you’re the full package haha. Knows how to sail, travels and unbelievably gorgeous ☺️😍

  10. mustafa demircioglu

    mustafa demircioglu

    4 days ago

    Waow askim super verry nice😎😍🔥🔥

  11. Daren Reed

    Daren Reed

    4 days ago

    Your SO CUTE I will be watching all your VIDEOS so glad I found you!!!!!!!!

    • Daren Reed

      Daren Reed

      4 days ago

      I have been traveling the U.S. for 6years now!!

  12. Nick Pol

    Nick Pol

    4 days ago

    Way to go Taylor !!! Nice video !! You are beautiful and smart !! Keep creating more videos Thanks!

  13. Rick Baier

    Rick Baier

    4 days ago

    Well what an amazing view of that horizon sunrise and sunset. Living the dream jackpot. I spent 28 years in a control room as a operator at a power plant . A few months retirement is coming. Bought alot of stock in my company did very well. Bought some (XRP) Bitcoin as well letting you young people know this will make you rich as well. But money cannot buy what you all have and that's freedom.

  14. Brian Clevenger

    Brian Clevenger

    5 days ago

    Awesome life!

  15. Mrspecter007


    5 days ago

    Do you need a roommate.

  16. Thomas Mixson

    Thomas Mixson

    5 days ago

    ....that jump.from the rocks looked, to me, the tallest Acapulco dive...

  17. Robert Wiley

    Robert Wiley

    5 days ago

    The boat, the adventure and the locations are the star. Individuals are of secondary significance on a sailing blog especially the successful ones.

  18. Dan Aldrich

    Dan Aldrich

    5 days ago

    Where did you get the electric winch handle?

  19. MrTm81


    7 days ago

    I’m loving these video’s of watching you learn to sail n the adventures your enjoying in all these different places 👍 keep up the exploring n posting videos 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  20. Newport Beach Living

    Newport Beach Living

    7 days ago

    Great video Taylor! I have a 42 Sea Ray and boats are a lot of work. I'm learning how to sail in Newport Beach, CA, what is a good size boat to sail up and down the coast of California?

  21. diane hill

    diane hill

    7 days ago

    Is this display of your body for men subscribers ? This is nasty. I'm done watching.

    • Taylor’s Travels

      Taylor’s Travels

      7 days ago

      Do you mean the fact that I’m wearing a bikini? I do it because I live on a sailboat...In the Caribbean. And most of the time I am in the water.

  22. Mark Twane

    Mark Twane

    8 days ago

    Ah, I see this comment section is full of simple men...

  23. mark graves

    mark graves

    9 days ago

    i've watched Bobby since he started his channel. You had a good captain. Was so sad when one of his dog passed. This is the first video of yours I've checked out. I will hang around and keep up with ya...

  24. Tim Capuchino

    Tim Capuchino

    9 days ago

    You’re an amazing woman

  25. George Roe

    George Roe

    9 days ago

    Sympatico, it seems like you and Bobby both have that quality. This is why you guys work so well together. Have you guys thought about doing the Mediterranean next. I understand it would be difficult but think of the life experience. Maybe not on the Salty Dog but on a boat that you could somehow obtain there.

  26. cristian dinca

    cristian dinca

    10 days ago

    I cant believe how beatifull you are!

  27. Brent Boyd

    Brent Boyd

    10 days ago

    Really enjoyed your song. Wow...keep sailing on and stay safe !!

    • Taylor’s Travels

      Taylor’s Travels

      9 days ago


  28. Gehm 1010

    Gehm 1010

    13 days ago

    You got IG?

  29. Robert Corrington

    Robert Corrington

    13 days ago

    Taylor, I’m glad you made your own videos. In the Sailing Doodles videos, you were often in the background, or the eye candy or popping of short quips like, “yep” and “okay.” It was really nice to see and hear about you and your experiences. Enjoy your travels.

  30. Dario Around the World

    Dario Around the World

    14 days ago

    I love your voice in the bonus track...

  31. Mark Chu

    Mark Chu

    15 days ago

    Can I get a heart from Taylor? Please.. Liked and subscribed already 😊

  32. benjaminhurmx


    15 days ago

    What a powerful song !

  33. Bunda Bunda

    Bunda Bunda

    15 days ago


  34. A C

    A C

    16 days ago

    God if your listening... I want a beautiful outdoor girl like this in my life . Please and thank you 🙌🏾

  35. Jus a jeeper

    Jus a jeeper

    17 days ago

    Absolutely awesome 😊😎✌️

  36. Soner Balıkda

    Soner Balıkda

    17 days ago

    Sen şarkı söyleme...👍👍

  37. José Victorino

    José Victorino

    18 days ago


  38. Nmurthy K

    Nmurthy K

    18 days ago

    good one

  39. Jonathan Mozingo

    Jonathan Mozingo

    19 days ago

    I love banana pancakes! Just add water Aunt Jamima is my favorite mix too.

  40. Mel Borrego

    Mel Borrego

    19 days ago

    What kinda boat is it?

  41. Tawhid Alam

    Tawhid Alam

    22 days ago

    Watching your blog is so relaxing & watching you is full of satisfaction. So lovely... can't stop giving a thumb for your booty...

    • Milky Joe

      Milky Joe

      20 days ago

      Dirty bastard

  42. Charles Moore

    Charles Moore

    22 days ago

    Wow, look at those thumbs up!

  43. Vic Batista

    Vic Batista

    23 days ago

    The Best of life ❤️👍

  44. IslandBloom649


    23 days ago


  45. Tim Schmitt

    Tim Schmitt

    24 days ago

    omg they are huge

  46. Mike Raymond

    Mike Raymond

    24 days ago

    So Taylor, Hi from Ottawa. Been following Bobby and now you. Go girl.

  47. Ray Ball

    Ray Ball

    24 days ago

    It's nice that you let your father stay on the boat with you!!!!

  48. Donald Porter

    Donald Porter

    25 days ago

    First time on this channel I thought it was a solo female on a sailboat

  49. Michael Lui

    Michael Lui

    25 days ago

    Great video looks fun fun freedom. Watching you from san francisco. Stay safe:-):-)

  50. Pablo tres

    Pablo tres

    25 days ago

    all i can say is that your very sexy oh men! lucky guy!!

  51. Ismailovic Rambe

    Ismailovic Rambe

    25 days ago

    Go to beach beautiful Let's stop by to my Semoga sehat dan sukses selalu ya

  52. Ajp Dawg

    Ajp Dawg

    25 days ago

    You're kinda cool tay...

  53. William Small

    William Small

    26 days ago

    If Bobby comes back, if he asks you back, please come back, I liked you very much, you are down to earth good !!!!



    27 days ago

    Hi cute Taylor, We want to see you in more such types of adventures.

  55. S Evong

    S Evong

    27 days ago


  56. Andrew Higdon

    Andrew Higdon

    27 days ago

    On top of being driven and resourceful, she is a very classically beautiful human. Live it up.

  57. Goddess Capricorn

    Goddess Capricorn

    27 days ago

    It’s a beautiful gift for those who are meant for this lifestyle. For me long road trips are oxygen for my soul. Sending so much love of all Gypsies out there 🙏✨❤️

    • Taylor’s Travels

      Taylor’s Travels

      27 days ago

      Much love to you too fellow gypsy soul💙

  58. Delonte Reid

    Delonte Reid

    27 days ago

    Your vocals and guitar playing were awesome!! I really enjoyed your soulful voice 😀

    • Taylor’s Travels

      Taylor’s Travels

      27 days ago

      Thanks so much!!

  59. Can am Dennis 68 Can am Man

    Can am Dennis 68 Can am Man

    28 days ago

    wow great pair

  60. Andreas Roth

    Andreas Roth

    28 days ago

    Lovely ❤